New FanStory Idea!

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New FanStory Idea!

#1 Post by Sumeribag »

~ Hello! I've been with the TW Community since 2010 and just today I decided to create an Forum Account , but this is not the case for the moment , I am here to present to you an FanStory Idea i've had it with me for almost a year and i would like to know if YOU want it to be written.

~ My FanStory is called "WorldsCollide" where on the PLANET Earth , the TWO nations Russian And U.S.A are figthing in WW3 , But not even Three Hours in the Battlefield and Soldiers from both of the Nations start to dissapear aswell as Military Vehicles , Air-vehicles and other things in a blink of an eye with no full explanation. [The Story Is More Detailed when you will read it , KEEP IN MIND this is just a SHORT explanation of my FanStory.]
I've also thinking adding TwoKinds Original Characters in it.

~ They unexplainable get teleported in another WORLD named Mekkan , which it looks like Earth but a little bit smaller.
~ They End up all over Mekkan.
~ Any much more to reveal in the Story itself (xd).

~ Hope you like it! STAY TUNED! I've already write the whole story scenarion on my Notebook. ~

P.S: There might be some grammatical mistakes since ENGLISH isn't my main language but I will do my best! :D

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Re: New FanStory Idea!

#2 Post by backonninja »

I'm always interested in new stories.

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Re: New FanStory Idea!

#3 Post by Neptune »

Yankees take over Mekkan.
the end
Image Haha, he's so tiny! Where is he going?

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