Recreate Mekkan in minecraft

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Recreate Mekkan in minecraft

#1 Post by kaizmoto1489 »

Hi everyone,
I've taken on a big heccin challenge, recreating Mekkan in minecraft. Does Mekkan have a cannon size?
If not, has anyone else here by chance done a similar project?
What sort of scale worked for you?
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!!!

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Re: Recreate Mekkan in minecraft

#2 Post by aitaituo »

The size is entirely vague as far as I know. You could make some guesstimates based on travel time, but they would be within an order of magnitude at best. Probably your biggest challenge will be that most of the map has not been shown at the local level, so you'd just be matching the aesthetics for most locations.

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Re: Recreate Mekkan in minecraft

#3 Post by Hayate »

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