Before the Basitin Isles then after What's Left?

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Before the Basitin Isles then after What's Left?

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SPOILERS probably.

The Basitin Isles. Probably the defining moment for Twokinds. The Trigon Arc for Twokinds. Where the defining conflict of the series emerges and sets its resolution into motion. What's left after saving the world?

I wonder is Twokinds almost done? Were the Basitin Isles The Dark Knight or Empire Strikes back? Has Twokinds hit its stride. Or is it still going? Before the Isles there was a sort of world building and character defining like Mad Max before the Road Warrior. Is Twokinds a trilogy or is it a series? Should I be comparing it to seasons in a TV show instead of films in a movie series?

With the writing now it seems Tom can have more templar towers to pit the characters against or settle it soon. It does seem many of the characters' arcs are resolving and much of the conflict is waning. Natani is more whole, Keith is forgiving himself, Trace is learning about himself, Flora is... well she's been rather consistent. She'll give birth. Kathrin and Eric can resolve. Nora is immortal, basically. Raine can learn magic. The rest are already almost done.

It seems each of the main cast has gotten a plot with its own villain. Flora got her relationship with Trace. Keith got the Basitin Isles and the Templars with Alabaster. He also got Natani and Natani him. Now Trace is facing himself while Natani and brother get Clovis. What threads are left? It seems the rest of the characters can get what they want peripherally from what the main four will accomplish. Theirs stories are more like footnotes.

Then again... there are other options. Perhaps Trace can become evil again and drama ensues as his former allies must now come to terms with fighting their former and incredibly powerful friend. Maddy can come into her own as she still has plenty of room to grow. These threads can be expanded into maybe several more arcs or they can stay peripheral. It does seem group b has come into it's own as a potential successor for a new adventuring party.

Still, from a narrative perspective it seems like Twokinds is nearing the finale. I wonder what's left. Am I misjudging the flow of the story?

Have we found all the star maps or the lost Jedi or are we still searching. If so which one are we on? Surely not the first, maybe the last, maybe in between.
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