Voting incentive for December 2021

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Voting incentive for December 2021

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Now i feel like some hot cocoa. Or some champurrado, or chocolate atole...
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Re: Voting incentive for December 2021

#2 Post by Tornir »

Hmmm. :)
I'm guessing dawn, rather than dusk, because of the lack of prints.
If it'd snowed during the day, patrons would be heading to the tavern by now, and there'd definitely be evidence of Maeve bouncing around in it.

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Re: Voting incentive for December 2021

#3 Post by Bellhead »

Morning after a fresh snowfall is always beautiful. Kudos to you, Adira. I'd be doing the same. :)
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Re: Voting incentive for December 2021

#4 Post by MaverickMopete »

I'm honestly surprised there's no sign of Maeve in the snow already.

It's a really pretty picture, though!

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