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Hidden Peacefull Community

#1 Post by Hulk10 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:48 am

Suppose you wanted to build a community where humans, Keidran and Basitins could live together in peace, where in Mekkan would you build something like that?

Personally I think anywhere in the two mountain ranges that border the Wolf and Tiger Keidran Territories. As seen here in the map Image
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Re: Hidden Peacefull Community

#2 Post by PanClovek » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:33 pm

Are we assuming lyn'knoll doesn't exist ?

Here's my 2 cents.
First, can a city really be hidden ? It can't be hidden to the point where nobody knows about it because there would be no inhabitants and if not hidden enough it will be a matter of time before one of the countries takes over the city. Set on already claimed territory it will be just a matter of time before it gets found, unless some spell will be used to protect it. You could also choose unclaimed territories but they aren't too friendly for life.

Let's look at the options:
Option 1: "Sovereign hidden city, no magic spells to hide it" - you will need to prepare to fend off attackers until they hopefully give up and let you be. I'd check out the marble tower ( frozen wastes ) and whitefield ruins ( top line of snow wolf-human border ) See how defendable are those points and choose one, then you'd need an army. I can see how it could work but marble tower is set in an unfriendly climate and whitefield ruins are on human territory.

Option 2: " Hidden, magic spells protecting it" the only concern would be accesibility, i'd set it around wreathwood ( mark 8 on map ) or foxhunt , it would be near 3 races + easy access by sea for tiger keidran and bastins ( snow wolves would need some ships/peace with forest wolves or risk it by traveling through the forest wolves territories ), then do something like the Diagon Alley from Harry Potter ( knock on a brick to enter or whatever ) and i'd set up a secret police force making sure no keidran gets enslaved around the place and no human gets killed. There :)

Option 3: "Dependent, not-fully-autonomous, public knowledge city, no magic to hide it" The most realistic one of all. The first problem that comes to mind is that the territory owners would have to somehow agree for this community to form or... be formed through revolution ? New political party centered around open borders? Sorry, that just couldn't work and even if it did it wouldn't take much for it to backfire. Maybe the city would be the main base of some movement for world peace ? Something like the Vatican City ?

Issues for option 3:
- Needs to be accesible for the different races ( sort of safe travel ),
If it's anything other than the human or bastin territory some negotiations will be needed.

List of possible territories, basically the inhabitants need to feel safe within the borders of said country ( in order from the worst to best place ), at the end i give an example of an exact location within that territory:
7. Human territory - many keidran will hesitate about coming there (slavery). Around Edinmire / Wreathwood
6. Forest wolf - humans don't trust them and they don't trust them either ( war ), it would take some time before the relations between them return to normal, I'm not choosing them because I find it highly unlikely they would agree to set up something like that. Otherwise it's a good spot, they even have docks. Area around Foxhunt
5. Eastern Basitins - Knowing them it would take a lot to convince them to make this city happen and even then would the people want to live there ? There's a constant threat of war with the western basitins and city would be involved whether they like it or not. Anywhere within territory
4. Western Basitins - Easier to convince than the other guys but there's a constant threat of war. Anywhere within territory
3. Snow wolf - bad relations with forest wolves, otherwise neutral and as far as i know have much space to share and resources for it, problems are that they are far from other races and that they don't appear to even have any docks so they would have to build some. Near Ridgegate, by the west sea
2. Fox tribes - Not much space they can share, no idea if the tribes would agree to something like that but I think it would be a boost for their economy if they did and it's accesible for other races. Anywhere within territory
1. Tigers - Neutral with everyone as far as I know, could use another city and they seem pretty tolerant and there's easy acces for other races but... I kinda feel like it would be too easy to just choose tigers. :roll: If lyn'knoll exists they definetly don't need 2 of them. Next to " minor feline clans" or where lyn knoll is

?. Discover some islands and make a settlement there

Whatever the "country", in my opinion it would be a good idea to set the status of the city to an equivalent of Jerusalem, call people travelling there pilgrims and negotiate special protection for them .

More issues:
Would the community be tribal or human-city-like ( "civilised" ) ? ( I honestly don't know )
Could it really work ? It would depend on immigration for population ( issues with interbreeding between species, fertility etc. ) , If it would become a big thing the tribes and goverments will definetly look for ways to stop their population from leaving their country but I doubt it will get to that point
Built from scratch or an already existing town ?
Ways it would benefit the country it would belong to ? ( Except having acces to any hostages they would need... ) Definetly trade but other than that ?
Would other countries follow suit after seeing it work out and each have one city dedicated to this type of thing ?
Could the templars do anything to help ? ( assuming they wouldn't have any ulterior motives for helping ) ?
And finnaly... is the twokinds world even ready for an idea of coexistance ?

Feel free to prove me wrong and correct me as i'm still learning the lore.

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Re: Hidden Peacefull Community

#3 Post by Neutral Smith » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:28 pm

This map has no logical place. As you can see Lyn'Knoll is in the Tiger territory, but in my opinion that doens't make sense.

I would have placed it closer to/in Canine/Vulpine territories, because those are more social animals, more likely to accept 'strangers' to their tribe, or even accepting a new peaceful tribe (the neutral city)

The Humans did a good job dividing the Keidran, I don't think there will be much shipping between the Canine/Vulpine in the west and the Felines in the east (or the coastlines are in reality closer to each other instead of an entire Earth Pacific Ocean like piece of water)

I would have put it on the north shore of Great Lake.
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Re: Hidden Peaceful Community

#4 Post by Hulk10 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:31 am

The reason I chose the mountains is that historically mountain civilizations have survived conquest due to being inaccessible. Like Machu Picchu, though it was abandoned during the Spanish Conquest of South America it was never found by the Spanish and never looted by them either.

As for the other ideas they are all possibilities. But making it a public knowledge city isn't necessarily wise, suppose someone builds a big army and decides to conquer the world, if the civilization is in plain sight it would be very easy to find and attack. The idea of making it like Diagon Alley access is a good one though, as that would solve the issue of conquering warlords.

Putting it in Canine and Vulpine Territories does make some sense but there are the issues with territorial boundaries. I think that putting it near the Great Lake would be helpful, especially since there are mountains near it. Mountains are a great barrier against attack. Plus with a lake you have access to water and all living things need water.

I still however prefer mountains to flatlands as with moutains there are lots of potentially unexplored areas that could be paradise for a peaceful integrated civilization. And there is less danger of conquerors like the Templar.

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