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The open beta starts today. I think it's out right this second actually. What are your thoughts on the Bethesda title? I'm really hoping for something that isn't a straight up arena shooter like Quake or Unreal Tournament, but instead kind of a hybrid FPS. Something that's not the dated arena shooter of yesteryear, but also not the stagnant modern FPS title we see every game becoming these days. A great hybrid of the two "Genres" of FPS games would be amazing, and change up the formula just enough if you ask me. Can't wait to try it myself.

Here's a link to the Steam Open beta

Of course, my opinion of what I want from DOOM clearly isn't the popular opinion, as shown by the reviews.
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From what I've seen (too busy with Dark Souls 3 to play it) it looks like they took less a page from Brutal Doom and more a couple chapters. For those who don't know, Brutal Doom was a doom mod with completely revamped weapons and the gore taken up to eleven. There's locational damage, melee finishers, and to mention it again--the gore. If you're a gore fanatic, you'll absolutely love Brutal Doom. Intestines fly out, twitch, and stick to surfaces--heads and bodies bisect in every conceivable angle--you'll see exposed spines, nerves, the works. The mods been out for a while and has been feature-creeped to hell, so there's tons of unique animations. If this is your shtick, you won't be bored at any point.

It's also the only game I've seen where the easiest difficulty is "Power Fantasy." That's such a perfect description of easy difficulty.

The gameplay is also updated to modern shooter controls.

Getting it to run can be kind of a pain, so here's the tutorial from the website (which also contains the download.) You'll need glDoom and Doom 2 to run it, if I recall correctly, but if the tutorial contradicts me take its word as gospel.

If your machine isn't up to spec for the beta--or if you just want to see its roots--give this mod a shot.

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#3 Post by Schrodinger »

Envy661 wrote:
Schrodinger wrote:
SperoWolf wrote:
Schrodinger wrote:You talking about the multiplayer beta? Because the Demo I'm talking about only released recently.
Pretty sure it was for the actual game. And why would Doom's demo be released almost a month after the game's been out?
Because it's a throwback to the shareware version of the original Doom. If you can site a source on that negativity you've seen I'd be happy to discuss it.
Long story short about the entire DOOM debate.... The DOOM beta, which came out over a month ago, was negatively reviewed en masse by gamers who grew up with classic DOOM titles, and were overwhelmingly disappointed by how the multiplayer was handled overall in every aspect, especially for an arena shooter.

DOOM, the full game with both single and multiplayer came out, and the SINGLEPLAYER has been receiving rave reviews across the board for going back to DOOM's roots perfectly, especially after the abysmal Doom 3.

The SINGLEPLAYER. If you look around like I did, you'll see not many people are talking about the Multiplayer.
That's because the multiplayer is even worse off than it was in the beta, and is still an ugly broken not representative of DOOM mess. LUCKILY, id is taking back development of the DOOM multiplayer from the company they originally outsourced it to: Certain Affinity. Everyone is now hoping there will be improvements across the board. NO ONE has been happy with DOOM multiplayer under Certain Affinity. ... contractor

It's clear at this point in time that Certain Affinity didn't know what the hell they were doing with a DOOM title, and essentially made it Halo 4/5 with Call of Duty unlocks. Basically the exact opposite of DOOM.
Moving to the relevant thread. This is the story I was hearing as well. Certain Affinity is catching a lot of flak, and rightly so, for the multiplayer suite.
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