Minecraft skins for all your favourite characters

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Minecraft skins for all your favourite characters

#1 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

This has brought me so much joy. You know how it is, you’re hitting up Skinseed, the Skindex, all the apps and sites, and you think “I wonder if there are Twokinds characters here?”

Well you’re in luck. Ladies and gentlemen, it turns out there is a decent amount of Twokinds skins on the internet and it has made my day.

I’ll link these when I’m not on my phone, my thumbs are killing me already.

:natani: Natani (and one Zen):

:zen: Zen (which is hilarious because a Natani literally shows up before him):
https://www.minecraftskins.com/search/s ... wokinds/1/

:trace: Trace:
https://www.minecraftskins.com/search/s ... -legacy/1/

:raine: Raine (aw poor girl, all alone):
https://www.minecraftskins.com/search/s ... wokinds/1/

:flora: Flora (... and Natani again. And also herobrine Trace):
https://www.minecraftskins.com/search/s ... wokinds/1/

:kathrin: and finally Kat (she’s just as lonely as Raine, and they’re both kind of rough. Anyone good at detailing?):
https://www.minecraftskins.com/search/s ... wokinds/1/

Anyways, I fully expect to see hypixel flooded with Twokinds skins now.

Actually, Mineplex is easier to flood.

Mineplex it is, then.

Also, ZenxRaine is the only appropriate ship for them both. We all know it deep down.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Minecraft skins for all your favourite characters

#2 Post by andrewnewsome2021 »

Thank you for this. My kids will like this very much because they are playing minecraft forever.

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