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Re: New Moderators

#31 Post by Ryusen »

FastChapter wrote:Now, now. JediGuy and Verilidaine have been model members since they joined, and showed some remarkable patience recently when it was most needed. I don't ever see them fueling anything close to the level of chaos that Sable Dove did. :) The past is the past, and with our new additions to the team, the future is only looking up.
Oh no, I didn't mean it like that. I meant that we've lost too many mods to stupid reasons, almost as if it's a curse that mods disobey their own rules.

I suppose my brain-to-hands communication was a little off there, and it wasn't meant to sound nearly as mean as it did. Let me apologize, and say congratulations to the both of you.
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Re: New Moderators

#32 Post by Moviedude18.0 »

Kind of late, but I just saw this. Congrats you two! :D
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Re: New Moderators

#33 Post by Dlemon »

Congratulations you two, and good luck.

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Re: New Moderators

#34 Post by avengedplatypus »

Alright jedi and veri!

Good luck to both of you (I know both of you will do a great job.) :mrgreen:

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Re: New Moderators

#35 Post by Cadrien »

Belated congrats to both of you ^w^
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Re: New Moderators

#36 Post by Garrett »

Holy CRAP I'm late

But congrats, both of you. ^^

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Re: New Moderators

#37 Post by vincent5000x »

*clap* *clap*
late as they come but the feelings the same.

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Re: New Moderators

#38 Post by Draden Draetsu »

Hooray newmerators! (New + Moderator = Newmerator! :kathrin: )

I wish you both the best of luck!
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Re: New Moderators

#39 Post by Wolfiet »

im late but, CONGRATS!!!
FNK sammich!
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yus, i am back ^.^

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Re: New Moderators

#40 Post by Raphael »

Necropost I know, but I JUST saw this thread *doesn't view announcements often*

Congratulations to you both, don't know you two but I'm sure you deserve it. Having to manage my own forum, I know how chaotic it can get trying to keep things in order, what with spamming and all (I was once a major contributor here in the newbie board). I doubt you two will have too much trouble though. Good luck and once again, congrats.

And now, my long winded speech is over, later all.

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Re: New Moderators

#41 Post by Sable Dove »

Congratulations to both of you. I had my misgivings about Jediguy initially, but that said, I've seen that he's been doing a good job so far, so he's okay in my books.

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