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Re: Dreams

#1951 Post by RennisTora » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:02 pm

Had a dream where a line of toys designed to be aliens turned out to have actual aliens hiding amongst them trying to find specific match humans.

I was a teenager going through some old boxes after moving back into an old family home I had grown up in, stuff like old VHS tapes and toys and such.
Specifically there was this small set of toys with alien superhero type characters and this big red crystal thing that part of the set.
I ended up setting them aside because I sort of/sort of didn't remember them and thought they might be worth something, then put on an old VHS to watch.
There was a time skip from afternoon to early evening as it got dark outside, just as I went to turn off a light I noticed a glow from something.
It was coming from the red crystal thing which surprised me, thought maybe it was glow in the dark or something like that and went to bed.
I forget if I woke up in the night or if it was in the morning, but I awoke to the toys I had left out now being different than before.
They were no longer toy sized and instead closer to human, they were also obviously not toys by this point as they began speaking to me.
They were from some far off alien world that had been conquered by another alien force that used some sort of mutation/infection to control people.
They came to Earth in order to find a group of very specific humans though they didn't know who, they had some kind of alien tech that was supposed
to choose a host and act like some kind of super suit that would allow them to fight the other invading force that was now on it's way to Earth.

As it would turn out, I was one of said chosen hosts but that they waited as they wanted me to be as physically mature as possible for what was to come.
The symbiote like tech suit morphed around me and turned into an almost IronMan like suit, super strong and super tough is how it seemed.
Two of my neighbors ended up being the other members of the group of hosts they were looking for, sort of Power Rangers thing were teens save the world.
Eventually a human scientist showed up looking for the source of bizarre readings and began stalking us as we kept trying to avoid them and being discovered.
It turned out they weren't simply some government agent but instead a private individual who wanted the source of the power readings for his own schemes.
At some point I remember calling the cops and reporting him as a creep who was following me and my friends around, that got him off our backs for a little bit.
Things ended up escalating when it turned out the alien invader had made contact with the scientist and made a deal, he gets the power source so long as he doesn't interfere.
The evil alien eventually showed up and had already begun to trick people into taking his "gift" unaware it would corrupt and control them, saying it was a miracle cure or such.
Battle ensued and in the end we seemed to have won, the scientist was either dead or in jail and the invader had retreated, something they'd never done before.

There was another time skip with things having calmed down, we were on a road trip taking in the sights when suddenly I saw an odd cloud only realize it was a mushroom cloud...
(Out of the pan and into the fire as they say, I'm really upset with my brain to say the least, a nice saving the world dream turning into nuclear terror.)
The only thing we could do was to keep driving with the hop of finding somewhere to take shelter when an emergency broadcast played on the radio.
People in the immediate area were being instructed to head towards an old cold war shelter that had been built in a subway/train tunnel.
We booked it as best we could and arrived to see a lot of people waiting to get in, there were medics handing out anti-radiation medication.
The point was that our direct area hadn't been hit yet with the mushroom clouds being far off, but that soon changed and it became a mad dash into the tunnel.
We were loaded onto a train car and hurried down the tunnel and into the shelter, just when we were starting to be able catch our breath we realized something.
The entrance of the shelter was terribly quiet with no one to usher us in further, we ended up taking the lead and walking further in only to discover bodies.
There were signs of the invaders corruption on some of them, then there was a panic as people popped out along with gas and needles.
I put up my suit as best I could but the others didn't make it, it quickly became a matter of survival as most of the people seeking shelter turned along with my friends...
I remember a lot of punching and kicking, people being knocked into walls and doors like rag-dolls, the growing panic of being "alone" in a vault with fallout above.
Thoughts of how the invader must of done this as one last "[censored] you" to our planet for resisting him, it was terrible... And then I woke up.

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Re: Dreams

#1952 Post by RennisTora » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:22 pm

Had an episodic dream that kept coming back throughout the night, was about being a kid and there being some kind of "darkness".

The kind of thing where lights are the only thing that keeps some creeping supernatural darkness away, and if it encroaches too much then "things" come with it.
It was like a mix between a thriller/horror survival kind of atmosphere and experience, kept having it in parts throughout the night.
Really nerve racking type stuff like trying to stay in light or attempting to escape when caught, the [censored] that makes you anxious as [censored].
There were mixed dreams in between those segments that I don't fully recall.
Everything came to a close with the last segment being me slightly older in maybe middle school, my exposure to the "darkness" having
given me heightened senses to the point of being able to see the unseen such as ghosts.
That part felt less horror/survival and more like a paranormal detective kind of thing with me trying to solve problems for both humans and spirits.
I remember a cute girl spirit, something about a kiss on the cheek making me flustered.
I also recall a boy who had some spirit latching onto him and causing him problems because of it.
The spirit was also a boy of about the same age, wearing an older fashioned set of clothes and had white/grey hair.
I got them to let go of the boy and spoke with them, I can't say for certain if it was that they didn't understand they were dead or just that they couldn't be seen/heard.

Then I woke up in bed at like 3:30 PM, I always sleep in super late when I have weird/long dreams like that, like my brain's going "then what happened!?".

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Re: Dreams

#1953 Post by RennisTora » Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:44 pm

Had a dream that was... Weird I want to say, wasn't a terribly pleasant dream at least all things considered.

The dream started with me as a toddler having ended up on some island, hopefully lost after what I assume was an accident at sea.
Was quickly found by the inhabitants who turned out to be some kind of mermaid/elf type of beings surviving as a pocket population undiscovered by man.
I was taken in by a family consisting of a mother and daughter, the daughter being older than me and more a big sister type role.
Life happened as time progressed, nothing terribly interesting and was really just a flash or images like a montage for me.
Then I was about 10 or so, still struggling as the only human on the island, mainly dealing with vague memories of home.
I had a crush of sorts on the daughter now, she was in her teens by my best estimation.
There was some plot uncovered of a group or cult having abducted people, one way or another I ended up finding and releasing them including my foster family.
I remember specifically going in for a hug and calling her mom for the first time since realizing my position in things, it was touching.
More life montage happened, now I was a tween or maybe 12. The crush was stronger than before but that ended up not mattering.
There was a short scene of the daughter finding something I had drawn that made her realize I had ended up feeling things about her.
In any case, the mother seemed to have sold me out (figuratively sold, more betrayed) to some group.
I was either dead or locked up and horribly withered, the scene moved to the mother and daughter.
The two were standing there, the mother with a blank expression, the daughter with a look of disdain.
The daughter turned to the mother and said "He trusted you, he called you mom..." and then walked away with disgust.
Then the mothers face filled with the look of gradual realization, an emotional scene.

Fade to black and I was awake in bed... WTF brain, I appreciate story arc dreams with a beginning/middle/end, but WTF?

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