Doom Eternal

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Doom Eternal

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Aside from all the drama with Id Software and Mick Gordon, who all here is a fan of the Doom series? If I'm being completely honest I think it's kinda funny to think about what might happen if Doomguy reality jumped into other game universes. Alas, I digress; who here likes Doom? Who here doesn't like Doom? Let me know lol

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Re: Doom Eternal

#2 Post by MUDPUNISHER »

Doom, in all its iterations, is easily one of my favorite single player games up there with RDR2 and New Vegas. Mick really brought the perfect atmosphere to the games and its a shame to see what ID did to stiff him throughout development.
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Re: Doom Eternal

#3 Post by Insomniac »

Aye, the modern games are wonderful. The soundtrack for the first of the two was composed so the visualized waveform would have demonic symbols all over it, which is genius. ...Also, the Slayer is in Fortnite, and ever since that, when you fire the BFG in Eternal, sometimes instead of the plasma ball a screaming llama will come out lol
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