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Fav. Twokinds Character: [REDACTED]/DATABASE ERROR

[insert creative "I'm new here" title here]

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Been reading since about 2015-16 or so, but didn't really ever get around to making an account here for whatever reason, though I used to be a much more engaged reader than I am now, this comic still has a very important place in my mind, setting me down a path that I doubt I'd have taken otherwise. But I definitely don't regret it, since a part of that has been TK inspiring me to take on the challenge of writing my own (as of yet, still wip) webcomic, which has been a lot of fun so far, even if I still don't have any pages done yet, but I'm close.

Re-reading through TK though, is always a unique experience, especially when putting myself in the mindset of myself when first reading.
[Database Error] is probably one of my fav chars, mostly because of his dumb*ssery and also his decent character arc.

Oh, and I'm also just happy to see this site is a true, old-school forum site. Brings back good memories.
Not too much, but just enough to be home-ey. It's simple, yet very charming.
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