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Re: Archive Forum Here

#16 Post by CrazyWulf »

Tom wrote:If you know of any way to put the forums back together, by all means, let me know of it. I really hate the fact that the forums are split in two now.
My ideas would be make a new forum to replace the other [bad idea] or make a third one for teh lulz [lol].

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Re: Archive Forum Here

#17 Post by Chaosye »

I wonder if you're going to make another archive forum :3
One for every year after this one :D

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Re: Archive Forum Here

#18 Post by Munch »

Yash wrote:Heck no.

Man these forums are going insane. ;_;
There is a reason i post far less than i used too. primarily being that my house has no internet ;_; but following close second is that yes these forums are out of controll with people.
We didn't change as we grew older, we merely became more ourselves.

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Re: Archive Forum Here

#19 Post by DakotaNaire »

If normal people aren't supposed to be able to see this... Why can we?

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Re: Archive Forum Here

#20 Post by geckohero17 »

So how long ago did this happen?
Just wondering, I've been here for a couple of months.
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Re: Archive Forum Here

#21 Post by amenon »

Since I can't see what could be a better place for this:

Presenting Archive Forum Search (data mining, coding, and ugliness by yours truly, hosting courtesy of aj)

Mimics a subset of the phpBB search functionality; finds posts by contents and/or author and/or forum. Returns either excerpts or just links, oldest to newest or newest to oldest. Usage is hopefully self-explanatory. There's also an alternative search form that should have autocompletion for the author field; it's a little silly, functionality may depend on your browser.

People are more than welcome to figure out ways to make it less ugly :P

Also possibly of interest to those whose interest is the Archive Forum: an index of comic update threads, crossreferenced against dates and content, from the proboards era through the archive forum to the current forum. As complete as I could make it, including stuff no longer in the archives.
]]> Twokinds search (search the comic based on art or text!)
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