Long time reader, new member

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Long time reader, new member

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Hey everyone!

I've been a reader of the comic now since 2015. I finally decided to join the forum here to interact more with this community Tom has fostered, and to shake things up a bit after being on the subreddit for a couple of years. Anyway, I'll jump right into to the questionnaire that was pinned:

Alias: JJW (As a rule I don't reveal my name on the internet)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Location: South Dakota

Profession: Parks and Rec

Hobbies: Photography, writing, hunting, fishing, travel, guitar, and model making.

Likes/Dislikes: Changes on a daily basis.

Why You Joined: Wanted to interact more with the Twokinds online community.

Glad to be here and I'll see everyone around!


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Re: Long time reader, new member

#2 Post by Bellhead »

Welcome to the forums! Sadly, we're not as active as we once were, but feel free to join in the fun!

Just don't drink the water. 8)
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