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Wow-hello there! I finally sat down and read the web comic... devoured it all in about a week! (might have spent a few hours at work doing it too haha) What a delightful whirlwind of awesome! I thought I'd find out what kind of community there was for this awesome comic!

I've gone by Dezmodian for a couple of decades now, probably a little under half my life heh. I'm 40 [he/him], but I don't think I'll ever really grow up... no point! Currently living in New Mexico, but I think my heart is still in Alaska where I grew up through high school, and then again a few more years later in life. Got lucky with a new job as an "eLearning Developer" here, working on creating/supporting online education material for the medical industry. But what I really love working on is my creative stuff: digital art and writing.

The story of TwoKinds drew me in pretty quickly... kept reading, and I couldn't put it down! I love watching progression art too, and having already seen years of TwoKinds art on DeviantArt, it was awesome to watch the talent progress!! I haven't followed a webcomic in years, so this was such a joy heh.

Pleasure to meet ya :karen:
Four decades old, still not planning on growing up! :nora:

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Re: Hello!

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Welcome! Don't feel old, I'm also 40.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up isn't.

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Re: Hello!

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Hello Mr Dez

This quaint little phpbb based corner of the internet salutes you!

The more the merrier no matter the age. But if you want to feel old i have crunched some numbers on the average TK fan age.

Happy foruming!
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