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Re: Characters Thread

#316 Post by Phaing »

I don't know if this will ever come up for RP in the local setting, but a lot of this seems pretty far afield. So, for future reference ;

truname; Sushulana

Race: Elf (1/2 High Elf, 1/2 Dark Elf.... in a very real sense, you could say she has been her own worst enemy since the day she was born)

Languages: many

Age: (can be modified to suite the campaign, but you may prefer the more mature version)

Gender: Female

Class; Fighting Mage

Appearance: 5" 0", maybe 80 pounds after a good meal, slender yet nicely rounded, Dark-bronze skin, streaky-Blond hair, Blue/Black eyes, Exotic and double-jointed, Phaing moves with natural grace and an unselfconscious manner that matches her personality.
She has a foreign accent that rolls her "R"s like candy in her mouth combined with a lazy drawl... however, when irritated, that accent morphs into a harsh urban chop (think "Brooklynese")

Personality: a very outgoing attitude, is insatiably curious and has no idea what the concept of "shame" is supposed to be all about. This is a two-edged sword, however, as she was likely to walk in on someone while they were crouched over a commode and start a conversation as if it were perfectly normal to do so. It would not be an overstatement to say that she has a relentless talent for tactlessness, sooner or later just about anyone is going to get the urge to try and strangle her.
However, she is even more relentless about doing the right thing, and battling evil.
Phaing hates evil, and holds the very concept in contempt. "How common, don't you have anything else to offer?" and so on. It can even become a very personal thing, or a philosophical one-
"In a world as cruel and corrupt as this, being a good and kind person is the ultimate act of defiance."

Painfully aware of her flaws (don't say 'short'comings, unless you are wearing armor) Phaing is constantly struggling to make herself a better person.

Backstory (short):
Ages ago, a daughter of a High-Elven merchant was kiddnapped by a Dark-Elven Bandit leader. While the Bandit and Rich Merchant haggled over ransom issues, the young and lovely Rhiannon was ravished by the Dark Elf crew. When she became heavy with child, the guards around her relaxed, and she escaped. A terrible homecoming awaited her.
Rhiannon's haughty High-elven family would only allow her back into the House of Treewater if she had an abortion first, to cleanse herself of the "abomination" growing inside her. Rhiannon refused and was exiled. With no marketable skills, she became a prostitute, and was eventualy killed in that trade, as so many are. Her half-grown daughter took to runing the streets the city, called Fangore, whch means "Chaos-bane". She called herself Phaing, or chaos. She was caught up in a Militia 'Dredge Night", an attempt to clean up the worst slums, and was sold into slavery to pay the Magistrates fines.

Phaing was purchased by an Evil, powerful mage named Malfeador, who wanted to use her as a virgin sacrifice to a Demon Lord... but his plans were ruined when he discoverd that this Demon prefered boys. Little Phaing found out what a real beating was that first night, the first of many. The bitter old mage put her to work as a scribe, as she was too puny to be of much us anywhere else, and did not trust her to go near his food, which was her only real skill at the time. As she slowly developed into womanhood, he had her trained to suit his tastes; which meant that her physical abilities in the sexual department are phenomenal by the standards of a (comparatively) nicer lands... and her social skills were practically nill. She eventualy managed to kill Malfeador in an especialy brilliant if guesome way and escaped Fangore. This was the start of a long career as Bounty Hunter, then Mercenary, and finally Crusader.

"Truthseeker" is a nick or a title sometimes used for her. Phaing despises lies, and is also not terribly good at telling them. Her best trick in that department is to tell the truth in a way that lets suspicious and cynical people think its a lie.
This has the added benefit of helping her identify the bad guys.

Abilities: Since just about everyone is bigger and stronger than she is, Phaing has had to "fight smart" since her days as a street-urchin. Smart, and dirty.... very dirty. Phaing rarely delivers clever one-liners in dangerous situations (only doing so to buy time) and goes straight to all-out violence in a heartbeat. Sorry if she interrupts your clever one-liners, that's just how it is. And "dirty" does not mean she will go for a man's man-parts. Remember, she also fights "smart", and that's a more difficult target than you would think.... so she goes for kneecaps instead.
As a mature adult, Phaing actually tries to avoid fighting these days, because she knows how she can get. She enjoys it, so much so that even she is unsettled by how wonderful it feels to win a good, hard battle.

Talents: Uses spells and weapons in combination during combat. Outstanding tactical ability, however it can also be said that she has rarely read a book that didn't have something to do with warfare. Her knowledge of spells is similar. Can read and draw maps and is something of an architect. Also a masseuse, dancer (yeah, that kind too) and remembers how to serve people as an ex-slave should (but please don't ask her to sing, she sounds like Stevie Nicks after a rough night)

Gear; Scimitar of Dancing, the ideal weapon for a fighting mage. Short Bow & arrows, and a customized 3-section staff known as a Flynde-Branch. rings of regeneration, protection and languages. Bracers that armor her well, and a few other items of limited uses.



((I can't see either of them in my view, dang... can you?))
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Re: Characters Thread

#317 Post by MeaCulpa, S.C.M. »

This character was made for the "Spell Downloaded" RP before I turned my brain on and realized it's been dead for months.

Name: Cade Robert Nelson

Race: Post-Human (African Wild Dog)

Age: 26

Personality: Consistently paranoid. Has a soft spot for people who are down on their luck and kids. Has a selfish facade but secretly worries he will never make a real difference. Slow to trust but inseparable from those he does.

Magic type: Divination. Good enough not to need a Gauntlet--his mother ran a palm-reading shack and taught him volumes of the craft of fortune-telling--and a fair bit of cold-reading if the crystal ball wouldn't cooperate.


Cade remembered not having to buy the rebranded dog shampoo from the goddamn slum markets. The [censored] the major retailers wouldn't even sell except in 'pet care--' and he was done with the snide remarks. Or did he just think he remembered that? It was for so little of his life, and so long ago--he remembered feeling the sun on his skin, remembered seeing the whole spectrum of color, remembered wearing shoes and not having to spend 40 minutes in the shower and then another 20 picking the fur out of the drain.

What he remembered most, though, was how the world suddenly changed once the gene bombs hit his suburb. Once the Green Dawn--now crushed and defunct--filled the air with gas that killed most and left a handful successfully transformed in their yards. What was normally an intense surgical operation was accomplished with a nanobot film combined with a few hormones for good measure.

And with that, no one met his eyes anymore. The police asked him what an 8-year-old was doing walking the sidewalk on his own, acting suspicious of everything from his bike to his eyes to his shirt. Anything innocent was suddenly the article of a thief. "Where'd you get that?" "A kid like you didn't get that. Your parents didn't earn that." And of course, "Shove off, ya [censored] [censored]." What was once a general insult became a racist slur. He could no longer trust the world around him.

So he decided to be someone people came to trust. He works as a private eye for the people who can't normally afford one--he trades in favors rather than money. Occasionally, though, he needs to score big to get the rent paid. That's when he hits up his old friend Mike.

Mike came from money and he stayed there. And moneyed people love secrets--they hoard them like dragons hoarding heaps of gold. And Cade's particular experience with magic too foreign or strange to be incorporated into Magitech gave him a distinct niche. One good case meant he could do charity work, if he wanted, for a year.

Those times, when he got to the cases he did as a mission rather than a job, he'd hit up Jaeger. Jaeger used to be bad people--enforcer and cleaner for everyone from the Medellin to MS13 to the Yakuza. He'd changed his ways (or so he said) and these days mostly spent time on his porch out in South Texas practicing James Taylor songs.

Skills: Investigation, Interviewing, Guitar, Gauntlet hardware and software troubleshooting and engineering (3 professional certifications), Firearms (Concealed Carry License), Ammosmithing, Kali (Rank of Lakan Guro, just enough to be an assistant instructor and more than enough to defend himself.


Clothing: Leather sports jacket, deep brown, well-worn and scuffed, a wash-out cross-stitch of Texas on the back. A loose striped tie and white button-down, with a pack of Romanovi XL cigarettes in his front pocket. He keeps telling himself he'll quit, usually just before lighting one. Cargo pants with pockets thick with various utensils--more on them later.


He carries a standard gauntlet, mostly for show, but the one he uses for work is a miniaturized one built into the frame of his glasses, responding to deliberate eye movements and the occasional button-press. They're expensive but well worth the discretion.

Gauntlet Hardware:

There is a subtle implant wire running down his spinal cord which both allows biofeedback for an emergency medical situation, a power supply from his own bioelectricity, and a telepathic command input. It's a little bit glitchy, so most of the time he keeps it to the built-in standard interface.

All GUIs and/or CLIs are one-way and cannot be visually detected from the other end of the glasses.

The glasses are also perscription transition lenses. Cade is rather nearsighted.

Canon Professional Live Recording Studio: Can record 144 fps 4K resolution live video with studio quality audio, and also record panoptical 3D with the aid of a (very noticable) microcamera helmet.

Lasso Interview Aid Software (LAIS, or Lasso): This software can detect a library of over 1,000,000 body language morphemes at a rate of 1500 per minute. It can detect emotions both obvious and buried, ulterior motives, and, of course, lies. Cade has this running at all times, and gets depressed watching proposals at restaurants as a result. It can do this live and also through his recording suite.

Panopticon Professional Suite (PPS, or Panop): A large suite of aps that can detect particulates and fingerprints. This jailbroken version logs into the city police database and can match fingerprints, DNA samples, license plates, or identifying documents to persons within the system. This is, of course, highly illegal. Cade found the backdoor from his old coworker Carley, whose father worked in the police database. He's moved on and it still hasn't been closed, meaning the police either see no reason not to keep it open, or they've flat out forgot about it. Cade hopes for the latter but either works for him. Contains a personality simulator remarkably like Carley Schreiner, his ex-girlfriend. He has sworn to hunt down and brutally murder anyone who tells her this fact.

Lockheed Martin Tactical Suite RC18 (Nicknamed "Sarge"): Cade didn't ask how Carley got her hands on this. He'd rather not know. This tactical suite offers a GUI that aids in target acquisition, precision aiming, and weapon identification by sound or muzzle flash. Can also detect and analyze combat spells, body armor, and even serious military hardware like tanks, power armor, choppers, or armored cars. Contains a personality simulator with a stereotypical drill sergeant voice and demeanor.

Snoop: A program which can translate very complex search engine commands into plain english for easy googling. Still no match for plain skill, but a decent enough substitute.

Molerat: High security combination proxy and onion browsing suite with built in tracer and intrusion detection system. When he wants to be absolutely sure no one's watching.

Svalinn Security Suite: Cade would likely be imprisoned as an enemy of the state if anyone in authority knew what he kept on his gauntlet. This security suite contains a retinal scanner, encrypted password login, and TACACS authenticator software installed on his base gauntlet (Think like the Blizzard mobile authenticator, same concept.) If 4 failed attempts are made, it begins a purge of all data saved onto the gauntlet. Cade has learned the hard way not to fat finger his passwords a couple times.

And, of course, anything you'd find standard on a smartphone--including, y'know, a phone--as well as a basic spellcasting aid Cade hardly uses except when left with no other option.

Other work [censored]:

Always carry backups. Sometimes people use scramblers--sometimes you can't get a signal. An old school tape recorder, an ancient smartphone connected to a 10 PB SSD with a cache of wikipedia he updates each month.

His personal computer keeps all of his files. It is updated monthly to a RAID 10 backup in Sweden. His old flame and former work partner, Carley Schreiner, keeps it up, and will occasionally run searches for him--her Google fu is significantly better than his.

Not having the talent for combat magic, he needs weapons, and he has more than a few.

Baretta 96A1 automatic, and equal caliber Pitbull revolver. Multiple custom-tooled rounds. Cade usually keeps his custom-tooled rounds at home, but keeps hallow point and +P rounds on him at all times. Both weapons fires .40 rounds, and the standard magazine holds 17. Both has a built-in visual and infared laser-point equipped at all times. He has a carbine suite for the Baretta which includes a reflex scope, folding stock, 6" barrel extension, and foregrip.

All rounds below are .40 S&W.

Plain old hollow point rounds. 17 on person, approx. 100 at home.

+P rounds: Enough to pack a punch but not likely to blow off his hand. 6 on person, approx. 30 at home.

Wrought Iron rounds: Incredibly difficult to make but well worth the effort. Drops any fey in a moment. Lacks stopping power otherwise--they'll bounce off a windshield at a bad angle. 6 on person (when applicable), 6 at home.

Silver rounds: Largely for outsiders. 6 on person (when applicable) or at home.

Dragon's Breath: Magitech fire rounds which burn like thermite and spread and stick to the target area like napalm. Cade only owns 2.

Snapfreeze: Magitech ice rounds which can freeze targets to 0 Kelvin. Cade only owns 2.

Pikachu: A unique artifact of Nintendo's viral marketing project a few years ago, these rounds fire lethal amps as well as a standard ball round. Very good against electronics. Cade only owns 2.

Mini-SAPHEI: Beyond Cade's skills to make, these little beasts contain a set of tungsten rods surrounded by stable explosive material. It'll blow a fist-sized hole in a car door and turn anything on the other side into fertilizer. Cade owns 6.

"[censored]:" Cade's little babies. The rounds themselves tungsten tipped, and the body of the round contains a mix of white oak, holy water, silver fillings, and a miniature crucifix for good measure, all suspended in a copper shell which explodes once the tungsten's done its job and got the bullet embedded in the target. Enough to make any outsider wish they stayed home, but only moderately useful on normal targets. They cost an assload to make, so he doesn't have many. He's never had to use them before. He owns 6.

He owns 3 clips for the Baretta and 6 moonclips for the revolver.

His revolver is usually loaded for the job, usually silver or wrought iron if demanded. If not, he goes with the +P rounds for a little extra backup punch. That said, despite Cade's constant paranoia, he usually doesn't have to whip either out too often, and prefers to handle himself with his sick stick baton (described below)

Other weapons:

Always on person: Extendable "sick stick" baton (3" collapsed, 18" extended) that induces a violent vomiting and diarrhea spell on anyone unlucky enough to get struck if activated. Sick stick can be deactivated and used as a regular baton--good when he doesn't want to get puked on. Always kept on his person.

Always on person: 4" pocketknife.

Kept at home: Two foot long short sword lined with silver.

Kept at home: Pair of 31" Rattan wood batons with masking tape over the parts that have frayed. Largely for training but still hits with the force of a like-sized baseball bat.

Kept at home: Monofilament sword: Easily the deadliest melee weapon in his arsenal--also very, very illegal. This device looks like a small metal rectangle until activated, when it extends to the length of four feet and is kept rigid by electromagnets. The blade itself is invisible, only a few molecules wide, and can cut through just about anything but a diamond.


His mother was Romanian, and his gypsy background has made him suspicious of magic not done traditionally. He eschews downloaded spells and goes for the old school--tea leaves, tarot, rolling bones. Actual ones, not dice. He's especially good with the tarot and can do a decent reading with playing cards if he really wants to.

His divination skills are made solid through practice. He can't predict precise things about the future but enough to know when to relax or get ready for trouble. He frequently uses divinations in his work, but not in front of clients. Old-school magic tends to be looked down upon as unreliable superstition.

He's more or less strapped for a combat situation, so he doesn't use any combat spells short of a basic stun gun spell built into his standard gauntlet. He has a switch on the bottom to turn it on automatically. 10,000 volts of arc lightning until the batteries run out--usually his last ditch effort, as his side gauntlet is mostly for show and uses an old lithium ion battery. Barely enough to cut and run.

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Re: Characters Thread

#318 Post by ActiveRadarIsCasul »

Eh, might as well throw in mine, I guess. Why not? I mean, its not like this thread has anything better to do at the moment anyway.

(Its probably very excessively wordy, but oh well. It is my first character, after all.)

Name: Boris

Age: ~14

Race: Keidran (Arctic Wolf)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Traveling scholar(?)

Appearance: 6' 9", 294 lbs. Ash-color fur with dark gray detailing, uncommon in snow-wolves. Legs gradually blend from the ashen grey primary coat to a dark Davy's gray beginning just beneath the true knee; arms blend similarly, albeit just before the elbow. Tail is a slightly lighter shade of gray than the forelimbs, but still dark. Ears are more abrupt, with the transition almost immediate, beginning at the base of the ear. Top of the snout is a similar shade, and runs the length of the nose and forehead before fading off near the middle of the forehead. Short, messy, Davy's gray hair. Deep amber eyes. Long scar running diagonally along the side of his head. Unusually strong, even by wolf standards.

(hope you weren't expecting a picture cuz i can't draw to save my life)

Background: Born in a merchant hub at the base of the mountain range dividing Snow Wolf and Human territory to a sellsword-turned-carpenter and a barkeep, Boris had a very socially stimulating childhood. Third and eldest child of four (elder siblings died in infancy), he grew up protected from harm in any form by his mother, and help serve and clean tables in her tavern alongside his younger sister. Despite this very social environment, however, Boris was a very shy child, and strongly disliked excessive social interaction due to an irrational fear of social rejection. He found his escape in knowledge, contradicting his strong form, and would often journey into the forest outside his home to a long-forgotten stone keep deep in the wilderness, unmarked on any map and unacknowledged by the surrounding towns. He would stay out for as long as he could, bringing countless books and tomes to learn more about the world. Boris's father was killed in an encounter with a lowly thief outside of town, stabbed by the low-life attempting to shield his son after the bandit slashed Boris along the side of his head, earning him his trademark scar; his mother died to a rare and fast-acting heart defect. His younger sister is his only surviving family.

Personality: Boris is a quiet, knowledgeable wolf, fluent in both Keidran- and Human-tongue, and craves knowledge in any form. He rarely stays in one place, preferring to travel between settlements and enjoy the wilderness as much as possible. He is never without some form of book, and is always reading up on new studies and discoveries in all different kinds of fields. Despite his personality as a bookworm, however he is a skilled swordfighter, trained in the use of longswords by his father before his untimely death. More modest than typical Keidran, due to his home being in the center of a trading hub, where public decency was expected.

Wields a unique longsword, referred to him as a "Zweihänder," that he discovered one day while exploring the forest around his stone getaway. The forging technique used to create his weapon is unknown even to him, and strange runes and markings are engraved upon the blade and the handle. The blade is inset with blue crystal, and shimmers faintly when in the presence of a magic user or other source of mana, suggesting the blade is enchanted, though exactly what it was enchanted with is unknown and is likely fading. His unusual strength allows him to wield this sword in a single hand to a limited degree, and he uses a rounded leather shield on his left arm should the occasion rise. Wears a heavy, dark cloak over leather armor, and utilizes foot and ankle wraps reminiscent of the Eastern Basitin garb. Additionally utilizes a pair of fingerless steel gauntlets, similar in forging technique and aesthetic to his Zweihänder; faint gold engravings can just barely be made out on the surface, and similar markings cover the forearm portions of the gauntlets Peculiarly, he dons heavy bandages on his hands and forearms underneath his gauntlets; he has never revealed why he wears them, not even to his sister, who is by far his closest friend, and has worn them since before his father was killed.

Fights primarily with his Zweihänder, utilizing a defensive stance with his sword in behind him and pointing to the dirt; typically utilizes large sweeping movements to ward off potential threats and deep thrusts to cover distance if necessary.
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Re: Characters Thread

#319 Post by Neptune »

deleting your posts would be a cool option lol
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Character Sheet - Jack “Jackal” Chayn (May change due to auditing)

#320 Post by Jackal »

Name: Jack (Jackal) Chayn
Race: Wolf Keidrian
Subspecies: Blak Wolf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15
Height: 6’3”
Weight: approx 200lbs

Due to his pure racial heritage as a Blak Wolf Keidrian, he has a coat of jet black fur as well as cold steel grey eyes. Eyes cold as death, but deep within them a flame burns, silently reduced to coals.

Jackal wears a black cloak with a exceptionally heavy hood. He wields a one handed long sword is masterfully crafted, as well as a plethora of fire and illusion spells.
He wears steel gauntlets and upper hind paw armor.

A word on Blak Wolf Keidrian and their Home
Due to the lack of common knowledge regarding the Blak Wolves, most people fail to recognize the dangerous threats Blak Wolf Keidrian pose to everyday life. They are a unique race, due to their cultural dedication to the Masks, their race has been blessed with the gift of magic, and are able to draw upon the mana in the earth and the air, as well as the uncanny gift of moving unseen and unheard when in plain sight and earshot of mortals. This second talent is due to the environment, and their culture on the distant Island of Wraithstone. The island is shrouded in mana fused fog spread by the energy rich bogs that dot its landscape. Most Blak Wolf Keidrian learn how to blend in and hide from predators from an early age. The fog having strengthened the Wraithlike entities that have inhabited the island since shortly after the Blak Wolves arrival after their exodus from the mainland. Few venture away from Wraithstone in search of the mainland. Those from the mainland who reach Wraithstone rarely make it off the island. Their screams can sometimes be heard reverberating across the still waters that patch the island, running deep through underground caves. The Blak Keidrian left the mainland for reasons lost to history. It is rumoured that they heard that a great evil would spread across the lands they were a part of, and chose isolation instead of genocide.

Jackal’s backstory:
You were probably expecting me to write a lengthy bio for this character, and while I indeed have, I won’t be putting it down for everyone to see. Your character won’t know Jackal’s backstory, and Jackal won’t know your character’s. I understand that fleshing out a character is important, however public knowledge of who my character is personality-wise and what he has been through is not something I prefer when it can be stymied. If you wish to discover my character’s bio and personality for yourself, then I’m open to roleplaying with you. I have a good deal of RP experience in back and forth text-based-RP formats, PM me if your interested. If u have a problem with me or my character, I’m open to discussing it in PM. If Tom wants to use my ideas for a third pure race of wolf keidrian, he is more than welcome to... Feel free to make characters based off my ideas...
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Re: Characters Thread

#321 Post by Binarygrid »

Name: Stefan David
Known Alias: The Rogue Knight
Age: 21
Race: Human (homosapien sapien)
Languages: bilingual (able to speak human and keidran.)
Gender: Male
Occupation/class: Rogue Knight/ traveling mercenary
Height: 184cm or 6’0” (out of armour)
Weight: around: 70kg or 176lbs (out of armour)
WIP image in armour:
Appearance: Stefan has scruffy brown hair and dark brown eyes; his already white skin is a little paler from the lack of sunlight he is exposed to. He has a more lean and lanky body shape which is covered by the thick plated armour he wears, which makes him look more muscled and add a few cm and kgs to his overall height and weight. He has a very caring and kind face, which is undermined due to the number of scars that are scatter across it.

Gear: Stefan wears a set of steel armour used by the Italian military in 1914 called the Farina armour. The armour covers most of his body and all of his face, including his legs and arms. He carries a ‘Carcano’, an odd Italian designed bolt-action rifle, as well as a two-handed rapier like longsword and a few small daggers. Stefan also uses some form of rudimentary magic however; this is restrained to only a crude dome shield and a simple healing spell.

Personality: Stefan has a very straightforward and unbashful way of speaking, frequently he will affirm things that generally should not be said aloud, along with the fact he repeatedly does not thinks before he speaks. However, he is very caring and understand to those who are close to him. Stefan also is a hardened soldier and has an affinity for violence to some degree, yet he tries to stay on the ’good-side’. Stefan has little remorse or guilt with the things he does, even if they are unjust. He admits that he has his flaws and weakness in both his personality and behaviour, nevertheless he attempt to change. He also flatly refuses to talk about his past or family.

Weaknesses: While the suit of armour he wear does protect him effectively from many attacks including magic, it also burdens his movement, peripheral vison and hearing. Meaning a stealthy opponent can get an ambush or escape. Additionally the armour makes it easier for keidran to pick up his scent and makes stealth nigh impossible. Besides this, Stefan’s reliance on his rifle makes any close encounter advantageous to the aggressor, as his swordsmanship skills are basic a best.

Backstory (long): Stefan David was born on 1897 B.C in a small town in Italy, as a young boy Stefan’s father taught him English saying that it would come useful later in this life. Until the Great War Stefan help around the farm he and his family work, while there his helped his father forge ammunition for their homestead. At the outbreak of WW1 in 1914, a 17-year-old Stefan joined the Italian army like many of his friend for glory and fame. It was until a year later in 1915, an 18-year-old Stefan, a far cry of the young and naïve boy, was pulled away from the horrors of the trenches by a gateway to another world. A group of Templar mages attempted to pull experimental mana life energy from a different world, however as a result Stefan was pulled along, into the Whitefield ruins, far away, from where the mages had cast their spell. After roaming around the area heading in a western direction for two days he was caught in a winter snow and due his steel armour was to the brink of death.

The next morning a group of hunters stumbled on the living body of an armoured knight half buried in the snow. Stefan was brought to the village Ditteridge where he first learnt about the new world he had stumbled into. Due to the odd equipment Stefan carried and town’s people’s rumours about who he was, Stefan quickly made up a fake backstory about how he was a lost soldier from a faraway land looking for a job to make ends meet. Which in turn forced him to become a mercenary for hire.

Thanks to Stefan’s rifle, he had a distinct advantage over his opponents when he first started as a mercenary. Coupled with his aim, he became well known as a deadly sharpshooter. For a year, he travelled around completing any jobs that came his way, some horrible and others noble. All the while spreading his name as a rouge knight and mercenary, and many, both keidran and humans feared his name. He became more confident in himself, ignorantly reasoning that his rifle would deal with any foe. But this thought was fractured and destroyed when he was forced to fight against magic.

“Either Victory or everyone dies.”-Stefan David.
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Re: Characters Thread

#322 Post by crazycowproductions »

Name: Doctor Franklin Foxwell
Known Alias: Creepy Guy
Age: 25
Race: Human (homosapien sapien)
Languages: Multilingual
Gender: Male
Occupation/class: Plague Doctor/ Alchemist (Chirugen/Vivisectionist)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 157Lb
- Travelling Plague Doctor
A medical man that seeks to bring a bit of coin to his person as a travelling medicine man. Brews Potions of simple to extraordinary level of skill and is more than willing to experiment with a possible cures and/or answers to problems, even ones that are very...questionable. (A reformed Criminal,that tries to hide some darker parts of his life... if only his family background was as easy to hide as his thoughts, motives and his own appearance)
Items of Note: Magical Wagon (Shrinks, summons a horse for 15hr's a day, Fire Immune, and the wood seems as durable as steel)
Satchel of Medical supplies (A bag of holding, that holds several magical potions, alchemical goods and Medical instruments)
Has several other magical items on his person.

Nurse Kitty
- The Doctors assistant, Healing Witch
A hero worshiping feline that for some reason is convinced that the good doctor she has latched onto is not just a kind man, but a miracle worker :3 she swears he has sometimes brought back the dead.... although sometimes she worries she could have been one of them too.



Notes: I like Pathfinder, and after playing these characters in a campaign I thought I might try playing them in a setting they seem partially like they are from. (Characters in Game Mechanics are pretty high level, but there classes make them seem on par with characters in the comics :) soo guess time shall see )
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My oc is named ghost he is a genetic experiment from another dimension he has just been teleported into the twokinds dimension he uses guns as offense and swords as defense/offense he is very skilled in hand to hand combat he has five powers he can produce fire and ice from his body and use it as weapons and projectiles metal has to be in the area for him to use it he can't produce metal from his body and he cant die by age and has accelerated healing he stopped aging at 21 so that's the age he says he is he also has Phoenix wing. He has gray hair red eyes with a scar over the left one but it doesn't affect the eye only the skin he had a black tshirt gray trench coat blue jeans and brown boots on he has a device on his left arm that holds all his guns by turning them into digital Copies he is very friendly to everyone until they try to kill him he will give a second chance but after that he has no mercy he is slightly insane and is emotionally hurt he has family nut the only way for them to be safe he has to stay a way from them his kids know who he is and see him in the distance but that's all he can do to let his family he cares he has scars all over his body from the experiments

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