Silverlocks 11 [in progress][DEFINITELY NSFW]

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Silverlocks 11 [in progress][DEFINITELY NSFW]

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So I had an idea a while back about a story. I don't want to spoil it too much, but I want it to be a little longer than a short story, and feature a wider cast of characters than I usually write for. I also wanted this to be more dramatic rather than comedic. And maybe I can write a less dialogue-heavy story (yeah right). Anyways, I finished chapter one after a month of leaving this on the back burner. I hope y'all like it. I only have a general idea of where I want the story to go, so if you have any ideas, let me know, and I'll try to make them work.

Update: June 26, 2020 - I added each chapter as a spoiler, so it's now not very much scrolling to get to new chapters. Speaking of which, I added Chapter 2, and on top of that I actually spellchecked the whole thing. Grammarly said there was in the neighbourhood of 30 mistakes, so you're welcome, and I'm sorry to whoever read it before today.

Update: July 13, 2020 - Added chapter 3, spellchecked and all.

Update: July 22, 2020 - Chapter 4 in, spellchecked (I should learn english. again) and the story is officially noted as "NSFW" because if you were caught reading this at work, something weird would happen. Depends where you work, I guess.

Update: July 30, 2020 - I didn't actually have to spellcheck chapter 5; Grammarly said 0 errors. I must have broken it. Also, we have a rare Maeve :maeve: appearance! Who knows, maybe she'll reappear eventually.

Update: August 4, 2020 - Chapter 6 added, spellchecked and all.

Update: September 9, 2020 - Dang, it's been a while. This one's less graphic, I swear.

And now, without further ado, here's Silverlocks 11

Raine looked around the attic. Only a week ago, she had been frantically searching for a way to save Sythe from a fate that wasn't altogether bad. Now, she looked for anything about healing. Her search couldn't have been in vain: Trace had spent quite a while trying to bring Saria back to life, and Zen was still very much alive.

Her hand graced a dusty volume. That feeling of discovering a new book once would have evoked great joy. Her senses would come alive with a new world to explore, or a new craft to master. Now only a dull echo of such joy awoke. She had been so many places, tackled (and later kissed) an assassin, banished a fox and met her frankly ancient aunt. What books had to offer hardly compared to the thrill of real life.

She idly drew a green-covered book from a box.

"Advanced healing," She mumbled, not entirely paying attention to what she held. "Huh, great. I don't need this, I need advanced... healing..."

The magnitude of what she'd found staggered her. Literally. The flood of emotions had shifted her feet to wolf paws.

"TRACE!" She screamed, tripping over herself as she ran towards the door. "I found someth--"

The world went dark as she whacked her head on the now-too-short doorframe.


Some time later, she awoke. Her head throbbed.

"Uuugh," she moaned. "what happened?"

"Hey, hey," came a voice. "Take it easy. You might have a concussion." A grey paw flashed through her blurry vision and came to rest on her forehead. "Take it easy for now."

Yeah right.

"A concussion!" She replied, empowered by the memory of what she'd discovered. "It's going to take more than that to stop me now!" With those brave words, she rolled out of bed.

And promptly tripped.

"Um," Kat began, unsure of whether or not what she had to say was necessary. "You shifted to a wolf while you were asleep."

"I see the nose now." Raine replied flatly. She righted herself on the floor and stood up, remembering to balance herself on the smaller surface area. "Anyways, where's Trace? I need to talk to him. Like, right now."

"Last I knew he was in his room," Kat began, pausing before remembering to cast her warning. "But maybe you should wait, I think he and Flora--"

"Awesome, thanks" Raine replied, hardly even listening to the second part. "did you see that book I was carrying?"

"It's on the table, bu--"

Raine grappled at the book, her long claws scraping the smooth table's surface as she struggled to obtain it. She stumbled down the hall, steamrolling Mike and Evals as she turned the corner to the master bedroom.

"Trace!" She blurted as she threw the door open. "I think I found exactly..." Her eyes came to rest on Trace and Flora, in bed, huddled close together under the sheets.

"Um," Trace began, his face turning purple, "I'll be out in a minute."

The dog-whistle-pitched scream from Raine’s mouth crippled not only herself but also Mike and Evals down the hall. Trace thought she was breathing. She was screaming.

The door slowly shut, and Raine took a breath. Her face was red, visible even through the fur.

"I told you!" Kat hailed from down the hall "Now what were you going to tell him?"

Raine was grateful for an escape. "I found this book on advanced healing, and I think this is what we need to help Zen!"

"That wonderful," Kat said, suddenly becoming distant.

"Are you ok?" Raine questioned, "as soon as I mentioned Zen you became distant."

"Did I? Oh, that's odd," She said, giggling slightly. "I didn't mean to."

The door behind Raine creaked open and Trace stepped out in a robe.

"Well," Trace began, clearly pretending that nothing had happened only 30 seconds previously. "What did you want to show me?"

"I found this old book of yours, and I wanted to know if I could read it?"

"Yeah, sure, if you think it'll help." Trace replied.

"Thanks!" Raines face lit up. "I'll be off now." She shuffled off, awkwardly, getting about 10 feet away before breaking into a full out sprint to Zen's room.


Zen snored peacefully; he was so high on herbs he could barely feel his arms. What was left of his leg was just a dull ache.

"Zen!" Raine kicked the door open with great fervour. "Guess what I found!"

Zen continued to saw logs. Raine reached up and gently touched his cheek. In his "dormancy", he smiled and moved to capture her hand underneath his head.

"Wake up, sleepyhead" She chided, pulling free of his noggin. "I brought some good news."

"Let me guess. You found an old, magical volume that might heal my leg."

Raine stood agape. "How did you know?"

"Did I get it right?" Zen asked.

"Yeah. Anyways, I wanted you to be here when I first look through it."

"That's sweet. One problem though."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

Zen shifted awkwardly. "I... um... can't really read..."

Raine felt an innermost pity for the poor wolf. To her, a life without books would have had her wasting away for years. "I can read it to you if you want"

"Thanks, Raine." Zen replied. "That'd be nice." He smiled at her, and for a moment, she smiled back. Then she blushed and looked away. "But if I fall asleep, that's not your fault!" Zen laughed, trying to break the freshly formed ice.

Raine began reading. "Chapter one: Remedies for the soul". But as she read, absorbing every word that met her eyes, Zen dropped into thought.

Something has changed between us, Zen pondered. She's been so distant since that night in the forest. Was it something I said? Something I did? Maybe the red-haired dude is making moves on her. Man, I wish I could understand girls. You'd think Natani would have helped me learn. But then again, Natani isn't your average girl.

Zen's train of though journeyed deeper into darkness, and into darkness he fell as he drifted off to sleep.
Here's chapter 2.
"Zen," a voice rang out from the darkness. "Zen, wake up. You're missing the view!"

Zen lazily cracked an eye. Sky. All he saw was an endless blue sky. His vision widened, and into view came the leaves of a great oak tree. Shaking off sleep, he opened his other eye and sat up. Quickly glancing at his surroundings, he is knocked breathless by the view: A golden sunset, framed on one side by the leaves of the oak tree, and on the other by a vast mountain range. He saw no one around, however.

Then the voice came again: "It's beautiful." Raine materialized next to him, and he turned to see her watching the sunset. "Isn't it?"

"Not as beautiful as you." he replied. He brought a gentle hand up to her face, and she closed her eyes. He did the same, and they leaned in for a kiss. That's when he felt a finger gently land on his lips. He opened his eyes and was disappointed that he was no longer in heaven. His eyes refocused as his pupils dilated, and Raine's form shifted into clarity. It was her finger on his lips. He noticed she had shifted back to a human while he was asleep. Evidently reading had calmed her down.

His eyes met hers, but she blushed and looked away. "I found something here," she began, "I think it might help."

"Hit me." he replied, still fixated on her eyes.

She proceeded to read from the old book, "'The healing of magical burns can be done simply enough, but great care must be taken. Remnants of magic can remain concentrated in the wound, causing it to continue to burn. One would think that a simple mana sink would be enough, but the magic must be replaced with another magic or the mana sink could cause the life force of the flesh to be taken along with the magic. Most physicians recommend a 'flushing' technique, slowly replacing any magical aura with another. Various spells can be used. Some recommend a cooling spell, but that can have a negative impact on the being. Healing spells can also be used, but effectiveness is limited because this is a burn, not a cut. A more complex spell, a regeneration spell, has proven effective but is more difficult to achieve. Normally it would be used to replace small appendages such as fingers and toes, but burns have also been tried.'" She took a deep breath before continuing. "I think this could be exactly what we need!"

"I'm thrilled," Zen began, "but, you know, can you do it?"

"I practiced the regeneration spell a little bit before I woke you up."

"On who?"

"Myself!" Zen stiffened visibly when she said this. "Not like that! It works on hair, so I snipped a bit off and tried it on me."

An awkward pause followed. They both knew what needed to be done. They were both a little scared to do it.

"Do you..." Zen started.

"I don't know. Maybe? Should we wait?"

"We can, yeah." Zen waited a moment before saying "Ow."

Raine changed her mind quickly, saying "Alright, fine! Let's do it now!"

As she began the process, constantly glancing back and forth between the book, Zen settled in to watch her work. Raine always made him smile; her subconscious motions and querks were brilliantly entertaining to watch.

If she is trying not to be attractive, she's doing a terrible job of it. he mused to himself as she brushed a stray hair out of her face. even as a human, which is saying something. I've never been attracted to humans.

Meanwhile, in Raine's mind, she was solely focused on one thing: magic. Her head began to ache with the amount of concentration she poured into the spell.

Augh, she thought, My magic feels weak. Normally I feel stronger during my practices with Roselyn.

As she worked, her fingers brushed each other gently, but a spark of magic arched between them. Raine froze, her eyes locked exactly where her fingers had met.

"Is something wrong?" Zen asked, not entirely sure if sparks were a bad thing.

"I think," she began, her fingers trembling with her impending power, energy arching rapidly between her fingers and his leg. "I think... I'm... having a... s--... s--!" Her eyes glowed and her hair stood on end, and she let forth an almighty sneeze.

She shakily opened her eyes, but seeing no apparent damage, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was close," she began, looking over at her patient. "Eh, Zen? ...Zen?" Zen's head lolled backwards, completely unconscious. Worried, she lifted his heavy head and opened one of his eyes. Completely grey.

That's when Raine's worry turned to panic.


Zen studied Raine, not noticing the first spark. It was when the energy touched his leg he noticed. As Raine sneezed, he felt a force push him into the bed, seemingly through it.

He opened his eyes, surprised to see not only Raine, but. Also… himself.

"Raine?" He asked aloud, not entirely sure how he should react to this. "Raine, I'm here!" He reached towards her, moving to brush her shoulder, to affirm her that he was ok. But he couldn't. As his hand moved closer to her, an odd resistance pushed back. As he fought against the resistance it became harder, stiffer, increasingly more difficult until it began forcing his hand away from her.

As he relented, he saw Raine move to lift his body's head. As she opened his eye, he saw an all-too-familiar sight.

His eye was grey. He'd only seen that once before. Natani


"Uncle!" Natani shouted as Keith tightened his headlock around her. "Uncle already! Lemme go!"

"Like I'd miss this golden opportunity" He replied, licking the edge of her ear, gently nibbling the velvety flesh. "and, you know, opportunity never knocks twice."

Exasperated, Natani adjusted her grip, moving her hands from Keiths arms to the back of his neck. "Well, this opportunity hits back!" She said as she lifted him of the floor and flipped him 6 feet in the air. Keith crashed onto his back, losing his breath for a moment. Natani took a second to breathe after the sudden effort. Noticing her guard was down, Keith grabbed her leg and swept it out from under her. As she fell into the splits, he rolled off his back and gracefully stepped behind her. He grabbed her hands, holding them behind her own back. He returned to his peaceful nibbling, and Natani grumbled something about breaking his legs.

Both exhausted from a long sparring session, Keith liberated Natani and together they lay on the floor, chests heaving. Natani tilted her head to look at Keith. They smiled at each other, and leaned in for a kiss. That's when the lights went out. They froze as the lamps all extinguished in their sconces.

"Maddie?" Keith’s voice rang out timid in the darkness. "It's not funny.

"Zen, you know better than to ruin a romantic moment between us," Natani called, her confidence shaking, but she supplemented it with a thin laugh.

They both listened intently, waiting for the hysteric giggles to come from a cabinet or shadowy corner. Nothing.

"NATANI!" Raine screamed, sprinting down the hall. She burst into their room, her hyperventilation shattering the nervous silence as she tried to explain what happened.

"I found a way to help Zen," she cried her nerves on their last wits. "It was so simple, and it was working, and then, I don't know what happened, there were sparks and magic, and... and..." Raine collapsed on the floor, her sobbing echoing off the walls. Her body shook with sadness, and as it did she slowly grew fur. Keith and Natani sat half-transfixed, half-repulsed as she went from human to wolf.

A minute passed, and the mess of fur on the floor slowly quieted down. Natani, ever the gentle soul, walked over and kneeled down beside her.

"Where's Zen?" she asked, awkwardly patting her back as Raine quietly shivered beneath Natani's massive paw.

"He's-sniff-in his room-sniff" She replied, "But if you-sniff-don't mind, I just-sniff-need a moment"

"Yeah, yeah," Natani soothed, her feminine side coming out so hard Natani felt uncomfortable in her own skin. "C'mon, Keith."

As the two quietly left the room, one thought permeated Raine's mind:

What have I done?
And chapter 3 - The Visitor. Not a great name but I was stuck.
There is a feeling unlike any other when you are alone. For some that is pleasureable, a feeling of peace and serenity. For some it is pain beyond anything they could have imagined.

For Raine, it was home. For years, she lived alone with only knowledge to keep her company. Just months ago, she felt she'd shaken it off for good. But there she lay, ever the screw-up and mistake her parents knew her to be. It was as if the fates planned this. So many hours alone, sparsely filled with companionship, but ultimately isolated. As the tears rolled down her accursed snout the familiar feeling of solidarity called her home. She lay on the cold floor for what seemed like years, her life flashing before her eyes, a highlight reel of all her failures.

The grand door creaked open behind her. A pair of gentle footsteps slowly shuffled across the hard floor. Raine's eyes slowly cracked open, and a blurry hand passed over her vision. Raine's heart ignited with hope at the sight: a brown hand.

"Zen?" Raine's voice cracked with the mere effort to say the name.

"He hasn't changed," Natani replied. Her voice sounded distracted, lacking the confidence she so often exuded. That same voice extinguished the kindling in Raine's heart. "But he's there. I can't hear him, but something deep down tells me he's out there."

Natani turned and quietly walked out of the room, and Raine plunged deeper into her cold, dark sadness.


Several days passed, and through that time Raine hardly left her room. The few occasions she did were usually short trips to Zen's room to check on him. They always ended with her fleeing back to her room in tears, unable to look at her victim. The rest of the manor worried about her, she hadn't been seen eating in days, and with all the crying she'd been doing she was at risk of dehydration.

It was on the fifth day when good news finally came.

Natani lay in bed, snoring away, completely dead to the world. She was having a fevered dream, occasionally moaning and rolling, and altogether giving Keith the worst time of his life. She had told him of her dreams before, and they were always the same: her mindscape, empty and dead. Wherever she looked Zen was nowhere to be found. As her search became more and more frantic, her vision began to fade, falling to blackness. As the darkness enveloped her, she'd awake in a cold sweat.

But today was different. Natani found herself in the mindscape, same as always. Her search began, and that is when it all changed.

"Zen?" Natani called out, expecting no reply. "Where are you, dude? Everyone's freaking out up top because of you."

"Natani!" she heard a familiar voice cry out behind her. As she turned around to look, the dream collapsed and she woke in a cold sweat.

"Natani?" Keith murmered as she sat up. "You ok?" Keith adjusted himself and plopped his head in her lap.

Natani's breath was ragged, but she managed to pant out a few words. "Zen's still out there... I... heard him in my dream."

"Mhm," Keith replied, only half listening to her. "It's ok, go back to sleep." His mind skimmed over her words. But when Natani jumped out of bed he realized something had changed.

Scrambling to find something to cover her figure, she said "I need to go talk to Raine!"


Raine had been sitting by Zen's bed for the last hour, unable to leave, nor bear looking at him. Her throat was dry, and her ribs beginning to show through her fur. Dark circles highlighted her eyes. Her silver hair looked matted and lacked it's typical luster. All in all, she was a mess.

Her ears slowly perked up when she heard the thundering of footsteps down the hall, then pause. The feet resumed, this time as a tiptoe. The door creacked open.

"Raine?" Natani said quietly, hoping that the wolf was still alive. "Ruom, laights... op." The magical lamp came to life, revealing the sad scene before Nat. "Oh gods, Raine. You need help!"

Natani's arms reached out and picked up Raine, carrying her to the next room. "Yo, SPOTS! KEITH!" Natani hollered over her shoulder. "I need some water and something bleeding, and fast!" Turning her attention back to Raine, she told her story as she gently placed the dry wolf in bed. After the dream was recounted, Raine was tended to and brought back to health.

Natani brough a glass of water to Raine's lips. "Drink it slowly, not too much." Disregarding all warnings, Raine chugged the glass until it was empty.

Natani cooly moved to refill the glass, knowing firsthand what happened next. Raine twitched, gagged, and hurled over the side of the bed, missing the garbage can by 2 inches.

As Raine righted herself, Natani handed her a second glass, and Raine sipped it slowly as Natani silently healed her.

"I, um," Natani began. She had never really talked to Raine, not since finding Zen injured and wasted on the side of the hill. "I wanted to thank you, for taking care of Zen. I understand it was an accident, and if I've learned anything in the last few months, accidents cause some weird crap." She handed Raine a plate of half-cooked steak before continuing, "That being said, I don't blame you. And when he wakes up, you can punch him first."

Raine let out a half-laugh, half-cough as she tried to eat her food. As she moved to fork another piece of meat, her fork clattered against the ornate plate. She looked down to see it was clear of any food. Her voice still feeble, she asked Natani, "Can I have some more?"

Natani, ever the gentle soul, nodded to Raine before promptly yelling "Hey, Kat! We need some more meat!" Within a minute, Kat walked through the door, wearing just an apron as per usual, flourishing a silver platter of raw steak.

As she set the tray down, she launched into her exiting news "So Flora and I went for a walk with Trace, and she was showing me around Edinmire, and we came across this board with announcements and stuff. Mostly war stuff, nothing fun. But then we saw this poster for a magic show! An ex-templar was coming in and he's supposed to be able to create life, heal injuries, conjure things, all--"

Raine interrupted, spewing half-chewed beef in her hurry to say "Healing? He might be able to heal Zen!"

In that moment the hope within the room tripled, and Raine knew exactly what she had to do.
Chapter 4! It's a bit NSFW, but not too NSFW. I'd give it pg-13.
Raine sat in bed, carefully writing any detail Kathrine could spare.

"And where did you say he was performing?" Raine queried, quill posed to jot down anything she had to say.

"He's performing at the Edinmire àm'ridge house!" Kat exclaimed, completely innocent of what she'd said.

"Where, or what, is that?" Raine replied, not knowing what an àm'ridge house was either.

Flora sat in the corner, silent the whole time. For the first time in minutes, she spoke up. "It's, umm... well, it's a brothel. They trick or kidnap creatures from across the world and bring them to houses outside their natural habitat. The Edinmire house specializes in wolves."

Both Kat and Raine were appaled, but Raine spoke first. "That's horrible! What if they get caught?"

Flora looked down, ashamed of what she knew. "They betray the wolves to the guards and pretend to not know them. The wolves usually wind up in prison or executed for trespassing. The owners don't get caught because half the city guards frequent the house."

An awkward silence blanketed the room as they all realized the depth of Edinmire's hatred towards canines. Raine broke the silence by dipping her quill and beginning to write down the crucial detail. Her depression-fueled anorexia had taken a severe toll on her, and her once-elegant script now looked less-than-confident. As she placed the final stop on the paper, she shuddered and dropped the quill.

"Raine?" Kat asked, her turn to pose a question. "Are you ok?"

Raine brought a paw to her forehead, gritting her teeth in pain as a migraine set it. "Ah, it's... happening again." Raine lay down, the pain ringing throughout her skull as she reclined. She pressed the heels of her palms into her head and growled through gritted teeth. She could hear Kat and Flora walking out the door, extinguishing the lamp and leaving Raine in darkness.


Several days passed, and between headaches, Raine gathered as much info as possible. she had filled a journal with her plans and was well on her way to closing a second. She would occasionally leave her room, if only for food and fresh air. The faces of the manor grew familiar as she recovered. Her handwriting was approaching normal as she regained her strength, but she was left with a subtle shake in her extremities that distracted her when she tried to sleep. However, it seemed the fruits of her labours were finally ready for picking. The templar was to arrive at the àm'ridge house in just a couple of days. and while Raine had managed to figure out most of her plan. She still had one issue: Natani.

Raine gently knocked on Natani's door. "Natani? Are... are you there?" She heard a shuffle of footsteps and a harsh whisper saying "Keith! Under the bed!" before the door opened.

"Hi, Raine," Natani greeted the other wolf, ignoring the bead of sweat running down her forehead. She was wrapped in a blanket, even though there was a fire blazing beneath the hearth. The room was very warm, and both wolves were in their winter coat. "C'mon in."

Raine stepped into the sauna and turned to face Natani. "Natani, do you love Zen?"

Natani looked taken aback at what seemed like an obvious question. "Yeah, of course. I mean, he's a real pain sometimes, but..." She trailed off, choosing her next words carefully. "he was always there when I needed him. Why do you ask?"

Raine shuffled awkwardly on her paws. "I need you to do something. For him. But you won't like it."

"I won't?"

"Well, you see, it involves... your body." Panic glinted through Natani's eyes before Raine continued. "You're a really attractive wolf, Natani! And you're all we have!"

"Let me get this straight: you want me to do something because of my body, which is my least favourite part of me, is attractive." Natani paused, considering her options. Swallowing, she asked, "What do I need to do?"

Taking a deep breath, Raine presented her plan. "I need you to pose as an escort for a brothel that specializes in wolves. In Edinmire."

Natani took a moment to comprehend what Raine had just asked her to do. Her brain worked until she had simplified the request into a very simple statement: Raine wanted Natani to be a woman. A slut, at that. Natani's next moves were obvious.

"NOPE!" Natani shouted, her voice unable to emphasize how much she hated the idea. "Hard pass, no way. Not a chance. I'd sooner die!" Natani pushed Raine out the door and slammed it. Raine rolled her eyes and yelled into the door.

"Natani, you're smart. Think about it. Can you tell me any other way?"

"Yeah," Natani hollered from the other side of the door. "easy. You do it."

"We both know that's not an option, Natani!"

A new voice piped into the shouting match. "Natani, it's the only way. We all know it." Raine realized this was Keith talking, and she had to agree. "Raine's the only other female wolf, but she's injured and really can't act."

"He's right Natani. Please, do it for Zen!" Raine was slightly taken aback, but she had bigger things to worry about than her ego.

Natani dropped the blanket she was wrapped in and sat down on the floor. She buried her snout between her knees and hung her hands off her head. Her mind raged war against itself, and she growled into the floor. Keith sat beside her and ran a hand through her hair. A tear fell onto her fur, and she squeezed her eyes tight.

From his ubiquitous perch, Zen facepalmed. This is why he made all the decisions after they were linked: she worked so hard to hide her true identity that it got in the way of a lot of things. Forgetting he wasn't actually there, he mumbled "Natani, you idiot."

Natani's eyes snapped open. "Zen!" she exclaimed. Everyone's hearts started racing. "I heard him! He called me an idiot!"

Raine threw the door open. "You heard him? So he's still ok?"

Zen pumped his fist before saying "Natani, can you still hear me?"

Natani didn't hear him. Instead, she turned to face Raine with a graven expression. "I'll do it. But I swear by all that is holy, if I get laid, I'm gonna hang you from a noose made with your hair." Raine nodded frantically. Seeing agreement, Natani curtly asked her question. "So. What's the plan?"


Raine swept an arm across Trace's old desk. Cascades of yellowed paper and cracked leather volumes fell to the floor. As people shuffled into the drawing-room, Raine threw a large sheet of parchment onto the desk and opened her first book of notes.

"Ok. Part one. Thanks to Flora, we know where the house is: about 15 fir's due east from the Riftwall Tavern, straight shot. The owners of the house have a deal with the leopard that runs it: she gets a cut of the money, they use the tavern for transporting the slaves. We worked out our own deal, too. We can base our operation out of a room there, and she doesn't rat us out. We'll sneak in the night before, prepare during the day, and do the job at night. We gatekey back to the manor, and Trace and Flora walk home the next day.
That brings me to my next point: Trace, I need you to... make Natani more attractive."

Natani grew very uncomfortable with those words. "Remember what I said."

Panicking, Raine nearly shouted her next words. "I know, I know! That's also why I need Trace to find a magical contraceptive."

"A contraceptive, eh?" Trace shifted awkwardly "Ill, um, talk to Rose."

Satisfied, Natani motioned for Raine to continue. "Also, the attraction spell needs to work. Test in on Keith."

Natani elbowed Keith subtly and gave him a wink. Keith blushed.

"The hardest part will be the stretch between the house and the tavern. Maddie, I need you to deal with the guards."

Madelyn looked worried as she said "Like, permanently? Or just a little while?"

"Just until Natani gets to the house. Eric, you know your way around a keidran. You need to distract the house owners, so they don't notice a wolf that doesn't belong in their stock."

"What should I do?" Eric asked, as much a musing to himself as a question.

"You're a slave trader. Trade slaves." Raine replied in a duh kind of voice. "Maren and Kat, you girls have the hardest job."

"What could that be?" Kat asked

"You need to teach Natani how to flirt," Raine blushed, but she knew the worst was yet to come. "And also, make her look like a sex-slave."

Risking an awkward glance at Natani, Raine noted Natani was taking this rather well. But at Natani toppled to the floor, unconscious, she realized Natani's calm was actually Natani's catatonia.


"Natani... Natani..... Nataaaaaaniiiiiiii." Keith’s voice reached Natani's ears. Completely hearing him, Natani held still anyways, feigning sleep.

"Crap," Keith said, exasperated. "Dang it Natani. Please don't be in another coma. My nerves are shot from the first one." He paused. "I wonder..."

Keith leaned down and pushed his lips onto hers. Natani held still for a moment, then in a swift motion, lifted her hands and grasped his head.

"Mmmm. Mmmmm, m mmmm mm mmmmmmm!" Keith mumbled into her mouth.

"mmm'mm m mmm mmmm" She replied before letting him go.

"Stop scaring me like that, Nat!" Keith chastised her while gasping for air.

"Eh you worry too much." shifting to a slightly more serious note, she continued. "Actually though, I am sorry for scaring you. Raine took me by surprise by saying I 'need to look like a sex slave.'"

"Oh yeah. Raine told me that she will tell you all you need to know tomorrow. When we go to the riftwall."

"Are you coming?"

"No," Keith's reply was downcast. "I'm staying here. The room's not all too big, so just a couple of people are going."

"Oh." Natani finally took stock of her surroundings: Keith must have carried her back to their room. The fire was down, and no light shone through the window. "Well, if I'm leaving tomorrow," she reached up and grabbed one of his ears. "then I better get enough of you right now."

Pulling him down to her level, she wrapped him in an almighty spoon and nuzzled him until they both fell asleep. But she couldn't believe what she was about to do.
Hey, lookit! It's chapter 5!
Natani cracked an eye to the pounding of fists on the door. It was still dark out, but Natani felt oddly rested.

"Natani, wake up!" Raines muffled voice rang through the door. "We're going to the tavern soon."

"But I'm sleeping," Natani replied, trying to sound more groggy then she felt.

"You can sleep when you're there!" Raine's response was curt. "Now let's go!"

Natani unwrapped her hands from around Keiths, leaving a handprint in matted fur on his stomach. Embarrased, she realized she'd drooled on his hair the entire night, and his head was soaked with her spit.

"Sorry, Keith." she murmured as she leaned down and gave him a small "smeck" on the cheek before walking to the door. As she opened the door, she turned one last time and whispered her farewell. "See you tomorrow."


The morning mist dusted the hills between Edinmire and the manor, filtering the sunlight. The warm sun contrasted the cool air as it rose above the horizon. The dew clung to the feet of those leaving the manor, soaking through the fur of all susceptible.

"Miss Natani" said Rose in a cool voice, her tone tired and stern. "The spells you required." she continued as she handed a now-very-stiff Natani two sheets of paper with human scrawl on them. "Miss Raine can help you read them."

Without any further words, the party turned and boarded the two magical carriages that had brought some of them here just a couple of weeks prior.

They reached the Riftwall without any incident. The group was made more suspicious by the two hooded figures that disembarked from the carriages, but so early in the morning nobody paid them much attention. Filing into the relatively small room, they set about their required tasks.

Raine educated Natani on the spells Rose and Trace had made. Natani's illiteracy made it somewhat harder, but by the time Natani had them down, they could hardly restrain Eric from jumping her. The contraceptive, from what they could tell, worked. Natani prayed to every god she could think of that it wouldn't fail. Lastly, it was Kat's turn.

"Alright, Natani." She began, sitting down in front of the wolf. Her graven tone made the topic sound so much more serious then it was. They sat on two chairs, their knees almost clashing together. "What I'm about to teach you is a valuable life skill." Natani's eye roll was almost audible. "The trick to flirting is being confident. We already know he's going to be attracted to you, but to make sure he's completely taken by you, you need to make him jealous."

"How do you propose I do that?" Natani replied, dryly. Her fear had manifested itself in sarcasm, but inside her stomach, butterflies were having a field day.

"Just ignore him. Not too much though. Occasionally, get distracted by something, then look back and say 'Sorry, what were you saying?' If you do this too much, he'll get annoyed and leave. Once ought to do it, and the spells should do the rest."

The rest of the day went much like this, mostly containing of Kat and Maren putting the finishing touches on Natani's outfit, while Natani sacked out on some blankets piled in the corner. Then, after sundown, it was showtime.


"Natani, wake up." The same phrase that had penetrated Natani's unconcious mind so many times before rang through her skull once again.

Groggily, Natani sat up on the blankets. Everyone stood around, watching her. It was awkward. Really awkward.

"You should get ready to go," Kat said, her cheeriness cutting through the stares, "so clothes off!" and with those words, she handed Natani the garment: a small 2-piece outfit with outrageous amounts of thin fabric strips. It covered nothing properly, but that was evidently the point.

Shifting uncomfortably, Natani said "Can you guys, um... turn around? It's bad enough I have to wear that thing." Gesturing for the group to turn their backs, Natani turned her own once they'd obliged.

As she stripped, she heard Madelyn mutter "I'm gonna go, um, do my part." and shuffle rapidly out the door. Eric followed close behind. Donning the rather revealing costume, Natani once again turned to face the group. She shyly hugged her arms around her breasts, defending what little dignity she had left. "Well, here you go. Now what?"

Raine walked over to give Natani the final instructions for the mission. "We don't know what the templar looks like, but we know he's performing tonight. Once you get in, ask around for..." Raine paused, and blinked. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. "Ask around for... oh gods, it's happening again." Raines paws came to her forehead and she dropped to her knees. "It's so much worse... Natani, ask for..." she swayed in the air for a moment, before going limp and collapsing. The group gathered around Raine and gently lifted the droopy wolf onto the bed. Nobody said a word for a minute.

Natani finally broke the silence with a "Welp. I guess I'm off." With a nod to the rest of the group, she turned and walked out the door.


The door quietly clicked shut. Natani had no margin for error; a wolf in Edinmire didn't get much grace. And she was supposed to be in a dungeon.

The sound of shattering glass and a small scream set Natani's heart racing. Panicking, she turned her head to see a shattered glass of mead and a quivering white tail peeking from around the stair post.

"Hello?" Natani whispered, dropping to all fours and crawling around to face the child. "Are you ok?"

A timid mew delivered the reply. "Please don't hurt me, miss wolf."

Something stirred inside of Natani. A spark in her heart exploded as her eyes fell on to the helpless kitten.

Step aside, came a voice from inside. this requires my feminine touch. abdecating to herself, she handed her younger self the proverbial reigns.

"Hey, hey," Natani comforted in a hushed tone. "I don't want to hurt you." A flash of red on white fur drew her eyes. "Oh gosh, you're already hurt!"

The little leopard nodded and presented the wounded limb: a shard of glass embedded in the girl's heel.

"What's your name, honey?" Natani gently asked as she examined the wound. She'd dealt with worse, so this would be a simple patch job.

"Maeve..." came the small response. "what's yours?"

"I'm Natani." Then an interesting idea entered her brain. "Why were you scared of me?"

"Because all the guards say wolves are mean and evil. Is that true?"

"Not all wolves. But I'll tell you something." Natani took a stray shard of glass and pricked her fingertip. Maeve flinched at the act of self-harm, but Natani quickly reassured her. "It's ok, it doesn't hurt. But look." She smeared the blood over her fingers to display the red. "Everybody bleeds the same colour. We're all people, human, keidran, bastian. Nobody has special blood."

Maeve sat quietly and watched the demonstration. As the big wolf returned to tending her wounds, Maeve ventured a reply. "So everybody's equal? Nobody's better than everyone else?"

Natani gripped the glass shard and looked into the kitten's eyes. "People are equal. Our idea's aren't. Careful now, this might hurt a bit."

Natani quickly but carefully withdrew the shard from the little girl's foot. A small scream escaped her, but she put on a brave face for the nice wolf.

"I've spent some time around humans." Natani continued, ripping a strip from her horrendous outfit to wrap around Maeve's foot. "They aren't all that different from us. Sure, they have no tails, but that doesn't make them anymore special."

"So I don't have to be afraid when people say I sound human?" Maeve questioned.

"Not at all. Just being able to speak 2 languages is impressive; don't let people mock you because you have an accent." Finishing her wrapping, she leaned in really close and whispered in the girls ear: "I can't even speak human. Just between you and me, I'm a bit jealous."

Standing and flexing her foot, the kitten gratefully thanked the wolf.

"Be careful on that foot, and show your mommy when you can. I have to go now."

"Thank you, miss Natani." The kitten thanked her once again before turning and recklessly bounding down the stairs.

Not bad, Natani said to her younger self. you've got a better touch with kids then I do.

It'd help if you weren't so abrasive to everyone except Keith. Youngtani replied. You've got a friend in that girl now.

I'll take your word for it. I'm running behind.

Quietly stepping down the stairs, she cracked the tavern door and stepped into the cool night. A shiver coursed through her spine and the cool winter air cut through her coat. Natani broke into a sprint over the grass towards the house. Evidently Maddie had done her job well: she didn't see a soul on her path. As she approached the house, she knocked 3 times and stood.

Click. A latch slid out of it's closed position and the door swung open, seemingly by magic.

Screw it, Natani thought to herself. there's no going back now. And with those final words, she stepped through the door into her worst nightmare.
Chapter 6! This one's kinda gross.
There are two kinds (pun intended) of unforgettable things. There are things that are unforgettable because of the joy they brought. Unforgettable views, people, days.

Then there is the other kind. The unforgettable that haunts our dream until we reach our deathbeds. The scars left upon us by the sins of others. This is what Natani saw in the house that fateful night.

As the stepped through the door, her eyes cast a nervous glance around the brothel. As her pupils adjusted, the medium-sized room came into more detail. She awkwardly sidled over to the only person she recognized: Eric.

"Natani, loosen up," He quietly chastised her prudence as she approached. "You're sticking out like a sore thumb. Remember to flirt with everyone here."

"Well," she replied, "It's hard, human, when you don't have a clue what you're doing. Do you know which one's the templar?"

"I asked around. Most things indicate it's the bloke at the table. Well dressed but tired looking. His performance was earlier tonight."

Natani nodded and began making her way over to the rich but exhausted-looking man. She got about 3 steps when a drunk man hailed her.

"Oi!" he shouted in human. Natani could barely understand him, but she stepped timidly over to the drunkard. "Yeah, you. The big brown one. Clean up, will you?" he gestured to his crotch, where a naked, human cock lay dripping from previous lovemaking.

Sweating profusely, Natani kneeled in front of the man, her mind scrambling for an escape method. Like heck she was dealing with this. Mustering all her courage, she lifted one of his balls and cradled it in her fingers. "Don't say a word," she said in human, one of the few phrases she knew well. As she whispered these words, she began pressing the claw of her thumb into the testicle.

"what're you doing, you little bi--ah!" The man squirmed in pain as Natani made him regret crossing her. In a smooth, fluid motion, Natani plunged her claw into the man’s nut. It sunk into the soft flesh easily, but Natani kept mounting pressure on his lower manhood, so much that her thumb began forcing itself through the widening hole in his testicle.

"Test me, you lose life." Natani hoped both her words and deeds communicated the point. Before she rose back to her feet, she unclasped a short, curved knife from his belt and pressed the flat of it into her wrist in a desperate attempt to conceal it. As she stood, she glanced around the hellhole to see if anyone noticed her assault on the man.

That's when it caught her eye. Nothing out of place in a brothel, but an atrocity anywhere else. Against a far wall, two men were pistoning their dicks into either end of a small brown lump. Upon further, distant inspection, Natani realized what it was: the men's sexual target was a wolf. Not any wolf, but a child.

Natani stared in horror as the men came, pulled out, and examined their toy.

"Oh," one of them yelled, presumably to a house owner. "Another one expired!" chuckling, the man who had yelled tossed the limp brown wolf into a corner. Natani walked over, terrified of what she might see.

The wolf the men had just screwed lay limp. Natani knelt beside it and placed a finger under its chin.

Dead. No heartbeat, no life. Killed in cold blood by men with selfish motives. The poor thing had bruises where the men had screwed it, and more on the back of its head, presumably where it was clubbed into submission.

"Oh gods," Natani murmured to herself. "It can't be even a year old."

I hate those men, Youngtani said inside her mind. so much I'd kill them where they stand. The words lit a fire inside Natani. She so badly wanted to avenge the dead child, to take the knife in her hand and slash their throats. A slow, painful death, still too good for them. She elegantly flipped the knife from its hidden position into an attack grip, but as she stepped forward, she was interrupted yet again.

Natani, wait! Zen's voice rang through her skull. Those two words sent everything back into perspective, reminding her of the ultimate goal. She wouldn't let this crime go unpunished, but she had a templar to kidnap.

Shaking off the rage, she turned and walked over to the templar, subtly trying to stuff the knife in the back of her waistband. She managed to make it without too many gropes, and she walked up behind him and placed her hands on his chest.

"Hey there," she began, trying to sound as sexy as possible. "fiyend a ruom?" She inwardly cursed as her thick keidran accent garbled her speech. It didn't seem to matter, however, as the templar turned to face her, she saw his eyes glaze over.

"Hey baby," he said, standing and grabbing her hands. "I want your pussy, come with me!"

As he rudely dragged her to a private side room, she couldn't help but be slightly impressed with how well the attraction spell worked. The man walked through the door and tried to throw her on the bed. Her muscular frame absorbed all of the energy though, and she simply stood and watched as he wrestled his fake templar robes off.

"Strip," he said in human, his horniness reducing his vocabulary to only the essentials. "and lie down."

Natani had other ideas, though. She threw a hand around the templar's head and smashed it into her rising knee. He stumbled back, dazed.

"You little whore," he seethed with rage, preparing a spell to control Natani. "I'm gonna teach you a less-- what the?!"

His hand was pinned to the wall. He hadn't seen Natani throw the knife that now affixed his hand to the wall. With his mobility limited, he was the tall wolf's mercy. She showed none. Natani's fist decked the man's face, knocking him unconscious. Knowing how much noise they must have made, she hurried with the next part of the plan: escape.

"Crap!" Natani realized as she donned his robe. "Raine didn't tell me how to get out!" Natani's eyes roved to the only other path: a small window opposite the door. She lifted the unconscious templar off the wall and into the air and aimed his head at the window.

"YAAAAAAH!" she quietly yelled as she ran at it, using the templar as a battering ram.

Thunk his head bounced off and Natani's shoulder hit the wall.

"Fine, new plan," she said to herself as she ripped the knife out of the wall. She used the hilt of the knife to shatter the window, but as she did she heard a murmur in the other rooms. Time was ticking. Lifting the Templar once again, she maneuvered his head through the open window. It all went smoothly until she reached his butt. His fat tush was too big to fit through the window. Natani slammed her shoulder into his rear, grunting as she tried to get good contact. After 3 strikes, his chunky rump slid clear of the window and he collapsed outside. Natani now lined herself up, ready to dive through the window, when her fears were realized.

A knock on the door.

"All good in there?" came a voice, "we heard shattering glass. You'd better not be trying to steal one of our products!"

"Go to hell," Natani muttered under her breath. Then, she tensed herself and charged at the window.

"What the..." the voice must have heard her, as the door handle started rattling. It was too late, Natani was through the window, her hips just brushing the frame of it. As she righted herself, she lifted the limp templar over her shoulder and charged towards the Riftwall. The voices of angry house owners and the door breaking open barely reached her ears as she flew towards her escape.

Having charged the distance to the Tavern, Natani freed a hand to throw the door open. As she did, she risked a glance over her shoulder. Two angry men were running after her with what looked like swords. Not sticking around, Natani dashed through the open door, across the tavern, and thundered up the stairs. Finding their room, she banged on the door.

"Lemme in, lemme in!" she growled through the door. After what seemed like an eternity, the door cracked open and barreled through, plowing over Kathrine in the process.

"Got him," Natani panted, the adrenaline wearing off. "Now let's go!". Trace drew the gatekey from his right pocket and activated it. A door opened into the hedge maze, and they all charged through, sans Trace and Flora. Traced closed the door behind them, and Natani let out a sigh of relief.
And Chapter... 7? Yeah. The Templar - Part 1
Keith sat alone. Silent. He had hardly moved all day. After waking up, he discovered Natani had left him a present. A very... moist one. He bathed, ate, and spent the next couple of hours wandering the halls of the great manor. The hours after were spent in his room, staring out a window over Edinmire, the rolling hills framing the port city. As night fell, he retreated to the bed.

Keith hadn't realized how much Natani meant to him until she had collapsed on the ship. That week had been its own version of terrifying; the question of her life, hanging in the balance, keeping him awake for days on end. When she was asleep, he protected her. Watched over her, too afraid she's pass on if he left. Now he had no power, no control. No knowledge of where she was, whether or not she was safe.

The tension hung over Keith as he lay back on his bed, unable to relax. He missed her fingers between his, her soft breathing, the rise and fall of her bosom...

Her bosom...

Keep it together, Keith! he chastised himself. She's hardly been gone a day.

I still miss her though... A small part of him replied, his mind wandering to memories of the two of them. The reminiscence dragged him deeper into loneliness.

His melancholy was shattered as Karen threw open the door. "They're back! I thought you should know."

Keith bolted upright, then flung himself out of bed. He speed-walked through the door, swatting Karen's hand away from his left ear as he did. The hallway around him blurred as he raced down it, faster and faster. Before he knew it, he was sprinting. Rounding the corner, he saw the entire returning group: Eric, Maddie, Maren, Raine, Kathrin, and Natani. He noted that Kathrin was supporting Natani, and he rushed over to see what was the issue.

"Natani!" He exclaimed. "Natani, are you ok?"

Natani looked up at Keith and smiled. "I am, now that it's over." She let go of Kathrine and stumbled onto Keith in a hug.

"Mmm, I missed you," he mumbled into her hair as he held her tight. As he did, he felt something wet on his leg and looked down. "and I... Natani, you're bleeding!"

Somewhat dazed, Natani looked down. Her own blood was soaking through the heavy robes she had stolen from the templar. "Oh. Haha," She said, pulling the robes up her leg. It was a nasty cut; thin, not too deep, but it travelled up the entire length of her upper leg. It bled profusely, matting her fur and dripping onto the ground. "musta cut myself on the broken window." She stumbled into Keith again.

"C'mon Natani, you need to lie down." he moved underneath her arm and supported her back to their room.


Raine sat up. She had narrowly recovered from her blackout when Natani returned, and the sudden commotion had made her dizzy. Bringing her hand to her head, she looked around. Everyone except Trace and Flora was present, with the addition of the templar.

"Raine," Maren called out. "what should we do with him?" Maren gestured to the templar, sprawled out on the ground.

"Throw him in the dungeon!" Maddie injected, already moving to drag him off and clap him in irons.

"NO!" Raine exclaimed, anxious because she hadn't thought this part through entirely. "We'll... where's Rose?"

"Right here," Rose said from behind Raine.

"Rose!" Raine was startled by her apparition, but recovered gracefully and managed "what's the most secure room in the manor?"


The latch on the attic trapdoor slid smoothly into place.

"There!" Maddie said while Raine breathed a sigh of relief. "Double opposing handcuff knots on wrists and legs. He's not going anywhere."

They set off down the stairs.

"Though," Madelyn continued, "I still think you should have let me string him to the roof."

"We want him to help us," Raine's words were laborious; she wanted nothing more than to lie down and sleep. "Torturing him may send the wrong message."

As they walked onto the balcony near the grand foyer, their voices echoed into the vast space. "I'm tired, goodnight!" Maddie bid Raine a curt goodbye and trodded off towards her own room. Raine meandered towards her own room but detoured into a different one.

She knelt beside a still figure lying in the single bed. "It won't be long now, Zen." She whispered into his ear. "We'll get you back." She rose and turned towards the door. She paused in the doorway before turning back and quickly tiptoeing back to his bedside. She leaned down and planted a quick kiss, square on his lips. Then she rushed out of the room and into her own, gently closing both doors.

From the ethereal realm, Zen thought one word "Nice!"
Aaaaand because Forum posts have a max of 60k characters, this one's ONLY in the comment. I'll get these all in a pastebin or something rather someday.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 - Chapter 1 - The Attic

#2 Post by Bellhead »

That was a nice read. I'll wager this is canon with Sudden Interruption?

Also, what happened to Sythe? Did Maren clock him, or did Red find out?
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Re: Silverlocks 11 - Chapter 1 - The Attic

#3 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

Bellhead wrote: Sat Jun 20, 2020 7:14 pm That was a nice read. I'll wager this is canon with Sudden Interruption?

Also, what happened to Sythe? Did Maren clock him, or did Red find out?
Thanks, and you'd be right.

As for your question, I set this a little while after Magical Mishaps, so the "fate that wasn't altogether bad" would have been 24 hours of hell with giant Nibs.

Also, chapter 2 is coming. Eventually.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 - Chapter 1 - The Attic

#4 Post by Bellhead »

I'll also mention, just so you know, you can post the next chapter in here and change the name of the thread to avoid losing track. Jonesy did that with H&L, for instance. Helps to keep everything together for multiple chapters and ongoing stories.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 - Chapter 1 - The Attic

#5 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

Ooh, good idea, thanks. I guess it’s better then spamming the forum with new chapters.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

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New chapter available, what do y'all think?

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

#7 Post by Bellhead »

I think it's a little out of character for Natani's first thought to not be "check the link". Last time it didn't work because one or the other was unconsious, but I do kinda wonder if Nat would see from Zen's body on the bed, or from his mind above it.

Interesting scenario.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

#8 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

Bellhead wrote: Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:44 am I think it's a little out of character for Natani's first thought to not be "check the link". Last time it didn't work because one or the other was unconsious, but I do kinda wonder if Nat would see from Zen's body on the bed, or from his mind above it.

Interesting scenario.
Hmm. I totally get what you’re saying about Natani being a tad out-of-character. I’ll definitely need to address that in the next chapter somehow. Thanks for the feedback!

(Also iOS autocorrects Natani to “Nagano” and it’s really throwing me off.)

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

#9 Post by Warrl »

TheMasterOfOats wrote: Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:57 am(Also iOS autocorrects Natani to “Nagano” and it’s really throwing me off.)
That's easy to fix: turn off autocracy. Autochthonous. Autoclave. You know what I mean.

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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

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Chapter 3 is up! Finally.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

#11 Post by Bellhead »

So it hit Raine pretty hard. Given how she had been feeling about him before, I see how it would, but still... kinda frustrating scrolling to the top everytime to see the new chapter.. Just me complaining, pay no mind.

I find it a bit exaggerated that she would be emmaciated over 5 days, but much more odd that after such a long time she wouldn't be dehydrated. Most mammals can't even survive longer than a few days without water, let alone maintain consiousness after almost a week. So I'll just assume she had a few glasses over the course of that week, somewhere off-camera. It's tough to imagine her like that, though..
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress]

#12 Post by TheMasterOfOats »

Bellhead wrote: Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:56 am I find it a bit exaggerated that she would be emmaciated over 5 days, but much more odd that after such a long time she wouldn't be dehydrated. Most mammals can't even survive longer than a few days without water, let alone maintain consiousness after almost a week. So I'll just assume she had a few glasses over the course of that week, somewhere off-camera. It's tough to imagine her like that, though..
I get what you’re saying. Some people take for granted how much dehydration can do to you. For example, for Les Mis 2012, Hugh Jackman didn’t drink water for 2 days for “Valjean’s Soliloquy” and he looked like hell. Imagine no food, limited water, and limited sleep.

You do raise a good point about consciousness though, I may bring that into play in the coming story.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress][probably NSFW, idk]

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Double post, I know. But just a heads up, chapter 4 is out in the wild.

You’re welcome.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress][probably NSFW, idk]

#14 Post by Bellhead »

I get the sense this story got a bit more complex than originally intended. It's intriguing.

Also: Double posting to announce a new chapter in your own story's thread isn't a big deal, don't worry.
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Re: Silverlocks 11 [in progress][probably NSFW, idk]

#15 Post by Technic[Bot] »

This is interesting to say the least. Regarding the 3 chapter
I do not remember we ever saw Raine berating herself for anything like what happened on your story. Yet again she hasn't killed anyone she cares by accident yet.
I mean considering her upbringing I woul not be surprised she is an emotional mess. But so far she is quite functional for someone raised in isolation, she is jusy a bit shy an socially awkward.
In any case poor Raine. For some reason her character always gets my paternalistic side out. Despite not having kids. You know that feeling when you want to hug and soothe someone who is crying? Something like that.
And regarding the fourth:
Amirite? Is that and invented word? If so how did you come up with it? Sorry I have a curious interest on synthetic languages and terms.
Also I think Nat worries seems a bit out of proportion. You know her plan but for what I gather Raine asked her to pretend to be a sex slave not to a to actually... Uhm... Do any real sex work right?
Thought I imagine Natani personal hell is being a sex-slave. On one hand he is forced to be and act female and on the other she has absolutely no agency about it.
Finally I think if I remember correctly Keidran are not fertile all year round so natani has no risk of conception.
There are three things that motivate people: Money, fear and love.
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