Will there ever be plushies?

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Will there ever be plushies?

#1 Post by Ghost1596 »

Hey I am just curious if there will ever be plushies or stuff animal like available not now but maybe future?Thanks...

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Re: Will there ever be plushies?

#2 Post by Bellhead »

*Digs through comic board...* .. aaaand... Behold! The Kickstarter Thread! Tom did this kickstarter.. What? Around two and a half years ago, I think? Time sure flies doesn't it..? Anyway: The final goal, which was met, was indeed Twokinds Plushies, with an undefined due date.

So yeah, there will probably be plushies at some point in the future, but exactly when I cannot be sure.
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Re: Will there ever be plushies?

#3 Post by Vintage »

I'd certainly pay for a plushie or two. I did notice that in the kickstarter a while back.
(which we do have to admit, was pretty ambitious of Tom)
But I sadly am really expecting them for at least a [randomnumber]year[/randomnumber] or so.
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Re: Will there ever be plushies?

#4 Post by Fletchett »

I would buy the whole collection. And I have always wanted to give Keith a bro hug :keith:

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Re: Will there ever be plushies?

#5 Post by Null42x86 »

Yea, i would love to have a plushie of kat
I think that tom sould make the plushies announcements when the stuff is already in plan
because the plushies are more delayed than the (2) and (5) trains

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Re: Will there ever be plushies?

#6 Post by Turaiel »

Thread locked for necroposting.
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