Natani's & Zen's link, and learning

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Natani's & Zen's link, and learning

#1 Post by AmigaDragon »

With their link, if one were to learn something (like human or basitin language), would it be easier or just as difficult for the other to learn it as it would learning normally from someone else?

I realize that one of the pair learning something wouldn't automatically mean the other knows. For example, Natani knows magic but I've never seen any evidence of Zen casting spells, just Natani casting through him (illusion, with crystals in his possession).
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Re: Natani's & Zen's link, and learning

#2 Post by amenon »

Zen also knows more Humanese than Natani does.

I don't think this is conclusively answerable, but I would have to imagine it would be easier? At least, it feels like it should be easier for one of them to teach something they know to the other, than for the other to learn it from some third party, just for telepath-y reasons if nothing else. (Probably faster communication, sharing memories is possible... and say Zen was teaching Natani vocabulary or something, wouldn't he just be able to tell if Natani got something or not?)
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