Two Kinds and Beyond:Keidran in space! Chatper1: First contact

Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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Two Kinds and Beyond:Keidran in space! Chatper1: First contact

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Roleplay seems dead so maybe this will take off maybe not.

Have you ever wondered what is out there? no not outside in the yard outside our planet, our galaxy. Surely you've heard of the stars right? what lies beyond them? Well beyond them lies a whole knew world were species like the human exist but in a diffrent form some with magic and some without, and even some anthromorphic species some living in harmony and some in a constant war, the world of Mekkan is about to get a visitor from beyond the stars beyond even the islands of the Bastin. Are you willing to step foot where no Human, Bastin, or Keidran have before? Well today is your Lucky day maybe.

(Warning!: this Roleplay will include technologies and other things from many Sci-fi series)

At oresent Only Races in two kinds are allowed, i will be playing any visiting races until further notice this may change in the future

So to join I'll need you to fill out this

Character name:
Age: Human years (Keidran years where applicable, optional)
Eye color:
Fur/Skin?Scale Color:
Skills: (not exhaustive list but list some skills your character has such as magic,archery, etc.
Occupation:(if applicable)

Picture link (If applicable, optional)

Character name:Asara
Age: 34
Eye color:Green
Fur/Skin?Scale Color: Blue with white belly
Skills: magic, Fire breath, martial arts, cooking

Character name: Rae Citcra
Age: 26
Species: White arctic vixen (Shape shifter
Eye color: Grey
Fur/Skin?Scale Color:White with hints of black on tips of ears and tail
Skills:Shape shifting
Occupation: N/A

---Uncharted Island north east of the Great plains---

The night sky, a beautiful sight to behold all the stars and the brightly lit moon, some people wonder what lies beyond them, well today is your lucky day.

A shooting star shoots across the sky followed by a loud crackling noise as the Shooting star turns into a metorite the meteorite crashing somwhere forested on an Island North east of the great plains in the Arctic Sea, as it hits the ground a blue light seeming to explode out from the crash, which could be seen by anyone close enough to see it the blue glow suddenly vanishing almost as suddenly as it appeared, much of the forest cleared by the object that just hit the ground some metal device almost like some sort of templar Tower, but oddly shaped, at the end of a dirt filled trench that was once a lightly forested area the strange device sparked like lighting was striking at it ,but there was not a cloud in the sky...
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