Seasons: The Princess and the Pawn (NSFW)

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Seasons: The Princess and the Pawn (NSFW)

#1 Post by Raydis » Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:15 am

So remember that "Nine Months with Clovis" greentext I made a few months back? Well, after fiddling around a bit, I've fleshed it out into a proper story. Changes include:
Actual paragraphs and sentence formation!
All instances of "Anon" has been swapped out for Zen and dialogue has been changed to reflect it.
New chapters and general story expansion
Premise: In an alternate universe where Clovis reaquired Zen during his recovery after being stabbed by Keith, things get a bit complicated when Clovis loses control of her instincts and a medley of drama and humor insures. Link in the spoiler, prepare for lewd.

Special thanks to Seff and Heresy for helping create the initial concept, proofreading, post-editing
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