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Re: Last Man Posting

#13741 Post by Bellhead »

The T refers to Boston's "metro", or transit system. Namely, the subway and trolly trains, but buses are used as well. Most everything they use was made 40 years ago or more, so it makes some rather deathly noises from time to time.

Living in Boston, there's no more efficient way of getting around. When it works, anyway...
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Re: Last Man Posting

#13742 Post by Kellard »

I live in a moderately sized city. The public transport system is a pain to deal with as they are just busses so I'd rather deal with rush hour traffic. Even if I hate being held up by other drivers.

At least I haven't had to deal with that for the last two months. Barely even stepped outside during all this time.

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Re: Last Man Posting

#13743 Post by Technic[Bot] »

I lived in Mexico City. One of the largest metropolitan areas in the continent. And It has a very large sistem of public transport. I still have fond memories of using it.
Here we simply call it Metro and its official name is Metropolitan Collective Transport System. A couple other cities in the country have trains, but they are very tiny systems in comparison. A couple dozen stations vs 195 stations. Despite some its age, it was build in the 60's and a lot of issues, weird noises was never one them :shurg:
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