How did you get into webcomics?

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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#16 Post by Lief »

Well, chatting with a friend on MSN one day, she linked me to a XKCD strip, and I started reading that for a bit. The webcomic that got me hooked on webcomics altogether though was Sequential Art. :grin:
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#17 Post by Yakamaru »

What a weird, yet fun question.

What got me into webcomics... Hmm.. Let me see..

Bah.. Can't remember.

Think it was Better Days or something like 2 years ago or something..
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#18 Post by Zylar »

I think it was either VG cats or XKCD. Not sure how I got from there to all the other ones I read though. Been a few years now. :|
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#19 Post by epion04 »

Kind of a silly chain for me. Years back ( when Gundam Wing was still on Toonami in the afternoons ) I was browsing around and came across a Gundam page on I ended up setting up an email address with that site, and while trying to check my email one day I clicked the wrong link. As it turned out Aniverse mirrored Megatokyo's current page on their site and that is what I landed on. I started reading that there, then switched to reading megatokyo on it's own page. It just snowballed from there.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#20 Post by cashleycool »

No one has ever introduced me to any webcomic, I forgotten how I found my first, it was Neko The Kitty then Twokinds
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#21 Post by Zack »

Blame Tom and his Twokinds Webcomic. If I hadn't started reading 2K, I wouldn't be reading the myriad of various comics I do today.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#22 Post by Ashpool »

I'm pretty sure my brother introduced me to webcomics. He's always been a comic person and read webcomics when he couldn't afford actual comic books, and he got me interested in them.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#23 Post by Wolven Carnus »

Pure interest in video games. I looked up a game I used to play, and I noticed a webcomic named 'VG Cats'. Curious, I click on it. Very much amused I read the archive, and thus, webcomic-reading me. So blame Scott.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#24 Post by Valbrandur »

Blame the notorious VG cats.

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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#25 Post by Corezy »

Started off with some Gmod comics, one mainly being Concerned (Gordon frohman) and other small ones on a forum. From then I just sort of started looking around.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#26 Post by ignotus vir »

It was years ago, but I remember it clearly by how much I laughed.

I either stumbled upon or followed a link to this CAD comic and, after reading the entire archive, started a chain of link jumping and friend recommendations that now has my bookmarks folder filled with comics that I check almost daily.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#27 Post by PhycoKrusk »

I believe it started with Ozy and Millie and sort of snowballed.

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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#28 Post by Mike2440 »

I got into them when I was randomly searching on google, then a link for a newgrounds thread appeared, so I clicked it and it had a link to the comic called Better Days. Then I started reading more comics like Original Life and Sequential Art, then my friend gave me a link to the TwoKinds comic. I love the TwoKinds comic. :3

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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#29 Post by Talonmaster Zso »

Curse you for reminding me that I can't actually recall which web-comics were my originals. I know I use to read Gone with the Blast Wave, Penny Arcade, The Volet, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Nuklear Power, and TSOALR. However, I cannot recall if those were my firsts or it started before that with other comics I cannot recall now.
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Re: How did you get into webcomics?

#30 Post by Insomniac »

Sophmore year of high school, one of my classmates in some class or another had a powerpoint presentation on Jay Naylor. Later that month, I found 2kinds. It was my first webcomic, and the origin of my username, because when I find a new webcomic that I like I tend to Insomnia out and stay awake as long as it takes to get caught up. Things've gone naturally from here. Thank you Tom!
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