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Lee M
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Just dropping by

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Hi. Lee M here, sometime writing collaborator with artist Ed Kline (he created my avatar) on Storm Over Whoomera and Nightshade the Merry Widow (NSFW so no direct links).

I just popped in to mention that I've just finished bingeing TwoKinds over the course of a week or so. I'd heard a few things about the strip (some of them uncomplimentary, but if I believed those I wouldn't have persisted right up to the current strip) so I decided to satisfy my curiosity and wasn't disappointed.

EDIT: Just read the post about biographies, so...

Age: Old enough to know better (theoretically).
Gender: Male, although at my age it hardly makes a difference any more.
Location: Somewhere in England.
Profession: Occasional webcomic writing assistant, otherwise retired.
Hobbies: Science fiction, fantasy, webcomics, progressive rock, offshore pirate radio.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes, see above and below. Dislikes include flat-Earthers and creationists, and I really hate it when old TV shows are cropped for widescreen.
Why You Joined: Like I said, thought I'd just drop in and show my face, so to speak.

Well, as long as I'm here I suppose I might just mention a few other webcomics I'm currently reading. Some of them have varying degrees of sex and/or violence, but they all reward your attention.

Chimeran Legends
Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana
Artificial Incident
Cassiopeia Quinn
Castle Swimmer
In Our Shadow

Well, that's it for now. I might have things to say on this forum from time to time. If not, you'll sometimes find me over on the Comic Fury Forum. See you around. Like a wheel (meet again).
It is better to light a candle than to curse the power company.

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