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The Jokes Thread

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We have the "the what made you smile" board but what about jokes? I've seached high and low and found no trace of humor on this forum condensed into a single thread of puns and knock knock jokes.

This must be remedied.

Please post your joke here. Also accepted are puns, witticisms, humorous observations, and other comedic content. Please avoid blatant lifting of material from another source (comedians, books, movies, TV, podcasts, radio, etc.) as plagiarism runs rampant in comedy and the material may be copyrighted and subject to permission as per forum rules. Inspiration is one thing, infringement is another. Some jokes are public domain. PM mods with questions.

Please also follow forum rules before posting jokes. You can read the forum rules on the ranting board for a comprehensive list of rules. Please PM mods with any questions after this.

The rules for this thread (forum rules supercede mine)

No blue humor here, no racist, sexist, homophobic jokes, and also do try not to curse or use profanity. Don't make jokes at other's expense. Don't mock furries, other forum members, or moderators. Don't make jokes about drugs, abuse of any kind, suicide, homicide, any 'cide except geometry or food sides. Keep it light, keep it PG, and most importantly keep it real. Have fun.

I'll start.

Why do criminals tend to speak only briefly?
Criminals hate long sentences.
I'll cross the road and cluck with you.

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