Twokinds Governments

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Twokinds Governments

#1 Post by goldgardian » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:47 pm

So still working away at my lovely little D&D homebrew for Twokinds, and I'm wondering/wanting clarification about a few things related to the various governments, rulers and organisations

How exactly is the Human Kingdom run? (other than very poorly for letting the Templar take control)

What's the deal with the western/eastern Basitin? are they at odds? allies? the same kingdom, just westerners are looked down upon and treated as second class citizens?

Thanks to Reni, we know that Dragons have a princess, so by that logic, they must have a king/queen/kingdom? how does that figure in?

The Templar were once just a really prominient mage's guild, so how do guilds work exactly? just like in the times of yore?

Keidran life:
Wolves, dogs and foxes live in villages and towns, hidden away in the forest and such, while tigers are nomads? or are the foxes (basing this from Mike's little vision of himself running around with a spear and loincloth, back when he and Evals where discussing being freed) more nomadic as well? do they farm? or are they a more hunter-gather style society

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