Is side art considered cannon?

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Is side art considered cannon?

#1 Post by Shar »

We have seen a LOT of side art and side comics that seem to be canonised. The stuff with bruits, the fox in the bastian islands, stuff with nibly being able to change, Pixie panic and the Masquerade.

Is side art cannon? Are the side comics cannon?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but i didn't know where to ask this question and jumping back in only to see so many references i had to ask.

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Re: Is side art considered cannon?

#2 Post by Yastreb »

The reference sheets and The Dragon Masquerade are canon unless stated otherwise, other art is not. Also this probably belongs to the FAQ board.

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Re: Is side art considered cannon?

#3 Post by Hayate »

Yastreb wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:51 pmAlso this probably belongs to the FAQ board.
It is in the FAQ board...
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Re: Is side art considered cannon?

#4 Post by Bellhead »

From what I understand, the side art and side comics are designed moreso to provide an insight as to how characters would act in a given situation, but didn't actually happen. With the exception of TDM, anyway. As for side art, Yastreb's right. Character sheets only.

Everything else can be considered to be like a voice actor doing voice requests; more like "Hey can I see this situation?" and my personal theory is that Tom has been using that as a way to improve their characterization, especially with Brutus and Clovis, but the only evidence we have of that is how Clovis killed him, so it's a pretty big leap.
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Re: Is side art considered cannon?

#5 Post by Turaiel »

I believe almost all of the side art is entirely non-canon. SOME of the lore stuff (i.e. Willow's past) MIGHT be canon, but that particular example doesn't matter since the comic she's in was canceled.

It's best if you just assume it's non-canon.
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