The superweapon Roleplay (PG-13)

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The superweapon Roleplay (PG-13)

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The weapon to end war? Or just a toy aeroplane for kid aliens?

This roleplay will contain violence but otherwise remain in PG-13. Ask your parents if you can participate.

About me: I have 7 years of roleplay experience but none at all in GM/DM'ing, so I thought it's time to change that. Without further ado, here's the story, goals, and rules. I need 2 players besides me to start (more can join later).

The Eastern and Western Basitin are known for their love of fighting between each-other. So far it has never
gotten out of hand... until Gallavani came to power. Gallavani decided to conquer Western Basitins. The Western Basitin front collapsed despite brave fighting on the part of the western soldiers and it was only a matter of weeks, days, or hours until the capital would be taken. The appeals of other countries (Humans most of all, who were now seen as protectors of human rights aside from the Templar ((who, by the way, were now insignificant like the last Samurais in Japan))... anyway-) The leader of the Western Basitin sat down to sign the Unconditional Surrender when news of a spaceship crashing in the Forest Wolf territory reached his ears. It gave him hope. The spaceship could potentially be used as a weapon or just be looted for laser guns. Maybe some aliens surived the crash? Or maybe you will just find some kidnapped cows and a crazy farmer inside. Who knows. The secret Alliance (countries that secretly support the Western Basitins but do not want to get involved as not to cause a World War) agreed to help gather a party of specialists that would investigate the crashed spaceship further. (This is you!!!)
The Western Basitins hastily dug up more defenses and prepared to hold out as long as they can, a lot of soldiers enthusiastic with the new hope for the superweapon to come and help them win the war.

It is likely that Eastern Basitins also know of the event, but the secret Alliance spies could not find proof of them sending anyone to investigate... but who knows?
1. Secure the spaceship
2. Check if it works, how it works, and if it doesn't work, check if there are any powerful guns to use or survivors on board.
3. Contact command for further orders (via radio/telegram/magic).

Extra goals:
1. Kill as few enemies as possible (You will get -1 point for every kill you do. Sometimes killing is unavoidable but please don't be trigger happy, try to wound/restrain if possible. Why do I make this extra goal? Because killing is wrong!)
2. Lose as few men (or women) as possible.
1. Twokinds species only (Human, Keidran, Basitin, Hybrids between those)
2. You can't be the enemy. You can betray later, however - but why would you do that?
3. Only the leader is killable, so when he dies and you are the new leader, you are now killable. This is made so that stupid mistakes will punish the one who ordered them.
4. No overpowered characters (look below)
5. Use common sense

Power scale (this is so you know how powerful your character is):
Overpowered: (No) Can teleport behind you and stab you 100 times in a second, shapeshift into a dragon and burn you, make America be next to Europe
Very powerful (Maybe): Can set 50 people on fire at once, Can summon snipers, kill with one punch, swim from Europe to America
Powerful (Yes): Can give someone amnesia with magic, Expert marksman, karate black belt, olympic swimmer
Average (Yes): Can cast an ice sickle and throw it, can shoot a gun, fight hand-to-hand, swim
Weak (why): No magic, Never held a gun, will break his arm if he punches something, will drown in a bath tub
Character template:
Items: (1 main weapon, 1 secondary weapon, 1 special equipment)
Special abilites:
Magic spells: (1 powerful, 1 secondary, 1 bonus/special)
Marital status:

On default everyone has a 1970s SWAT uniforms (blue clothes, blue cap, bulletproof vest (pistol grade). If you have stronger armor put it in Items, ''1 special equipment''.

Tech is 1920s/Fantasy/Whatever I approve or say (Since I am the GM.)

My Character Sheet:
Name: John 'Longtail' Doe
Age: 30
Species: Basitin
Appearance: Standing at 5'4'' he has light brown fur, grey eyes, a slender build and a long tail.
Bio/Motivation: The Basitin war broke out when he was giving lectures to humans about war history. He wanted to get back to his country but any ship or plane that went in our out of Western Basitin territory was destroyed, so he remained where he was and helped war refugees. Like any Basitin he had military training and like most his age he served in two previous wars. He agreed to take part in the mission to investiage the spaceship.
Items: MP 18 submachine gun, 6-shot revolver, prototype night vision goggles
Role: Squad Leader
Special abilities: Being a basitin he is immune to most sicknesses and poisons.
Magic spells: N/A
Marital status: Married
Weaknesses: He can't see at night and must have night vision goggles or only fight during day.
Languages: Basitin (native), perfect Humanese (he sounds like a native speaker).

Wanna join? Post your character and I will approve it or tell you what to change.
Wanna comment? Feel free.

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