How did you find Twokinds?

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Re: How did you find Twokinds?

#76 Post by Technic[Bot] » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:21 am

It is not a very complex story:
One day i was idly watching youtube videos, some gameplay videos that i usually watch. But I started to follow recommended videos, which is sometimes not such a good idea, you know youtube has some very weird stuff, in any case, about 10 videos later i ended in the at twokinds stream channel.
Youtube recommendation algorithm is very weird since i was not really looking into anything related. But was surprised by the art, at first i thougth, oh just another furry artist, then i realized it is a webcomic.
I am not very into webcomics, i follow a couple back in the early 2000's but both ended unceremoniously after a few years when the authors ran out of ideas or decided to do something else with their lives. (can't blame them though, hard to make a living doing it)
But then i saw twokinds was active and going for 14 YEARS. I was 10 when the comic started and it is still going for crying out loud!
"Either this guy is obssed or this is very good" -I thought
So i began to read it from the beginning. Despite the drop in quality i found the premise as novel and interesting. 4 days later and over 1000 comic pages later I am here. Complaining about the forum UI...
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Re: How did you find Twokinds?

#77 Post by PhooBar » Wed May 08, 2019 2:17 pm

Stumbled in here completely by accident.
Had no idea what a furry was. :shock:
Started reading from the beginning...

Well, now I know what a furry is. :raine:

Nice work, Tom.
Keep it up.

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Re: How did you find Twokinds?

#78 Post by Esn » Thu May 09, 2019 7:40 am

It was mentioned in a comment on A Redtail's Dream, as those two were constantly battling it out for top spot on TopWebComics (with TwoKinds usually winning).

I left a comment saying that it seemed like a comic with typical furry tropes and I didn't much like it. Then the author of A Redtail's Dream also replied saying that she thought it was quite good.

After a while, I took a second look at it and ended up reading through the archive. I still think it has a lot of tropes, but it also has surprising depths (as in, the author has a mind of his own, and things don't always go in the direction one might expect) and is quite well made.

That's basically it.

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Re: How did you find Twokinds?

#79 Post by Sumobear50 » Fri May 10, 2019 10:20 pm

Through the bois... 1 in particular told me about the comic and I got interested... in two things. 1, the comic. 2, figure it out yourself because I ain't saying anything

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