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Re: Dreams

#1951 Post by RennisTora » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:02 pm

Had a dream where a line of toys designed to be aliens turned out to have actual aliens hiding amongst them trying to find specific match humans.

I was a teenager going through some old boxes after moving back into an old family home I had grown up in, stuff like old VHS tapes and toys and such.
Specifically there was this small set of toys with alien superhero type characters and this big red crystal thing that part of the set.
I ended up setting them aside because I sort of/sort of didn't remember them and thought they might be worth something, then put on an old VHS to watch.
There was a time skip from afternoon to early evening as it got dark outside, just as I went to turn off a light I noticed a glow from something.
It was coming from the red crystal thing which surprised me, thought maybe it was glow in the dark or something like that and went to bed.
I forget if I woke up in the night or if it was in the morning, but I awoke to the toys I had left out now being different than before.
They were no longer toy sized and instead closer to human, they were also obviously not toys by this point as they began speaking to me.
They were from some far off alien world that had been conquered by another alien force that used some sort of mutation/infection to control people.
They came to Earth in order to find a group of very specific humans though they didn't know who, they had some kind of alien tech that was supposed
to choose a host and act like some kind of super suit that would allow them to fight the other invading force that was now on it's way to Earth.

As it would turn out, I was one of said chosen hosts but that they waited as they wanted me to be as physically mature as possible for what was to come.
The symbiote like tech suit morphed around me and turned into an almost IronMan like suit, super strong and super tough is how it seemed.
Two of my neighbors ended up being the other members of the group of hosts they were looking for, sort of Power Rangers thing were teens save the world.
Eventually a human scientist showed up looking for the source of bizarre readings and began stalking us as we kept trying to avoid them and being discovered.
It turned out they weren't simply some government agent but instead a private individual who wanted the source of the power readings for his own schemes.
At some point I remember calling the cops and reporting him as a creep who was following me and my friends around, that got him off our backs for a little bit.
Things ended up escalating when it turned out the alien invader had made contact with the scientist and made a deal, he gets the power source so long as he doesn't interfere.
The evil alien eventually showed up and had already begun to trick people into taking his "gift" unaware it would corrupt and control them, saying it was a miracle cure or such.
Battle ensued and in the end we seemed to have won, the scientist was either dead or in jail and the invader had retreated, something they'd never done before.

There was another time skip with things having calmed down, we were on a road trip taking in the sights when suddenly I saw an odd cloud only realize it was a mushroom cloud...
(Out of the pan and into the fire as they say, I'm really upset with my brain to say the least, a nice saving the world dream turning into nuclear terror.)
The only thing we could do was to keep driving with the hop of finding somewhere to take shelter when an emergency broadcast played on the radio.
People in the immediate area were being instructed to head towards an old cold war shelter that had been built in a subway/train tunnel.
We booked it as best we could and arrived to see a lot of people waiting to get in, there were medics handing out anti-radiation medication.
The point was that our direct area hadn't been hit yet with the mushroom clouds being far off, but that soon changed and it became a mad dash into the tunnel.
We were loaded onto a train car and hurried down the tunnel and into the shelter, just when we were starting to be able catch our breath we realized something.
The entrance of the shelter was terribly quiet with no one to usher us in further, we ended up taking the lead and walking further in only to discover bodies.
There were signs of the invaders corruption on some of them, then there was a panic as people popped out along with gas and needles.
I put up my suit as best I could but the others didn't make it, it quickly became a matter of survival as most of the people seeking shelter turned along with my friends...
I remember a lot of punching and kicking, people being knocked into walls and doors like rag-dolls, the growing panic of being "alone" in a vault with fallout above.
Thoughts of how the invader must of done this as one last "[censored] you" to our planet for resisting him, it was terrible... And then I woke up.

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Re: Dreams

#1952 Post by RennisTora » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:22 pm

Had an episodic dream that kept coming back throughout the night, was about being a kid and there being some kind of "darkness".

The kind of thing where lights are the only thing that keeps some creeping supernatural darkness away, and if it encroaches too much then "things" come with it.
It was like a mix between a thriller/horror survival kind of atmosphere and experience, kept having it in parts throughout the night.
Really nerve racking type stuff like trying to stay in light or attempting to escape when caught, the [censored] that makes you anxious as [censored].
There were mixed dreams in between those segments that I don't fully recall.
Everything came to a close with the last segment being me slightly older in maybe middle school, my exposure to the "darkness" having
given me heightened senses to the point of being able to see the unseen such as ghosts.
That part felt less horror/survival and more like a paranormal detective kind of thing with me trying to solve problems for both humans and spirits.
I remember a cute girl spirit, something about a kiss on the cheek making me flustered.
I also recall a boy who had some spirit latching onto him and causing him problems because of it.
The spirit was also a boy of about the same age, wearing an older fashioned set of clothes and had white/grey hair.
I got them to let go of the boy and spoke with them, I can't say for certain if it was that they didn't understand they were dead or just that they couldn't be seen/heard.

Then I woke up in bed at like 3:30 PM, I always sleep in super late when I have weird/long dreams like that, like my brain's going "then what happened!?".

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Re: Dreams

#1953 Post by RennisTora » Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:44 pm

Had a dream that was... Weird I want to say, wasn't a terribly pleasant dream at least all things considered.

The dream started with me as a toddler having ended up on some island, hopefully lost after what I assume was an accident at sea.
Was quickly found by the inhabitants who turned out to be some kind of mermaid/elf type of beings surviving as a pocket population undiscovered by man.
I was taken in by a family consisting of a mother and daughter, the daughter being older than me and more a big sister type role.
Life happened as time progressed, nothing terribly interesting and was really just a flash or images like a montage for me.
Then I was about 10 or so, still struggling as the only human on the island, mainly dealing with vague memories of home.
I had a crush of sorts on the daughter now, she was in her teens by my best estimation.
There was some plot uncovered of a group or cult having abducted people, one way or another I ended up finding and releasing them including my foster family.
I remember specifically going in for a hug and calling her mom for the first time since realizing my position in things, it was touching.
More life montage happened, now I was a tween or maybe 12. The crush was stronger than before but that ended up not mattering.
There was a short scene of the daughter finding something I had drawn that made her realize I had ended up feeling things about her.
In any case, the mother seemed to have sold me out (figuratively sold, more betrayed) to some group.
I was either dead or locked up and horribly withered, the scene moved to the mother and daughter.
The two were standing there, the mother with a blank expression, the daughter with a look of disdain.
The daughter turned to the mother and said "He trusted you, he called you mom..." and then walked away with disgust.
Then the mothers face filled with the look of gradual realization, an emotional scene.

Fade to black and I was awake in bed... WTF brain, I appreciate story arc dreams with a beginning/middle/end, but WTF?

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Re: Dreams

#1954 Post by RennisTora » Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:31 pm

Had a short dream about perfect VR.

Kind of thing where your mind is basically digitized so you get full input rather than waving around remotes with a headset on.
I think I was supposed to have only recently started using it, given that I kept finding some levels of it odd.
I won a contest in game that was about building some kind of maze or trap for people to find their way out of, based on how long
it took them to escape or if they even did before the time was up. It was all built LEGO style for some reason.
One of the prizes I won was a bottle of bubble bath, which I audibly questioned the point of since it's a game, why bath virtually?
Later on after having played for some time and gotten to know people, the level of frivolity started to make sense.
Specifically when realizing that of course there might be people using the system who otherwise can't do many things,
in the case of those who are bedridden or blind or deaf etc who while using something that taps into your brain could now do those things.

It was an odd yet "normal" kind of dream, nothing huge and dramatic but still an interesting experience all the same.
I do remember some drama with an in game girlfriend or wife kind of mechanic like some online games have.
Specifically it was an argument over having met and spoken with a Admin who turned out to be their brother they didn't get along with.

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Re: Dreams

#1955 Post by RennisTora » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:04 pm

(First off, according to my post history this is my 500th post to this dream thread!)

Had a dream in anime vision (like watching something, not first person), the premise was that I had a dragon mother.
Specifically the set up was that my human father was out of the picture before I was born, and was being raised
by my maternal mother and my aunt or fathers sister, on a large and uninhabited uncharted island.
The mother looked a lot like the character Rory Mercury from G.A.T.E though more matured.
The aunt was kind of generic and not terribly defined, I do recall medium length brown hair though.

I was shown scenes of life on the island, the seemingly loving atmosphere and the likes.
There was one kind of funny scene in particular from what looked like toddler age, I was
with the aunt when a plane flew overhead, some high up commercial jet.
I turned to face the sky and waved saying "mama!" to which the aunt seemed confused then amused,
I would assume it was a case of a small child thinking it was his dragon mom flying up high.
There was even a cartoonish looking scribble on screen as if to show what the child saw in his mind,
a weird cross between his mom and a grey bird thing. (raised in solitude without much education or tech)
There was a cute scene about the mom sheltering him/me from the rain, she built shelter from foliage.
It kind of reminded me of a nest/den a bird would make from grasses and such, cuter than it sounds?

Jump cut from young child to high school, now in the city, with only the aunt and me.
I was unaware of my peculiar origins and inhumane heritage for the most part, most likely repressed memories.
The knowledge that my mother had passed away while I was small was there, that my aunt took me in.
Trying to adapt to a new town and school was hard enough without having to deal with that.
Eventually something odd happened to make the aunt seem even more distant than she had already been.
Some group, a government agency contacted us, she seemed beside herself before telling me to follow her.
She lead me to what I thought was an unused room where she then sat me down and did some show & tell.
Memories came flooding back as scenes playing out, the final one being still as a child with the aunt
telling me how sorry she was, over and over, that mama was gone now...

Everything stopped, as if time slowed while I processes the information, looked at her as to say "what did you do?..".
She didn't meet my stare, gears started to turn in my head before something came crashing in the wall.
Some kind of robot looking thing, it the panic it grabbed me and took off at speed, interrupting a very important moment.
I struggled and resisted best I could, the pilot of said mechanoid thing put a squeeze on me, resulting
in something cutting into me and causing me to bleed, seemingly minor it still did something.
The machine started to act erratically as the pilot fought the controls, until finally it started to morph and killed them.
It was still going berserk, running as I lay there helpless in it's grasp until it started consuming me or at least pulling me into itself.

Fade to black and I wake up in bed, half asleep with possible reasons and conclusions to an unfinished dream playing out as half day dreams.
As best as I can piece together from said visions, it seemed everything was more or less peaceful until the aunt learnt something.
Like she was contacted by the same agency and told how her brother died, that it was the dragons doing. (I really don't think it was)
She betrays the dragon, somehow organizing a trap with the group, mother disappears and she raises the child
having either not told them about him/me being her child not the dragons or that I didn't even exist.
(Maybe it was more that I didn't show any signs of having inherited anything from the dragon blood?)
I get the feeling the aunt was told that they had killed the dragon, as it was too great a threat to let it live.
The "thing" that abducted me was seemed very Eva (Neon Genesis Evangelion) like as some biochemical weapon,
if I had to guess it was created from studying the dragon, especially with how it went berserk after contacting my blood?
The optimist in me wants to think that the mother was captured not killed, and that they were using her in experiments.

That's my interpretation of the matter anyway, an odd and honestly sad dream, though sweet in spots.
Does kind of feel like a plot to some anime though doesn't it, some MIB group with fantasy stuff like magic and dragons.

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Re: Dreams

#1956 Post by Tesla Foxtrot » Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:01 am

I dreamed that my girlfriend wanted me to have intercourse with a african hiv infected girl. I dont even know how "two ladies" part have intercourse but I ended in panic and tried to find the nearest clinic. My girlfriend was happy i agreed and later on in the dream i met my ""father" that I never met (or had due to him being a person of trubble) and tried to save his Motorcycle after it was stolen to show i was better than him. It ended with me being in China/India/something around south Asia. Being known as a hero for giving beds to the people. Yes. Beds you sleep on and i where in the middle of a city with tall buildings...

Im currently with an cold so my dreams been "intresting" the past days.
Message to Renni: Keep up the awesome work with posting your dreams daily. Im really amazed how you share every dream you had for years and been awesome to see you still keep doing it everytime i come back to the forum!
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Re: Dreams

#1957 Post by RennisTora » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:34 am

Thought I'd come wright this down before I forgot, kind of remembered it half way through the day.

Was a short(?) sci-fi dream with a Men In Black kind of esthetic organization.
Mankind unearthed the remains of an ancient giant humanoid on the moon during some kind of construction process.
After it was taken to labs and studied it was found to have some odd transmission effect like the being had been highly scionic.
Mankind then made contact with a race in another galaxy that had also discovered and studied such a specimen and we began working together.
After a short golden age of what might have been a couple years a third race space faring race made contact, but rather than peace
they wanted war, and their prize was the two other specimens previously discovered.
Things after that get kind of hazy, I remember agents in suits and space stuff like an artificial satellite type space station thing, and a broken moon?

Reply to Tesla: Thank you, though it's not really every day, there's usually some gap in between.

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Re: Dreams

#1958 Post by RennisTora » Wed May 01, 2019 7:09 pm

... I had another one of those short, everyday life, specific kind of dreams that tend to bum me out more than they should
only because they're usually unsettlingly specific or de-script about something that has yet to happen but sometimes does.

It was a simple dream in all respects, I was watching an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
During the video the camera panned stage left (our right) to show the band area empty.
Then Stephen recounted how they lost their lead musician and long time friend Jon Batiste the week prior.

... I don't remember anything specific about how he supposedly died, just the somber mood and scene.
I really hate my brain sometimes, especially when it's something predictive that I don't want to come true.

Of course I'm reminded of the dream I had before a friend of the family passed, it was more subtle mind you.
I believe I shared it here in the past but if not, here's a short breakdown version of it for you.

A long time friend of the family became ill and was put on oxygen under home care.
Things were grim with the combination of the illness and his age, so we expected the worst.
Then I have a dream about being at a car show (I grew up around that kind of circle with my dad).
Everyone from the car club was there, we were all in the sun having a good time.
I look over to see the ill friend with his car in the shade, next to another friend and his car who passed years prior.
I woke up in a panic, honestly scared about what it might have meant as this wasn't the first time I felt
what I did from such a dream though it was the first death.
Eventually my mother called them to see how he was doing, he was still alive. (I was still in high school)
(for reference, I've always had odd senses about things, so much so that my parents acknowledged it since childhood)
After time passed and I calmed down, we eventually started seeing him at car shows again as his health improved.
Then suddenly he passed away with no warning, he was doing better so it made no sense.
There is of course the thing about feeling better right before your time comes for some people, but still...

I'm usually the type that enjoys being proven right about things, but not like that.

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Re: Dreams

#1959 Post by RennisTora » Sun May 12, 2019 7:10 pm

Had a few weird dreams, the first one feels too hazy to properly write about with no structure really.

1. There was some odd King of The Hill type thing going on, can't quite recall what about though do
remember Bobby doing something weird, then everything was like the Ghibli film Pom Poko.
The big difference being it was suddenly the climax and all looked like it was drawn in a different
and more simple style, then instead of a boat they turned into space ships and there was alien stuff.
There was a cloud city or maybe a palace that was almost Wizard of Oz style Emerald City but not green.
One of the ships was now huge and partially a poorly rendered CG old bald man with a mustache who
then attacked the cloud structure and demolished it... I'm not used to dreams that are just jump cut nonsense. ',:l

2. I was a child again, maybe 9. I was walking down a street with a friend (let's call him Lee, that sounds right?).
Lee was one of those kids that wore fairly random clothes (and glasses) without much attention to what people would call fashion, very 90's.
We were walking together on a day off from school, just passing time in town when something very strange happened.
There was a brief disturbance in the air at about our height, it was very ethereal and wispy, about 1 foot across and spherical
with a rotational kind of movement like a model of some atomic structure or the like. A small marble like thing dropped from
it to the ground and the rolled to my feet, it was a blue-green with emphasis on blue and had odd markings almost like circuitry
that were light but not quite glowing a sort of white-blue, the whole thing was 1 (maybe 2) inches across and not clear like a glass marble.
We both just sort of looked at each other for a moment, then Lee shrugged and told me to pick it up so I did.
There was a quick glow and hum from the object and then nothing, I put it away in a pocket after we had a good look at it.
Jump cut to sometime later and I'm home, I've not shown the strange thing to my family or if I have they thought it was some toy I found.
I'm in my room with the strange marble trying to figure out what it is or what it does, frustrated I go to sleep with it at my bedside.
When I awake the marble is nowhere to be seen and then I feels something under the cover, it's not round and hard but instead soft.
Maybe expecting to find my teddy bear I instead discover a small animal about the size of a small dog (in hindsight it looked like an Eevee).
I'm surprised to say the least and in my shock I manage to disturb the creature from it's sleep, it yawned and uncurled and just looked at me.
It immediately jumped at me but instead of turning into a horror scene it was just snuggling up to me like I was someone it knew well.
Another jump cut to me and the creature somewhere we wouldn't be bothered or interrupted so I can try to figure out what's going on.
It was small and cute with light brown fur that had a smidgen of red mixed in and had green eyes, it wasn't a cat or a dog as far as I could tell by features.
It didn't bark or meow though it did have a couple adorable sounds one might attribute to some generic fantasy creature, it also made a sound
that was almost more like a name (again, in hindsight it's painfully obviously an Eevee of sorts) that sounded like "eeva". (sounds like a cringy Pokemon OC...)
The creature seemed harmless and was content just being a friendly pet like entity, I used the sound it would occasionally make to give it the name Eva. (eh-va)
Seemed to be a girl anyhow, and Eva is a feminine given name so that worked out well enough. Then there was a montage of sorts for about the next year or so,
showing time spent together as a "boy and his dog" kind of deal. Afterwards it jumped back to me in the tub, now with Eva.
The water started to feel a little hotter than usual until it became very uncomfortable before I realized Eva was almost glowing under the water.
I went under to see if she was okay, her eyes opened and she suddenly jumped out of the tub and out of my view, the glowing subsided and the water cooled to normal.
As I built up the courage to peek over the tub I saw something new, it didn't look like Eva but at the same time it kind of did. (like a childhood friend who grew up?)
They were now the size of a large dog albeit a bit wolf like but still had that brown fur with a hint of red and big beautiful green eyes, I managed to squeak out her name in suspense.
She turned and looked at me, obviously still reeling from whatever just happened and in an upsetting way looked at me curiously like she did when we first met.
The silence was broken not by a confused or even excited sounding "eeva!" but rather actual words, which threw me off to say the least.
A clear if not cautious feminine voice was now coming from my plus sized pet and best friend, thankfully we were both equally confused. (she sounded a little mature in pitch)
There were then more montage like scenes with a now much larger and more cuddly four legged friend, a couple years seemed to pass this time ending around the start of puberty.

(I'm going to interrupt here to say, this is where things get weird for this dream, like fan-fic weird, if you get where I'm going with this warning then feel free to skip to the next one, it won't hurt my feelings.)

We were snuggle-sleeping in bed when the montage ended, I was about 12 now and felt like I was on top of the world as the only kid with a magic dog he could talk about anything with.
That changed very quickly when I awoke after an uncomfortably warm night to find my wolf-dog replaced with a humanoid girl, full on kemonomimi style... (...)
Things got understandably awkward after that, her voice was still very much alike though slightly higher in tone to match a body of roughly my age.
Again she was just as confused as I was if not more upbeat about it than I was, we stayed friendly to say the least, it was just now a more normal friendship rather than "boy and his dog".
There was stuff about hiding her tail and ears while going on walks around town, the awkward new feeling when she'd cling to me now that she wasn't an animal.
I remember one particular event amongst the montage of growing up, a local bully that decided to give me a hard time while the two of us were out and about.
For the first time in the dream something legit scary happened, he was about to get physical with me when Eva slid in bodyguard style and shoved him.
The scary thing wasn't necessarily the bully mind you, it was more how a girl a little over half his size shoved him so hard he flung back off his feet and into something.
He wasn't dead of course, just beat up and hurting which I'd say is par for the course in that line of activities for someone like him.
It was also a little unnerving with how little reluctance there was in her actions and the look on her face that said "try again and it'll be worse"... I was grateful mind you.
I recall something about police, nothing serious but there was some confusion about where her parents were etc.
There was also a scene unrelated to that one, I was reclining while playing at home (with either a movie or game) and Eva was sleeping next to me when Lee called.
By this point I seemed to be a little older at about 16 maybe, Eva still looked the same as when she first turned humanoid which was odd.
The point of view showed a spit screen effect of my side and his, he was in bed playing a handheld game with the phone next to his head.
The conversation was standard fair with "hey man" and "I've been" thrown around until Eva was roused from her nap and spoke half asleep while trying to cuddle.
Lee heard this and actually grabbed the phone to hold it properly while asking if what he had just heard was a girls voice, I understandably fumbled words trying to answer.
(It's worth noting at this point, that I had never told Lee what happened with "marble" we found, not about where my dog came from or went or who Eva really was.)
There was a lot of mumbling and excuses made, I think it was around the time of saying things like "What, no no of course not, you know I don't have a girlfriend" and the like
that Eva got quiet and sulky as I tried to end the phone-call as quickly as possible to avoid that bombshell of a subject with a friend who I'd honestly kind of drifted away from.
Once again there was an uncomfortable heat I'd felt only thrice before and new it was time to end the call even if it meant coming off as an [censored], and so I did.
Just as I finished doing that and tossed the phone down onto a cushion, I felt hands on me and then arms around me, something I thought I had gotten used to after 4'ish years.
That was when I felt new things, soft things pressing against me. I opened my eyes that I had shut out of weariness after the close call (all puns intended) to a surprise.
It was still very much Eva next to me but now, now she was taller and more... Filled out we'll say, her hair was even longer now and her green eyes had a certain spark to them.
Her voice was now deeper like it had been as the wolf-dog but now held an almost sultry tone, I was getting flustered pretty fast as she clung to me like this.
It wasn't expressly shown or experienced but let's just say things got sexy, which is nice given that things got a lot more severe after that before the dream ended.
That heat never fully left her like it did the other times, it wasn't dangerous or even really uncomfortable especially after getting more used to it.
With that heat however came behavior changes, she was much more brash about things and how she acted in front of others than in the past.
The timidly cute yet sometimes tomboyish girl was gone, replaced by a mature and aggressive young woman with a blazing temper if angered.
The dream more or less came to a close when she got especially riled up and started using fire based powers which lead to having to hide from police.
I don't think I had the time to choose between safety or staying with her with how quickly the dream faded but let's be honest, I couldn't have quit that [censored].

(In hindsight, it was never really shown or discussed where she went when not hanging out with me at any of those stages, which is odd obviously but hell, that's dreams in a nutshell.)

3. There was a much shorter dream thereafter about a completely different scenario though some themes remained in the most basic form.
I recall something that started out very Fallout 76 but turned more generic, a settlement was under attack from a Scortchbeast and I was using
a bayoneted musket (which I actually do like to rock in game) but as things progressed lives became endangered.
Suddenly I leapt into the air shouting something and turned into a half-dragon, now the beast was a dragon and it felt very fantasy.
I was flying around chasing it down with weapon still hand, though it seemed more magical now.
After dodging and weaving attacks to get closer I finally caught up and plunged the bayonet into the dragons hide, followed
by pulling the trigger on the now magical musket and letting loose a blast of cannon like proportions.

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Re: Dreams

#1960 Post by RennisTora » Tue May 14, 2019 8:51 pm

Had a dream that was sci-fi/fantasy, probably because I've been helping plan D&D stuff of the same genre with my brother.

The dream started with me coming across an alien artifact that once it came into contact with me awoke some ancient blood in me.
I suddenly gained the knowledge and power of some kind of ancient space dragon that came to Earth in the distant past.
Among the things I gained was the ability to transform into a true dragon form as well the information of how to make use of it.
My first goal was to enlighten mankind and get us working together on improving our technology with my new found understandings
not only for the sake of making us better but also to prepare us for what else was out there in the depths of space.
I became some sort of figure with immense power both literally and in terms of politics as I was the source of this new knowledge.
I quickly took on the role of both ambassador for when we did encounter alien life as well simply the guy who could get [censored] done.
There was a big commotion as it was brought to me attention there was a spy/assassin in our midst from either a terrestrial group
or an alien one, they turned out to be some kind of highly sophisticated android or otherwise synthetic being that looked like a human woman.
They had this sword that was either high tech or magic in nature along with some kind of stealth field like ability they used to get around.
My new found powers helped pick them out during an attack and I basically used some magic command word on them to make them freeze.
I then chocked slammed them and took the sword away with the other hand, then immediately took them inside while unconscious.
Once inside I went to an elevator room kind of spot and demanded the A.I operator to take me to "maximum security" to which they
seemed confused at first but then saw what/who I was holding, after saying "now!" they got us there just as the spy was coming-to.
I through them into a cell and kept the sword to lock up elsewhere with plans to question the spy later, there was a montage afterwards.
The spy was fairly average in height and frame for a young lady in her early 20's with her most striking feature being her hair which
was sort of peacock like in colours and was tied in a top bun like style that made her head look a bit like a tropical fruit or something.
The montage included snappy exchanges of words and the occasional failed escape attempt, there was another A.I that acted like
a messenger or patrol that would holo phase into the cell, unsettling her every time as it was kind of basic and doll faced.
The montage came to an end with her having started trying to dig her way to freedom having somehow disabled an alarm against such acts.
As she was drilling I was coming down to bring something to her attention, the doors to the cell opened and I just stood there while she froze.
Jump cut to the two of us in an elevator on our way to the roof as she attempts to make an excuse, I just stand there calmly and tell her
that there's something we want her opinion and or help on regarding an alien visit, as she starts objecting I hold out her sword as if to offer it.
She's confused to say the least but when the elevator reaches the rooftop she starts realizing what's going on as she looks straight up.
The view pans like a camera to show the sky above the city being taken up by mostly one thing, a giant creature of unknown origin.
She reluctantly helps by telling me what it even is and why it might have shown up here, it was somehow related to the whole dragon thing.
It also seemed like she didn't quite know who or what I was (failure in her mission briefing?) as she seemed surprised when I turned full dragon.
I sort of man-handled her while in dragon form and picked her up by the scruff to set her down further away while I confronted the issue.
She just stood there in silent contemplation as I attempted to signal and commune with the creature, an exchange of some draconic speech
later and it was clear the creature meant no harm, though some of its scales were falling off onto the city bellow which was a tricky thing to fix.
The event concluded with the spy agreeing to work with us, apparently her former employers weren't what you'd call fair or caring.
Another jump cut later and we see the spy going about daily life on Earth, evidently she has some sort of bond with her sword and can
communicate or even argue with it, it was mocking or maybe teasing her for having adjusted so well despite early complaints.

That's about all I remember about it, there were other mixed dreams but nothing coherent enough to write about.

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Re: Dreams

#1961 Post by RennisTora » Fri May 17, 2019 3:48 pm

Had a movie like dream, very cinematic. Was a horror/thriller kind of thing with drama?

It all took place out over the ocean on what was either a platform like structure or just a really big boat.
Some kind of military instillation or at least I assume it wasn't private, given the presence of a battleship.
Seemed to be protected waters with some kind of perimeter set up, nothing gets in or out that shouldn't.
I was part of a research and development team responsible for creating and breading a new bio-weapon.
They were lizard like creatures with claws and bipedal locomotion, in hindsight they looked like Deathclaws from Fallout.
There was the previous generation that were still very feral and needed to has chips implanted so they could be controlled,
while the current generation that I was specifically onboard for helping with was a single juvenile specimen with
a much higher intelligence as part of an experiment to see which was the better end product.
A creature that had to be under constant control and security as it was a threat to anyone around it otherwise,
or something approaching primate like levels that could be not only trained but educated more like a soldier.
There was definitely a level of parental like pride when handling the creature, though I do remember at one
point reflexively balling up my hands instead of waving my fingers about when they came up to me so as
not to "excite" their predatory nature as I was well aware what they were capable of even if young.
(a name came to me after waking up, so let's call the little one Helena from here on)
I swear I remember Helena somehow learning to speak, or at least vocalize something resembling words.

There was of course the horror/thriller/drama I spoke of in the form of an "accident" that basically
freed the previous test generation from their control during an exorcise in the water.
There seemed to be more than that going on though as chaos ensued rather quickly with a freaking
aircraft carrier or battleship somehow sinking, I feel like it was sabotage à la Jurassic Park where
someone realized how much money they could make selling these creatures to the highest bidder.
It all went about as well as any JP film does, this time being stalked by Deathclaws rather than raptors...
There was also some kind of underwater creature scene with what looked and was even described by
one of the characters as "a freaking huge eel thing!" that was chasing a submersible,
it cut away to something else as the creatures jaws were crushing into the cabin.
Some people were trying to evacuate via helicopter, the head researcher was among them.
They were gaining altitude when the engine cut out and the craft started free falling for a few seconds,
someone lost their footing and fell out and slipped past the rotors, then the engines kicked back in
and as the helicopter slowed it's fall he then fell back into the now active rotors creating a horror show.
The now damage rotors sent the copter into the waters bellow as people panicked, I think it was around
then that the camera view was underwater with the characters that they saw the escort ship sinking?
After seeing people scrambling for something to hold onto the dream cut away again, this time back
to the woman in the sub now laying on her back in some cavernous space.
She was barely alive and in an almost alien looking environment with random stuff thrown about,
there were seemingly dead specimens, the only conclusion was that this was inside the giant eel thing.
There was light from either recent craft that were swallowed like the sub or maybe even some bio-luminescence?
Two of the specimens started moving groggily, eyed her then each other and started fighting, I assume over food?

Another cut away to me and Helena back in the lab environment, I remember the scene being oddly creepy somehow
through either the general tone thus-far or soundtrack, and a looming sense of dread of course like
something was going to happen very soon that would ruin the happy'esk atmosphere.

It was around then that I woke up, it was also then that the name Helena came to mind as my half awake brain started firing back up.

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Re: Dreams

#1962 Post by RennisTora » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:07 pm

Had a super power dream, felt very My Hero Academia like for the number of people with powers as well as naming conventions.
I had a power that wasn't quite full telekinesis but that I could create and manipulate small objects made of force and were
practically invisible, the main way I would use it was to ride on a surfboard like thing and thus my hero name was Sky Surfer.
I had a friend who I ran around with though I can't recall if they even had chosen a name yet, their power was basically
like Spider-Man without the webs or wall climbing so more like having extreme athletic ability to the point of being super human.
I believe we were still students since I remember running around inside a school after finding out about a crime taking place,
in the end we took off out a window rather than wasting time running to an exit and shouting "We'll cover the bill!".

I don't recall a whole lot after that in detail, there was something about fire or maybe even someone with a fire power.
There was also someone who was really tough and strong that reminded me of Rhino from Marvel that gave the two of us trouble.

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Re: Dreams

#1963 Post by RennisTora » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:23 am

Had another short My Hero Academia type dream, this one had no action in it though, very school life focused.
We were on a field trip somewhere with a bus ride followed by a long winded and boring speech in a large room.
I kept feeling like I was going to fall asleep, which I hate in dreams for reasons I don't think words can describe.
Once the boring speech was over we were told to form teams and head out to do a patrol, everyone bolted.
To avoid the congestion growing in the stairway I decided to stay ahead of it by leaping several stairs then flights
at a time, each time with little effort like I had at the very least Spider-Man like athletic ability.

Didn't even get to the patrol part because I woke up... So yeah, super heroes if life was boring?

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Re: Dreams

#1964 Post by RennisTora » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:10 pm

Had a dream that carried on for hours of the night, which I know because I saw the clock before and after.

I was stuck in some kind of labyrinthine like series of tunnels and rooms that I had wandered into.
Even in the dream I said out loud to myself that it felt I'd been going in circles for hours, or all night.
Unfortunately it wasn't a quiet or lonely experience, but instead I kept running into monsters.
Thankfully I seemed to be one my D&D characters that I made, a badass biker sent to another
world like Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise, armed with a .44 magnum.
It was more tiring in a traditional sense than it was difficult though.

It's funny how I usually lose track of time, but when asleep my internal clock is pretty accurate.
Isn't the first time I've had a dream carry on through the night, and be aware it felt that long.
The only really worrying thing I find, is that I have a tendency to not wake up until there's some
kind of conclusion in a dream with exception to something stressing me out or scaring me to
the point of waking up out of shock from the experience, guess even my subconscious hates cliff hangers.
Thankfully that's never meant me sleeping for a ridiculous amount of time, since there
tends to be montages in my dreams if something would take THAT long to experience.

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Re: Dreams

#1965 Post by RennisTora » Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:18 pm

Had two dreams I can piece together enough to write to about.

First one was about space dwarves (the fantasy kind, not the little people kind) coming to Earth.
There was something about them trying to be secretive and not alert us, the local inhabitants.
They used some kind of projection field tech to cloak their ship and activities, kind of acted like
the "somebody else's problem field" thing from Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.
Particularly in that I was there to see it land or something before they put the field up proper,
so I was able to still perceive some of what was going on while no one else seemed to notice.
I recall something about making contact just before the dream ended, a big "wtf" moment for them.

Second dream was about vampires descending onto a sleepy town, my being a high school student
and having to go full vampire hunter to try and slow them down while saving people.
I was becoming one of my D&D characters again, like the labyrinth dream a little while ago.
Slowly losing weapons as I went along and then eventually resorting to beating them with
a large pipe-wrench as a makeshift club, things got very nerve racking as one might expect...

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