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#1 Post by Stiener »

Yep, I'm new here, so Howdy!
This has probably been answered previously the Wiki, the map of Mekkan has the East/West reversed on the Basiden island. Was this mistake or another "Database Error"?

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Re: Stiener

#2 Post by Hayate »

Hello and welcome to the forum! There is actually a story behind why the island is backwards like that. I believe it’s even mentioned in the comic itself. However I’m sure you’ll be able to find more info if you take the time to poke around the forum! Just don’t drink the water…
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Re: Stiener

#3 Post by Bellhead »

Oof. Yeah. The water. Best to... stay away from that.

Also, hmm... I don't think the reason for that is ever mentioned in-comic, though I seem to remember it mentioned in side-art at some point. It has definitely been discussed within these hallowed halls, though. If you feel lazy, however,
Spoiler! The (semi) official Basidian Island story
East and West Basitin have been at war since ever, and both sides truly enjoy it. So much so, that if one side gains an advantage, the other will back off and let them recuperate. But at one point in history, they each launched an all-out attack on each other's capital at the same time, and simultaneously lost control of their own. Rather than trade back, they just stuck with it.
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Re: Stiener

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Hello this quaint phpBB based corner of the internet salutes you!

You already have been welcomed by mods and our veterans so i will simply add:
Happy foruming! We may not be many but we are a friendly bunch

Regarding your question:
Yes what Gen. Bellhead said. They were at war with each other, they are quite the bloodthirsty cougar/hare hybrid, and eventually switched bases. Though it also has been mention no Basitin really likes to talk about the incident
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