Some of my Art

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Some of my Art

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This is "that one" piece I think everyone has heh; older, but still inspires you. This is one of the first (and still few ><) pieces I've actually completed with details and background, and that was back in 2013... my first digital one. I look back on this now and see I haven't really developed my skill very well over all this time. So... from some old guy to you: just do it-spend the time and just go for it ;)

Spending time playing games n'such is easy, but I've found I really regret not spending more on the creative stuff! Taking a chance on an art college instead of computer science... wish I'd done that too.

Anyway! *kicks the soapbox off the stage* Since catching up with TwoKinds and being completely inspired by the story *and* the art, think I'll get back on that! Till then, here is my "that one piece" I still feel amazed with actually completing heh:

Dez'rin-shei: The Void Valkyrie ... -347999142

Tigers are awesome! I've always loved their stripes... I think that might have been one very common draw for fans of Flora! This was a small Minecraft community art contest for one page of their 2022 calendar (didn't win, came close, but lost to some cute cats lol). ...might have to so some TwoKinds fanart with tigers hehehe
8BC 2022 Calendar Contest Entry ... -872054127

Dragons. I need to do more with dragons! For as often as I plaster them all over my social media pages, I sure haven't done enough of them! That needs to change! hehe
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