Twokinds RP (Unofficial RP)

Play around with roles and whatnot in here, I suppose.

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Twokinds RP (Unofficial RP)

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Here are the rules:
  • Standard Forum rules
  • If you are going to join, please be ready to commit at least a little.
  • Please talk to me (the GM) AND the player if you plan to maim/kill/injure their character.
  • For dialogue, please place your message in quotations.
  • For things going on inside your character's head, please place it in italics (and single-quotations, if possible!)
  • Do not metagame, please
  • Cursing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum. No racial slurs or words deemed unacceptable by the Forum rules!
  • If you wish to share information privately with the GM (me), feel free to DM me!
  • Please keep any rivalries that are OOC between yourselves, and don't let it ruin the RP. Any INRP rivalries are okay, as long as the other rules are followed.
  • Please make this a nice environment for the other players. No one likes it when that guy does that one thing! (You all know what I mean.)
If you are interested in joining, please send me a DM and I will provide you with the forms and stuff to create and play your character!

I hope that this will be a fun and enjoyable campaign for everyone!
Fælix Drakes

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