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Re: Battlefield 1

#31 Post by Lief »

Hey, wow, making Battlefield even less like Battlefield! Can't say I'm surprised.

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Re: Battlefield 1

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It doesn't help when the revive kit can be replaced with a grenade luncher.

BF4 had a similar issue where the medic class was more often then not just geared towards assult/personal protection (Taking med kits only to use them on yourself).

As some one playing a medic, it's a pain the [censored] watching a team mate die, killing the thing that killed him in like 5 seconds, running over to him and jabbing wildly with a needle only to find out he's already respawned.
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Re: Battlefield 1

#33 Post by nsamok6620 »

Ok, now that I have played the full game for a while I can tell you that there are more revives than in the beta

The beta map was so open that it didn't really make sense to revive someone. Most likely you were taken out from a ways away, so if you were brought back you'd just get shot again. But in several maps where you are inside, if one guy walks in and takes out half of your men, you are going to bring them back because there are most likely more where that guy came from. Currently I'm running the revive needle and a HE Grenade launcher, so I can do damage to vehicles. And I can tell you, there have been many times where I would kill 3 or 4 enemies, get killed by the last guy, and then watch as they revive everyone I killed.

As far as the leveling goes, since the game came out on Tuesday, I've gotten to rank 3 in scout, rank 2 in support, 1 in medic, and I haven't played assault very much so I'm still rank 0. So I think they tweaked that.

I never did anything with planes in previous BF games, but I know unless you had a stinger or were on the AA gun, you couldn't do anything about them from the ground. That's not the case anymore and I love that.

Horses were bugged in the beta, that was a known issue. And I don't remember having an issue with tanks in the beta, but they are easy enough to handle now.

I have to say, the thing I love the most about this game is the hit boxes. Not on players, even though I do love that I can hear rounds ping off my helmet. No I mean on vehicles. In the tank campaign mission I was up against a heavy and light tank at the same time in an open field. I shot the heavy tank in the tracks and disabled it's movement, then shot the turret on the side facing me. It was still alive, but as long as I stayed on that side of it, it couldn't do anything to me. So I turned my attention to the light tank. Same goes with the planes. I took a shot with the starting sniper rifle one time and got a hit marker and a note saying "wing damaged" so I would assume you can do the same and damage parts to make it more difficult to fly. And repairing from inside the vehicle might seem a little silly, but back then they were simple enough that you could, and did do that.

In all I love this game. I was a little sad when I realized it had brought things in from Battlefront, but until someone pointed it out I hadn't really noticed. There are places I wish were more destructable, like one map that has a huge balcony going around a courtyard. There are always snipers looking out and machineguns watching the ladders. Artillery and planes are the only way to get them down. Wish I could just blow the whole thing up from the bottom.
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