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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#496 Post by Myperson54 »

Felix Mage wrote:I seem to have forgotten to mention it in my earlier post, but I really REALLY love the genre of "pixelated RPG maker adventures" if something like that really is a thing.
I just love games like Ib, Corpse Party, Witch's House etc. where you get a great and unsettling story with multiple possible endings and a mountain of things to think of even after you finish the game.
Do you mean like this? I used to love the rpg maker community, but I've grown distant by not having a windows machine for so long. The one I linked, Avarice, is probably the most awesome one I've seen so far.

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#497 Post by SilverScarfFox »

I don't have an actual favorite genre but I do have some games.
- Power Stone 1 & 2
-Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
- TimeSplitters Future Perfect
-Bloody Roar (All of the except 4)
- Thrillvile
- Rayman 3
- KOF '98 Dream Match
- Garou: Mark of the Wolves
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Robotech: Battle Cry
- Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (Best DS game I've played)
- Tales of Vesperia
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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#498 Post by TheHawk »

My favorite game would have to be Portal 2, love that game.

My favorite genres would be FPS (Halo and BF4), strategy (Halo Wars) and RPG (Skyrim) games

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#499 Post by LaruLoxely »

My favorite game is Golden Sun: Lost Age.

RPG's with rewarding upgrades are my favorite thing to play, like Rouge Legacy.

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#500 Post by Gotheran »

Asylbek wrote:Sauerbraten
Like MineCraft mixed with Unreal, except it's basically shareware, and thus invites haxxors. I quit playing after receiving many Trojans from it. I heard shortly after that a whole hacker clan moved in. Like /r/ level annoying and ruthless.

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#501 Post by crimsonreaper »

Favorite genre is definitely RPG, but ill play just about anything, strategy, shooter, puzzle, dance, music, racing, fighting, etc, etc. However my two favorites are first RPG then strategy by the way i think final fantasy tactics sucked, yes i know i am going to get a lot of hate after that statement.

some of my favorite games:

(PSN=PlayStation Network)
Gothic 1 (PC)
Gothic 2 (PC)
Elder scrolls Morrowind (PC, Xbox)
Xenogears (ps1, PSN)
Final fantasy 1 (PC, NES, MSX2, wonderswan color, PlayStation, GBA , mobile phones, PSP, virtual consoles, PSN, IOS, windows phone, android)
Final fantasy: Mystic quest (SNES, virtual consoles)
Final fantasy 10 (PS2, PS3, PSV (PlayStation Vita))
Legend of Legaia (PS1, PSN)
Legend of Dragoon (ps1, PSN)
Brave fencer Musashi 1 (ps1, PSN)
F.E.A.R (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
monster hunter freedom unite (PSP, PSV)
Dungeon keeper 2 (PC)
Disgaea (DS, PS2, PSN)
.Hack///infection (PS2)

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#502 Post by Hoxtontronics »

All the bioshock games, TF2, Loadout, and all them Pokemon games..
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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#503 Post by Vafnir_Grafta »

I mostly play RPGs and some strategy games from time to time. I just can recommend Star Ocean:Last Hope for the PS3/XBOX360 owners, but don't try to get all the achievements ;) I also like the whole Final Fantasy series, so I focus on jRPGs, as you can see. Nevertheless I like such games like Oblivion or Skyrim.
I also like Combat Games like Tekken and Dead or Alive, but they get boring quite fast...

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#504 Post by Him »

I am best at FPS games. Though I do like to play MMO RPGs, like Runescape. Fighting games are also fun, especially Mortal Kombat.

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#505 Post by BillyreadsTwoKinds »

Well, I'm a very mixed bag when it comes to gaming. I grew up with the PS1 and the PS2, and I have a couple of games I adored.

The original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy were my favourite platformers as a kid growing up, especially Year of the Dragon.
I'm also an avid fan of Pokemon - Considering my avatar- Although Pokemon Crystal was my first game and holds many memories, as well as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky.

But the PS2 was my console. The Metal Gear Solid games were amazing (I'm actually playing Snake Eater Now) but by far, my favourite game of all time... Shadow of the Colossus! That game is a flipping masterpiece in it's own right!

(And I can't forget Minecraft, the game that started my 1201 sub youtube channel XD)

I also love Horror Games. Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, any indie horror game, Outlast, The Slender Franchise!

And then there's the RPGs like the Golden Sun series, Pokemon as mentioned earlier, Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga! I could go on! Wild 9 and Abe's Oddessy for the PS1! Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot - Warped! The first six games of the Mega Man Classic Series!!!


EDIT - I forgot! Legend of Zelda - Links Awakening and Majora's Mask! Pokemon Black and White (I really loved Unova :P) Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, Tony Hawks Pro Skater Two (The only sports game I play), Ib, Mad Father, The Witch's House, Dragonfable (The old PC days) Sonic Heroes, Fire Emblem 7 (AKA The first English one) and the Sacred Stones! The Smurfs for the original gameboy. Super Mario Land with those tiki heads!!! I wanna be the guy, Okami, Ico, Mario Party 8, Mario Kart for the Gameboy Advance, Tekken 3, Dragon Ball Z Budakai - Tenkaichi Two, Zeus - Master of Olympus, Pokemon Emerald/Diamond/Platinum and the first two Pokemon Ranger games!!

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#506 Post by DarkTheImmortal »

Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I rarely ever touch a war game based around modern times (I have never played a COD game)

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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#507 Post by Blue62 »

I grew up on my cousins NES, racing games on my N64 and some nameless console we were given, I had two games for- and broke one somehow. Didn't like hockey anyways...

Mind you, I've graduated. I've got a collection stored on my grandfather's modded xbox (came broke off of ebay, shipped it back and they tweaked it) and discs for most of those at my place for mine. If I decide to trust it to not eat any of them.. Since then, my beloved POS 360 that decided to not play DVDs for a while- prompting a blu-ray investment- or occasionally thought games were movies, the disk simply didn't exist ("I felt that...but it was really nothing.") or liked to invent scratches I'm looking at you, Mass Effect 3, the day after I got it

Halo's been a staple as has been Mass Effect and Fallout 3. A few gems on the side, like Section 8 and a few almost worthless pieces of plastic, like Left 4 Dead. but my favourite? Splinter Cell, hands down. My only complaint for the series is Sam's mysterious "Ben Button" syndrome that led to him having a voice half his age in Blacklist. I mean really, he's mid 40's at best in the first game....so why does he sound like he's 30, years later. Seriously, Ubisoft.

Really enjoyed Halo 4, brought a lot of nostalgic back, memories of stepping out onto Installation 04 that first time- and I fell. Bought an Xbone that's been sitting ignored for weeks now, in a borrowed travel case since my ancient-but-dammit-still-functional TV doesn't have an HDMI input. But Titanfall is almost sweet, despite falsely advertised as having a single player campaign.

And soon? Destiny *excite*
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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#508 Post by Jonesy »

I've played a bit of everything over the years, but in recent years RPGs, stealth games and the occasional strategy games (usually real-time) have been my favorite. Thief remains my favorite series (particularly for Thief II: The Metal Age), closely followed by Deus Ex and Elder Scrolls. Playing Bioshock: Infinite also reignited my interest in shooters for a time, but I haven't really played any since.
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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#509 Post by Myrkur »

It's quite hard to specify my favorite genre when I'm actually playing most of them, depending on which game I like to play right now.
I rather describe what games need to have to awake my attention, because for me, games always need that "special thing".
Those special things are things like an intense story, very enjoyable gameplay, challenging aspects (like puzzles), a really interesting atmosphere and some more stuff.

I played games like Skyrim, story based shooters like Bioshock, Time Shift or Black Mesa (Half Life), space Sims like Freelancer or Darkstar One,
also still enjoying online games like World of Tanks or League of Legends and games with atmosphere like To The Moon, Corpse Party, Journey, Antichamber and so on...

Not to mention the console games like the Mario Games (especially RPGs) or The Legend of Zelda. They were really awesome.

And yet still looking forward to many, many games which I want to play.
I seriously don't know how someone can just play some genres and ignoring others, since almost every genre has some brilliant games in it (excluding most simulators). :P
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Re: Favorite Games/Genre

#510 Post by Mrfloppie11 »

Zombie and Survival Games (DayZ :heart: )
But i play many shooters and adventure games actually any game with a good story or a challenging setup that will keep me occupied will do :mrgreen:
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