Twokinds smutfic: Foxy Keith [NSFW] (COMPLETE)

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Twokinds smutfic: Foxy Keith [NSFW] (COMPLETE)

#1 Post by amenon »

A standalone smut story inspired by a certain pic.

Check it out:
On SoFurry (NSFW) (no registration required)
On Fur Affinity (NSFW) (registration required)

Happy Candlenights!

-- amenon


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  • Entertaining Possibilities [2015-2017, 5 'books', 9 stories. Complete but perpetually in editing. The big and sprawling one.]
  • A Harder Road [2017, 3 chapters, incomplete. The low-effort one... kind of.]
  • A Taste of Freedom [2018, story + short sequel. Complete... probably? The one that doesn't feature Keith and Natani, OR, Mike and Evals visit Adira's tavern.]
  • Establishing Relations [2018, story in 6 chapters + epilogue. The 'What if they hadn't bailed from the island' one.]
  • Foxy Keith [You are here.]
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Re: Twokinds smutfic: Foxy Keith [NSFW] (COMPLETE)

#2 Post by Dadrobit »

Damn, saw this was updated and thought there was something new to read. Screeeeeeew folks with their clickbait bots.

On the bright side, I do still have to catch up on some amenon reading regardless. So I s'pose this is as good a time as any to get those back into my for real to-do list. :mrgrin:

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