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And apparently I've been bored during quarentine so here's another story (surprise?). This one's more backstory to the actual comic and features Natani. It takes place in the manor, that morning the link re-opens.

I have no idea if this is actually good, I was bored as heck and evidently had nothing better to do.

"Alright, who's yelling now?" Natani's ears perked up. "Things better not be on fire again or I swear--"

She felt something blow over her breasts.

"Huh," she noted, seeing Keith's head buried amongst her bosom. "guess he isn't quite as shy when he's asleep. Poor Keith, must have really exhausted himself this past week. Idiot, getting worked up over someone like me. Just a week ago I'd be freaking out about this. But I guess we're both a couple of idiots.

"And I'm ok with that."

She felt a mounting pressure on the inside of her thigh.

"Alright, Nope!" She panicked, "Not quite that ok with it yet! Time to get up!"

Natani rolled off the side of the bed, gracefully collapsing on the floor. Her legs hadn't fully woken up yet. She slowly crawled through last-nights wreckage, searching for clothes buried under plates and used napkins. After finding and extricating some shorts and a sweater from amidst the carnage, she donned then and regarded herself in the mirror.

"Still kinda poofy," she noted, "but that can be rectified." She stepped carefully over to the magic table, being watchful of plates threatening to break under her mighty wolf paws.

"Wait," she thought as her hand brushed the table. "does this thing understand keidran?" She pondered that for a moment, only realizing she had ordered several gallons of booze in keidran last night after great deliberation.

"Cloth," she commanded, quietly as not to wake Keith up. "and, uh, mana crystals?" The cloth fell into existence on the centre of the table.

"Oh well," Natani relented, figuring even Trace's magic had it's limits. At the moment she had given up, a single crystal gently dropped on top of the fabric.

"Huh. Nice."

She tore the cloth into strips using a claw, and with the crystal enchanted them to fit her bust. She wrapped herself into a man and turned to wake Keith. Then it hit her.

"Free mana crystals." She laid some more fabric over the middle of the table and issued another command: "Another mana crystal."

A second crystal blinked into existence.

"Like heck anyone's going to stop me from doing this." she began, a brilliantly evil idea forming in her head. "Keep 'em coming!" she ordered the table.

At a consistent pace of about 1 a second, mana crystals dropped into a small pile on the table. She looked around, searching for a place to stash her loot. Kat had sewn hidden pockets into her robe, right? She filled those up quick.

Her shorts didn't have pockets, and even if they did, the clattering of the crystals would have told Roselyn everything. She needed somewhere more... private. And idea hit her.

"Oh no," she said out loud. "not there."

"Oh yes," came a feminine voice from within. "You got 'em, so use 'em for something besides Keiths pillow."

"Was I this annoying when I was young?"

"Yep. Just ask Zen."

Natani rolled her eyes at the last comment. She aquiested, however, and pulled the top of her bindings away from her chest. "Here goes"

Her hand swept over the mounting crystals and she carefully guided them into her bosom dimention. She scooped away for what seemed like minutes, until her breasts were completely surrounded by glowing rocks. She hoped it didn't show through.

Walking over to the bed, she placed herself on the side as she adjusted the bindings.

It was then she remembered Zen.

"Zen!" she whispered, a small part of her hoping she was amplified by her newfound stash. "Zen, are you there?"

No reply.

At least, not from Zen.

"Back to male again, I see?" Keith called from the bed.

"Oh," Natani was surprised. "You're awake! Um, yeah. Dissapointed?

"Nah, I'd be more surprised if you didn't, honestly."

Natani tested the air, detecting faint traces of sizzling pig fat.

"Breakfast is ready." she said as she arose.

"Ugh, how can you think about food after last night?" He replied, stretching himself along the bed.

"I'm a wolf," She retorted flatly, "now come on. I smell bacon."

You’re welcome.
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