HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Happy readings!


Chapter 1: Pricey buys
He looked over the room one last time.He pushed his orange hair out of the way, looking to see if he had left anything behind. He grabbed the pouch of coins that sat on the dresser/mirror thingy. the rattle of coins could be heard from it. He double checked the total, just to be sure. He double checks his pack, determined to forget nothing. He slings his pack over shoulder, one of the straps broken. He pulls a mana necklace from under his shirt, checking the crystals for impurities. one is cracked, so he takes it off the necklace, and pockets it. Memory seems to engulf him for a moment.
"Sorry V'yip. you knew I had to leave eventually..."
He shakes his head, freeing himself from the bad memory. He tucks the necklace back under his shirt.
"Now, to get a house"
"Shut up, you" he said to open air. He looks at the bed one last time.
"Glad I'm finally getting a real one"
He exits the tavern looking at the sign. It reads Sleazo Inn. He snorts in amusement.
"That's a step up don't ya think?" he said to open air. He paused in place, as if he got a reply
He looks away from the Inn for the last time, to see the view that waited. Looking down the hill he could see the entire city. Nav' Shira, (Nahv sheerah) sister-city to Nav' Shidav' (Nahv Shidahv) with some backstory about two brothers he didn't bother listening to. He walked down the hill and into the city. they really weren't cities, but rather large towns. still, they were called cities.
He passed cobbled buildings and shops, hearing the bustle of the street. Suddenly he heard something to his left. He tried to push it off as street bustle, but something made him think otherwise.
<No! Get off me!> Cried out a Keidran voice. He paused in his steps. He had heard the voice of a girl. there was something deep to it, like that of a wolf's. he looked down the narrow street to see what he had heard. there, at the end of the street, A Keidran tried to fight off two men, and it was clear that it was their job to keep her in her cage, in witch they had failed. She fought viciously, but the men had a trick. while she fought one, the other rushed to a hook on the wall. There were other cages housing Keidran, all of which were occupied by Keidran cheering the girl on.
Crack! a leather whip cracked in the air, making the girl freeze. she slowly inched back into the cage, eyes on the man with the whip.
All of the Keidran in the other cages went silent, not one dared to oppose the whip.
the boy tried to continue on his way, but something stopped him.
"Just let me go already!"
"No" said the voice, same but different.
"Well why not!"
"You do remember why you speak Keidran, right?"
He puts his hand around his necklace. He looked back to the girl, eyes trained on her brown fur, seemingly debating whether she was worth the purchase.
"Oh Come on! We're not trying to play Achibach here!" said the voice.
"Shut up! you may have been here for those years but not all of them!"
"And what'd I miss?"
The boy does not reply
"That's what I thought"
The boy storms down the alley.
"I'm only doing this so you shut up!"
The voice is now silent, leaving the boy with an uneasy feeling.
The boy walks up to the two men
"How much is she?"
"Get lost" said the man returning the whip to the wall
"I can pay" Says the boy, bringing out his pouch. the attitude of the men changed, and one immediately got down to work.
"I'll get a shackle," he said, walking away.
"And I'll get my boss to handle the paperwork"
The girl watches from the cage. she cocks her head at her soon to be boy master.
<My name is Skip, your's is?>
<Huh?> confusion crosses her face
<My name is Skip, What is yours?>
"Over here boy"
The Keidran in the other cages whisper to each other a hint of anger in their tones. Poppy's ears prick, picking up the whispers
<he's buying her? she's been here for years because no-one wants her!>
<I Deserve to take her place! At least I'm more attractive!>
<No, I am!>
An argument breaks out from the two women, and quickly escalates into a fight. Or however you fight from separate cages. the whip cracks again
"Silence! Or ya'll are going back in the basement!" says a 16-year old holding the whip. the noise plummets to an all time low for the alley, in exclusion of submissive whimpers.
"That's better. Now, where's the street rat who thinks he can afford a slave?"
"he's over there boss" Points the man, holding a shackle.
Damn it! I'm buying her from Achibach!?
Achibach, the 16 year-old, shows no sign of recognizing Skip. Skip sighs in relief.
"Come into my office, we will negotiate the sale"
Skip follows Achibach through a door and into the room, where Achibach's love of slavery is obvious. A slave tends a kitchen, while another brings in wood to fuel the stove. Another slave tends to cleaning the room, to the amusement of two men who keep spilling their drinks. there was even a slave Spit-polishing the desk, who Achibach promptly waves away. He pulls papers out of a drawer, and sets them on the desk.
He brushes dust off of them.
"She'll run you... 20 boranze"
"Really? you could have just said one silver piece" Says Skip, drawing a silver piece from his pouch. He slides it across the desk to Achibach. he snatches it. Skip signs the papers, replenishing the ink when needed.
"It'll run you another piece for a slave shackle"
"I can do without"
"Fine. but first, she needs to be taught a lesson"
Achibach wraps cloth around his hands, and grabs a tasseled whip from the wall
beside him. the ends of the tassels are stained with something anyone can imagine. I'll give you a hint: When dried, it becomes crusty. it is a deep red, and is found naturally in your body.
"What are you doing?" asked Skip, following, putting papers into his pack.
"Naughty pets need to be treated as such. you wouldn't understand, boy"
This time in the alley, Skip noticed something. a set of four shackles were built into a wall. The men seemed to have known what Achibach was doing, and brought out Poppy. when she was brought to the shackles she realized what was happening. she tried to fight it, but the man clamped on the control shackle, eliminating all resistance. the other guy locked her into the wall shackles. they both backed off, and Achibach wound up his arm.
Crack! Poppy cried out as the whip cracked
Crack! again, another cry
Crack! This time, she whimpered
She collapsed, arms held up by the shackles the men released her, and removed the control shackle. her bare back was now coated in blood, and she was almost out of it
"Now take her and get"
"Wha- you can't really expect me to buy a bleeding Keidran!?"
"You signed the papers, she's yours. now get out of my alley" Achibach re-enters the office. the men take guard of the cages, whose occupants are silent, for fear of the whip.
Skip approaches Poppy slowly, she looks at him, face engulfed in pain.
<Shhh... rest> he waves his hand over her, a blue fog appearing around his hand. She shuts her eyes, but pain still controls her expression. He calmly lifts her up on a magical stretcher. her back faces up, still bleeding.

Poppy rests in a tavern bed, back facing up. Skip has treated her wounds, and wrapped them. She slowly comes too, trying to remember what had happened. she rolls over. a tinge of pain clamped at her, but it was no-where close to the day before. still, she cried out and sat up swiftly.
where? where am I?
she asked herself rubbing her head. she looked around the room, trying to figure
out where she was. the walls where a light grey, a single bed, 1 chair, and one of those dresser/mirror thingies. Then Skip walked in the door, carrying a small tray. there was a drink and a small meal on it, the smell already teasing Poppy. the last time she'd had a warm meal was years ago.
Skip set the tray on the nightstand beside the bed.
<Morning> he says
<Morning?> Poppy says rubbing her wrists.
<where... where are my shackles?>
<I took em' off. they wouldn't have done anything for you> Says Skip, handing her a warm drink. she took it in her hands, gently sipping it. it was sweet but bitter, kind of reminding her of coffee. Skip offered the plate, which she took hungrily. she set herself upon the bacon and eggs, saving the applesauce.
Meanwhile, Skip sets to organizing his pack. He pulls the cracked crystal from his pocket. He sets it beside two unknown herbs, and then puts them all into a small bowl, and mashes them together into a lotion. it is turquoise, and slightly fogs.
Poppy picks up the applesauce and is about to eat it, but Skip stops her. He takes it and puts something in it.
<What did you just do?>
<Painkiller herb. it'll make sure what I do next doesn't hurt like hell>
<What is next?>
<I'm gonna have to unwrap you, and put this on> he says holding up the bowl. Poppy tentatively sniffs it. she gags from the smell.
<What is that?>
<A Keidran healer. I... learned it from a friend. it'll make sure the wound gets sealed and make sure you'll still have fur. though, I can't say whether the scars'll go away>
Poppy eats the applesauce, and licks her lips.
<Can you lay down on your front on the bed?> Poppy lays back down on the bed
<Why didn't you do this when I was asleep?>
<It would have hurt a lot more.> he gently begins to peel away the wrappings. Poppy twitches, tail giving a flick of pain.
<How long will it take to work?>
<About a few hours, but you'll be able to walk and do stuff. it won't hurt> Skip begins to rub in the lotion, careful not to push on the long slashes left behind from the whip.
<So where are we going, Master?>
Skip winced at being called master.
<Just call me Skip. My first thing will be getting your papers filed>
<Then what?>
<Then why'd you buy me?>
<I'd be lying if I told you I knew>
Confusion crosses her face, but she does not question him. she looks at Skip's pack while he continues to apply the lotion. something in it catches her eye.
<What's that?> she asked, pointing to a book written in Keidran.
<Molaruna, the invisible city> reads Poppy
<oh, that. just a Keidran fairy tale> Said Skip, wrapping Poppy back up

At the trade office...
Skip sits at a desk, and Poppy stands beside him. the clerk hands a set of papers to Skip.
"Thank you" Skip looks over them. He had made copies of Poppy's papers, in exclusion of his signature. He hands his pack to Poppy
"Can you sew?"
"Yes sir"
"Can you sew the strap back?"
"I will sir"
Poppy sets to sewing while a dark 16-year old presence watches.
What are they doing?
When Poppy finishes, she hands the pack back.
"Thank you" Says Skip, plopping a silver coin in her hand.
Skip whispers into her ear, "Just play along"
She nods, but still has no idea what's happening
"Now hand me the coin"
"uhm... okay" she says handing the coin back, confusion once again instilling itself in her.
"And sign these" Said Skip, handing her the papers.
"I only can sign in Keidran" she said, handing them back
"I can read Keidran, so you can sign them," Said Skip, handing them back to her.
The dark presence realizes what Skip is doing, and he is filled with rage.
He can't do that!
The presence slinks back to his office and rallies his men, bringing forth cries of anger and swords. the cries of grown men outraged at the actions of a singular teenager fill the streets.
"Here." Poppy hands the now signed papers to Skip. he hands them to the clerk. the clerk adjusts his glasses and reads the papers.
"Congratulations Poppy" Said Skip, putting his pack back on
"Congratulations what?"
"You just bought yourself. so, you're free"
"One Poppy, sold to... Poppy" reads the clerk
"And that makes it official"
Poppy just sits there, letting it all sink in.
I-I'm free!? just like that?
Crash! Skip turns around to see a rock amidst a smashed window. the clerk is frantic
"This is my store! I-" a rock nails him in the forehead. He collapses, eyes a pair of xs.
"Crap!" Skip narrowly dodges a rock, stealing a glimpse out the broken window. a
mob rushes to them, led by Achibach. Skip ducks, and crawls to Poppy, who is still sitting in shock.
<hey. you still want to be free?> asked Skip, dodging another rock
<Is... is this a joke?>
<Does it look like one? I mean, would I really send a hoard of men after myself just because I freed a slave?>
<Then grab my arm and we can get out of here!> she didn't know where they were going to go. the whole building was surrounded!
<There's no-where to go!> She said as she grabbed his arm in fear
<There is somewhere we can go!> then, the process of teleportation started. they began to fragmentate into pixels, starting from their feet and quickly working it's way up, until they are gone.
chapter 2: Followed
In a flash of blue they appear in another city.

<What just happened?> Poppy leans forward and puts her hands on her knees. a feeling rushed over her, draining her lungs of air.

<We teleported>

<I've never- I've never used magic>

<yeah, it's a rush the first time. just take a few deep breaths>

Poppy takes his advice, and a few deep breaths later, she breaks the silence.

<Am I really free?>

<You bought yourself, so yeah. though, with the war and all, I would recommend you stick with me, or else you'll end up with a much less comfortable cage>

<But my papers... they'll think it's a joke!>

<That's why I still have these> Skip said, Pulling the papers out of his pack.

<Wow. you know how to prepare!>

<Learned it from my father> Skip bows and tips an imaginary hat, catching Poppy
off guard. she slightly jumps

<What now?>

"A. we start talking in human so the guards don't think I'm a Keidran, and B. we get supplies and get out of this city to the next town over, because Achibach has a strong presence here. and C, I'm going to have to tie you up."

"Sigh... I know. just get it over with"

Skip pulls some rope from his pack, and ties it to her wrist.

"Why aren't you tying them together?"

"I can't carry two packs, can I?"

"oh. good point"

"C'mon, this way" Skip lightly pulls on the rope, and Poppy follows him. they push through the crowded streets, wary of slave dealers. Skip directs them into a store, the owner looking up at them.

"No Keidran."

"Don't worry. She's mine"

"Whatever." the shopkeeper kicks back, setting his feet up on the counter, revealing his crustily nasty feet. Poppy holds her hand over her nose.

"Jeez. and I thought the basement stank" Skip gently pulls Poppy around, looking for a pack for her.

"How would this one do?" He offers her an empty pack, and she takes it. she puts it on, and adjusts the straps. she shakes her shoulders, testing the pack.

"This'll work" she takes the pack off and hands it to Skip. While Skip looks at Rolled tents, Poppy looks at herself in the window.

Wow. I really need to get a grooming kit.

She pushes her hair to the side, and attempts to unknot some of her fur.

Come on!

She attempts to untie a literal knot in her hair

Stupid cage girls!

After a good bit of trying she drops her arms, tired of trying. Skip hands her her pack, now packed full of stuff. She puts it on.

Skip unrolls a map and shows it to Poppy

"We're here" he said as he pointed to a icon on the map

"The next place we can go is here" he points to a town marked Felfinjar

"It's out of his influence, and farther from Hostile borders"

"How soon do we leave?"

The voice made a statement, but Skip was not in the mood for him

Not now!

Fine, Fine. you know I'll be back

Hey... I'm sorry

for what? asked the voice

Trying to act like you didn't exist during those early years

No prob.

wow. I really thought you were gonna say something else

I said what I wanted to hear. I am you, and you are me.

right. guess I finally have to accept that

by letting me talk you already did

"Hello? Skip? you here" Came Poppy's voice, breaking Skip from his thought conversation.


"You still here?" asked Poppy

"Was I not?"

"You zoned out. some sorta trance"

"oh. sorry. I was having some deep thoughts"

Poppy looks at him, a little bit worried

"Don't give me that. they were all safe for work" Poppy gives a slight sigh of relief, and pulls on her pack straps, ensuring that it is on right.

"Let's go" Skip leads her out of the store. They walk down the crowded street until they enter the woods, following a well-used trail. The trees have been growing their leaves for the past few weeks, now past winter. That also meant that it was close to "That time of year" for female keidran.

the sun began to set, so Skip stopped and put up the tents. Poppy got in hers, and Skip got in his. a rustling came from the trees, and Poppy looked through her new pack.

"Blankets, a pair of robes, flask of water, and what's this?" she said Pulling out a bag. she unties the string tying the bag shut

No way! A Keidran grooming kit!

She pulls out a brush and mirror. she takes to grooming her fur, and in many long, sweeping, strokes, she has eliminated what she can, careful of her bandages.

Meanwhile, Skip runs his hand over a golden badge. His pack lays open, revealing its contents. Though many are typical to travel, some are personal. the book, for example. along with the book are several pages written in Keidran, each signed with the same flourishing signature.

"what'd we do to get on their radar Instinct?"

"wish I knew."says instinct, shrugging

They are in their mindscape, which is very similar to the woods around him. they lounge in chairs, the badge between them. the trees rustle again, to Skip's annoyance.

"I'm gonna confront him."

Skip leaves his mind and enters the normal world.

"Get out of that tree you damn Coyote! I know you're following us!" Suddenly the rustling intensifies and a coyote is heard crying out, having lost his balance. Skip opens his tent flaps to see the coyote sprawled out on the ground. a little bit of blood dribbles from his head, evidence that in his fall he hit a rock. Poppy pops out of her tent, with freshly groomed fur.

Skip stares for a moment, then returns his attention to the wolf.

"Whose that?"

"Someone who's been following me for about a month"


"Wish I knew" Skip picks up the coyote and sets him against the tree. he then takes the same rope he had tied Poppy with, and ties the coyote to the tree

"Is he one of Achibach's?"

"No. from the rumors I've heard, no human is a part of his company"

"What company?"

"here. look at this" Skip tosses her the badge

"What's this?"

"I discovered he was following me when he dropped this in my room"

"Keidran guild, Tracer division. what's that mean?"

"He specializes in tracking people, infiltration, and stashing trackers. that's the only way he could have followed our teleport. but now that he's here, I can disable it"

Poppy gives the badge back

"What do we do with him?"

"I'll watch him till morning. see if he'll talk then"

The next morning...

Uhnn... the coyote groans.

<My head...>

"Hello, coyote. what's your name?"


"Take this. it'll help with the headache" Skip offers a small cup of a strong smelling fluid. one sniff and the coyote turns his snout.

"You've been following me for a month, you really think I'd want to poison you without learning anything?"

<How'd you know that!?>

"Let's just say staying hidden doesn't help when you drop your badge"

<I thought I lost it!>

"You did. and I found it. Now, take this so you know what you're saying" Skip releases one Flint's hands, and he takes the drink. He sips it once, and then downs it.

<Tastes a lot better than it smells>

"So, why are you following me?"

<Like I know. I was just told to follow you>

"I'll take that as a "I'm still thinking""

<What are you going to do with me?>

"I would like to make a few miles today, but I think Poppys verging in on "That time""

<That time?>

"That happens to females in spring"

<Oh. That. how do you know about it?>

"It's kind of a funny story. I was moving from city to city and I got held up by these two girls. first they tried to rob me, but then heat hit the hardest part and they tried to-well-you know, but then once I was in the city they still followed me until it was over. then they robbed me"

Flint scoffs

<Sounds like heat>

"So, are you playing dumb or do you really not know why you're following me?"

<You really think I would like to know why I'm following a 14 year-old human?>

"If I were you, No. but I'm not you"


"Whatever. you'll have until we have to stop moving to think of an answer"

Skip sets to taking down the tents, while Poppy returns from relieving herself. She looks at Flint

"He's coming with us?" she asked, pointing at Flint

"He's not Achibach's, and it would be better than leaving him here. his name's Flint by the way." Skip rolls up the tents, and secures Poppy's to her pack, and his to his own pack. He puts on his pack, And Poppy picks up hers.

"Is he going to stayed tied up the whole time?" she asks, putting her pack on.

Skip scratches his chin.

"I think not. if he had wanted to hurt us he would have already done so. that, and he needs to carry his own bag" Says Skip, tossing Flint's pack to him

<Where did you get this?>

"Just because I'm human doesn't mean I'm blind. you left it in the tree"

Skip unties Flint's other hand, releasing the coyote. Flint swings on his pack and says,

<Lead the way>

They make good progress, and step off the trail for the night. Skip sets up Poppy's tent, and then goes to Flint.

"Sit there" says Skip pointing to a thick tree. Flint obeys, and sits. Skip ties his hands together behind the tree.

Suddenly, Flint sniffs the air

<What's that smell?>

"What smell?"

<It's coming from her tent. kind of musty>

Skip pops his head into her tent to find Poppy panting, a slight blush on her face. He quickly leaves.

"Tell me what you know and I'll move you somewhere safer"


"She's in heat"

In the tree...

The tree is wide, and closer up it splits, like a flower in bloom, spreading it's branches, leaving a bowl in the middle. they sit across from each other and a lantern sits between the pair, illuminating them and the bottle in Skip's hand. Skip takes a large gulp, the bottle almost empty. a blanket rests over him, keeping him warm, the lantern not being enough heat for this human.

Flint takes advantage of Skip's drunken stupor, and has decided to ask a few questions. He's gotten really nowhere though, Because of Skip's drunken replies. He decides to stop beating around the bush and asks the question he'd been waiting to ask.

<Have you ever heard of a Runa-fox?>

Then, the bottle hits Skip the hardest, the drink putting him to sleep.

Flint, frustrated at Skip's inability to hold a drink, Rolls over and tries to go to sleep, while Skip thinks.

So he's after Runa-foxes...

it would appear so. What do we do?

Tell him the truth. we're not one, nor do we know any

Skip can imagine Instinct raising his eyebrow

Really? that's the truth?

I don't know what you think you saw, but V'yip wasn't one!

are you sure?

I'm sure he wasn't!

Suddenly, Skip feels something.

Crap. I'm moving.

With a sound of cloth moving against bark, Skip falls free of the tree. Before he hits the ground, he collides with something. That "Something" Gives a Yipe! upon collision. they are both knocked out, and fall down. the blanket floats down after Skip, landing on them both.

Flint gets up fast and looks down to see Skip, and a Fox, under the same blanket.

Didn't see that coming.

The next morning...

Flint wakes up, and then notices a warmth alongside him. He looks over, to see Poppy, snuggled up against him. He cries out and scrambles away. He should have scrambled another way. He fell out of the tree, and headfirst to the ground.

Meanwhile Skip has Woken up, gotten up, relieved himself in the woods, and gotten back to camp. he then notices the female he had fallen onto. he noticed a small black triangle, hidden in her black paw fur, above the wrist. he noticed her shackles as well, just normal shackles. He also noticed her lack of clothes. mostly that. She groans and rubs her head, now awake.

<Owww> Skip extends his hand. She looks at him, debating the options.

"If you're worried that I'm a slave keeper, I'm not" She then decides to take his hand, and he pulls her to her feet.

"Who are you?" Asks Skip, offering her some robes. She hesitantly takes them, and puts them on

"I'm Skip. That's Flint, who has fallen out of a tree for the second time"

Flint rubs his head, tongue hanging out

<Don't remind me>

"and I believe that Poppy was the reason he fell out of the tree"

Poppy climbs down the tree, still in heat. She then sees the fox, and her tail kicks it into high gear, beating up a storm.

<Fimitla!> Poppy rushes and tackles Fimitla, knocking her down.

<Poppy? is that you?> Asks Fimitla, tail giving a flick of excitement

"You two know each other?"

"Yep! we've been friends a long time!"

"Can we trust her?"

"With our lives!" Poppy is full of glee, and decides to take it out on Flint. She starts chasing him, and he runs. they loop around camp, all the while Skip talks to Fimitla.

"I thought you said you weren't a slave keeper."

"She's not mine-well-not anymore. I had her buy herself"


" I bought her. I paid her for fixing my pack, and then offered for her to buy herself"

"That doesn't make any sense"

"I freed her."

"That makes more. I'm Fimitla"

Skip pulls his pack to them, Flint screaming while Poppy chases him

"Can I have your hand?"

"Why?" Asked Fimitla, looking at him with distrust

"I was going to take your shackles off"

"Oh." She extends her arm, and Skip unlocks it.

"Other" She gives him her other arm and unlocks the shackle on it. On his way back, Skip intentionally brushes the triangle with his hand. A slight blush rushed to her
cheeks and she releases a Nya! She quickly covers her mouth.

"Here" Skip offers the key. Fimitla takes it, and releases the shackles on her neck and feet.

"Sorry about falling on you. I hit the bottle a little hard last night"

<Yeah. A little> Skip delivers a swift bonk to his head, encouraging him to be quiet. Poppy inches closer to Flint. she inches some more. Flint runs for it, screaming again.

"We're headed for Felfinjar, you're welcome to join us"

"There's no-where else I can go, so yeah. I'll join you"

Crinkle crinkle!

"what was that?"

Skip turns around to see Poppy chewing the map.

"No Poppy! We need that!"

She drops it unhappily. Skip unfolds it to see it is missing a large chunk. Skip throws it behind him, almost angry.

"Too late. Where we are is already in shreds" the map floats down to the ground.

As Skip walks away Poppy pounces on the map with a Nom!
chapter 3: Forgotten
A week of wandering later...
The quad rest in a clearing, exhausted.
"Man. we'd be there by now if we still had a map" Said Skip, leaning against a tree
"I said I was sorry!" shouted Poppy, holding Flint's hand.
"Wouldn't you have had a map, Spy?"
"Would this do?" Asked Fimitla, Pointing to a road.
"Yes!" Skip rushes to his feet, Followed by Poppy and Flint. Fimitla walks out onto it, and takes a look around. when looking down the road, she freezes.
"What is it Fimitla?" Asks Skip, looking where she was. Then, he sees it.
A giant gate looms in front of them. years of ivy and overgrowth have taken the
wall, almost as if the gate didn't exist. the giant doors have fallen in, revealing the city they once guarded. the sight they see is one you cannot forget. through the fallen gate you can see hundreds of houses and stores, each crumbling and deserted, giving way to nature.
Then, up through the center of the city, a palace sits above all of the buildings, it too taken by nature. the two Fox statues guarding the palace sit on their seats, each cracked and crumbling, hand missing on one of them.
"what... is this place?"
<an old city. long lost and neglected, once a trophy of Templar dominance, now forgotten> said Flint, taking a longer look at it
"I'll bet there's a map in there!" Said Poppy in an attempt to redeem herself
"No harm in trying" Says Skip, walking for it
<I'm not- I'm not sure we should go in> Said Flint, staying back
"What? Scared? you were scared of Poppy and look where you ended up"
<This isn't a girl in heat! it's a graveyard!>
"Then you can stay with Poppy, and Fimitla and I will go on ahead"
<I'm not allowed to let you out of my sight>
"Don't worry, we'll be back"
Skip begins the approach, Fimitla following close behind. They walk through the open gate, and Flint decides to brave it.
<Wait for us!> He calls out, making Skip stop walking. He turns around, Flint running after them. as he is midway through the gate, he slams into an invisible wall.
<OW!> he says, clutching his now bleeding nose. Skip walks up to where Flints had collided, and put his hand out. Sure enough, the wall was still there. He ran his hand along it, to discover it took up the entirety of the gate.
<What is this?> says Flint putting his hand on it, followed by Poppy.
<It appears that they do not want you in, or us out> Said Skip, looking around, surveying the ruins.
"What are we going to do?" asked Poppy, worry creeping into her face
"You guys make camp, we'll be back in the morning. Hopefully"
Flint and Poppy hang back, watching Skip and Fimitla head deeper into the city.

Meanwhile, in a military office...
A tall and well aged fox sits at his desk, reading reports. The office is rather decorated, harboring items from the Fox's sailing days. The desk is ornate, covered in carved vines. the surface is rather cluttered, papers and empty cups taking up all the space. Then through the door, a burly snow-wolf walks in.
<What is it, Tusk?>
<A duo have successfully made it into the ruins>
<Who are they!?> asked the Fox, rage working its way into him.
<One is a ex-slave and the other is a... is a...>
<is a what?>
<A human.>
The Fox sits, taking in the news.
<What do we do sir?>
<Establish a perimeter! no-one gets in or out! make contact with all agents within the vicinity!>
<Yes sir!> Tusk runs out, to rally who they need

Back at the ruins...
<Where are we going, Skip?> asked Fimitla, following Skip closely
<The palace. from there we should be able to disable the perimeter spell>
<Why did it let us in, but not them?>
<They haven't lived here>
<But I haven't either!>
<The city was sieged while we both were young, and by fate, we survived.>
<Why were you here?>
<I was orphaned by some robbers. I wandered here, small and weak. and was taken in, for however short the time>
<And if you need Mana crystals you could have asked> said Skip, holding up his necklace, now missing two crystals
<Sorry. I really needed them>
<No prob. I should be able to find some here as it is>
<not to pry, but you're Templar. why do you need them?>
<To me they have sentimental value. reminding me of old friends>
They continue on in silence, the eyes of the fallen watching.
<Do you have this sort of feeling, like we're being-> asked Fimitla, fear all over her
<Watched? yes. that would be the spirits of those who did not survive the siege>
Fimitla gets even quieter, now almost hugging Skip
They reach the palace stairs, and then Skip sees something. at the top of the stairs a ghostly figure stands, watching.
<Look. up there> Skip points, watching it
<I don't see anything>
<Hmm... Can you stay here?>
<Do I have to?>
<I would think so, If I can see him, but not you, This is something I need to do alone>
<Just please don't take long!>
<I won't>
Skip starts up the stairs, Fimitla staying at the bottom, fearfully looking around.
Skip reaches the main door, ajar and broken. the form now sits at the top of the grand stair, waiting. Skip walks up the grand stairs, running his hand over the banisters, enjoying their smooth flow all the way to the top.
<What do you need of me?> he asks the form, now at the top himself. the form waves into a large chamber, housing 13 thrones, the walls are decorated in art, depicting an age old tale. the form appears in front of the 13th chair, elevated above the rest in the center. He motions Skip to it, then fades away.
Skip climbs the platform, the stairs long gone. He pulls himself up to the chair's level, disturbing years of dust. The chair is gold and silver, covered in silver vines, each joining above the headrest, forming a silver tree, with golden leaves. He turned around, looking over the grand room. Then, he saw them. 12 spirits, each in the other chairs. they were talking, ignorant of Skip. he turned back around, to see another fox sitting in
the chair, ignorant of Skip as well.
Then the spirits spoke
~We may not spill any blood in defense or offence without the full council's permission~ said the Fox, standing up. Suddenly Skip saw the room in it's full glory, rid of vines and dust, a grand light shimmering in the roof. the elders looked at each other, each nodding their heads. they each held out a hand, pushing a blue energy into the center of the floor, rushing now up to the High Elder's chair.
Then everything faded back to disrepair and neglect. Skip turned back to the chair, to find it rising. as it rose, Skip could make out a wardrobe under the chair, now coming to light for the first time in years. the room creaked and groaned, and the wardrobe's doors swung open.
A plume of dust was released, forcing Skip to sneeze. Then, when the dust cleared, a brilliant suit of armor was revealed. dark grey with silver trimmings, gold vines ran up the chest plate, and continuing onto the helmet, forming the form of a fox, surrounded by a magical aurora, eyes glowing blue. The helmet even has holes for Keidran ears, A sword rested on the back of the wardrobe, the hilt's base glowing blue.
Skip reached in and removed the sword from its scabbard, revealing the silver blade, blue lines running up the sides, and Keidran writing up the center.
<Shieldbreaker> Says Skip, reading the hilt. the blue glowing was coming from a Mana crystal, a pure one for that matter. never would it crack or fail, even under the most extreme of circumstances. Skip dons the armor, and puts the scabbard around his waist and returns the sword to it, and leaves the room. as he walked, he felt something else. He looked behind him to see a cape materializing onto the armor, black and red.
He walks back out the front of the palace, Fimitla sitting on the stairs thinking. He descends the stairs, and taps Fimitla on the shoulder. she tuns around, and hardly recognizes him.
<We're not here to go looting palaces>
<I didn't. I was guided to finding this>
<Y'know, I've been thinking>
<About what?>
<Flint, he's a coyote and you hardly ever see any>
<I can answer that. The most stuff I was ever taught at the academy was history. lots and lots of history. early on, when the slave trade started, coyotes were the least popular amongst Keidran. the Templar decided to enslave them, to other Keidran's delight. that's why it's so rare to see one. there are hardly any left to see>
<You're fourteen and you went to the academy?>
<No. to be entirely honest, I'm 20. My roommate liked to experiment with spells. one went haywire, and well, I will eternally look fourteen. I still age, but I don't appear too>
<oh. I thought you were some big-wig's kid at some point>
<nope. normal ol' civilian who flunked out of the academy after... you know what. Let's try that store over there. they probably have a map and some things we'll need>
<um... if you know so much history, what can you tell me about this?> she asks, extending her triangled arm.
<That is the birthmark of this city, if you're born here, you have it. and I'm sure that you're aware that when touched by men under the right circumstances, it mildly arouses... certain sensitivities. the vice versa also applies to men>
She nods, a blush appearing on her face
Fimitla follows Skip into the store, and they enter the backroom. Skip lights a lantern, revealing some crates. they take to opening them up, and looking through them

<ooh! look! Pjs!> Says Fimitla excitedly holding up a pair of Pjs
<We're here for camping supplies and a map. not pajamas>
<says you! you're the one who got fancy armor!>
The ghost of the shopkeeper stands behind Fimitla, giving a thumbs up while smiling
<You're really not helping>
<Nothing. you can have them>
<Yay! Skip?>
<Can you do something for me?>
<Like what?>
<Well, you kind of need to be okay with it>
<Okay, please explain>
<Y'know how I took some of your crystals?>
<yeah> says Skip, pulling a pouch of them out of the crate he was at
<I needed them for... for... I needed them to keep me focused>
<okay, what do I need to help you with?>
<well, I was trying to keep myself focused on other things. other than...>
<Other than what?>
<well... Poppy had already started when I met you guys. and I... well... entered a few days ago> she said, tail flicking nervously
<oh. oh. that. what do you want me to do?>
<I've been really stressed out and I would like to relax...>
<...> He begins to blush, a little worried.
<You don't have to if you don't want to> her tail continued to flick about nervously
<If I do it, can you keep a secret?>
<Sure. what?>
<I-um... I like you. like, like-like. and I'd be willing to um... move with your pace, should that be what you want>
<oh. wouldn't that be weird for you? being human and all?>
<I've never had a girlfriend, so anything down this line is new>
<oh. that makes things a lot easier. and some harder>
<I"ll go clean off a bed. and probably exchange the sheets, the mattress... you know what?>
<I'll just replace the whole bed> the shop keeper's ghost face pawms
<We can start easy if you like>
<I'm up for a good challenge. been a while since I've had a challenge, with anything, really. but, when you've spent the last two years carrying ore for some old blacksmith and other odds and ends, you can expect that> he said, the blush never leaving his face
Fimitla hands Skip the crystals she had taken from him, smiling with thanks.

The next morning...
Skip wakes up, to find Fimitla gone
<Fimit?> He calls, donning his robes. He rushes out, to find her in the kitchen. she stands by a stove, percolating Coffee
<Is that coffee?>
<Yep! being a cook has it's advantages!> She says, taking the percolator off of the stove.
<About last night...>
<nope! don't have to talk about it! we can just pretend it never happened!> she said, Happily pouring cups of coffee
<okay, what's for breakfast?>
<Coffee and left over rations from your pack>
<yay. my favorite. I mean, I am excited about the Coffee, but the rations...>
<Don't worry! I found some seasonings in the back!>
<You sure they're still good?>
<Yep! nothing gets past this nose! though when there are two grown men who smell like they haven't had a bath in weeks, you are put at a significant disadvantage.>
<I've been meaning to take one, But there was a spy on my tail, not to mention Achibach's entire network>
<What'd you do to upset him?>
<I bent slave logic and freed Poppy>
while they talk, the shop keeper sits back, reading a book while sipping from a mug that reads, Fur Fox sake! Coffee first!

One breakfast later...
Skip and Fimitla set out, walking down the road. Skip has put on the armor, magically appearing cape and all. They walk down the street, to see a tent on the main road.
Flint walks out, followed by a tiger. Within the instant Skip pulls something from his bag, drops it, Pulls Fimitla against him, places his hand on the sword's hilt, and teleports, as blow darts pummel the spot from the trees, stirring up dirt and dust. when the dirt settles, Flint's badge rests, surrounded by darts.

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic) Chapter 2!

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Chapter 4: old wounds
One week ago...

A fox lays in a clearing, unconscious. his eyes flutter open, and he looks over himself.

<Where... where am I?>

<Why... why am I dressed like this?> He looks at his outfit, an expensive one for that matter. Heavy white robes, Gloves with golden paw-pads, a red-gem ring, and... he couldn't tell what it was. it was a gem of some sort, about the size of a golf ball. it glowed, only blinding when you looked into the center. He couldn't tell what color it was, it never stayed the same. He picked it up with the hand with the ring, bringing forth a scalding heat.

Yipe! he yelped, dropping it. He looked at his hand, to see it had burnt right through the glove. His paw wasn't seriously burnt, it just hurt. using his non-burnt hand, he poked the gem. it was cool to the touch now. He poked again, it still not heating up. He tentatively picked it up, expecting it to heat up. nothing happened, and he found a pocket to put it in. He got up to feel a pain in his chest, knocking him back down.

He crawled to a tree with low branches, in an effort to pull himself up. He pulled himself up on the branches, coughing with pain. A little bit of blood found it's way out of his mouth and onto the ground. He stumbled forward, clutching onto a fallen branch as a cane. He stumbled along, finding his way to a river. He looks up and down it, looking for a way to cross.

He spies an old footbridge, railing long gone. He makes for it, coughing up more blood. He staggers across it, growing weaker. at the end of the bridge he collapses, causing the bridge to shudder.

Milly pranced through the woods, following her mother. They were going out to the river to catch some fish, dad's passing meant he couldn't hunt. Though Milly should be looking for a mate, but no-one in the village met what she wanted. She wasn't greedy or anything like that, but all the men in the village weren't ever serious enough, so she stayed home, helping her family when she can. She wagged her tail when she came in sight of the river, and she rushed to it.

Just as she readied to spear a large fish, something caught her attention. She heard the groaning and creaking of wood, and looked around. She lowered her fishing spear and She saw the bridge, creaking and groaning. it collapsed, revealing the robed figure on top. He tumbled off, eyes shut. His hood caught on what was left of the supports, and the water moved so fast that he floated on top of it. red dots dotted the robes beneath his head, and also his muzzle.

<Milly! What's with all the debis! we're trying... to... fish...> Said her mother, looking to the Fox.

<Who is he?> Asked Milly, getting closer

<Dunno. we should probably leave him>

<He looks important. We shouldn't leave him>

<What good will that do for us, Huh? as it is we are already short of food> said her Mother, heading farther upriver, away from the debris.

<But what if he's royal? if they found out we left him and he dies, we could bring an entire army on our village!>

<Wait. he's not dead?> Asked her mother coming back, basket and spear.

<No, he's not. I can see him breathing> The mother squints
<You're lucky I can't see as well as I used to. if you can get him, we'll take him.>

She stabbed her spear into the ground and took off her heavy, oversized shirt, Just in case. Milly stepped onto what she could, balancing on the old posts. the post the Fox was stuck on was relatively close to shore, allowing her to grab his hood. she slowly lifted him by his hood, pulling him into her arms. she balanced her way back, careful not to impale her foot on a few nasty spikes.

The fox was relatively light, but you start to perceive weight differently after helping your Mom with your younger siblings. Milly picked up her pace, turning it into a slight jog, her ears flopping over her head. She knew these woods well, and was quickly at their house.

She was met by a mass of brown furred bodies, all yipping and barking. she worked her way though, accidently stepping on a few tails that brought forth a few angry nips at her feet. After that she entered the guest room, actually empty for once. to be completely honest, she had expected her usually drunk older brother to be in here. She set the fox down on the bed, and took off his robes. she swiftly pulled a blanket over his... Lower region.

She did what her mother had taught her to the best of her ability, assessing what was wrong with him. his chest was bruised, showing clearly through his white fur. She got on the bed overtop of him, and tested his ribs, finding one loose. that would have to have been responsible for the bleeding. She then saw his burnt paw, and slowly removed the glove. She took some old cloth and wrapped up his hand, in an attempt to keep out infection, though she doubted infection was possible.

She examined his ring in her paws.

Hmm... Looks expensive.

She examines his robes. she finds the weird gem and pulls it out.

<Careful with those. they're what burnt my paw> He said sitting up weakly

<lay back down. you have a broken rib>

<Well then that's great. Can't remember anything, and now I'm bed-bound for a week at least>

<Can't remember anything?>

<I woke up in the woods and felt like crap. that's all I know>

<You don't know anyone then?>
<I know you. if that counts>

<Do you even remember your name?> He holds his hands to his head and shuts his eyes tight, baring his fangs in frustration.

<No! it's just an empty void!> He let his arms fall back onto the bed beside him, looking up at the ceiling.

<Well if it helps, My name's Milly. you're in our village>

<Well that's a start. how long will I be stuck here?>

<If our healer who actually would treat foxes was here, you'd be gone by tonight. but he's not, so you're stuck here till you recover>

<Great. what do I owe ya?>

<It's my mom you owe. this is her guest room, and likely it will be her food too>

<what do I do right now then?>

<Wait.> The fox looks around, and decides something.

<*Yawn* I think I'll take a nap> in a matter of moments the fox falls back asleep, snoring gently. Milly leaves, and heads back to the river. she grabs her spear, and goes upriver to her mother.

<What's wrong with him?>

<He's got a broken rib, and claims he has no memory>

Splash! Milly's mother spears another fish and drops it into her basket.

<Lucky us. we hope to get someone valuable, but he doesn't even know if he is> says her mother, pausing to take a breath.

<Spare your old dog her back Milly, please take over>

<Yes Mom!> Said Milly, searching for fish. she got a few more, adding them to the basket. her mother had already gone back to the house, probably to assign chores. Milly picked up the basket, and walked home. She walked in the front, set down the basket of fish, and went to her room for the night.

The next day...
... something she didn't expect. The fox was helping Mother balance pups and chores, sweeping while a few pups piled on him. they all asked him questions about what it was like to be a fox.

He answered what he could, but mostly replied with, <I don't know>

<Since when have you been okay?> She asked, snagging some breakfast

<Remembered some stuff last night. the ring was a mana crystal>

<Do you know your name?>

<It's Lor!> Chimed one of her dozens of brothers

<Where are you from?>

<Mola... something. I'm not sure>

<What else did you remember? anything important?>

<Sigh... I wish I didn't remember> he stopped sweeping and stood still, Staring off into space.

<Is it something you can tell us?>

<I would rather these little fellas not hear it. It's a little... graphic. I don't want to remember it again either>

<Well, I would like for you to go back to your room. I need to be able to tell whether you actually healed yourself, or applied a pain killer>

Lor leans the brush against the counter, who the mother swiftly assigns someone to.

Lor enters the guest room, followed by Milly.

<Get back on the bed> Lor does as she says, and gets on the bed.

<Lay down> Lor lays down, head on the pillow. Milly gets on the bed, above Lor. he begins to blush a little and says,

<Your position is... umm...> he stammers, looking down the bed.

<Oh calm down.> She tests his ribs again, finding none loose.

She pulls herself back, to the edge of the bed, and sits.

<Whatever you did worked, so physically you're good.>

<Well that's good to know> he says sitting up

<What is it you remembered?>

<M-my family> he stammered, eyes watering

<What happened to them?> she asked, sitting beside him

<M-my Father w-was a sailor. one day he went out to sea and-and never returned. Then our master died and my M-Mother and I were inherited by his son. Then mom died and th-they found debris from f-father's ship. the-they said th-that the wre-wreckage h-had m-m-mutilated f-father. my m-master- h-he- No! I don't want the pain all over again!> He collapsed into Milly, sobbing.

Before she knew it, Milly realized she had pulled him in, and stroked his head gently. his sobbing fell silent, only tears now. he snuggled into her tan fur, calmed by her warmth. Soon he fell asleep in her arms, leaving Milly in a state of confusion.

Still, she continued to stroke his head, realizing it calmed her as well. she just sat there, stroking him, wondering.

Could he be The one?

<Everything okay in here?> Asked Milly's Mom, poking her head in. She sees Milly and Lor and remains quiet. Then, Milly did something she didn't expect. her tail started swishing back and forth, harder that it had in awhile. a smile crossed her face when she looked at her mother.

<He needs a moment> Said Milly, laying Lor down on the bed.

<What'd he say?> asked Milly's mother, as milly closed the door softly.

<I learned what happened to his family>

<What happened?>

Milly raised an eyebrow and pointed to her wet fur


<I'm gonna give him a while before I get some dinner for him.> she says, looking at the room

<I'll be at Stal's if you need me, been a while since I've had a bath>

<Ok Milly, see you then!> Milly stepped out the door, and her mother shouted to her.

<Don't forget to get some herbs!>

<Don't worry Mom, I'll get them!> Said Milly closing the door.
Chapter 5:Two tales

Next week...

Skip and Fimitla emerge from the teleport, landing in a Fox-Keidran city.

<Why didn't you teleport us here earlier?> Says Fimitla, breathing heavily.

<I couldn't. I'm not partial to using dark magic. the crystal gave me the extra normal Mana I needed. Now, where is he?> Skip begins looking around for something.

<Quick question>

<Yeah?> asks Skip, still looking for something.

<Where is here?>

<Khyra Fyhria, Capital of the Fox tribe>

<Why do you have a waypoint here?>

<I made a friend here, stayed with him for a spell. He's how I learned Keidran> Says Skip, still looking

<How'd you meet him?>

<Found him after my first escape from Achibach, he picked me up outside the city before some guard could kill me>

<Wait. First escape from Achibach? you two have history?>

<I do and I'm not proud. I'd rather see his [censored] dead than stay with him again>

Suddenly, while Skip looks, a big burly fox gives Skip a hug from behind. Skip is lifted off of the ground and Fimitla can hear bones crunch, even through the armor

<Skip! Long time no see!>

<Hey V'yip. *Grunt* Could you let me down?>

<Oh. Right. Sorry, me strength can get the better o' me sometimes> V'yip sets Skip down and brushes off his ale-stained apron.

<And who be yer fine girl?> He says bowing to Fimitla. Fimitla stands still, fear crossing her face. Skip eases her by setting his hand on her shoulder

<This is Fimitla, my-um...>

<Girlfriend> Fimitla answered for him, giving his face a lick. he blushed, to V'yip's amusement.

<Why'd ya teleport? yeh told me ya wouldn't be able. and what's with the armor?>

Skip gives V'yip a look, tearing away the smile from his happy face.

<Not there!>

Skip silently nods. V'yip takes a moment, scratching his fuzzy muzzle.

<Well, in any case, it's nice to 'ave yeh back! c'mon in! I'll have Mhyra prepare yeh a room!> He leans and whispers into Skip's ear

<Be careful 'round her though, turns out she had a crush on yeh> Skip freezes in place

<she-she had a crush on m-me?> he asked, eyes shrinking in fear

<Yep. after ya said goodbye and set out she didn't come out of 'er room fer a few days!>


They follow V'yip to a tavern. The sign reads, Wanderer's Tavern. it's not the busiest of taverns, but it does have a fair amount of fox travelers. a few servers walk around, tending to the various needs of the travelers.

<Mhyra!> Calls V'yip

<Yes?> Asks Mhyra, coming down a staircase

<Prep these two a room and join me in the booth>

<The Booth?> asks Skip, raising an eyebrow

<Private bar room. was gonna make the story tellin' special>

<ah, yes. the story special> Says Skip, licking his lips

<Story special?> asked Fimitla

<It's a very good drink>

<Right this way> Waves Mhyra, unaware that Skip is who she is escorting. She leads them up the stairs, and to their room.

<Here is your room, baths are down the hall, lights out at 10>

Skip takes off his helmet and turns to Fimitla

<Would it be alright with you if I took a bath?>

<Knock yourself out. just don't drown> He smiles

<I might need help getting off this armor first> she playfully licks him and they enter the room. Mhyra stands still, not sure what to say

<Sk-Skip?> she asks

<Hmm?> Skip turns to her

<Its... it's nice to see you>

<Nice to see you too>

A week ago...

Lor sits in bed, eating a small steak off of a plate. Milly steps in

<How are you?>

<alive.> Milly frowned. He had never been this sour.

<don't be like that.> She said sitting beside him

<What'd you remember?> she asked, handing him a drink.

<everything, and nothing> he sips the drink.

<What does that mean?>

<Everything feels so close, yet so far away> Lor clenches and unclenches his fist. she rubs her hand on his back, seeming to ease him. he leaned into her and said,

<Y'know, in the years I DO remember, you are the first person to care for me>

<What do you mean? you did remember your family>

<What is there to remember? countless spells, but no family. just gone from the memories. like the memory itself is full of holes. and the worst of it is, they aren't even from my perspective!>

<I'm doing what I can. though mom would rather you get a bath. she claims, "I may be old but that doesn't mean my nose stopped working!" I'm willing to help take you to Stal's>


<Our bath house>

<Sigh... wouldn't hurt>

<C'mon! be positive!> she licks his face, blushing.

he freezes, also blushing. his tail shoots straight up, he takes a moment to take in what she did. He clears his throat. they sit in silence for an awkward moment. He pulls the weird gem out of his pocket, and tosses it from hand to hand.

<I wish I knew what this was> he tosses it in the air, expecting it to come back down. instead, it hovers at the peak of it's flight. Lor blinks and Milly rubs her eyes.

<Is that?>


<Okay. I'm not crazy> Sighs Milly in relief. Lor hops off the bed and stands up,
eyes on the gem. this time when he looks into it, he is not blinded. He notices a depression that seems like it could fit the ring's gem. He pulls the ring out of his other pocket. He reaches and sets the ring in it, and carefully pulls away.

Suddenly it shoots a blue ray at the floor, and a body begins to form.

<What the... *Yawn*> Milly falls asleep on the bed, something putting her to sleep. when Lor turns back to the body, it has already formed. it is a fox, an elderly one for that matter.

<Hello, Son of Tekka>

<Who... who are you?>

<A friend of your Father's, though I am long gone>

<Then how...>

<Am I here? your father asked me to cast this spell, should you lose your memories. and I have a story for you, a long one> He motions for Lor to sit. He does, and the elder begins.

<Your story begins over 400 years before your birth. in the year 63, your ancestor, Sword, was a tracker. He was tracking a wolven beast, only a wolf when the moon was right. He recognized the path as one a native dragon walked, and considered letting the dragon deal with it. but then he realized it was tracking the dragon. Then he saw the beast in a clearing where the dragon sat, watching the stars. her name is lost to us, but the event is not. It is said he rushed into the clearing, attacking the beast before it could attack. He succeeded in drawing the beast's blood and life, but it managed to draw some of his. When the dragon realized this, she blessed him. we know not why she did, as she was magic and the beast was of flesh and blood. She turned Sword into a skilled mage, almost cutting the mana he used into two. His spells drew less than any mage could hope. He could pass it to anyone he touched, and anyone they touched. This period lasted for two months. he grew in power amongst the settlement, soon rising to the title of high elder. He cut all ties to the other tribes, deeming themselves their own tribe. they called themselves Runa-Foxes. the Masks, however, were not pleased. a dragon had cast such a perfect spell on mortals, raising their power. they added curses, such as a triangle that affects emotions and a terrible one. some that should be born pass away in the womb, but this didn't stop Sword. Later, two years after rising to power, a wolven assassin, hoping for an extra coin, Killed Sword in his sleep. that assassin was never found. Sword was buried, we don't know why, but believe it was because of his father. his tomb was lost to time, but Sword already had a son. 401 years later, you were born. you were supposed to have a twin, but he wasn't alive. by then the city was Known as Molaruna, or, The invisible City, shielded from the eyes of anyone by elaborate magic and illusions. only foxes lived in it, wolves strictly forbidden. then, when you were three,
the city was seiged by Templar, claiming it was on their territory, even though the city had been there longer than they had. I was killed, along with the other elders. Your father, King Tekka, Son of the High Elder, struck a deal with an older templar. you and your family were exported as slaves, a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a->

The body fades and the gem explodes, shrapnel barely missing Lor, and bouncing off of Milly's head. the ring fell to the ground, smoking. Milly continues to sleep, unaffected by the noise. Lor swipes the bed clear of any shards, then repositions Milly. he lays her head on the pillow, then pulls the blanket up over her.

The mother looks in.

<What's all the racket!>

She sees Lor sweeping up the shrapnel, and Milly asleep on the bed. She closes the door and walks away.

Meanwhile... (In the present)

Skip steps out of the bath, fresh clothes on. The necklace has been polished, making the crystals shine. He tucks them back under his shirt. He descends the stairs, and into the bar. He enters a door near the back of the room, followed by Fimitla who had come out of her bath.

V'yip slides two blue drinks their way. Skip went straight to drinking some, while Fimitla sniffed it. didn't smell bad, so she tried a sip. Flavor exploded across her tongue, powerful and strong, but not enough to make her cough.

One explanation and a few drinks later...

<Thanks V'yip! you never fail with a good drink!>

<Thank you fer stoppin' by!>

<Who said we were leavin'?>

<You're staying?> Asked Mhyra

<Wouldn't hurt to stay awhile? would it?> Asks Skip looking to Fimitla. She holds his hand

<No. it wouldn't.>
Chapter 6: Potential. Potential indeed.
In the familiar office of the head Fox...

<what?> Asked a fox. at first glance he looks normal, but looking deeper, he is transparent.

<The boy stole the armor> said the Commander, rubbing his hand

<hmm...> Suddenly the illusion fox turns around, as if talking with someone

<I need to go. they're preparing me for the test. Farewell Tekka. for now>

<For now. Farren>

After a week of R&R (Yes, Lor is finally in the present)...

Lor stretches and gets out of bed. he dons a shirt, looking back at the bed.

Well that's great, he thinks to himself. Milly was also in the bed.

<As if her mother didn't tell me enough about her actually liking me. "You've gotten farther with her than any man!" I really don't know why. or why I'm now talking to myself>

*Yawn* Milly stretches. she freezes.

<This is your bed, isn't it>


<It's not really my fault>

<It isn't? now how could that be?>

<She gave my room to my sisters>

<Good point, but no.>

<Aw come on!> She licks his face.

<Stop that!> he says with a slight bit of happiness in his voice

<What's that?> she asks, cocking her head

<Whats what?>

<That> she says, poking a black triangle on the back of his right ear


<What was that?> she asks, almost laughing. Lor starts walking towards her, seeming very intimidating.

<N-never mind! I heard nothing!> Still, Lor continues the approach, forcing her back to the bed. he leans over her, face unchanging. she whimpers in fear and...

He licks her nose. she blinks, not sure of what just happened. he licks her nose again. she tilts her head to the side to see if her mother had something to do with this. to her surprise, she didn't. she could tell because she wasn't watching. then, Lor tilted his head to match hers. he smiled and he let his ears fall floppy. she tilted her head the other way. Lor followed.

She laughed

<Will you stop!> she said, leaning the other way. sure enough, Lor followed. she couldn't help it anymore, her tail began wagging. then she noticed his was also wagging. He licked her face again, bringing forth a nip at his ears. he licked her ear in retaliation.

Meanwhile, the mother stands outside the door. she stops listening when a "Woof" and panting can be heard.

In the Wanderer's Tavern...

Skip whistles while polishing the armor.

<Hi> Says Fimitla as she walks in.

<Hey. how's Mhyra doing?> asks Skip

<It's just a slight fever. according to V'yip, she should recover in a few days>

<That's nice to know>

<I can see why you may have liked her>

<Yeah? and why do you think that?> he said, setting the chestplate down and picking up the helmet.

<She's positive, she's eager, and she... looks great when she's not sick>

<Y'know, I've been wondering>

<About what?> asks Skip, pausing from polishing

<The future. I mean like, we can't have children, we can't stay in a keidran city forever because where you're from, and we're being hunted by some agency> with each thing she says, Skip takes a blow.

<And on top of that, if people found out you stayed with Achibach, they'd torch this whole place!> that is the final staggering blow to Skip. he takes her hand in his.


<What?> asks Fimitla, taking in his sad face

<I need you to do something for me>

<What's wrong?> she asks, running her hand through his hair. he gently pushes her hand away. Skip sits back on the bed, in a pose of meditation.

<I need you to take my necklace off>

<You want the necklace off? after all the times I've asked you to take it off?>

<Fimit! this is serious!>

<why now?>

<please, I'm begging you. if someone else doesn't make it happen, it probably won't> he looks deep into her eyes, pleading

He takes a deep breath. Again he begs, this time with his eyes. she hesitantly reaches forward, hands now on the necklace clasp. he looks into her eyes, giving her the go ahead. she gently unclaps it, and as she pulls it away Skip tenses up.

His fingers dig into the bed, eyes tight with pain. there is a tearing noise as his fingernails tear through the blankets. then Fimitla realizes that they aren't fingernails. they're claws. his hands turn black, having sprouted fur. Waves of pain was over Skip, forcing him to twitch in an effort to keep quiet. the waves of pain and fur spread over him, turning orange at his elbows. his shirt puffs out as white fur fills the space underneath.

His feet turn black and his legs re-shape, not a pleasant feeling while sitting criss-cross. his toes reform as well, and some merge. paw-pads emerge, as well as claws. now the fur is at his neck, forcing him to take deep breaths. his ears disappear, for the pointed black ears of a fox to take their place. he almost chokes on his own spit as his snout begins to develop, turning his nose black. His face stretches, leaving him with a orange and white muzzle. his tail works it's way out, to come to a rest on the bed. his eyes remain shut, simply taking deep breaths.

Fimitla doesn't know if she should be shocked, sad, pitiful, or mad.

<Why... why were you human?>



<I haven't told you the whole truth. I'm not templar, and I'm not twenty. I'm eleven. when I was three the city was seiged. Achibach's father, a templar soldier, took me and my parents in. I grew up with Achibach. we never got along.>

<Did he make you human?>

<No. I did. after my mother died, there was no-one to stop him. he whipped me. he whipped me for days saying, "You! You fleabag! You took my father from me! Now I'm gonna take any reason to live away from you!">

<That's horrible!>

<It was. every week I was alone, I was an inch from death.> he took his shirt off.

<I still have the scars>

He lays back on the bed, sighing

<you're the first person I've ever told.> she lays down on the bed beside him

<When did you escape?>

<When Achibach was out buying slaves. he forced me to come with him. I took what crystals I could, transformed into a human and called myself Skip. in a mad dash away from the market I met V'yip. I was relieved that he said he'd help. though I still don't know why he did. his speech was a little slurred, so my best guess is he was drunk>

<If you called yourself Skip, what's your real name?>

<Ah... I honestly can't remember. it's been years. besides, I kind of like the name Skip>

<So,> Said Skip sitting up

<How ugly am I?>

<not bad. I don't know much about magic, but why did transforming hurt?>

<it always does, I don't know why. I'm no mage, but I know a good bit of spells. I also know we'll see Flint pretty soon>

<What makes you say that?>

<He dropped his badge again> Says Skip, holding up Flint's badge


Flint pats himself down
<Where is it!?>

<What about very thing else you told me?>

<A rendition of the truth, but not all>

<Like what?>

<You want to here my whole life story?>

<Maybe not all, but yeah. then I'll share mine>

<I'll take that deal>

<Good.> she licks his nose

<When the soldier took us in, he worked with my father to train me. said "I was the heir to the throne" when we could return. but, sigh... that never happened>

<What did happen?>

<The soldier had to send dad out on a ship to get some heat off of us. I was six. he never came back. Achibach told me he died, perhaps in an early attempt to break me. a few months later, the soldier died, leaving me, Achibach, and my mother. without dad's spells to keep her illness in check, she passed away. her final words were, "Trust. trust those who love. trust those who help. That's how I met your father" that's why not telling you till now tore me apart.>

<What happened... after that?>

<Two years. two years with a whip.>

<After that?> she asks, rubbing his hand

<A year with V'yip, then two years in Nav' Shira', trying to see if Achibach had dad. but I'm willing to bet if he did, he would have used him as a hostage>

<That's rather sad compared to mine. I was taken to be a slave and that's all I ever was. I had been sold to Achibach before the attack. but he... isn't as mean as you claim. as the attack happened, he let us go>

<He what?>

<He opened our cages and let us go>


*Blink* *Blink*

<Say that again?>

<He opened the cages and let us out>

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 7: Discoveries
The following day...

<So, how convincing is the illusion?> asks Skip, turning around. the spell not only made him seem human, but also made his crystals invisible

<100%> says Fimitla, watching

That night...

Skip returns to the room. flint stands in the doorway.

<*Yawn* Hi Flint. here's your badge> Skip hands over his badge. Flint angrily pockets it.

<You need to come with me> he extends his hand, surrounding Skip in a blue fog. nothing happens.

<you already have Fimitla?>

<Yes.> Skip gives in, letting the spell put him to sleep.


Skip's hands are bound to a chair. his vision is blurred, and his mind clouded. Tekka talks with Flint. the room is stone, the chair being the only article of furniture. there is a door, and it is shut

<Did you find the armor?>

<Yes. it should arrive in a few days>

<Sir! he's awake!> Says Tusk, tensing up.

<Easy Tusk. the spell he is under won't allow him to make out his surroundings or lie. Flint, you are dismissed>

<Yes sir> Flint withdraws from the room. Tusk relaxes from his defensive stance.

<How do you think he got in?>

<I don't know. I wasn't allowed in, and I was the highest-ranking member> says Tekka, examining Skip.

<Still, it's hard to believe they'd let in a human boy>

<Where did you get the armor from?> Skip's head sways back and forth, lost.

<From the palace> he said, eyes never staying in the same place

<How did you obtain it?>

<it was given to me>

<By whom?>

<The council>

<The council is dead. what is the truth!>

<Could see through them. ghosts. illusions. I like illusions. they're useful>

<How do you use illusions?>

<To hide. hide from evil>

<What evil?>

<Torture. pain. suffering. death...>

<Who does these things?>

<Lies. he lies. he is not himself.>


<He is only a puppet. only a pawn in a wretched game...>

<Who's game?>

<The human's. the master's. the possessor. the slime that leaks. the slime that controls. the slime that tortures and kills>

<Who is the "Slime"!?>



<Mana. it makes fine jewelry. like the one around your neck> Tekka clutches the Mana crystal set in a barnacle around his neck. it had saved his life.

<I have a necklace too!> Skip boasts groggily.

<Was there any found in his room?> Tekka whispers to Tusk

<No sir>

<Where is it then?>

<I'm wearing it!>

<Lies!> Slap!

Skip's face stings. Tekka goes to slap him again, but stops. a hair sits on his palm. it is the color of Skip's hair, turning black at the base.

<Owwwwww> says Skip

<That's nufin'! I been hit harder dan dat!>


<How did you breach the city defences!>

<Dey wet us in>



The chair falls over.

<Why must you torture me? has two years of my suffering not pleased you?>


<You know. Filthy human. it was your whip. your hand. your pawn. that's right. I figured you out. I figured out that you posses Achibach. I saw through your lies>

<What in hell is he talking about?> asks Tusk

<AGH!> Says Skip, as he thrashes in the chair, pain seemingly being applied.

<that's right. whip me! whip me like the coward you are! use someone else's hands to keep your own clean! oh, now you're going to erase my memory? Fah! you will NEVER break me!>

<I have no idea. I'm gonna release the spell. be ready for anything> Tusk nods. Tekka waves his hand over the fallen chair. Skip blinks.

<What a ni...> he sees Tekka.

<Untie him>


<Do it!> Tusk obeys, and releases Skip.

Skip weakly attempts to stand.

<F-father?> he collapses, hand clasped on the invisible necklace. he weakly pulls it away before blacking out. Tekka kneels down, taking in the sight before his eyes. his son lay, having succumbed to the blows dealt by himself. a feeling worse than guilt washed over Tekka.

<Get a medic. Now!> Tusk sprints out of the room as Tekka took Skip in his arms. he strokes Skip's head.

<I am so sorry Lor... What have I done...>


Fimitla is being escorted to the medbay by two keidran guards. she hadn't smelled a single human since arriving. in exclusion of Skip's scent, of course. she still wondered why she was being taken to the medbay. had Flint hurt Skip?

The guards opened the door to the room. and she was worried. a lot. She ran to the bedside. Skip lay, unconscious. magic had healed his wounds, but not woken him. Tekka sat on the bed, watching Skip.

<What have you done to him!?> She growled angrily, glaring at Tekka. Tekka grabbed her hand in a polite gesture, about to kiss it, but Fimitla didn't like that.

<Stay off me!>


Blood dripped from Tekka's clawed face for a moment before he healed himself.

<Take it easy! I'm his dad for The Masks' sake!>

<What? he told me that he thought his dad was dead!>

<Look beyond the words you hear. look to what you see> She looked at him closer, taking in the same yellow eyes, that almost the same shade of orange, and... a black triangle. on the back of his ear. just like Skip's.

<Trust. Trust those who love. Trust those who help. That's how we met...> Says Tekka, becoming lost in thought. Fimitla strokes Skip's hair, taking in what Tekka had said.

<what's... what's his real name?>

<What do you mean?>

<His birth name. he can't remember>

<His full title is Prince Lorfanclaw Noblejaw Valianthonor of Molaruna>

<Now I see how he forgot it>

<yeah, it's a mouthful. We called him Lor>

<he's a prince?>

<That may say a lot for humans and some Keidran, but in our city it meant he was son of the King, who was son of The High Elder, the TRUE king>

<Is that why you had Flint follow him?>

<No, to be honest we had no idea. we though he was a contact for Achibach. that ended when he bought Poppy. but the way he treated her... had our intrest>

<How is Poppy?>

<Set to be married to Flint in a few months>

<Hmm. and to believe he was scared of her for a while>

<He was what of her?>

<Scared. though I don't blame him. she was in heat, after all>

a day ago...

Wow, thought Milly.

That was fast. and nice. a few moments before he was pretty much denying it

Lor lay beside her, snoring gently. Milly decides to stay in bed and snuggle in, hoping to get some extra sleep.

a few minutes later, Lor blinks awake. Milly nuzzles him in her sleep. Lor freezes.

<We did what?!>

<Nothing bad if that's why your worried> Says Milly, licking his nose

<Wh-wh-why did I do that?!> Milly shrugs

<At least it was nice> says Milly, nuzzling Lor.

<Do me a favor and don't touch that triangle again>

<Why? did it make you do that?>

<From what I've pieced together: yes. it's something unique to my home. the girls have it too, except it affects... other sensitivities>

<Really? do I get one?>

<No. you have to have at least one parent with it to get it>

<remember the name of the city or anything else?>

<Molaruna. I am Prince Lorfanclaw Noblejaw Valianthonor of Molaruna>


<I know. I hardly believe it myself. that's what you get when your hometown is destroyed when you're three>

<Any family?>


<Really? I'm not family?>

<I mean-not yet>

<Oh really?> she reaches up for his triangle. never taking his eyes off the ceiling, he grabs her hand, a few inches short of it's target

<please no. I really don't need that today> Milly sighs and gets out of bed.

<What'd I say?> Asks Lor as Milly slams the door behind her. he hopped out of the bed and to the door. he looked back at the bed. he turns back to the door. Milly stands in front of him.

<umm.... Mmph!> she has pulled him into a kiss. he hesitantly embraces it, wrapping his arms around her. it's very nice. Milly pulls away.

<I'm family now, right?>

<Y-yes?> she kisses him again



<Good. breakfast?>

<Yes please!>

<We'll go to Bar's! it's the best place around!> he grabs her hand

<Milly. don't go waving around my title. it's enough to get us killed> she looks into his eyes, realizing that they're full of fear.

<I won't. Just Lor?>

<Yes. just Lor>
Chapter 8: Talking
<Does anyone else know about him this way?> asked Tekka

<not to my knowledge> Says Fimitla, stroking Skip's hair

<good. it'd be best to keep it that way>


<Yes Lor? I'm here>

<When you had me under that spell... those weren't my memories>

<What do you mean?>

<This is gonna be even crazier than finding me.>

<What is it?>

<Y'know how my twin died in the womb?>

<Yes. it was very upsetting>

<I think only his body died>

<What do you mean when you say that?>

<I think his mind was moved to mine. like an extra passenger> Tekka looks in amazement

<Those old fools were right...>


<The death of your twin was predicted by a pattern in the deaths in the royal family. but lucky for him, he had a twin>

<You're telling me you had a spell done to us that moved him?>

<Put simply: yes. what's he like?>

<Abnormally quiet>


<He's been quieter than death since I met Fimitla>

<Hmm... they said this was possible...>

<What was possible?>

<He was moved into a part of your soul that apparently needed room for her, and he wasn't really a necessity>

<W-we killed him!?>

<No. he was likely expelled into a custom form that was what he was meant to be. that and I had a spell cast should that be the case, so he would be informed who he was and what had happened>

<So he's out there somewhere?>

<Yes. he is likely to have been reborn when you two met for the first time> Skip noticed Fimitla had stopped stroking his hair

<You alright Fimit?> he asks looking to her. she has fallen asleep in her chair

<Poor girl. was up the whole time you were out>

<How long was that?>

<almost a day>



<Yes sir?> asked the snow-wolf

<Take Ms. Fimitla here to one of the Officer suites>

<Yes sir> Tusk lightly picks her up, careful not to hurt or wake her

<When you were under the spell... some of the stuff you said was... frightening> Skip looks around

<Has anyone else seen me like this?>

<Only Tusk and I>

<Good. Prince Lorfanclaw is dead. best be kept that way> He says grabbing his Mana necklace from the stand beside him

<If Achibach finds out that he's not, things could get very messy> He raises his illusion, appearing human again.

<What is the nature behind that?>

<Achibach's possessor got real drunk one day. he spilled secrets that can get me killed>

<Like what?> Skip leaned into Tekka's ear and whispers something. Tekka is engulfed in a rage



Lor and Milly sit in a restaurant, eating.

<This is good!>

<Well it was your money paying for it> she says nervously


<You kinda had a pouch of coins when we found you...>

<Don't worry! I think it's worth it!>

<Really?> she asked tail wagging

<Yeah! they do some mean breakfast chicken!>

<Nice to know you like it!> She says leaning over and licking some dirt off his muzzle. he retaliates, licking dirt from her muzzle. the restaurant watches, seeing the Dog love a Fox. they did get the occasional fox, but no-one had ever been THIS friendly. Milly could hear whispers, but she didn't care. he was serious. serious enough for her.

Lor wiped his plate clean

<Where next?>

<Hmm?> asked Milly

<Where do you want to go next?>

<The Overlook!>

<Lead the way, you know where to go> Lor said as Milly got up. Lor set a coin on the table as a tip.

Milly led Lor out of the village, and up a trail. the Dog waiter picks up the coin. he goes to slip it in his pocket, but something makes him double check it. he had no idea why he did, but when he looked at the coin he was dumbfounded. and it wasn't the fact that the coin was silver.

Royal Treasury of Molaruna. He read to himself, a look of absolute shock crossing his face.

H-holy crap! That was the commander's son! I thought that was a tatoo, but Damn! This coin proves it! the waiter/spy looked around the busy restaurant

[censored]! where were they gonna go? He looks around hoping if they left any clue. they didn't.

Better report this to the area commander. I might finally get that promotion for this!

at the Overlook a little while later...

Milly and Lor look over the town, the sun starting to set. a female wolf Keidran appeared, watching the rising moon. she broke into a long and morrowful howl

<Who is she?> asks Lor

<Oh. that's Pippy. resident ex-slave Feral>

<why does she seem familiar...>

<Please don't tell me before you lost your memories you were with her>

<No... it's not that... something else... fairly important...> Lor scans his head, searching every crevice of a memory he could find. suddenly, a new one apears


<What?> asked Milly. Pippy had frozen her howl. she curiously walked forward


<Y-yes. Poppy> A spasm wrecks Pippy's body, sending painful shocks up her spine, forcing her to writhe around on the ground

<What'd I do?>

<AH!> screams Pippy. she stops squirming

<Wha-where... Where am I?> she looks around in a panic

<Where's Poppy!>

<She... she's safe>

<How do you know?> asked Milly

<I-I bought her... I freed her...>

<I'm not sure I like where this is going> Says Milly

<I made him buy her... I got him to free her...>

<Who?> asked Milly

<My brother... the one who was born with a body...>


<This is kind of a private conversation Milly. really deep stuff>

<AAHHH!> screams Pippy, drawing the couple's attention

<Why is my fur so dirty!?>

<This is gonna sound crazy, but you were Feral>


FWWIIT! screamed the arrow, clipping Lor's shoulder. he was too close to the edge. clutching his shoulder, he stumbled backwards. over the edge.

<Lor!> Cried Milly as she faded from Lor's view. Milly tucked into Pippy, not wanting to see what came next. as Lor tumbled in a terrifying free fall, he felt something.

<Insticht?> came a faint voice as Lor fell...

<Help...> he replied, seeing the ground beneath him. suddenly, his hood caught on a rock, swinging him into a cave. his head hit a rock, knocking him out. he rolled to a stop in front of a boulder, preventing him from rolling deeper into the cave. blood oozed slowly from his injured head.

Up on the cliff...

<WooHoo! One less fox!> Cheered a hunter emerging from the woods. Milly scowled. She charged, teeth bared and claws ready.


In Tekka's office...

<Dad?> asked Skip, entering the office. Tekka woke with a start in his chair


<Easy, it's just me> Says Skip, closing the door behind him

<*Yawn* what time is it?> asks Tekka, rubbing his eyes

<About 9, it's not that late>

<You know how my last few days have been>

<Right. I had a dream>

<Why come here then?>

<It felt real... I think Instich may be hurt>

<Who?> Skip blushes

<That's what I called him. my twin>

<What'd you see?>

<Nothing. I heard someone cry Lor as wind rushed past my ears. there was screaming. then... he said, "Help..." and then all was quiet>

Tekka sits, absorbing the news

2 days later...

<Sir!> Said a dog rushing into Tekka's office

<We saw your son!> Tekka stands up


<In our village! he was spotted by one of our agents!>

<Sir!> Says Tusk running in

<What is it Tusk?>

<It's Fimitla! she's gone and Skip has been attacked!>

<[censored]! Not again!> Tekka rushes up

<But your son!> Says the dog

<Stay here and I'll be back!>

Tekka almost sprints to Skip's room. the whole place is wrecked. clothes are scattered everywhere, books off the shelves, a table smashed like someone fell on it. Skip lay, battered and bruised, against the wall.

<Get him to the medbay!> Tusk nods, and picks up Skip. as much as Tekka would like to have stayed with Skip, if his other son was spotted, he needed to find out as much as possible.

<What other information do you have about it?> he asked the dog

<He was picked up by a family of dogs. he had a broken rib, and most of his memories gone.>

<Where is he now?>

<We don't know sir. he's disappeared. We tried asking the girl he'd been sleeping with, but she was unresponsive. she wouldn't let us in>


Meanwhile in the cave...

Lor still lay, just barely alive. suddenly, the boulder shifted. a massive tail unfurled from it, joined by wings. this wasn't a boulder. it was a dragon. she stretched, a mighty yawn emerging. she went to step out of the cave and bumped Lor with her massive paw. She looked down at him. her stomach growled.

-Hmm... best make sure he's not important- She reads his mind, searching his memories

-Sword's descendant!? Molaruna became a tribe!? ooh... that must not feel great- she says, observing his head. suddenly he floats, surrounded by blue lines. he is set down gently, the magic fading.

<Nhn....> Lor rubs his head.

<What a nightm-> He looks at the dragon

-Take it easy Lor. I healed you-

<So that wasn't a nightmare?>

-not in the slightest. c'mon, I'm taking you back to town-

<uhm... sorry if I woke you up>

-No harm done. with what you know about the war, it's probably best that you woke me up-

a little bit later...

<Urp! could you loosen your grip? I'm feeling a little light headed>

-Oh. sorry- The dragon loosened her grip on Lor, allowing blood to flow freely again. she came to a hover over the village, setting Lor loose from her massive paw. He weakly got to his feet, and waved as she left. the dogs watched as the fox stumbled to a house and knocked on the door. Milly's mother appeared, seeming very burdened. she looked at Lor, and a smile crept onto her face.

She ushered him in, closing the door behind him

<Milly? you have a visitor!> she said, knocking on the door to Milly's/Lor's room

<I told you! I'm not talking to them!>

<You know this one!> Milly grumblingly opens the door

<I already said I wasn't talk-> She tackles him

<You're alive!> She licks his face repetitively

<Barely. I was lucky I fell in a dragon's cave>

<ooh! adventure story!>

<Well, I also owe you another story. my story>

<Then welcome back!> she says closing the door behind them as she leads him in

<What's the big story?> she asks tail wagging

<Sigh... I'm dead>


<I should be dead. Y'know how I said I had a twin that died in the womb?>

<yeah?> she asked her tail slowing

<I am that twin. magic took me from my dead body and into my twin. then... something happened... and I got my own body>

<You're a ghost?>

<No. more of a... I don't know what to call it. I'm a living person, yeah, but I was supposed to die>

<I don't know if I should be scared or excited>

<My twin's name was Lor. I don't know what my name was going to be>

<Well I like Lor, so you're Lor!> she says, pulling him onto the bed
Chapter 9: Stuff you need to know
Knock! Knock! Knock!

<I'll get it> Says Lor, throwing on a shirt and opening the door. two spears are instantly at his neck. the dogs at the other end of the spears growl. Lor doesn't even flinch. instead, he yawns.

<Morning> he says rubbing his eyes. Milly ducks under the blanket. an older dog pushes his way through.

<Why did you bring a dragon to our town?> he asked, a growl entering his voice

<It saved my life, and brought me back here>

<What would you have here that's so important?>

<Love. well that and my royal robes>

<Royal robes?>

<Oh yeah *Yawn* wanna see em'?>

<How exactly do you mean royal? where are they from?> Lor stretches

<Molaruna> The older dog freezes

<Who are you?>

<the son of Tekka> the dog's eyes go wide

<Y-you're the Prince!?>

<I never said That>

<What do you mean, "I never said that?">

<What good is the title of prince when there is no-one left to rule over?> asks Lor, flopping onto the bed, causing Milly to yip. Lor grabs her arm and settles her

<It's okay Mil>

<Pardon? no-one left to rule over?> Lor looks at the dog.

<Wow. our relations were that bad?>


<Jeezz. how foolish are you people?>

<Foolish!?> asked the dog, a growl entering his voice again

<If you weren't you'd know that Molaruna was put to the sword seven years ago!>

<What did you say?>

<All that is left is ruins!>


<What can we do?>

<Let me wake up, and then maybe I'll answer some questions later> The dog nods. they leave the room, a dog pushing his way through. Lor does his best to maintain a neutral face, but a little bit of anger reaches his scent.

<yes?> he asks. the dog makes sure the door is closed.

<Hi your majesty.> he bows

<I am called Tanra, and I am a member of the Keidran guild,> he holds out a badge which Lor takes.

<Which is currently under the command of your father> Lor loses his neutral face.

<You may have been told he was killed in a sailing accident, but that was not the case>

<Then what was?>

<He, and another, survived the disaster. the men who picked them up were members of the guild, and they were recruited. your father would request that you be brought in, even if we need to take extreme measures to do so> Lor hands the badge back, after Milly looked at it. the dog notices her.

<I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here. this is kinda a private conversation>

<And she's part of it. Please, continue>


The staff member brushed the Fox cub's fur. instead of releasing soft coos like a normal cub, he just sits there, letting the brush stroke him without making a sound. then she came in, followed by her son. their artic fur contrasted that of the cub's, but they had the same short muzzle. she took the brush from the dog, who promptly left. she brushed the cub's fur, who began to now release a low hum, nuzzling her.

Her son picked him up and said,

<How long will dad be like this?>

<Until they are done running some tests dear> She gingerly takes the cub, stroking his ear in the spot that he likes. the cub smiles, tail wagging. He licks her nose. she giggles, still stroking his ear. a dog enters, fear on his face and scent. he ushers her and her son out, leaving the cub. The dog slams the door as he runs away, leaving the cub in the room.

Suddenly, another cub pushed her way through a flap in the wall.

[What's going on?] she asked

[Dunno. could be a drill, but that guy's face said it wasn't] He replied

[What's your name?] he asked



A female scream cut the silence of the room. a stream of tears dripped from Farren's eyes.

[It's not a drill... she's gone...] Someone starts pounding on the door

[Get ready to run!] says Samantha. a human knocks the door in, and they scramble out of the room.

In Tekka's office...

<So that's the plan?> asks Skip

<Yes.> answers Tekka. Suddenly, Tekka freezes

<He's in danger...>

<What? who?>

<A friend> Tekka sits. he stifles his emotions.

<Who? what friend?> Tekka Holds up his mana Necklace

<The one that saved my life with this crystal>

<What'd he do?>

<I don't know. he told me I was delirious. all he ever said is that this is the crystal that saved my life>

<Well what'd he do with it?>

<He won't tell me. he doesn't ever want to talk about it>

<What happened that caused him to save your life?>

<There was a fire. the crew abandoned, and I was left chained to the mast. he appeared and broke me from the chains, seconds before the mast collapsed. the ship was smashed against rocks and we floated on a piece of something. everything else is fuzzy>

<Is he another Runa?>

<no. just a sailor who swore never to go to sea again>

<Wow... It was really that bad?>

<Yes. from what I'd heard during his drinking period, he was mutinied moments before saving me. he watched his own ship sink beneath the waves, and his best men washed overboard while boarding the Torrent.>

<uhg.... I've heard enough. where can I find him?>

<You can't. his location is undisclosed and will remain that way, and you are needed here>


Lor and Milly have packed their bags. they are led by Tanra down the road, after Milly hugged every one of her siblings (Which took forever). Milly could hardly contain herself.

<Adventure!!!> She whooped, tail wagging. Pippy was a little bit nervus. But, she would get to see her sister! after all these years of roaming... okay. she wasn't nervus anymore. she was excited as well. Tanra was hoping after this he might be able to retire with his wife, and take a permanent break from all this spy stuff. Lor was... undecided. he didn't know whether he should be happy. I mean, he would be showing up with a dog and not a Runa-fox, heck his father would have been happy if she was at least a fox! Still, Milly's contagious energy worked it's way into him, allowing him to forget about the bad things.

They set up shelter for the night in a cabin, going to bed on the second floor. Tanra took the first watch.

later that night...


Sniff sniff

Lor sat upright.

What's that smell?

He looks around the dark room. he sees nothing out of the ordinary. he opens the bedroom door and looks to where the light is coming from. then, he smells it again.


Fire leaps up the stairs, the orange flames licking their way up to the final step. then, Pippy screams. her door knob frantically twists and turns, unopening.


<Stand back!> Lor shouts back. He shoulder rams the door. nothing. he tries again. Milly appears in the doorway of Lor's room sleepily. Lor barges the door down, almost falling into a hole in the floor with his momentum. Pippy pulls him back and out of the room as the rest of her room gives way, falling into the bonfire of a first floor.

Lor runs to his window and opens it.

<We need to go now!> Milly wakes up fully. she panics.

<It's too far down!>

<We're only a story up!>

<yeah! a whole story!>

<I've jumped worse> Says Lor, jumping out.

<Lor!> Milly screams. Lor lands on the ground and turns to them

<Jump! I'll catch you!> Pippy does so, remaining silent in fear. Lor sets her down

<Now you Milly!>

<No! You're crazy!>

<Think of it like an adventure!>

<I don't think I like adventures anymore!>

<C'mon Milly!> She screams, flinging herself off the roof, and she lands in Lor's arms.

<There, that wasn't that bad> Lor goes to set her down

<Please don't. please hold me longer...> She faints, a gentle snore being heard.

<Hate to burst your cute moment, but I found Tanra> Lor walks over to where Pippy stands. Tanra sits against a tree, full of stab wounds. his head hangs lifelessly.

<Can you carry her?>


<I know how to use a sword should we need it> Pippy takes Milly from Lor. Lor takes the sword off of Tanra. he also grabs a few Mana crystals from a pouch at Tanra's hip.

The cubs walked the street of the nearby town. they'd been here... before... that happened. now they wandered, not knowing if there was any way to change back.

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 10: Passing time
Skip sifted his hand through the now cold ashes. this had happened days ago. the only remains found had been of the guard escorting them. Skip had a pretty good guess about who the culprit was.


Skip found a bag beneath a beam. the contents were that of any man's bag. bare essentials and... a ring.

In the basket he lay, his side wrapped. he did not dare move. he could feel the pain in his chest. he racked his brain, trying to figure out why he was hurt.

oh. right.

The wagon had been out of control. the axle splintered and shrapnel had penetrated his side. he should have moved. not remain frozen in the wagon's path.

[Samantha?] he called. someone behind him yawned. He felt a lick at his ear.

[You're alive!]

[Wha-where are we?]

[A slave girl got permission from her master to take us in!]

[well that's just lucky. every time I'm ready to die I live] sighed Farren


[Nothing] his stomach growled at him

[there wouldn't happen to be anything to eat, would there? like other than that sorry excuse for meat?]

<there we go> cooed the snow-wolf, gently lifting Farren. he didn't move. to do so would hurt him more. but he could move his head. a smell reached his nose, and a bottle followed. before he knew it he was succling, enjoying himself all the sudden. the wolf gently cooed, making him relax, which was all the difference.

soon, after draining the bottle, she set him down in the basket. her master walked up, sipping her drink.

"How bad is it?"

"He'll be fine once you heal him!" she said optimistically. her master sighed.

"You're lucky I knew your mom" she said, lifting her hand over Farren. blue fog tendriled out of her hand, washing over Farren with waves of warmth.

Lor carefully set the jar down. it's flying contents were dangerous. that little pixie was a hazard. he was lucky to have caught it while it was napping. Lor knew his father had warned him about pixies. but he thought something was off... weren't they usually found over the ocean with others?

Milly aproached him.

<Watcha got there?>


<Ooh! Can I see it?>

<Be careful. don't let it out> he says carefuly handing over the jar. she admires it from many angles, in awe of it's small but pretty body.

<where'd ya find it?>

<by the campfire. thing was taking a nap.>

<What do we do now?> she asks

<Honestly? wish I knew>

Lor slid a mana crystal into his hand, observing it from all sides

<That dosn't look normal> says Milly

<It's not. I beleive it is enchanted to summon an object the user has a special bond with>

<like me for you?> she askes energeticaly

<I beleive it only works with inanimate objects>


<Now who said I'd need a crystal to get in touch with you?> he said, wraping an arm around her and pulling her close

<Try it! I wonder what it'll bring to you!> she said, her happy tone and tail wag returning

<Huh. worth a shot!> he says, using it. to both of their suprise, it summons a guitar. nothin' really fancy, just a standard six string. Lor picks it up, his hands naturaly assuming the position one uses to holds a guitar.

<Is that a guitar?> she asks

<Uh... yeah, I think it is> he plays a few notes. it sounds pretty decent. he begins strumming, words coming to him

<never gunna give up my freedom,

never gunna give up my girl,

Never, ohhhh yeah… never,

Gunna stick with her, yeah I’m not goin anywhere

No! I’m not goin anywhere!

Gunna stick with her, never gunna leave her,

Gunna keep goin’ gonna stay by her side.>

The pixie is laying, head in hands watching Lor with dreamy eyes

up in the trees, a lone figure watches

Damn it! He’s right! No! Don’t let it get to you! You were hired by Achibach for a reason! Remember her… you’re doing this to keep her safe… and for some side cash, to support us. I hope he does his part. It will make things so much easier.

The figure falls quiet as Lor continues his "Serenade"

Farren was snoring, the magic having put him to sleep. Samantha crawled in beside him, having had her meal while Farren was healed. The human goes to her room to begin packing her travel bag, an air of seriousness around her.
"M-miss?" aks the servant

"Yes, Leia?"

"M-may I come with you?"


"The tempoary h-housekeeper Ma'am. I- I don't want to be a-alone with h-him. h-he keeps trying t-to..."

"To what?" she asks, her seriousness fading, concern growing

"G-get in bed with m-me"

"Of course you can come along then! you're not the only one who can't wait for him to leave!"

"Really?" she asked, genuinely surprised

"Yeah! he hasn't even cleaned my room yet today! I suspect he'll say he was at "Market" when he was actualy following you"

"F-folowing me?!"

"That's why I came with you, last thing I need is a litter of wolves"

"But you let me get foxes?" Asked Leia, confused

"Well for one wild wolves or not, wolves get pretty big. foxes on the other hand, specificaly wild ones, don't get all that big"

"Where is it you- I mean, we are going?"

"Investigating a fire a little south of the town, see what happened and what caused it"

"You're a detective?"

"Oh I never told you? I coulda sworn I did...."

"Dosen't matter!" Leia Chrips

"From what I can read I like mysteries!" Her master smiled, giving her a firm scrich behind the ears

"And you'll soon read more if there's anything I have to say about it!" Leia's tail wagged as her master rolled her over, scraching her belly. the door to the room opens.

"Heh, you two never seem to grow up" Remarked the middle-aged snow wolf. Leia got up and gave her a big hug

"Mary! You're back!" she exclaimed

Mary makes eye contact with her master

"Did it work?" asks her master

Mary holds up her wrists. there are no shackles. Leia notices

"What's going on?" she asks

"You're master's gonna have to tap into the family fortune 'cause I'm free but my services ain't!" Mary cheers

"Har har, It's nice to have you back too Mary" she says, pulling Leia close and giving her another scritch.

"alright, I know when I need to leave you two lovebirds alone, I'm gonna go get in uniform"

"hey while you're doing that kick out your temporary replacement! He's creepy as all hell!"

"Oh don't worry, he'll be out faster than he can run out!" she says as she closes the door
Chapter 11: Revisiting Hell

a long while later...

The wolf seemed relatively lost, wandering through the woods until he bumped into her. Pippy was the first to make the connection

<Cat?> she asks the lost wolf

<Yeah? who are you?> he asked, thinking

<I'm Pippy> "Cat" Begins to put things together.

<Pippy!?> Pippy nods vigorously

<Fancy meeting you in a place like this> he says, looking around.

<I could say the same> she says, hugging him

<Why are you out here?> he asked

<I just finished relieving myself, I'm heading back to camp>


<Yeah, I'm traveling with a couple who are gonna help me find Poppy!> she says, beginning the walk back. Cat's attention is drawn to her swishing tail, as well as things within it's proximity

<What have you been up to?> She asks, turning. he quickly diverts his attention

<Just wandering really, after the escape, and getting seperated from you I took on a few odd jobs, scraped enough coin together to acquire a residence>

<Oh? sounds like someone's been educated!>Pippy teases.

He lightly chuckled

<Or tried to be at least>

<Sounds like a story> says Pippy, entering the camp clearing. Milly is sound asleep against Lor, who has himself succumbed to sleep. Pippy yawns

<You wanna take their lead?> she asks

<Sure. when you said couple I imagined they'd be humans>

<Knowing my luck, I'm surprised they aren't> she remarked, taking a seat by the dying fire. she pats the ground beside her.

<Join me?> she asks. Cat sits, leaning against her.

<It's nice to see a familiar face> he said, sighing

They walked down the narrow lane. in an instant Leia could smell the stench of death on the air. the cubs squealed uncomfortably in their basket

"M-miss?" she asked

"Yes, Leia?"

"Is there a spell that prevents me from smelling?"

"What is it you smell?"

"H-horrid things miss" she smiles

"Of course" she runs her hand over leia's nose, forming a filter/barrier over it

"Th-thanks" her master nods

"Anytime" it wasn't long before they reached the main gates. Upon initial analysis, she assumed it was a military compound of sort, the positioning of the watchtowers and high walls having tipped her off. there were the burnt remains of a building, one that had a purpose unknown to her, and the third appearing to be living quarters.

"May you stay here Leia, keep an eye out for me?"

"Y-yes Mistress"

"C'mon, I keep telling you, Elena is fine!" she says as she walks towards the unknown building. what she saw, was more bizarre than docile fox cubs. in the room was loads of enchanted equipment, some still glowing. when she attempted to approach it, a forcefield stopped her. she couldn't find the source of the field, but her attention was drawn by some scattered Keidran documents.

Day 1: 1st Subject proved resilient enough to begin testing: Family support would help.

Day 2: 2nd subject arrived. History: Ambassador w/ more than diplomatic skills. Cover story: exiled for suspected treason. Family: None

Day 5: Due to a scheduling accident the subjects almost met before the designated time: as a result all future experiments need to be scheduled with at least ten minutes apart

Day 7: There has been a breakthrough. after the procedure was complete subjects retained full control.

then she noticed the hastily written message at the bottom, a splatter of blood aside it.

They're here. run. destroy everything. the fail-safe has failed. protect subject 1's family. to whoever reads this, avenge us. we are neutral and this was an unprovoked attack. avenge-

it ended there. she picked up another

"Care of Subjects" it was titled. it listed things such as food and water rationing, as well as grooming methods.

The last page was a sketch, of a fox cub that was unbelievably familiar


Leia shook herself awake. why had she dozed off? before she could ponder why, she noticed two small figures scampering off. she looked to the basket, empty. before she was any wiser she ran off after them.

[Where is it exactly we are going?] asked Smantha

[I have several personal affects I must retrieve, to help better guarantee our survival]

[and what exactly are these "Personal affects"?]

[Come see] he said as he jumped through a broken door. Farren was a man of-well-cub of action. by the time Samantha had entered the room, Farren had his sights on what he needed. grabbing it in his jaw, he threw it to the floor in front of Samantha.

["Keidran Guild Second Commander"] Reads Samantha as Farren leaps up on the bed

[uh-huh] goes Farren, absently-minded. from his perch on the bed he throws down something else. before Samantha can tell what it is, it vanishes in a puff of blue smoke. the badge vanishes as well

[Keidran guild] she repeats aloud

[so you're a spy?] she asks

[not..... entirely]

[oh yeah. and the second in command of the keidran guild just submits himself for random testing?]

[hey, blame the fox caretaker. he told me about it] at that moment Leia entered the room through the shattered remains of the door. she deposits Samantha into the basket, moving to Farren. He is holding something in his jaw. Leia gently takes it.

It's a collar reading, "Farren"

"Farren? is that your name?" Farren nodded enthusiastically. Leia unclasped the collar, running it around Farren's neck

"Where is this?" she asks tha air, finally looking around. it's then she sees the bodies.

A arctic fox mother, and her young boy. pain etched across their faces

Elsewhere at a later time...

The figure watches a tavern room from a distance. He cleans a knife.

<Cat has played his part.>

A human walks up onto the roof from behind the figure

<is it time Bill?> asks the figure

<yes, Flint> Replies Bill

They enter the room quietly, and stick Lor and Milly with sleeping darts

Even later…
Flint is talking with Achibach in a expensively decorated house. Lor is kneeling on the floor. His hands are tied behind his back and his head hangs. As Flint and Achibach continue to talk Lor taps something on the shackle on his wrist. It faintly glows blue

At a K.G. Tavern coverpost

<that’s Skip’s signal, ready to move in Lor?>

<yes sir> Says Lor, wearing the Molarunan armor.

Earlier that day…

Lor, Milly, Cat, and Pippy approach a tavern. as they walk towards it a human bumps into Lor, apologising and walking away. They take seperate rooms, intent on getting rest. As Milly goes to the window, a piece of folded parchment falls out of Lor's fur

What's this? he asks himself. he unfolds it.

"You are being followed. Meet me at the third bath at noon. You MUST come alone. You can trust me. Am part of the keidran guild."

<hey, Milly?>


<I’m gonna go freshen up>


Lor walks out of the room, down the stairs, and into a lower hall. The walls have doors every few feet. he knocks on the one labeled "3". the door opens. steam billows and fogs as he walks in. the door closes behind him.

<Hello?> he calls out

<Insticht?> asks a familiar voice

<Skip?> he asks back

<Yes. I am Skip.> replies the voice

<We didn't burn the cabin.> says Lor, looking around

<Uh-huh. how can you explain having my guitar?>

<Used one of the guard's crystals. summoned it> he says, attempting to look through the fog

<For now, sleep. it is of the upmost importance to your survival. Dad will tell you more> says Skip, casting a spell. Lor falls, in a deep sleep. Skip shudders as he remembers what he has to do next

And now to go sleep with his mate. great.

He departs from the room, leaving Lor behind

A keidran snow-wolf enters the third bath. He pulls Lor onto his shoulder and teleports away. When Lor comes too, Tekka leans over him.

<Gather your strength. there is a long mission ahead>
Chapter 12: Things are never as they may seem
He waited. and waited. and waited.

So far, Achibach had made no move against him. that was uncharacteristic of him. looking around, he sees Achibach and Flint leaving.

Man, if only I knew what made Flint do this

however, before he could ponder it, a female wolf, obviously one of Achibach's, peeked from a door. seeing only Skip, she crept over to him

<You're not part of the guild> says Skip, taking in the apparent lack of scars or wounds on her. she leans into his ear

<He wants to be free. desperately.> Skip scoffs

<Of what? me? My kind?> he remarks, a slight growl edging into his voice

<From himself> While Skip doesn't ask, the confusion echos across his face.

"Lilah!" Exclaims a voice, all too familiar. Achibach's. but it wasn't angry or upset. it was... happy?

"Achibach!" she exclaims cheerfully, accepting his running hug. he quickly pulls her into a kiss, to Skip's confusion. Achibach carreses her cheek

"I managed to barter some free time from my good behavior and not resisting" he says, hugging her hard. Achibach looks to Skip. he reaches out, Skip instantly pulling away from reflex. Achibach grimaces.

"Listen, I never meant for any of that to happen" Skip snorts. Achibach holds up his right hand

"Honest to gods" he says solemnly

"Then what's this mystic you wanna be free from yourself garbage?" He questions, not in the mood for this.

"The truth. if I speak of it I will forfeit everything. she can tell you"

"I don't want your sob story! I want my girl back!" it's too late to take it back, he almost ruined his cover. he's forced to play along with it

"ah yes, the dog" Skip notices the presence of Flint at the door.

What was going on here?


Lor creeps towards the front gate. Templar soldiers patrol, forcing Lor into a bush. the sheer number of them in such a place was unheard of. he was uneasy. would the plan work? woulds the magic shields be weak enough to support a gateway?

He quelled his worries. he'd get to save Milly, that was enough. he checked the jar at his belt. the pixie was dark, appearing to be dead. he snorted as he turned his attention elsewhere. a guard was coming up close, too close.

then, just at the last moment before Lor would have been forced to act, the guard turned. he had dropped something. Lor slowly grabbed it. it was parchment.

"West wing 3rd basement window
-someone you know"

Lor immediately looked back to the guard, who had already vanished into the manorhome's shadows. He took a moment to stop and think: Was it a trap?

meanwhile, in that basement...

Fimitla sat in the corner of her cell. her.... condition had gotten her better treatment than the rest of the prisoners. her vomit removed whatever it was they had fed her. she could barely hold anything down, so they ended up infusing nutrients into her water. not the tastiest, but it kept her alive.

Milly stumbled down the stairs, hands bound. she felt nauseous as she descended into the dark.

"You all right miss?" asked the guard escorting her. she merely growled in reply. she was led into a cell, occupied only by a female fox. The fox's nose twitched.

<Skip?> she asked absent-mindedly. Milly sat beside her.

<I'm Milly>

<You smell like Skip> said Fimitla, waking up a bit more

<Who is Skip?> Asks Milly

<My boyfriend> she replied, her eyes drawn to her stomach

<He wouldn't happen to be the prince of Molaruna now would he?> asks Milly

<You know him?> asks Fimitla, getting a little excited

<Well- I know one of him>

<Skip's Twin? Lor?>

<Yeah! that's the one!> Fimitla sighs

<How long have you been here?> asks Milly, concerned

<Months.> before Milly can reply, there is the sound of shattering glass. there is shouting as a guard runs down the stairs and into the room.. in the blink of an eye he falls, the tell-tale fwip! of a crossbow bolt giving away his demise. Keidran guards rush in, securing the stairs.

A rather old fox approaches the cage.

<Tekka?> asks Fimitla, mustering up the strength to get up and stumble to the front of the cage.

<Yes dear. how are you feeling?> she quells the sudden urge to vomit

<Like a mother> she says, rubbing her slightly rounded stomach. She could see Tekka's face light up in the dim room.

<let's get you two out of here> he says, waving his hand over the lock.


Leia SCREAMED, grabbing the cubs and running out of the room. her terrified dash is stopped by a sword at her throat

<who are you and why are you here?> asks the fox at the other end of the sword

<I-I’m with my master>

<Where is he?>

<Sh-She’s in that building> she said, pointing

Farren yawned

<he yours?> asked the fox, pointing

<I found him in the streets>

The Keidran sheaths his sword and walks for the lab

<what was that about… uh… you have a name?> she called. she got no reply as he ducked through the destroyed door.

Elena left moments after the fox entered, looking back at the room. she grabs Leia's hand, pulling her along.

"we need to get out of here!" she says, picking up her pace into a run

"What is wrong?" asks Leia through panting breaths

"More than my pay grade supports!" she says, focusing enough to teleport. they collapse in Elena's bedroom. the cubs roll out of the basket and into the wall. Farren groans as he musters up his strength.

[Flop? so you finally came to see me, did ya?] he says to himself

[Flop?] asks Samantha, groaning as she got to her paws

[that fox was Flop, my brother]

[what kind of a name is Flop?]

[one not he or I liked]

"What was wrong there?" asks Leia

"Some sorta lab that was attacked"

"So that's whey there were bodies..." says Leia

"Bodies?" asks Elena

"A-An arctic fox and her b-boy" Elena looks to the cubs, who look back. Farren cocks his head, letting his tongue hang out. he sneezes. Elena shrugs it off, examining the paper in her hand.

"Have Mary put the house on alert, just in case"

"Y-yes Miss Elena!" says Leia, running off. Elena closes the door magically. she gets down to eye level with Farren

"You're not really a cub, are you?"

Yip! he replied. Samantha yawned, curling up. Farren joined her, letting out a little coo as Elena stroked his back. she didn't know how long or why she stayed there, but only remembered Leia moving her to her bed.

when she woke, all was quiet, too quiet

"Leia?" she called out, concerned.

she heard no reply. she looked to the floor where the cubs had been. they were not there. suddenly something whimpered behind her. she turned, to see Samantha crouched behind her, scared.

"What?" Smantha pointer her snout towards the door. it was slightly ajar. Elena slowly got out of bed, grabbing an old cane as a club. she crept into the hall. there was nothing. she slowly made her way to the stairs. looking down them, Mary and Leia were tied together, gagged. a wolf entered from the kitchen, a armfull of valuables in his well- arms!

he deposited his loot in a sack, returning to the kitchen. Elena recognized the wolf: It was the temporary caretaker! she crept down the stairs, wary of any noise. it was then that all hell broke loose.

First, the next stem made a resounding creak! in the deathly silent home. the thief rushed out, to see Elena on the stairs. before he could do anything however, Farren had leaped onto his head. the wolf yowled as fox claws dug into his face.

Leia and Mary broke free from their restraints, Mary rushing the thief. a kick sent her back into a wall, knocking her out. the thief pulled Farren off his face and into a death grip. the thief pulled a knife

"Anyone makes a move and the fox gets it!" Farren let out a low growl

"Quiet you little-" he is cut off by a horrifying sound. the sound of his loot being dragged away by Leia.

"Oi! Give it back or I start cutting toes!" He says, brandishing the knife by Farren's foot. Leia slowly obliges. Farren's growl grows loud.

"Shut up!" he says, holding the knife to Farren's throat. Farren doesn't stop. instead, he gets louder. the thief, not wanting to lose his leverage, is forced to take back his death threat.

his loss.

Farren soon began to glow blue, crackling with an energy. The thief panicked, but too slowly. Farren released a shockwave, blasting the thief into a wall and knocking him out. Farren collapsed into a heap, unconscious. Smantha ran down the stairs to him, very concerned.

Leia ran to Mary, to find her okay.

Elena ran to the thief, binding him magically.

"Are you two okay?" she asked, running to Leia and Mary. Leia simply nodded, Mary giving a thumbs up

Samantha yipped loudly. Elena kneeled beside Farren, who had to begin to whimper unintelligibly.


The door clicked open, a welcome relief for Fimitla. Tekka called a soldier over for her to lean on.

<Get her out of here>

<We can't sir. the gateway won't open>

<Damn! secure the area and keep. her. safe.>

The soldier nods

<Lor!> calls Tekka. Lor hops through the broken window. Milly, upon seeing him, hugs him

<What's with the fancy get-up?> she asks

<I have some justice to uphold> he says, unsheathing Sheildbreaker

Suddenly, Achibach was on the floor. he clutched his head. unintelligible screams bounced off the walls as he spasmed.

He stopped. He got up.

"Leave us, filthy animal" he growled at Lihla. she did so, very fast.

Skip scoffs.

"So you gonna launch into some rant while-" he is cut off before he can finish.

There was a clunk as Skip hit the floor. his body limp, his eyes showing no color

Achibach was smug, at least until....

The door flew off the hinges, almost knocking him down. when he recovered, he realized he should have just stayed down.

The fox shouted in a tongue that was indistinguishable, but it's affect was obvious.

His hold on the boy began to fail

"Manipulative [censored]!" shouted Lor, charging. he merely closed his eyes and held his arms out, knowing he would not truly die.


He opened his eyes to see the sword on the floor, Lor kneeling beside Skip. with his dying link, he picked up the sword, brandishing it over Lor. it swung down and-


The figure swore as he began to return to his form from the black and murky depths of dark magic

Achibach fell to the floor, a leg gone.

"Good riddance" he said, surveying the limb that had once been the center of control. Lihlah rushed in, casting a spell that stopped the further loss of blood.

Lor got up slowly, growling. in his anger he took the jar off his belt, chucking it against a wall.

~well that's not a nice way to treat your pets~ said the dragon, emerging from the remains of the jar.

Achibach gaped. Lihla kneeled beside Skip.

"Chill! He's alive!"

"That's not why I'm mad." said Lor bluntly, looking away.

~The fiend has shattered his mind~ said the dragon, approaching. Achibach groaned

"Used me as a frickin' meat shield so the magic wouldn't kill him"

"Then why are you alive?" Growled Lor, drawing threateningly close

"I didn't cast it." he said, taking up position beside Skip

"Dragon?" asks Achibach

~yes mortal?~

"You can fix this."

~Why should I?~

<Because you are Lady Nira! The dragon indebted to Kind Sword. May I remind you that I am his ancestor! You WILL help!> Growled Lor, picking up Sheildbreaker.

Nira sighed.

~Helping him may very well kill you~

<Then so be it!> he growled in reply

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 13: Backstory
not really chapter 13, but I hope it suffices

Am still not better! Deploy distraction!

This is one of the multiple mini stories I have come up with for the Stranded and Forgotten universe, none of the following characters are main characters for SAF
His ears rang. everyone always said after battle the silence is deafening- they could never have been more correct. he thought, waiting for the secretary to let him in.
Just a few short days ago he'd been hurt-or really just re-injured. expecting his commander's usual BS of "Just because you're hurt doesn't mean you can't fight! Get your a** back to the front!", he was surprised to find a new commander in the chair, one who readily sent him home: though under rather awkward circumstances
His hometown had been occupied at some point, so it was under Furred control. a few weeks before his injury, he'd been given a letter by a dying enemy officer that would allow him to return. why the officer did this, he had no clue.

{Ms. Vonremer will see you now} said the secretary, opening the door. He thanked her with the little Furred he knew, reaching for his crutches. He forced himself up, wary of his right foot. Ms. Vonremer was a wolf, clearly rather accustomed to humans coming through here
The "Interview" went about as I thought. standard protocol, procedures, and information about daily life right now. I was astonished to hear there was no curfew in effect. when the interview was over, she asked one final question in her rough Human
"How did you... acquire this letter of passage?"
"Offered a dying man a good drink and chat in his final hours" she nodded, releasing me. As I left the building, I found myself in a strange world. all around the town I had once known there were guards, some of which were giving me a rather nasty side eye. I turned, preparing to head for my apartment.
I instead proceeded to trip someone with one of my crutches. She dropped her bags.
"I'm so sorry, let me help you with that" I said, helping her to her paws. I kneeled down, picking up the bag. When I got up and turned, I was a little freaked out. she was staring at me, mouth slightly agape as she appeared to be thinking.
"Miller? Miller Howell?" she asked.
"Uh yeah" I stammered, extending a hand. she took it gracefully, yet excitedly
"It's me! Janet Smalls! From Middle School!" she said, practically shaking my arm off
I was at a loss for words-I usually was these days-or any day for that matter.
"Clearly still as shy as ever!" She said, hugging me. I was taken a little off guard.
"S-sorry 'bout tripping you, I'm still new to these things!" I said, waving one around in emphasis. she'd changed so much over the years. her ears have sharpened, her fox lineage topping them with black fur. I'm not very good with words, so I'll just say that she's become a beautiful woman since those days.
"Taking in the sights soldier boy?" she asked, playfully giving her dress a flick
"You've just grown up so much" I stammered, blushing.
"I could say the same" She said, finally taking the bag from my arms. she glanced at a watch on her wrist.
"I should probably get going. My sis is probably waiting for dinner" she said, still smiling
"Well I'd offer to walk you home, but I've got crutches and we know how your dad is around humans" she looked at the ground.
"He... died a few weeks ago, fighting at the front" I felt dizzy.
"A-are you okay?" she asked, looking at my stricken face. I clumsily reached into my breast pocket, fumbling to remove it's contents
"I-I had no clue it was him..." I muttered, handing her the blood-stained envelope.
"Who?" she asked, looking concerned
I gulped
"That letter is from your father's final minutes"
"You killed him?!" she asked, a hint of anger and mistrust in her voice
"No nononononono! I killed the guy who killed him, though my superiors insisted I killed him and gave me a goddamn medal" she finally tore her attention from me, staring at the envelope.
"We best take this someplace quiet" I said, wrapping an arm around her. Despite what I'd thought she would do, she lets it stay. We stumbled to a local bar, getting side-eyed by the soldiers inside. I ordered 2 drinks as she sat in a booth in a corner. as she lightly sipped her drink she smiled, reading the letter.
"Have you read it?" she asked once she was done
"No, wasn't mine to read"
"You should," she said, ordering another drink. I obliged, taking the letter from her hand
Dear children, it began
You already know what this letter is about, I have no doubt. I have my deepest hope that it reaches you safely.

On the Fifth of March, this year, I have been fatally wounded. Yet here I sit, in the company of an enemy who is sharing drinks and stories with me. I'd never thought I'd see young Mr. Howell again. And to believe I had taken you away from him Janet, all those years ago. I hope that he is the one to deliver this letter, not a man who looted his corpse

Being away and facing an enemy has allowed me time to reflect on my actions, and I regret them. Not all humans are bad, as shown by Mr. Howell's hospitality in these final moments.

I Love you Girls, and I always will

"That's... a lot" I manage to say, taking a drink. She extended her hand across the table. me, being less than smart, handed her the letter. she chuckled, saying
"You're supposed to take my hand silly!"
"oh-oh yeah" I stuttered, taking her hand in mine
"Still as clueless as ever" she said, smiling as she looked deep into my eyes. I looked back, seeing the sparkle in hers.
Her phone chimed, breaking the moment. I couldn't help but laugh
"We have phones, internet, portable computers- yet we still fight with 50-year-old guns!"
"Well, I guess that is true" she said, her phone chiming again
"Ugh, it's Grace. I need to get going" she said, clearly not wanting to.
"Well I'd offer to walk you there, but I'd only slow you down" I said, forcing myself out of my seat. I hobbled over to the counter, paying for our drinks. When I turned to say goodbye, she was right in front of me.
"uh...." I had no clue what was going on. she leaned toward me, depositing a kiss. By the time I came to my senses, she was smiling as she walked out of the bar. I rubbed my cheek, her lipstick having well- stuck!
For the first time in at least a year,
I smiled
In my practically drunken stupor, I managed to make my way to the apartment building. I called the elevator. when it arrived I got in, passing a black wolf. he turned, and I held the elevator door open with a crutch
"Evening' Carl"
it only took a month!:

Chapter 13: Backstory
<No!> Cried Milly

She ran to Lor

<I don't want you to go!> she said, wrapping her arms around him. Milly begged and cried

<Don't leave me!>

<Hey hey hey> he says, cuping her chin so she looks him in the eyes

<She said maybe, not insured death. besides....> he says, turning back to Skip as a exhausted Fimitla collapsed beside him.

<I owe it to him, and to his family, to at least try>

~And "Kill him" is not necessarily the best of terms. more like... fuse with him, into the same body~ says Nira awkwardly

<oh yeah, like that's any better> replied Milly sarcastically. Tusk runs by a door, coming back when he sees through it.

<Over here boys!> he waves, instructing some soldiers. they carry their stretcher into the room, gently setting it and it's occupant down. Tekka lay, at the end of his life.

for a few moments no-one says anything.

"Tekka? sir?" asked Achibach, crawling to Tekka's side

"Finally free, eh?" manages Tekka, before breaking into a coughing fit

"was wonderin' when you guys were gonna show up" he said, almost smiling.

"You knew?!" growled Lor

"I had Lihla deliver a message" said Achibach, cutting Tekka off. Tekka's eyes seemed to thank Achibach for cutting him off.

Achibach looked down.

"He... did it" Tekka said nothing in reply.

~as much as I'm sure there is stuff to be said right now, if you guys want him back you're going to have to make some sort of action soon. I'm sure we all know that there will be reinforcements coming~ Said Nira.

{Milly...} says Lor, taking her hand.

{Lor...} she replies, pulling him close

{You just can't do this!} she says, pulling away

{But I have too}

{No you don't! what did he do that would make you want to risk sacrificing yourself for him?!}

{If not for him, that'd be me on the floor}


{Yesterday, when I went to freshen up... we switched places. he had a tracker that led us here} he says, nervously scratching the back of his head

Milly's face goes beet red

{C-crap! he p-played the part w-well!} she says, continuing to blush

~you gonna help or not Lor? there's no point in me setting it up if you're not going to~ says Nira, looking out a window

{Set it up}

Lor turned to see who had spoken.

It was Milly. she looked him deep in the eye

{You better come out of it fine}

{I'll do my best} he kneeled beside Tekka

{Think you can hold on?}

{A-as long as it takes to see both my sons alive and well} he manages before Tusk has to wipe away the blood

A few tense and quiet minutes pass before Nira says:

~It is ready~

Elena gingerly picked up farren

"Leia?" asks Elena quietly

"Y-yes Miss?"

"Could I trouble you and Mary to check the inns for that fox we bumped into? he might know something" Leia simply nods, running to Mary to relay the instructions

"And get a soldier in here to drag this idiot out!" she called as Mary and Leia departed. still holding Farren, she went back up the stairs.

she looked at the shelf at the top. the thief had already ransacked it. she went down to the sack, routing through it. her hand drew out a green gem, shapes similar to dragons entwined around it. she kneeled down to Samantha, who had followed her

Never thought in all my years I'd actually see if this thing worked, she thinks to herself

Samantha cocked her head, curious of the gem


Leia really disliked this place. fights all the time, and the soldiers did nothing about it. weaving her way through the carnage and unconsious figures, she made her way to the owner.

"I'm looking for a fox. He staying here?" a hand tapped her shoulder. she turned

"You looking for me?" asked Flop.

"Yes sir"


"I was told to get you. the cubs-er-cub did something weird"

"Weird?" he asked, raising an eyebrow

"He used magic"

Gears turned in Flop's head.

"he didn't happen to have collar reading Farren, did he?"

"He... does"

"Well then," said Flop, tossing his room key on the counter

"Time to see dear old brother"

"Excuse me? brother?" she asked, confused

"My older brother" said Flop, with a smirk

"What? but he's a cub" she said, even more so confused

"Well, it wasn't exactly medicine they were making there" he said, crossing his arms without losing the smirk. he can see the confused look on her face.

"I can't explain it here. it's classified intel"

"This week gets crazier and crazier" mumbles Leia, becoming for Flop to follow. They leave the inn, and walk out into the cold air of the north. Flop shivers a little bit.

"You okay there soldier?" asks Leia

"I'm fine, just used to warm, sunny days" Leia pulled him against her. she really began to notice just how small he was- or really how big she was. She was amazed at the height difference between wolves and foxes.

at first Flop protested her move, but quickly gave in as a snow-filled gust blew at them. this inn was a ways away from the estate, so it made for a long walk.

"Have any family?" he asked

"Just my master and the housekeeper. what about you?"

"Well, there's my brother Farren and then my wife back home."

"That's nice"

"Well- technically we're not married yet. set to be when I get back"

"How'd you even end up out here?" She asked

"Was supposed to be a routine check-in. clearly, someone else had gotten there before me"

"Did you know what they were doing?"

"I had some notion, but I think I know now" the silence resumed as their paws crunched in the snow.

It always amazed Leia how beautiful it was out here. The pines coated in white blankets, the small cottages with smoke coming out of their chimneys. even the small shack nestled under a ledge seemed cute and like it had always been there.

A glare caught her eyes as the sun began to rise. it painted the snow with lovely colors, a beautiful blend of orange and purple

"What's Farren like-when he's not a cub"

"Honestly? I don't know. we haven't crossed paths in a while. last I saw of him he was prepping to sail off on his newly won ship. I mean, sure he wrote, but we haven't actually seen each other"

"well- what do you remember of him before then?"

"Well for starters he was young, and if memory serves me right, protective. wouldn't let go of me till I enlisted"

"What of your parents?"

"He had 'em. from what he's let slip when he was drunk, my mom was just someone dad met in a bar, and she left the day after I was born. dad-well- it was the only time I think I ever looked up to him"

"Oh-oh. s-sorry"

"it's okay. I've never really talked with anyone about it anyways"

"I hardly even knew my mom... she died not long after I was born. dad..."

"He left?" asked Flop

"Honestly? I don't think he was even around. funny world these days"

"Yes... funny world" they fall into an awkward silence again. at the sight of an incoming patrol, Flop quickly takes a cloak from his bag and wraps himself in it. it's not thick, so it does nothing against the cold. instead, it hides him from the suspicious humans.

"Price on your head?"

"No. that base was run entirely by foxes. I stick out like a sore thumb here"

"Fair" says Leia, giving a guard a friendly wave.
My aunt is better, but my computer decided to conk out on saturday and for at least 2 weeks I won't be able to access the file with chapter 14 in it

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Lonelyauthor1ofof3 wrote: Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:43 pm I'm gonna work on re-writing the story, so on monday Chapter 1 and 2 will be re-written, and so will chapter 3.
Wait with re-writing it until the original is done.

I am also very eager to do a lot of retconning in my story here in the story board. Names, ages, distances and locations and even some species, and I am not certain about an item that was mentioned in one of the first chapters and now is mentioned again in the chapter I'm currently writing, but that all has to wait.
That item suddenly is... a hand-held weapon against armor. I have to do some research about what it's supposed to be.
Write first, edit later. Especially when it's just 3 chapters.

And don't worry about a schedule. I just write whenever I'm bored enough to think about it. And then get lost on the internet reading and watching YouTube videos about Roman and medieval warfare and weapons, clothing, shoes, watermills and so on. And nothing is written.

And be glad you know what the characters look like. I don't even know the hair color of the protagonist in my story :mrgreen: (I only know that he isn't bald, and has no beard, and only 'natural' colors for everyone, nothing like blue, green or purple)
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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Actually, fun fact, I have already concluded their story, and am working on a close to done sequel.

And if you're curious, when I make characters, I toy with them in my mind, making tweaks when needed, but never making the face, leaving that up to the reader's imaginations,

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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The prologue and first chapter are 100% done as of right now, and chapter two is in development
(And Neutral Smith, I will politely say that while we all have a basic idea for the length of a chapter, it is not a standardized law)

new chapter every Monday!

and in other news Stranded And Forgotten's (SAF) first comic page should be out (Hopefully) by the end of the year!

(You may have noticed that I also refined the chapter index! You're welcome! :mike: )

also, here is the wonderfully talented artist!

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Sorry, but I have to drop the story(Again).

pc problems are to frequent to enable sufficient progress, and my imagination is straight hooked on a completely new one atm and I don't wanna lose it


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