Tower Defence Recommendation

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Tower Defence Recommendation

#1 Post by NiWo21k »

At the moment i am back on a TD phase and was looking whats on the market, but it looks like this genre died down a little bit (not a lot of newer titles that came out) :|

Does anyone has some recommendations for some titles?

What i have already played, or better still playing a lot (i know not all of them are pure TD titles):
Sol Survivor, Bloons TD 5, Dungeon Defenders, Prime World: Defenders, Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers Orcs must Die!, Orcs must Die 2!, Deathtrap, Sanctum, Sanctum 2, Super Sanctum, GemCraft Chasing Shadows, Defenders Quest - Valley of the Forgotten, Space Run Galaxy, Terrorhedron TD, Iron Grip Warlord.

So yeah i am thankful for every suggestion that i dont know of :)
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