(Twokinds) Yewls Story

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(Twokinds) Yewls Story

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For those of you who don't know who Yewl, he is my personal OC I made for the twokinds universe, he is a coyote keidran from the nomadic dry land coyote tribe and this is his story and a break from my main project, will he rescue his parents from the slavers or we'll he be killed or join a multitude of other keidrans in servitude.

One thing is certain though. Yewl knows no mercy, only retribution and justice.

A tale of tragedy, bloodshed, and revenge. Rated [MA] for mature themes and intense violence.

A true secret of the empire that most are even afraid of passing on through the word of mouth fearing reprisals or dismissing the eyewitness accounts as mere campfire stories.

The mythic Coyote Tribe, A tribe that the expansive and domineering human empire is hell bent on pacifying, but due to the Tribes intimate knowledge of the dry lands and its terrain every campaign into the interior of the dry lands always ended in embarrassment and the fruitless deaths of many imperial troops in the carefully planned Keidran ambushes.

In response, the empire began a campaign of the pen instead of sword, covering up the tribes existence and spreading the lie in "history" textbooks that they were successfully wiped out.

The coyote tribe lived mainly undisturbed in their little village by the way lands oasis in balance with nature.

That is until Trace the dreaded came to power...

hell bent on displaying his dominance to the far corners of the empire, he made a vow to finally subjugate and enslave the entirety of the coyote tribe and make the dry lands open for mining settlements.

Little did these Keidrans know of this new world order. but one day a little pup was given a rude awakening.

The sun was at its most intense over the dry shrubs and cacti occasional outcropping of a rich combination of iron ore and sandstone mixing to toghether to form swirling layers as the sand dunes crashed against them with the wind like ocean waves against the coast.

the wind picked up slightly, picking up a fair amount of dust in its wake.

Just over the crest of a nearby hill 3 figures stayed prone, making sure even with every breath they take, they barely made a sound.

2 of the figures appeared to be one male and one female adult keidran as they appeared to be on each side of the youngling in the middle.

They all had brownish fur and unkempt hair, at first glance they could easily be confused for dogs or forest wolves, but the more pointed muzzles, more side set ears, and certain proportions were off, especially noticeable in the tail, which flared outwards like an overused artists brush rather than tapered in after bulging outwards like most wolves tails.

With a graceful motion, the tomahawk the youngest of the three was holding was thrown in a graceful arc as It twirled in the air before barreling towards the terrain before it struck its target as their enhanced hearing picked up the distinctive *shink* of metal of the crushing of bones as the small desert hare fell to the ground.

In a state of jubilee, all three howled to the sky as a way of praising their guardian spirit for another successful hunt.

With the deed done all three got up from prone and the larger male in the trio gave a pat on the back to the smaller one.

<Son, words alone cant describe how proud I am of you, as was and is our proud tradition, once we show them proof your first kill, you will finally became a true member of the tribe.> he said with a grin, trying not let his elation get the better of him.

<Sense the trial requires at least one witness you don't mind if I came to watch.> his mother said first looking at me and then back towards the were he through the axe.

<I kept convincing him he should start with the bow, but my motherly instincts certainly told me he has a knack for throwing things> Yewls mom said with a giggle as they all began walking towards the fresh kill.

<Now you remind me> he said with a look of apprehension <that boy made a dare once with the chiefs son that he could throw a rock farther than he could, but when Yewl had his turn the rock hit a bird mid flight which landed in a mans tent which made him think the plague was coming and before you know it I had to give him a loooong talk afterwards about showing off>

The little boy, not wanting to wait through their converstation, excitedly made his way to the fresh kill as it layed in a pool of it own blood. skipping along in triumph at his achievement. <yeah..WOOOO AWOOOO!!!>

<Oh stop it Upo, he's just a boy enjoying his youth, let him have some fun.>

Upo rolled his eyes as he saw his son pulling out the tomahawk poking the desert hare with a stick to make sure it was dead.

<this isn't just about him Say'na, even though id be proud of him regardless of his achievements, he has to know that everyone in the tribe depends on the other, our survival is much more important that petty rivalries don't you think?>

Say'na merely said at his retort < if you say so honey>

<Alright Yewl, we can celebrate more when we get home, but first we need to show the chief your catch so he can anoint you>

With a smile and a nod, the young Yewl picked up the hare by the neck, still leaking blood, putting some on his face as part of the right of passage as he began walking back towards his parents.

Just then, Upo's and Say'na gave off expressions of shock and dread as what they saw appear behind Yewl. something which not even they with all their experience out in open expanse of dessert never would have expected.

<YEWL RUN!!!> both said in unison. <DONT LOOK BACK!!!> yelled his mother.

knowing his life was far more important than a somewhat heavy corpse, he dropped the hare and ran towards his parents with all he could.

daring to tempt fate, Yewl took one quick look ever his shoulder and what he saw sent him into a cold sweat.

The Humans...have returned!!

But his parents told me we were safe!! that our sacral hunting grounds were untouched by man in over a generation.

Yewl could do nothing else but look straight ahead and run with all he could. even with his muscles screaming for him to stop, he needed to run, faster then he ever has.

<WE NEED TO MAKE IT BACK TO THE VILLAGE, NOW!!!!> Upo commanded as Yewl crashed into his mothers comforting embrace.

"Oh I don't think you can outrun us this time filthy keidran!!" one of the men said, he wore a black robe and with mysterious glowing blue emblem on the side, speaking in a language they didn't understand which only added to their combination of fear and confusion.

After speaking a few words the man shot an orb of out of his hand and straight into his mothers leg.

Yewl and his father could only watch in horror as she started to fall towards the ground only to be caught by Upo.


Looking into Upos eyes Say'Na tried to come up with the right words to describe it as all she felt at this point was sheer terror.

<I....cant move. he.... HE DID SOMETHING TO ME!! the orb went in and I just.... please just take him and go.>

<NO I wont leave you to those disgusting humans!! I made an oath to protect both of you. YEWL!> he said causing yewl to tense up.

<I'm... I'm sorry this had to happen but we don't have much time. give me the tomahawk... that's the only weapon we have>

Understanding the dire situation, Yewl complied and handed him the instrument he used to gain his right of passage, after taking the throwing axe out of yewls hand, he gently set Say'na down by a rock before looking back at Yewl with a fiery expression of rage and determination.

<Yewl... my son... you know were the village is... go their and tell them what happened here... ill stay behind and hold them off... GO NOW!!" he yelled getting his point across as Yewl bolted across the desert back towards the safety of the oasis.

he didn't see what happened next.... but he heard..... everything.... Especially the cries of his mother <NO...NO....GET OFF ME!!!LET ME GO!!! AGHHHH!!> and his father < YOU [censored]!!>

[End of Chapter 1]
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