One Last Soul: An Undertale Story

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One Last Soul: An Undertale Story

#1 Post by Vallis » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:09 pm

Due to the length of this story (98 pages), I'll provide a link below instead of posting the whole thing here. A couple of things first, however.
1) - Yes, I'm aware that Undertale is over a year old now. :P
2) - You should only read this story if you've beaten Undertale, and received the True Pacifist ending.

One Last Soul is a continuation of Undertale. It explores what happens after the game ends. Between me and my friend, we have nearly 200 hours of combined Undertale gameplay, and have done even more hours of research into the finer details of the game to provide the most accurate Undertale story ever written. We've tried to stay true to the game while taking some artistic initiative. We've kept all of the main characters, stayed true to their personalities, and even gave you an ending that will hit you right in the feels, just like the game itself.

Sorry for the wait and rant. Without further ado, One Last Soul:
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