Bernese mountain dog says hi

Come on in and introduce yourself!

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Bernese mountain dog says hi

#1 Post by loebas »

Hi you all.

My name is Loebas and i''m a furry for 9 years, and stumbling upon this comic just now. (I have heard about this comic already by name) :natani:
How i stumbled upon this is pretty weird. I found out about this topic via a twokinds comic reader for the KDE Desktop after i installed Arch Linux.

Anyways, i'm 27 years old (turning 28 the 29th of this month), my gender is Male but my pronouns are They/Them, and i'm Bisexual.

I'm living in The Netherlands in the province of Limburg. Weert to be exact (city underneath Eindhoven).

My profession is IT, and as a dayjob i work in the used IT where i sanitize (wipe) Harddisks of discarded computers.

My Hobbies are the Furry Fandom, doing stuff with computers, and cycling and walking.

I hope to be active on this nice forum, and i hope i dont forget about this forum.

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Re: Bernese mountain dog says hi

#2 Post by Bellhead »

Hello and welcome! Always nice to see a new face. Sadly we're not as active as we once were, but still. Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have, or spout whatever theory pops into your head!

Just don't drink the water. It's.. well, just don't. :wink:
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Re: Bernese mountain dog says hi

#3 Post by Neutral Smith »

Welcome fellow Dutch guy.

We know what to do with water: Conquer it for more land. Don't drink it.
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