Loki and other marvel stuffing

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Loki and other marvel stuffing

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Hi Again
So here we go again. A couple weeks ago i watched Marvel most recent series Loki and now i am gonna make that everyones problem And i got some thoguhts about it.
I hear you wondering. Are you gonna post a new thread for every series you watch?
Err no... I hope not at least, also watched the Falcon ad the winter soldier and had nothing to say about it, it is a nice but forgettable super hero flick. Anyhow i am digressing.

As usual I am not really interested in discussing the quality or the plot or the show. But if I must i liked it it has a more interesting premise than other Marvel products and has significantly more production and writing value than the average marvel movie. But It also got me thinking.

One of the hidden appeals of the MCU is its simplicity. Comic books in general are a thing from the 50's and come with a lot of baggage. Capt America was used as pro american propaganda in WW2 for example, but weird real life ties aside there is a lot of comic book history from the earliest superman comics that tie in to todays comic books. I am not a comic book fan, far from it. But i know from friends and media that there has been lost of retcons, alternate universes and what ifs in the comic industry. Meaning if you wanted to pick a comic book these days you would need to do a lot of catch up to get up to speed. Specially on recent years that they took a liking to "reset" their universes.

Then Disney comes along a says: "you know i like all that and will keep selling them, but lest make something a bit less convoluted and accesible for the mainstream audience" And the first ironman movie was born. back then, as I suppose everyone remembers it was not that long ago, most superhero movies were terrible, studios did not understand nor cared about the source material. So despite being just and OK movie Iron man took off simply because Disney had the minimum decorum to at least understand the characters. Or in few words, the bar for a good superhero movie was very low to clear.

Anyhow if you are actually a MCU fan you can tell plots have been more wacky and grandiose with every new movie, from millionaire gets sad because he sells weapons and becomes superhero to: Man uses shrinking suit to save the day and All reality is under danger and earth mightiest heroes must protect it! Meaning plot of different movies and series have been slowly but surely getting more interconnected as more and more people get invested in the franchise.

This is by design you may see a couple marvel movies but at this rate you need to see around 10 movies to even understand the latest avengers. Yet as most people have already seen them there is no incentive from disney to create self contained stories. Moreover you slowly get more and more invested to the franchise as all movies are now interconnected in a single universe so people end up having to watch previous movies they may otherwise not care about. I trust I dont have to explain how this is good businesss.

This all peaked with the addition in loki of the:
Yes one of the most confusing and convoluted plot points of the marvel mythos, which mind you tie even unrelated comics together. This on one hand is a writers "get out of jail card" in case disney ends up writing himself into a corner and secondly now disney has abandoned all pretense of keeping the MCU approachable and accesible for non fans. At this point there is very few people in the planet who are not somewhat invested in the massive franchise that is marvel, so why even bother?
Now the MCU is going the way of the comics: It is too convoluted for the average person to just jump into it without prior knowledge and will become this rarified geek thing such as the comics before in a couple years. Or given the sheer size of the franchise it may end up making the whole world a comic book superhero fans.
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