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Naka Semperi
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Yo, what's up?

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How's it going, everyone? I've somewhat been with Twokinds for a couple of years, and I just decided to delve further into the forum tab on the website. Since it made me nostalgic of some other forum pages I've visited in the past, I decided to create an account here! I might not be very interested in role-playing on forums, and even though I do like anthropomorphic characters and have a lot of furry friends (I found out about Twokinds from them after all), I wouldn't really say I'm a furry myself, but I really enjoy the story that Tom has been creating over the decades!
My general interests include gaming, with Halo taking the place as my favorite gaming franchise, running, history, literature, especially manga, books, and webcomics, and a lot of other things related to online content. It's nice to meet all of you other Twokinds fans here!

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