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Did a search for an old Warframe topic, but surprisingly didn't find one, even though I know multiple people from these forums have played in the past.

With all the updates that have come out lately, especially surrounding open-world areas like Vox Solaris, Plains of Eidelon, and now the Cambion Drift, plus, you know, the Railjack, it's become a vastly different game than when I first started playing in 2014.

If you're a veteran to the game, but haven't played in a long time, check it out. You may find the plethora of new content to be right up your alley, with the open world areas especially being fairly easy to access.

If you're someone who has heard about the game, but never knew if it was for you, here's what I can tell you about it:

Warframe has a unique and interesting story, but a lot of it gets kind of drip-fed to you. Think kind of like Dark Souls, but at least a little bit more hands on.
The base game has always been procedurally generated tilesets, where you participate in missions by yourself or with up to four friends. Since the game has come out, they have added a ton of new tilesets to expand what you run into in every area, and it spans across the entire solar system, with each planet representing it's own unique tilesets based on the biome.

The gameplay is about what you could expect from a 3rd person space ninja game. Jump, flip, parkour, bullet jump, samurai ninja kill enemies with your katana, or shoot them in the face with a giant navel cannon (No, I'm not kidding).

The gameplay loop, you could say, it a lot like Monster Hunter. It's a game that's a grind for the sake of grinding. The main goal is to hit the last Mastery Rank, and you progress by crafting and mastering a large variety of weapons. There's Semi-Auto Rifles, Burst Rifles, Auto Rifles, Charge Guns, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, Bows, Crossbows, Shotguns, Energy Guns, Directed Beam guns, Pistols, Akimbo Pistols, and a metric crapton more, including a wide variety of melee weaponry, and that doesn't even cover the Warframes themsevles, all of which have unique abilities. Everything can also be modded to suit your own playstle.
So a lot of crafting goes into this game. You do missions to find resources, and use those resources to craft all this stuff. There's also companions like dogs, cats, and little robots, all which have unique abilities.

Tips I have if you are starting the game for the first time that the game doesn't really teach you, but will make it far more accessible:

1) Don't get rid of any weapon till you master it. It will just save time later.

2) Some weapons are used to craft other weapons, so always doublecheck the crafting bluebrints. If you are ever unsure, all the weapons on Warframe's Wiki, if you look them up, within the first paragraph tell you if they're used in crafting any other weapon.

3) You buy new blueprints from the marketplace for credits. You use those blueprints to craft new things.

4) Some Warframe parts are dropped by bosses in Assassination Missions. Some are harder to get than others, and some are tied to quests.

5) DO NOT spend any platinum you may have on Marketplace items till you have put sufficient time into the game. A lot of it may look appealing, and may come off as "Pay to Win", but as you progress through the game, you'll soon discover "Prime" variants of most of the weapons and Warframes. Prime Variants are substantially better than what you can purchase from the Marketplace. The only time the Marketplace offers prime variants itself is on a new Prime release, or when an old Prime set is Unvaulted (Stored away and impossible to get until later)

6) Always make sure you're equipping and upgrading the mods you earn in-game. As you get into the mid to later game, it becomes infinitely harder to keep up if you're not modding your weapons, companions, and frames. You can equip them from your arsenal, and upgrade them from your mod station. You can also access the mod station from your arsenal, and makes things easier if you're trying to upgrade equipped mods.

7) Don't use an Orokin Catalyst or Reactor (They double your mod capacity) on anything unless you absolutely know you want to keep it. If you need a strong gun, and you particularly like one, go for it, but be aware, there might be a prime version of what you're using, and you don't get those back.

8) The wait timers for crafting may seem like a huge detriment, but I promise as you get further into the game, they will be negligible, and odds are you will have a huge backlog of weapons queued up in your foundry just waiting for you to claim and use.

9) Most of all, have fun, and play your way. If you want to do the open world thing, you can. You don't really have to do everything, and a lot of the game is optional. Just have fun with it, and if you have friends that play/have played, use it as an excuse to play with them.

If you're starting out and want to use my referral code, you can. But if you have a friend that plays or has played, ask them for theirs. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
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