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Personal philosophies

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So, what kind of personal philosophies do you find yourself leaning on, and perhaps... how have they gotten you into trouble.

So, I have run into a personal philosophy that I find myself agreeing with, expanding upon, and getting in trouble for.

I like to think Sun Tzu said it, but it's actually accredited to Napoleon.

"One should never interrupt (correct) an enemy when he makes a mistake. One should, instead, help him to keep making that mistake every step of the way"

The extension is where the trouble begins... because if we apply that to our family, our allies, our friends, then we SHOULD correct them when they make a mistake.

As a caveat, of course they're allowed to correct me, that's only fair.

The trouble comes with... how to do it.

I always try to give details where I have it, there's no point telling someone they're wrong, any cawing crow or screaming monkey can do that. I try to give details, tell someone why they're wrong, focus on the building blocks to how to get to the right answer, even if I don't have it myself.

But oftentimes, when I try asking for details from other people... I get met with "how dare you" responses, like I'm "entitled" or something for wanting to know HOW I'm wrong, not merely THAT I'm wrong. I mean, if I'm wrong then I'm wrong, but it would be nice to know... ya know, HOW I'm wrong.

And if someone simply doesn't know, that's FINE, simply admit it. If you have no details, that's fine. Pretending you're simply right and I'm wrong with NOTHING to back it up and REFUSING to give any details that would show or indicate that being the case?

That, is not fine.

And that's where I usually end up in trouble with the philosophy, people don't want "fair", they don't want to know "how" or "why", they don't even want to know if they're wrong...

...they want confirmation that they're right, even when they're dead wrong. And they will reject completely, anything to the contrary.

So, what personal philosophies have you found yourself following? And which have, kinda gotten you into trouble before?

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