[Long-Term RP] Hello + Looking for a tomboy character

Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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[Long-Term RP] Hello + Looking for a tomboy character

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Hello and welcome to my first post on this forum. I Am not good at introductions so I'll get to the point.

I am looking to do a long-term roleplay in which you will be playing as a playful tomboy tiger, with a beefy build, (meaning you will be playing a female role) who is smarter than she makes herself out to be and has a knack for teasing. The idea being that she was raised to be a hand-to-hand combat specialist.

My character, a small fox, who is shy (or rather lacks experience communicating with others) and has an interest learning magic and other things such as geeky board games the like. He has a big heart but has trouble communicating what he means.

The idea being that the 2 characters would develop their relationship, whether we start them as friends or stangers is your preference, that would eventually turn into an adventure roleplay as we go with the both of us throwing in our own ideas to further progress the story.

I do have starters though I am open to other scenarios and/or characters that you think would better fit a story and i am willing to take comments and/or constructive criticism.

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