Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 10: A Wolf in Mans Clothing

      The night was rough for Cloudy. The cracking sound of bones echoed through the inn. Ghost had insisted on purchasing a separate room for the night due to the test from Neutral that was expected. The test still didn’t explain the cracking sounds that made Cloudy cringe the entire night. The sun was rising over the tree line in a beautiful arrangement of gold’s and oranges. Cloudy stared out the window wondering about the fate of her close friend. A knock on the door broke her from her deep thought.
      The day was still early enough for most people to be asleep, yet Cloudy knew the knock was not just her imagination. The knock echoed through the room a second time as Cloudy rose to her feet and made her way to the door. When she opened the door, a pitch black wolf Keidran stood in the doorway. The tips of the wolf’s fur were a deep burnt orange that made for a rather intimidating color pattern. The wolf wore pants with a dagger sheathed on one of the legs. The pants stopped about four inches above his ankles. Without a shirt the sheer build of the wolf was obvious.
      “Ghost, is that you?” Cloudy asked timidly as she sized up the massive predator.
      “How’d ya guess?” Ghost said as he felt his muzzle. Talking with a longer mouth was a new thing to him.
      “The orange gave it away a little bit, but by the mask, you’re enormous!” Cloudy blurted out.
      “Yea, apparently the wolf me is a bit bigger, hopefully I’m still quick. One thing I was hoping you could teach me to do is, well, walk.” Ghost asked with a blush burning through his midnight black fur.
      “Of course, your new legs are backwards compared to your old ones, but it’s not too bad. Wait until you start smelling the inn keeper’s cooking, your new sense of smell should be a mind blower. Let’s go for a walk for now though and brake in those legs.” Cloudy said as she slipped out the door and lead Ghost down the stairs.
      Walking down the stairs of the inn was an ordeal for Ghost, but by the time he reached the bottom he had mostly gotten the idea of how to walk again. They walked out of the bar while being stared at by a bartender that was now questioning the way the world worked around him. The morning air was still crisp, but not cold. Summer had been working its way into the region and now was just an average early summer morning. The forest surrounding the inn was dark and cloaked the dark wolfs figure as he and Cloudy made their way down a well-worn path. The river that Cloudy was guiding Ghost to was only a few hundred yards away now and Ghost was having fun running with his new legs. His new found agility was amazing. He had always been an agile assassin, but now, he was built for agility and strength. Ghost and Cloudy broke through the tree line at full sprint and Cloudy skidded to a halt before falling in the water. Ghost on the other hand just stripped off his cloths as he ran and dove right into the water.
      “Whoo, I can get used to this. Now if somebody would jump in the water with me, maybe a beautiful cat or something, I’m not sure let’s see who I can find.” Ghost said as he sarcastically looked all around for someone that he knew wasn’t there, intentionally skipping over Cloudy just to mess with her. He climbed out of the water and walked toward Cloudy.
      “O hey, I found that cat I was looking for.” Ghost said as he lifted Cloudy up and chucked her into the water.
      As Cloudy’s head resurfaced Ghost landed a dive only a few feet away splashing the poor Keidran. Ghost really was enjoying himself, but he was really happy to be around Cloudy. They had started a relationship and done everything up to becoming mates. Ghost was happy with that, and she seemed happy too. Seeing Ghost in Keidran form helped a bit too due to the fact that he was a prime example of a Keidran warrior that would have no trouble finding mates in a village. Cloudy loved him as a human and seeing him as a Keidran didn’t change her thought of him.
      “The sun sure feels good on the fur, think I might sun bathe a bit.” Ghost said as he laid out on a rock in the middle of the river.
      Cloudy looked him over in the sunlight. His fur was a dark shade of gray, nearly black in the right light. The dark fur hid his muscle tone slightly, but it was still obvious that he was not a small man. The burnt orange tips of fur that he had shined like amber gems in the sunlight, nearly glowing against the rest of the dark fur.
      “So, what do you think of Char and Audrey?” Ghost asked with his eyes still shut as he laid on the rock.
      “We’ll I’ve known Audrey for a long time and we’ve always been friends. Char seems nice, rather upfront about everything, but at least he’s on our side.” Cloudy answered as she swam up to Ghost’s rock.
      “I’m talking about together; Char mentioned he might try to settle down at some point. A few days later he mentioned that he thought Audrey was cute, I just kind of guessed settling down and getting to know her might coincide.” Ghost replied.
      “They get along pretty well, and she’s the only one I’ve seen Char go out of his way to do something nice for. Do you really think he wants a relationship with her, I mean, I know he’s not a bad guy but he just left the Templars? Cloudy asked.
      “To be honest, I don’t know. I was just kind of curios about what you thought; we’ll let them handle themselves. It might just be me getting used to our relationship and just seeing the rest of our group happy with one another.”
      A sudden rustle caught both the Keidrans attention as their eyes quickly shot to the far bank. With their past experience with visitors at a river, they were both worried.
      Ghost and Cloudy had both come to the river armed, and had their blades on their hips just in case they were needed as they swam to the bank. As they climbed out of the water, the sound of movement got closer. The two assassins stayed low as they moved toward a larger tree near the riverbank. The sound of movement was only twenty or thirty feet away from them and the gleam of silver armor reflected into Ghosts eyes as he peaked around the tree.
      “Templars? Those are the ones that burned down the village and tried to kill me! Apparently I didn’t teach this death squad enough of a lesson. Cloudy, go get Char and then you stay at the inn with Audrey. If Char and I go down, you get out of the inn and run, don’t stop for us. Go!” Ghost yelled as he pulled out his blade.
      Cloudy did as ordered and ran. She hadn’t run this fast since she dragged Ghost out of the burning village. Her mind was clouded with fear. She loved ghost and couldn’t stand the thought of losing him now. She tore the trees, not even caring that low branches were slicing her face as she forced herself through them. The inn was in sight and she cleared the front staircase in a single bound. The frantic feline spooked the half asleep bar tender as she sprinted through the bar and up the stairs.
      “Char! Char!” Cloudy yelled through the hall.
      “What the hell is going on?” Char yelled as he came running out of his room blade drawn.
      “Templars at the river! Ghost stayed to fight them; he told me to run and hide here but send you.” Cloudy gasped as she attempted to catch her breath.
      Char didn’t say a word as he ran for the door of the inn. The slam of the door was all Cloudy could here from upstairs. Tears welled up in her eyes as she fell to her knees. He face fell into her hands as she wept. Audrey knelt down beside Cloudy in her best attempts to comfort her friend.
      “The boys are tough, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Don’t let worry tear you up.” Audrey whispered into Cloudy’s ear as she wrapped her in a comforting hug.
      “I just don’t know what I’ll do if I lose him now.” Cloudy cried.
      “You won’t lose Ghost. You know he’ll do anything to come back to you.” Audrey continued to whisper.
      “So what can we do?” Cloudy asked in-between sniffles.
      “Well, we can wait on the porch for the boys to come back. Relaxing in the sun might help you calm down too.” Audrey said as she lifted Cloudy to her feet.

[center]~ ~ ~[/center]

      The Templars were only a few yards into the tree line as Ghost readied himself for the fight ahead. The tight space of the forest would not be an advantage to him so he held his ground near the bank of the river. The bank was only about 20 feet away from the tree line but this was enough space for Ghost to do what he did best. The Templars began to emerge from the trees and laughed as they saw a single armed Keidran waiting to meet them.
      “Well boys, would you look at this? This fur ball thinks he can fight off the great Templars. Well you mutt, you think you can take on thirty well trained Templars? I honestly give you thirty seconds before your just chunks of rotten Keidran meat that well feed to the dogs.” The lead Templar laughed as they surrounded Ghost who now had his back to the river.
      “Well then I’m going out in style.” Ghost laughed as he walked forward, dragging the blade of his sword on the ground with a frightening grind.
      As Ghost walked forward one of the Templars got restless and bolted forward to kill the dark Keidran. With an underhand swing, Ghost dispatched the fighter with ease.
      “I hope he wasn’t the best you have, I was under the impression y’all were trained to fight and not to die.” Ghost laughed as he stood in the center of the circle of soldier.
      More Templars began rushing forward and Ghost deflected their attacks while landing a few of his own. With two of the attacker still standing from this wave, Ghost readied himself as they both attacked simultaneously. Both fighters swung for his head as he ducked under the blades. From his low position, Ghost kicked the legs out from one of the men and spun his way upward while dragging his blade up through the chest of the second attack. The remaining Templars watched in fear as Ghost marched toward them with his sword in an underhand grip. Ghost laughed as he plunged his blade through the lung of the man that he had kicked to the ground.
      “Y’all do this to yourselves, you know that? Come marching into foreign lands and trying to kill anyone who crosses your path without even knowing if they have the ability to end all of your lives.”
      Some of the soldiers took off running into the forest but the sound of running was covered with the sound of screams and slashing coming from the forest. The remaining dozen Templars stood horrified in the opening with Ghost.
      “Heh heh, you all are in for a good time now.” Ghost laughed as a hooded figure emerged from the trees.
      “Templars? I’m curious, why are you all this deep in Keidran territory? I know your orders wouldn’t send you out this far without good reason. So why are you here?” Char asked as he walked out into the clear area.
      “Hunting a traitor and an assassin that have been working against the glory of the Templars. Were also here to clear out villages of these fur covered filth. Now why are you this deep in Keidran territory as a human?” The lead Templar announced.
      “Well, I might just be your traitor.” Char laughed as he removed his hood and mask. “And that there is your assassin, well in his Keidran form at least.”
      “Kiedran form? You mean he can change?” The leader asked in astonishment.
      “Not exactly.” Ghost announced. “You really don’t need to know anyway, you won’t live long enough for it to matter.”
      As Ghost said this, both assassins bolted forward into the crowd of Templars. Four soldiers were taken from this world within a matter of seconds and the remaining soldiers began to swing wildly at the assassins. This just made Char and Ghost’s job easier as they picked off the freighted fighters. As the two men fought off the soldiers, the lead Templar and his two guards began to run. Finishing off the last of the soldiers, the assassins chased down the leadership. Bolting through the woods after the men, Ghost could smell their fear. They reeked of it and it made the chase that much more of an adrenaline rush. Without warning, an arrow pieced the air over Ghost’s shoulder. Ghost burst through the bush that the arrow had come from and dispatched the archer that was one of the leader’s guards. The leader and his remaining guard stood feet away. The last guard charged forward and was met with a simple slash to the neck from Ghost. The leader drew his sword, but dropped in like a coward.
      “Please, let me go and I’ll make it worth your while. Money, freedom, I can even say we killed you and they’ll stop hunting you. Please I can …….”
      Silence filled the forest as the soldier stared into eyes of a Ghost. A blade of fine crafted steel stuck out of his back. Ghost just looked into the man’s eyes as the life slowly rolled out of them. Ghost planted his foot on the man’s shoulder and shoved him off his blade. With a flick of his wrist, blood flung from his sword. With the sword placed back into its sheath, Ghost made his way back into the forest. A low groan caught his attention nearby so Ghost went to see if it was Char and if he doing alright. Ghost rounded a dense patch of shrubs to see Char lying on the ground with an arrow in his shoulder.
      “Damn, we got to get you help now!” Ghost yelled as he slid to Chars side.
      “Meh, bullets are worse and at least I can walk on my own.” Char said as he lifted himself to his feet with his good arm. “Not my first time getting shot by something and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”
      “How many are you up to?” Ghost asked.
      “Three bullets, some shrapnel and now one arrow.” Char laughed in reply.
      “Still have you beat, five bullets, two cases of shrapnel from rockets, survived two IEDs, two arrows and a giant ball of fire.” Ghost laughed back.
      “Yea, we’re tough to kill, our world knows that, and this world will find that out. Huah!” Char grunted.
      “Huah brother, now let’s worry about getting you to Audrey so she can fix you up.”
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Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction

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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Sorry for the delay, i'm having some difficulty bridging the gap between planned parts of the story so its making for a rough road. This part of the story is starting to wind down to the final stages, but i do have plans for a part 2. With a second part to the story being a strong possibility, I would like to know what everyone has though so far. Enjoy.

Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 11: The Golden Wolf

      The wind pushed the leaves of the trees around playfully, showing the beauty and happiness of the world surrounding two suffering women. The group had become rather attached to one another and although Audrey hadn’t spoken much, she felt safe with these people. This was her first true friends in life and they cared about her and that is all she really needed. Audrey still kept some stories of her life away from the group, including one that she didn’t understand herself but would soon catch up to her.
      “Audrey, what’s that bright splotch on your arm?” Cloudy asked.
      Audrey looked over her arms and noticed a golden blond spot on her fur.
      “I’m not sure; it almost looks like my old fur color. I was a blond wolf before I was a slave, but I was more gold than the rest in my village. My fur started to dull out and turn brown after being a slave for a few months but I never found out why.” Audrey said as she examined her fur for more spots.
      Audrey’s investigation of her own body was cut short as two hunched over figures broke through the trees. It was Ghost and Char limping toward the inn and it looked like Ghost was carrying both the men’s weight.
      “He needs help now! He lost a lot of blood on the way back here; the arrow missed everything important, but the bleeding’s terrible! Ghost yelled as Audrey and Cloudy sprinted forward to help.
      “The arrow needs to be out before I can do anything!” Audrey screamed in a panic as Cloudy and Ghost dragged Char into the bar.
      “Alright bud, hope you can deal with this.” Ghost said as he gripped the shaft of the arrow as low as possible.
      With a yank, the shaft of the arrow came loose of the head and slipped out of Chars flesh. Char didn’t even yelp as he slipped into unconsciousness. Ghost slipped the knife out of his leg sheath and slipped the tip into Char wound.
      “This is going to hurt a lot awake or not.” Ghost said as he plunged the knife into the wound.
      This was enough pain to bring Char back to the world with a yell. Ghost took his free arm and shoved Char back down onto the table they had him on before pulling the knife farther towards the sides of the wound in order to widen it enough to get to the arrowhead. The cutting just brought more horrifying actions from Char, but Ghost held the man down. Ghost pulled the knife out of the wound and had Cloudy hold the wound open as he poked his fingers in to pick out the arrowhead. The head was stuck in his Char’s arm rather well, but with a little bit of force, Ghost managed to remove it. As soon as Ghost got his hands free, Audrey got to work healing the wound.
      The wound was small enough that it didn’t take all that much out of Audrey, but Char was going to be out for a while. The now trio sat around out on the front porch after putting Char in a bed. Ghost had a cigarette in his mouth as the girls sat and discussed Audrey’s odd fur problem.
      “So let me get this straight, you used to be a golden wolf?” Ghost finally asked after trying to figure out the story.
      “Yea, but I haven’t figured out why I changed. I assumed it was just part of me growing up until it started coming back.” She answered still puzzled.
      “Kind of a shot in the dark here, but you think it might be based on your happiness? You were happy before you were a slave and you were gold; you were sad as a slave and turned brown; and now you’re happy with us and turning gold again.” Ghost said as he lit up another smoke.
      “That could be it but I’m not sure, we’ll see where it goes. Another thing I was meaning to ask ever since I fixed you up after the village attack; those tattoos on your back are weird symbols I don’t recognize and those cigarette things are weird; not to mention your talking is a little weird.” Audrey asked out of the blue.
      “Well damn, I was hoping Char would help me out with answering this but he’s out like a light. Basically it goes like this; Char and I were soldiers in another world or dimension, were not sure which. We were on a mission in another country and found a weird symbol glowing in a cave. For whatever reason, we decided that touching the symbol was a good idea and then we just appeared here. We haven’t figured out much about the jump other than our gear didn’t come with us, or if it did, were not sure where it went. Both of us appeared with only a small bag of things we had which happened to be a knife, cigarettes and matches for each of us. The weapons we had were something too powerful for this world. Imagine a bow and arrow that shot by just flipping a switch, no drawback or effort, just point and click. Now add to that, metal arrows that travel faster than sound. Now adding range that can make a bow completely useless. It’s really actually hard to describe a gun without using other guns in the description, but just take my word for these being incredible. It doesn’t matter anyway; everything from our world is lost other than what we carry on our backs. We’ll it’s getting late, I’m going to get some rest so we can take off tomorrow. I talked to the inn keeper earlier and he’s pretty confident about where we can find a neutral village. Goodnight.” Char said as he stood up off the step of the porch.
      “I think I’ll join you, maybe you’ll enjoy the company.” Cloudy said with a wink.
      “Tonight might be your night kitty.” Ghost joked as his tail wagged.
~ ~ ~

      The night was still as Audrey sat in the window of Char’s room. She had decided to stay there that night to keep an eye on him. With a glance down, she could see the light of the slowly rising sun gleaming on her now larger gold patch of fur.
      Maybe it is because I’m happy; who knows, I might just burst back into a golden wolf as soon as we find a village that will take us.> Audrey was lost in thought as her eyes shut softly.
      “Audrey? What are you doing? Damn, your… umm, well, beautiful.” Ghost said as Audrey began to wake up.
      “Beautiful? Well first, what? Second, aren’t you and Cloudy mates, you didn’t strike me as a two timing kind of guy.” Audrey laughed on the second part.
      “Well yea, as of last night Cloudy and I are mates. Other than that, it was just a compliment. Have you seen yourself since you woke up?” Ghost asked as he worked his knife out of its sheath.
      “Here take a look on my knife; it’s got a mirror finish.” Ghost said as he handed Audrey the knife.
      Audrey looked into the knife’s reflection, seeing a beautiful golden wolf standing in her place. Her mouth fell open in shock as she looked herself over. There was not a single brown spot left on her body and she was ecstatic.
      “Hate to interrupt, but shouldn’t we be setting out.” Char moaned as he heaved himself up out of the bed.
      “Hey, you owe me a knife sharpening Char; I chipped the tip digging the arrow head out of your shoulder plate.” Ghost laughed as his friend finally regained his life.
      “How about next time you almost die, I’ll drag you back without a complaint.” Char laughed as he began to gather his gear.
      “You two really stick to business. Char just woke up from a blood loss related sleep and y’all are already packing to leave.” Audrey mentioned as she sat on the edge of the bed.
      “We know our mission so we get right on it, that’s just how we work. Cloudy is in our room packing and you might want to do the same.” Ghost said as he grabbed some stuff for Char out of the closet.
      As Cloudy and Audrey continued to pack, Ghost and Char moved downstairs with the map to talk to the bartender about the rumored neutral village nearby.
      “If you follow this trail here, there should be a hidden path that parallels the river, if you miss it, just find the river and head east until you find an old wooden bridge. That bridge should bring you into the mountains along a small path. That path should lead through the rocks and out into a nice green valley.” The inn keeper said as he dragged his finger along the route on the map.
      “You seem awfully sure about this, you sure you haven’t been there?” Ghost asked.
      The girls came down the stairs as the dark wolf locked his gaze into the inn keeper to intimidate any lies away. The girls stayed quiet and made their way for the door as Ghost rolled up the map and grabbed his gear. Char was loaded up and ready so the men followed the girls. The walk should take them about eight hours as long as the inn keeper had correct information.
      “She really pretty now ain’t she?” Char whispered to Ghost as they lagged behind the girls.
      “Yea, you finally going to make a move or are you going to keep acting like a scared middle school boy before a dance?” Ghost laughed.
      Char shrugged that off and went up to talk to Audrey. Cloudy got the idea that she was a third wheel so she fell back to walk with her now mate. The talking was enough to pass the time, each one of them had hopes and dreams of what the village would be like and what they would do with their new lives. The river appeared in view a few yards away so the group turned east and found the bridge in a matter of minutes. As the innkeeper had said, the path led into the mountains and was rather rough. The rock walls on either side of the path were high and flat with no way to climb up. This was one hell of a bottle neck but it was the only way to get where they were going.


      The path took a sharp left turn and waiting on the other side of the turn was a familiar figure. A dark black wolf standing nearly the same height as Ghost and with the same fur pattern with a slightly more red coloration on the edges stood staring at the group.
      “You got business here, nothing here but rocks and caves?” The wolf asked.
      “Heard rumors of a village that we wanted to check out, what’s it to you?” Ghost snapped back.
      “Ha, what makes you think there is a village here and why, if there was, would they want anything to do with you.” The wolf laughed.
      “Because the neutral cause isn’t a large one and we know you need fighters.” Char finally chimed in.
      “O yea human, what makes you think I’m neutral?” The wolf yelled as he lunged forward toward Char.
      Without hesitation, the large dark arm of Ghost found its mark in the wolf’s chest sending his leg forward and his head backwards. Ghost pulled out his sword and placed it on the wolf’s throat.
      “Come on now big guy, let’s talk about this, words above violence.” The wolf wined.
      “Words are the weapon of the terrified, but if you tell us what we need to know, I won’t kill you now.” Ghost growled.
      “Down the path, look for the large building as soon as you walk in the gate, they can tell you everything!” The wolf wined again.
      “Let’s go and see if we finally found home.” Ghost announced as he sheathed his blade.
The first shot is not the one that matters. The last shot determines everything. Both Sides > My Fanfic
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction

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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Little bit of author notes for this Chapter. First of all, if you ever have to write a combat story, listening to FFDP really puts you in the hardcore kind of mood. Second, I'm actually catching up in views to a story that started up shortly before mine. Not competing, but I've been using that to judge how well my story is liked so I'm pretty proud.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 12: Crossed Swords of All Sides

      The path snaked its way through the rocky hills with no view of anything but sheer rock faces and the blue expanse of sky directly above. The smell of fire and cooking meat began to fill the air sparking the senses of the three Keidran of the group. As the group rounded yet another turn on the path, the view of a large wooden gate came into view. On top of the gate was two foxes with bows.
      “Open it up.” One of the foxes yelled down behind the gate.
      With a scraping sound of wood on rock, the gate slid open. Behind the gate were a wolf and a dog, both armored with very heavy plated metal. With nothing more than a point of a spear, the dog pointed the group to the large wood and rock lodge directly ahead from the gate. The group stayed silent as bystanders stared at them as they walked the road towards the lodge. Two more heavily armored guards waited at the door of the lodge and opened it in silence. The group walked in, finally escaping the onslaught of stares they were receiving from humans, Keidran and Basitins alike. The lodge was a single large room with a large table and a person of each race sitting at the table.
      “Welcome to Stone Haven travelers. It’s not often that we get new arrivals.” The human of the group said.
      “Before we can enjoy new company here, we need to know why you have come to us.” A female tiger Keidran brought up.
      “Well judging by the council you have set up here, this is the neutral village we’ve been looking for. We need a place to call home and a place worth fighting for.” Ghost said clearly to make sure that he was believed.
      The Basitin of the group stood up at the mention of neutrality, “How can we be sure you’re really neutral, were being hunted by both sides of the war as blood traitors. Even the Basitins of this village have to fear our own rulers because we’re traitors for leaving the island. For all we know, you could be scouts for the Keidran army’s or your human there could be a Templar.”
      As the Basitin finished his rant, the door of the lodge flew open.
      “Council, we have Templar scouts at the edge of the valley!” A young cat Keidran yelled.
      “Just scouts, that doesn’t seem like as big of a problem as your making it seem.” The Kiedran representative laughed.
      “They set up an observation point at the edge of the valley and sent a runner back to human lands!” The scout said in a panic.
      “They know of your village here, best option is to set up for a fight, even if they don’t attack, you don’t lose anything. Better safe than sorry.” Char said as he approached the table.
      “He’s right; if we set up for defending the village we stand a better chance.” Ghost chimed in.
      “You use the term “we” as if we’ve accepted you into our village.” The human representative announced.
      “Accept us or not, we fight on your side until we fall.” Ghost said as he walked forward and set his sword on the table. Char unsheathed his blade and did the same as Cloudy approached the table with her blade to put in the pile.
      “You have our blades to use in the defense of the village, they stop swinging when our hearts stop beating.” Ghost said as he stared at the council.
      “Then they fight for us, we would be fools to deny them! Welcome to the forces of Stone Haven, you have my full support!” The Basitin member announced as he stood up and shook Ghost’s hand.
      “Have all you’re fighters prepare defenses blocking the side of the village facing the Templars. We’ll meet them out there and talk to whoever is in charge.” Ghost said as the trio retrieved their blades.
      “Audrey, find the medical facilities here and help them with whatever they need, if an attack comes through they will need your skills.” Ghost said as the door of the hall swung open again.
      A large male fox Keidran walked through the doorway with a strong and forceful domineer.
      “The update from our scouts says a large force of Templars moving in formation at the far end of the valley. Their numbers are in the hundreds and they seem to be heavily armed.” The fox said as he approached the table.
      “Well a fight seems to have finally found us; well lucky for you, we have three new assassins in our ranks and you may have heard of one of them.” The Basistin said as he waved his hand toward Ghost and his group.
      “It’ll be an honor to fight with you sir, my name is Ghost.” Ghost said as he extended his hand out to the fox.
      “Ghost? The unstoppable neutral assassin? Fighters like you are what this village needs more of.” The fox said as he reached his arm our and grasped Ghost’s forearm as Ghost mirrored the action. “Our fighters are in position so we should find our spot in the ranks as soon as possible.”
      “No use in waiting here, lead the way sir.” Char said as he made his way towards the door.
      The walk through to town showed the group many details of the way of life of the people who lived here. Humans and Keidran trading with one another was something new to them along with the presence of Basistins. Most of the homes were of business owners in town while other types of workers lived on plots of land outside the village. The fox described the valley as an one entrance, naturally fortified safe haven. The Templars were coming in from the only exposed part of the valley other than the path the group had taken.
      The group approached another large wooden gate but this one had the sound of metal on rock as it grinded open. As they peered out the gate, thirty or so soldiers could be seen a mile or so across the valley.
      “We have thirty-three fighters to use and roughly twenty archers tucked away in the rocks. All of our mages are tied up in the medical lodge in town ready to take in the wounded.” The fox said as they approached the fighting force.
      “I’m General Holly, but I hate that name. You can call me Thorn; it’s what the town calls me. I lead this poor excuse for an army, but with luck, we can win this fight.” The fox said as they moved to the front of the fighting force.
      “Hundreds of soldiers will roll right through us if this is all we have. Send a runner to the archers and let them know to fire until the Templars are right on top of us. At that point, we fight for a bit then fall back. As we move, the archers need to fire again. We stop every so often and work their numbers down until were at the town gates. That is where we make our final stand.” Ghost told the Thorn as he scanned over the group.
      As the General informed his runner about the plan, Ghost studied the assets he had at his disposal. Most of the units were the heavily armored guards from the town alongside a few lighter armored civilians that just so happened to know how to fight. The Templars were coming into view about a mile from their position as the General readied his men. At a half mile, the archers began firing. The Templars began to drop dead in the valley, but the survivors pick up the pace into a run.
      “Ready yourselves! No cowards here fight to the last breath! Follow my commands and Stone Haven will live to see another day!” Ghost yelled. His voice resonated with most of the fighters that knew who he was.
      “Huah!” Char could be heard yelling from the far end of the formation.
      “Huah!” Ghost yelled back with power in his voice.
      The entire force began to join in. “Huah! Huah!”
      Yell after yell roared out of the formation as the Templars rushed forward nearing the formation. The archer had thinned out the Templar forces a lot, but this was still a large force. With a loud crash, the Templars made contact with the neutral forces. The clash of metal tore through the tranquility of the valley as the fighting took over.
      Ghost lunged forward and began to dispatch Templar soldiers. A heavy swing from a large sword was blocked by Ghost, but it was enough to put him on his back. With a quick shove, Ghost jammed his blade through his attackers gut. As the soldier fell, Ghost looked to his left to see one of the heavy guards from the village kill three Templars before having a spear rammed through his chest. This was hell. Ghost continued to look around as he got back to his feet. He looked around for signs of Cloudy and Char as he killed of more soldiers.
      “Fall back!” Ghost yelled at the top of his lungs.
      The first fallback had begun as Ghost sprinted toward the village. With a quick glance to his left, he saw both Char and Cloudy running with the group.
      “Hold!” Ghost yelled again.
      The entire formation held its ground as the archer tore into the Templar forces again. As the Templars drew closer, the group again readied itself for a fight. This time, Ghost took a different approach to fighting. He sprinted forward a few feet meeting a Templar with a shield head on. Ghost barreled through the man knocking him on his back. Ghost dragged his blade across the downed soldier as he charged forward and swung his blade upwards through another soldier. Ghost decided to fallback quickly this time and let the archers do most of the killing.
      “Fall back to the village!” Ghost yelled as he took off running.
      The formation halted in front of the village gates. They all knew that this was the last stand and although the Templars had taken a huge blow, a good size group still remained. Ghost grabbed a nearby human fighter.
      “Go get the archers and tell them to fall in on our position!” Ghost yelled as he shoved the man off so he could run.
      The last fight was upon them in seconds as the flood of Templar hit the fighters with their backs against a wall. The clash of metal rang through the air yet again as the two sides battled .
      “Ghost!” Chars voice could be heard over the roar of combat.
      Ghost worked his way back among his own fighters and moved toward the sound of Char voice. As Ghost broke through the last of the crowed, he saw Char kneeled over a wounded soldier. Ghost ran forward to help but as he got close he dropped to his knees. The wounded soldier was Cloudy.
      “What happened?” Ghost cried out.
      “I…I don’t know, I found her like this.” Char answered back.
      The archers had made their way down from the rocks and were beginning to slaughter the Templars from behind as Ghost cried over the body of his dyeing mate.
      “Be happy with your life Ghost and don’t let ….my passing make your life hell. You made me the happiest person in the world, if I have to die, at least I die happy.” Cloudy whispered with a slight smile on her face. Ghost slipped his arms under her back and started to lift.
      “Noo!” Cloudy yelled in pain as Ghost quickly set her down again. The wound she had suffered was clear through her left lung.
      “I’m done Ghost. I love you, but it’s my time. Remember me, but… don’t hold on to hard.” Cloudy whispered as life slowly slipped from her eyes.
      “She’s gone, I’m sorry.” Char whispered as he put his head in his hands.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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So in an attempt to form a connection between the written story and the plans I have for it, I had to make this bit of a filler chapeter but do recognize the events that happen because they will still hold power later on.

News I have been talking to one of the other authors that I'm sure most of you will know. We may have plans for a story that we might be doing in the future.

So as usual enjoy although this isn't one of my most important chapters.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 13: Changes

      The battle was nearly three weeks in the past, but the wounds held strong. Cloudy passed on and Ghost was not seen around the town often. Char had moved on to a General position; working with the current general to make a larger fighting force and a larger population for the town as a whole.
      “This might be our chance to establish contact with Orchard Valley. It’s quiet around here at the moment so we can afford to send our best on a hunt.” Char said as he studied the map on the table.
      “Ghost would be the best option, but no one has had contact with him in a while, he won’t talk. He just kind of walks around and trains, no communication at all.” Thorn said from his seat.
      “Hey Charley, go get Ghost and send him here, tell him it’s important. Thorn, sending Ghost alone is a bad idea so grab whoever you want to send with him.” Char said.
      Five minutes past before Ghost walked in the door. As informed, he came with all his gear but his fur was dull looking and his eyes were lifeless.
      “Good to see you up and moving bud, how you are?” Char asked as Ghost walked in.
      “I’m not here for small talk, give me my mission and I’ll be on my way.” Ghost said with a dull tone in his voice.
      “I know better than to push back at this point. You mission is to find Orchard Valley and make contact with the town there. They should be the largest neutral village in existence so having direct contact and trade routes with them would be good. You won’t be alone; Thorn is grabbing someone to be your back up. This sounds like a simple recon mission, but it’s incredibly important if the neutrals want any chance against the Templars.” Char said as the door of the hall opened.
      “I’m putting a lot of trust in you Ghost, I’m sending my best archer with you. She’s my daughter so please keep her safe.” Thorn said as a beautiful fox vixen walked in behind him.
      “I’ll see what I can do, no promises.” The dark wolf said as he looked over his new partner.
      “I was one of the archers during the attack; you’re pretty impressive from what I saw.” The vixen said happily.
      Her tone was light hearted in an attempt to lighten Ghost up a bit. She didn’t know him, but she knew he was in a dark place after his loss.
      “If you’re ready, we can take off now” Ghost said as he hoisted his small pack over his shoulder.
      The vixen was quick to not anger Ghost and grabbed her bag and her bow. Her bow was something she was rather proud of. She had made it herself and it was the perfect draw length and draw weight. She could pick off a small bird at fifty yards with ease and an average size soldier well beyond that. As she raced to catch up with Ghost, she could see that he was uncaring at the moment, death or life couldn’t faze him now in the dark reaches of his mind that he was stuck in.

[center]~ ~ ~[/center]

      The two scouts moved down a trail toward the general location of Orchard Valley. With luck they would find it quickly and be done with the job. Ghost was quiet the entire walk and the vixen with him was intent on breaking the silence.
      “My names Chloe by the way; you never asked but I’m sure you’ll need to know my name at some point.” Chloe said shyly.
      “Good to know.” Is all Ghost said in a monotone voice.
      “Ok look; we have to work together and were both very good at what we do. If we complete this little errand, we’ll more than likely be working together a lot so if you’re going to keep that self-pity life style then we’re going to have problems.” Chloe barked.
      “So what do you want? The real me is just a killer so you’re not missing much. Before you get on me for self-pity, remember that I spent a long time as a lone assassin and then the first person to show me any affection becomes my mate just to die not even two days after we became mates. If you think you could handle all that happing as quickly as it did to me be my guest to experience it.” Ghost yelled back as he picked up the pace a little to separate himself from Chloe.
      Ok, so getting in his face about it was a mistake. I’ll fix this and hopefully fix him.
      Chloe picked up the pace to a slow jog to catch back up to Ghost and apologize but was cut off as an inn appeared ahead of her. Ghost stood at the front of the trail waiting for Chloe to catch up.
      “I’ve stayed here before, good place to bed down and get a brew.” Ghost said seeming a bit happier at the thought of beer.
      “Look, while you’re talking to me, I want to apologize for what I said back there and…..”
      “Don’t worry about it, buy the first round and well call it good.” Ghost cut off Chloe as he tapped her on the shoulder to get her moving again.
      The bar was empty as Ghost walked in, holding the door open for Chloe. A quick glimpse at the bar keep followed by a nod showed that Ghost was well off at this inn enough for a free room. Grabbing a key off the rack Ghost led Chloe up the stairs to their room.
      “I probably couldn’t get a second free room so I’ll just sleep on the floor. This place brings back good memories from a dark side of my mind so I’m going to drink until I forget.” Ghost said as he threw his gear in the corner and made his way toward the door.
      “I’m going to drink until we both pass out then, new team bonding I guess.” Chloe laughed as she repeated Ghost’s actions.
      Taking a seat at the bar Ghost ordered two ales and slid one to Chloe as she paid for the first round. The two talked a little bit during the drinks they had and the bar slowly began to fill with all kinds of people. Chloe told Ghost how she had taken up the bow as a child and showed a born talent for it and with continued training became the best archer Stone Haven had to offer. As more alcohol entered the two, the conversation got a little deeper. Chloe let it be known that she never had a mate of any kind nor has she ever mated with anyone for any reason. She told Ghost how she was utterly confused about the topic having never experienced and how her father pressuring her to find a perfect mate wasn’t helping. She continued to tell how she dreamed of raising a family with a man that she loved and cared about but hasn’t found many men fitting the standards she had set and not many paying her much attention for anything other than her looks.
      “Well you are pretty; I can see how guys could have that problem.” Ghost laughed.
      “O no, not you too!” Chloe huffed.
      “O come on now, did you see Cloudy? She was beautiful and I was with her for much more than her looks.” Ghost replied.
      “Ha, well remember you mated, that builds a bond. I’ve never mated with anyone so I never had that bond.” Chloe sent back.
      “A pretty little thing like you never mated? Well, I might just have to fix that.” A large grey wolf said as he walked up and put his hand on Chloe shoulder.
      “Watch yourself, one wrong move and I’ll put you down.” Ghost said as he stared into the strangers eyes.
      “As for your little body guard here, I’ll kill him before we have our fun if I have to.” The grey wolf laughed.
      Without a seconds warning, Ghost was off his seat and socked the grey wolf right in side of the muzzle.
      “I haven’t been in the best of moods lately and you went and got creepy on my new friend so kicking your [censored] should be a good time.” Ghost laughed as the grey wolf picked himself up.
      “Guys come down here, there’s two wolves fighting, hurry.” One of the people staying at the inn could be heard yelling up the stairs.
      The room fell silent as the wolves sized each other up. They were easily the largest patrons of the bar that night and were intimidating forces. The sheer size of the wolves made people back much further away from the fight than they normally would. The grey wolf made the first step in this dangerous dance with a hard right that was blocked by Ghost who then returned the favor with a powerful punch to the gut as he ducked into the grey wolf and threw him into a nearby table. The grey wolf snapped back to his feet and readied himself to continue the fight.
      “Whooo, this one’s got life in em, makes things fun! You’re still nothing to me boy, I’ll put you down like I have the rest.” Ghost yelled while the alcohol obviously did most of the talking.
      “Ghost, were done here come on.” Chloe said as she grabbed Ghost’s wrist.
      “You’re lucky I respect this woman so much or I would kill you.” Ghost said as Chloe walked him to their room.
      As they finally got into their room, Chloe locked the door and lay down on the bed. Stripping off her clothes, she noticed Ghost staring out the window. She went up to join him and alerted him of her presences with a soft hand on his shoulder.
      “Well that’s a surprise.” Ghost said as he glanced over and the naked vixen.
      “Get your mind out the gutter; I have fur covering the good stuff.” Chloe laughed.
      “Yea, I’ve heard that before.” Ghost laughed as he continued to stare out the window.
      “You seem deep in thought. What’cha thinking about?” Chloe asked as Ghost sat on the corner of the bed.
      “Thinking about Cloudy, last time I was at this inn she was with me.” Ghost answered.
      Chloe sat on the bed next to Ghost and cuddled in close. “You know I could help get your mind off Cloudy.” She said as she wrapped her tail around his.
      Let’s see if taking a gamble in life will lead to happiness.
      “Before I even contemplate answering that, what is the physical part of mating even mean to Keidran?” Ghost asked as he held off the cute vixen.
      “It’s a bonding thing, it makes people closer than ever and then being mates is a strong possibility, or just good partners, wherever we let it go.” Chloe said as she calmed down and sat still on the bed.
      “Well, I’ve made worse decisions in my life.”
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Getting back to the story after fixing my own plot twist. The thing about this story is the outline i have made for it is not set in stone and I will and have changed things that completely kill off the rest of my outline to a point where I have to redo it but I think it adds a little bit if nobody really knows what to expect next. As usual I would love to hear from any readers of this story with questions, critiques, or just simple things. Enjoy.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 14: Moving On

      The early morning sun glowed softly over part of the room as Ghost got his gear ready. This time he was more successful at slipping out of bed unnoticed after a busy night. Ghost had plans this morning that he wanted to get done before Chloe woke up so he set off to complete his tasks. First thing on his list was to ask the bartender about odd things found in the forest. When he had first come to this new world, he only had the stuff he had worn but later ditched that for his current gear to fit in a little better. With luck, he would get word of a location to find his ruck and maybe his gun. His gun was a run of the mill AR-10 but it would have the ability to change the tide of any fight in the hands of a skilled marksman such as Ghost. A little more fun idea would be to find Chars gun which was a M249. Guns would change this world and not for the better so Ghost quickly hated the idea of using them in combat for anything short of an emergency. The real goal was to locate either his or Char’s rucks that carried a lot of gear and little things Ghost would like to have.
      “Good morning, busy night?” Ghost said as he saw the tired Inn keeper behind the bar.
      “You wouldn’t believe the stuff I had to clean and fix after your little brawl, you’re lucky that you’re my friend.” The inn keeper laughed.
      “Yea, sorry about that but I have to ask you something but it has to stay between us.” Ghost said as he glanced around the room to be sure no one was around to listen.
      “I’m looking for something, stuff nobody around here would know what to do with. Have you heard any rumors about people finding odd stuff in the forest?” Ghost asked.
      “Nothing too particular, weirdest thing was a machete that was made out of a weird metal and had grip made out of something I couldn’t figure out. It had a logo with some letters that were worn out and a gold star.” The Inn keeper replied.
      “That’s what I’m looking for actually, do you know where the person who had it went?” Ghost asked quickly.
      “It was a group of traders and they headed out last night to set up camp along the road, apparently they didn’t like my prices.” The Inn keeper laughed.
      Without another word, Ghost headed upstairs to grab Chloe and the rest of his gear. When he got in the room he noticed his vixen still sleeping and sat on the bed and leaned in close.
      “G’morning babe. I got a lead that I want to check out soon if you want to head out early.” Ghost whispered.
      Chloe opened or eyes and looked at Ghost. The sight of him brought a smile to her face as she sat up. Her soldier side started to show as she got ready quickly and had her gear set up in only a few minutes.
      “Good to go, so you got a lead on Orchard Valley?” Chloe asked.
      “Nah, just some of the stuff I came to this world with, I’d like to get it back.” Ghost replied.
      “I forgot that you came from another world; care to tell me about that?”
      The duo set off to catch up with the traders and Ghost told his story to Chloe on the way. She was shocked at some of the details of how he and Char had gotten here and what they were in their world. The story of how he became a Keidran was even more of a mine blower with a god interfering being the cause.
      The road they followed was windy and snaked its way through the woods for miles before finally breaking into a field. The mid-day sun was directly above them as they reached the edge of the field to notice the trader camp set up next to the field. As they approached the camp, the two guards that kept the traders safe readied themselves.
      “Just customers boys, calm down.” Chloe said as they neared.
      This was enough to make the guards put their weapons away and the traders come out to greet them.
      “Good day to you two, wasn’t expecting customers out here but I’ll never deny good fortune.” The trader said.
      “I’m actually looking to buy something of mine off you. I heard you have a weird machete and I would like to buy it back from you.” Ghost said.
      “Of course, if you have your eyes on that, you may enjoy the whole pack of odd things I found together.” The trader announced as he pulled out a multy cam ruck sack.
      Ghost was quick to notice that it was his ruck and his machete but Char’s M249 strapped onto the side.
      “How much for all of it?” Ghost asked.
      “Well I don’t know what any of it is but I know it’s rare enough to be valuable.” The merchant replied.
      “Here, I got a small bag of gold and two handmade daggers from a neutral village, you want rare, find another neutral dagger lying around.” Ghost was quick to make his offer.
      “Well your money is certainly good here, it’s a deal.” The trader said with a little bit of shock in his voice.
      With the deal made, Ghost transferred his gear into his ruck and sold his old pack to the trader. The ruck dug into his shoulders just like old times and Ghost enjoyed having it back. The M249 added weight that Ghost wasn’t used to but that was a tool that could fix almost any situation around here. The duo continued to follow the path and dove deeper into what Ghost found out was wolf territory. Orchard Valley was rumored to be past the mountains in the North West and they were not too far. As the mountains came into view a few miles away, Chloe chimed up.
      “It’s getting dark and I’m getting a bit tired, think we can set up camp here?” Chloe asked.
      “Sure, let’s go in the tree line a little.” Ghost said as he peered into the woods.
      As they moved in the trees, Ghost looked around for a nice clear spot to set up his military grade tent. A yelp from Chloe caught his attention. Ghost quickly ran over to her.
      “Are you alright, what happened?” Ghost asked as he found Chloe toppled over a large rock like object.
      “Is that another ruck?” Ghost asked.
      “I don’t know it looks like you pack.” Chloe answered from the ground.
      Ghost lit a fire and began rummaging through what was none other than Char’s ruck with a pristine AR-10 strapped on the side. The camp they had set up came together nicely with only one tent being needed after recent events. Camo netting was put up around the camp from the rucks to keep them a little bit more concealed. Ghost sat by the fire showing Chloe how the Ar-10 worked and what it did. During the lesson, Ghost had killed off a long term craving for chewing tobacco that he had stashed way in his ruck.
      “Char is going to lose his mind when he gets his baby back. That man and this gun was a scary thing to mess with; makes me glad he was on my side.” Ghost laughed.
      “So these will keep the village safe?” Chloe asked.
      “With that AR in my hands and that SAW in Char’s, we can take out hundreds of Templars without losing a single soldier of our own. These are weapons that will change this world though. We can’t be using them without good cause and we sure as hell can’t make more of them or allow anyone to make more. Once we use up the ammo we have, we’ll burn these for safety.” Ghost answered.
      “On another note, what are we going to do about, well, us?” Chloe asked.
      This caught Ghost by surprise and he fell silent. This was a topic he had been thinking about since the night before but he never came up with a true plan to deal with it. The memories of Cloudy filled his head and what she had said when she died. She would want him to be happy but it was still a hard decision to make.
      “I don’t know, you’re one of the greatest girls I've met but my heads still in the wrong place. I would love to have to have someone important in my life again but it makes me nervous.” Ghost finally replied after spending time thinking.
      “I’m not going to force you into anything but you make me happy so I figured I would ask to see where we stand. No matter what, were going to work together so good friends or mates, either one works for the situation but I certainly know which one I would prefer.” Chloe said as she hugged Ghost.
      “Chloe, I know this sounds like a weird request, but don’t stop this hug for a bit but try to slip your bow off your shoulder slowly. First, I’m enjoying this; second, there is a deer right behind you and if were quick we can eat really well for a while.” Ghost whispered.
      Chloe slowly lifted her bow off her shoulder and propped it against the log they were sitting on and stuck an arrow in the ground next to it. The deer lowered its head to graze and Ghost made his move. Letting go of Chloe slowly, he reached for the bow and arrow. With a quick pull back, Ghost sent the arrow home in the deer’s chest dropping it on the spot.
      “Well we get to eat well, but can we just spend a little time with that hug.” Ghost laughed.
      Chloe got the idea and grabbed a hold of Ghost again and snuggled in close as they sat near the fire.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Okay, to start off, I know how short one of the days seems, were going to assume that some of the more difficult parts of their journey took a while so keep that in mind. Enjoy the update and expect another soon, I have been in a writing mood lately and have already began the next chapter so it'll be up with a major event in the plot here shorty. The usual, love to hear from you yada yada yada tell me what you think and whatnot.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 15: The Lost Craftsman

      Chloe lay in the tent in the middle of night. The darkness shadowed over everything that wasn’t caught up in the warm glow of the fire. She began to rustle around a bit and woke up to look around the tent. Ghost was no longer next to her like he was when they bedded down that night. Confused and curios, she poked her head out the tent to see if she could find him. Movement caught her eye near the edge of the fires glow but the figure stayed hidden away in the darkness. She eyed the figure hoping it was Ghost but not honestly knowing. A second later the figure was thrown in to the light and tumbled near the fire. Quickly behind it, Ghost lunged out the woods and was on top of the stranger with a dagger to its throat. Chloe quickly bolted out of the tent to see who this was.
      “Who is this guy?” Chloe asked as she approached.
      “I have no idea but he was lurking around the camp most of the night and I’m going to kill him unless he convinces me otherwise.” Ghost growled at the figure.
      “Please, please, I’m just a carpenter, I don’t want to hurt you and couldn’t if I tried.” The figure yelped.
      “Get up and well figure out what to do with you.” Ghost growled again as he let the figure up.
      Now in the light of the fire, the figure took on a personality. It was a male wolf Keidran but was rather small for a wolf standing only around five feet tall and scrawny. The rags that the wolf wore showed signs of poverty and rough living.
      “So explain to me again why I’m not killing you.” Ghost growled at the intimidated wolf.
      “I’m just a carpenter down on my luck, I was checking out your camp to see if you left any food out; I haven’t eaten in a few days. I left my village after I couldn’t afford to eat or sleep anywhere. Wolves don’t take kindly to useless people living among them.” The wolf replied.
      “Carpentry doesn’t sound too useless to me, were you bad at your job?” Chloe asked.
      “No, no, I was great at what I did but everyone had a home built and would rather do repairs their selves than pay me to do it. I’m a bum due to lack of business not lack of trying.” The wolf explained.
      “So what are your thoughts on the humans?” Ghost asked.
      “Well I hate what they do to my people but I don’t really hold their race against them. Slavers are terrible people but Keidran slavers are just as bad. To be honest I would build for a human without a complaint if their good people.” The wolf explained.
      “Well damn, you’re lucky to find us then. Our village could always use a carpenter to deal with our new residents and we are neutral so your acceptance of humans may have found you a new home.” Ghost told the wolf.
      “Really! A place where I can make money to feed myself sounds like a dream come true. I’ll be happy to come and work, so are we heading there now?” The wolf asked as his excitement began to show.
      “Not just yet, we have a stop to make at another village to establish trade routes and whatnot, but we should arrive their tomorrow if we can find it and then it’s a two or three day walk back but we have extra gear for you to use to camp with us. First things first though, what’s your name and are you any good in a fight?” Ghost said.
      “They call me Woody since I work with wood on most buildings and I guess I could hit someone with my hammer in a fight if I had to but I’m not trained or anything.” Woody replied.
      Ghost began to rummage through his ruck again and pulled out the second tent along with one of the layers of a sleep system. Digging deeper, he found an MRE and threw it to Woody.
      “Foods in the bag so eat up and the tent and sleeping bag should get you through the night. We’ll let you know the details of where were going in the morning.” Ghost said as he began to make his way back to the tent with his arm over Chloe’s shoulder.
~ ~ ~
      “Chloe wake up, we got company.” Ghost whispered.
      “Again? Who is it now?” Chloe yawned.
      “I have no idea but they don’t look as friendly as Woody.” Ghost continued to whisper.
      Ghost looked out a crack in the tent and watched as four wolves entered the camp with weapons drawn.
      “Y’all got business here?” Ghost asked as he came out of the tent.
      “Don’t move and we won’t have a problem!” The lead wolf barked.
      “You’ve got some balls just walking into someone else’s camp and start barking orders. How about this; you turn around and walk until you are no longer my problem and I won’t kill you before you realize the mistake you’ve made.” Ghost growled.
      “How bout we kill you and take that little vixen of yours with us. That’s the best deal you’re going to get at this point.” The lead wolf growled back.
      A silent standoff began as the bandit wolves stared down the lone dark wolf. A thump followed by a sound cutting through the air broke the silence. One of the bandits dropped to his knees and placed his hand on the shaft of the arrow that was sticking out of his chest. Chloe had taken a shot from inside the tent and killed the wolf. The odds were now 3 to 1 but Ghost liked having the scales tipped against him. The lead wolf back steeped as the two remaining wolves bolted forward to engage Ghost. Deflecting the first blow, Ghost slung his blade down and through the knee of the other wolf taking the leg clean off. As he cut through the wolf’s leg, Ghost lifted his shoulder into the chest of the wolf that had swung at him. The hit sent the wolf backwards as Ghost followed him to the ground with his blade leading the way. Two wolves dead, only one remained and he struck Ghost as the kind of fighter to run away when he knew he couldn’t win. A struggle from the tent caught Ghost’s attention but before he could do anything about it, an ear bursting crack filled the air. The wolf was blown out the tent with a hole blown into his neck. Chloe stepped out of the tent with Ghost’s AR-10 in hand and smoke softly twirling out of the barrel.
      “Glad you explained how to use this.” Chloe said as she looked over the body.
      “You’re a natural, could have used you back in my world. Is Woody still hiding in his tent?” Ghost laughed as he asked the question.
      “Is it safe?” The scared wolf whimpered from his tent.
      “Yea, yea, it’s safe for the little wolfy to come out of his den.” Ghost laughed again.
      “I told you, I’m a builder not a destroyer.” Woody stated as he finally emerged from his tent.
      “Let’s just get moving, we have had a few too many visitors here for my liking, pack your stuff.” Ghost said as he kicked dirt onto the fire.
      They walked a few miles towards the mountains before the wooded area they were in began to give way to swamps created from the downpour of snowmelt from the higher mountains. The path snaked its way through the drier parts of the swamp but still made for rough travel. The swamps continued all the way to the base of the mountain. At the base of the mountains, the group could see the trail winding its way up the cliffs and rocks.
      “Set up camp halfway up and I’ll scout the valley from the top once it’s dark. Sound good?” Ghost mentioned as he looked up the large hills.
      “That’s fine, by the time were where we want to be it’ll be dark enough for you to scout as we set up camp.” Chloe said.
      There was sandy flat spot about halfway up where the group set up camp.
~ ~ ~

      “Alright, I’m heading up to get eyes on the valley. Chloe, the SAW is in the tent, same concept as my rifle but it’ll keep shooting as long as your finger holds down the trigger so be ready for that.” Ghost said as he slung his rifle.
      “Be careful, I don’t feel like losing the first male I’ve been close to. Stay alive or I’ll kill you.” Chloe laughed.
      “I’m more scared of the wrath of my mate then anything I can run into out there.” Ghost laughed back.
      Ghost left the camp and Chloe and Woody got to work setting up the tents and building a fire.
      “So you two are mates? Weird for a fox and a wolf to be together isn’t it?” Woody asked as he propped up a tent post.
      “If you think wolf and fox mates are weird, just wait till you know Ghost’s entire story.” Chloe laughed. “He’s not just a wolf, he’s also a human but neutral changed him to test his neutrality. I think he enjoys the new body but he could be changed back at any time.”
      Woody didn’t know how to respond to what he had been told and stood there in silence trying to wrap his mind around it all. Ghost’s situation was a weird concept, but so was the life style of neutral village’s so Woody would just need to learn to accept some things as the truth that they are. They continued to work on the camp in silence with the trained builder working on the tents and Chloe building a fire. The campsite was nicely tucked away within the rocks but was large enough for a livable space. A loud crack sounded from the top of the mountain followed quickly by another. A third crack sounded from the hill as Chloe grabbed her bow and sprinted up the hill to find Ghost.
~ ~ ~

      The top of the hill was clear but the moon was small enough for the dark night to keep him concealed. The view from the top of the hill gave a clear line of sight across the valley. A soft glow could be seen a few miles off and was large enough to hint to a village. Three smaller lights were moving directly under him roughly three hundred yards away. Bringing the scope up to his face; Ghost took a look at the motion under him. Through the view from the scope, the image of three Templar soldiers was quite clear. Ghost assumed that these were scouts and decided to save Lynn Knoll the trouble and clear them out. The first shot fired from his rifle and the stock slammed itself into Ghost’s shoulder. The sound stunned the remaining two Templars that were now standing still looking at the unexplainable dead body among them. The second shot rang out and dropped another soldier. The last Templar got the idea and took off running but from Ghost’s position, there was no hiding. The third shot hit its mark in the upper part of the soldiers back.
      “Ghost! What’s happening?” Chloe yelled as she slid around the corner of the path.
      “Just took out some Templar scouts, but I think I spotted the village. Here, look through the scope and you can see that glow at the end of the valley; I think that’s it.” Ghost said as he handed his mate the rifle.
      “I think you’re right. It’s not too far either; we should be able to make it by early afternoon tomorrow.” Chloe said as she examined the glow.
      “Well, let’s get back to camp and eat, I’m starving.” Ghost said as he picked himself up and began to walk down the path.
      On the way Chloe was able to pick off three rabbits tucked way within the rocks for dinner. The couple rounded the last corner to the camp to see Woody sitting on one of the rocks that he had dragged in to use as chairs.
      “I’ll skin em if you cook em.” Ghost said as he pulled out his knife.
      “Ha, you’re the only one here who wants it cooked so you’re on your own.” Chloe laughed.
      “O, I see how it is, pick on the former human.” Ghost laughed as he skewered his skinned rabbit.
      “So what’s the plan for tomorrow? I guess you saw something up there.” Woody asked as he took a bite of rabbit.
      “Well, I spotted what I think is the village. It’s not far so we’ll surely make it there tomorrow. I hope we can just walk in and talk to the leader ship and then hitch a ride with the trade convoy to show them the way. Should be quick and painless but I tend to have terrible luck with things like this.” Ghost said as he cut into his rabbit.
      “So you’re pretty sure they will be willing to set up these trade routes and an alliance?” Woody asked.
      “Well yea, they need things we have and we need things they have, it’s how the world works. As for an alliance, why wouldn’t they want to join up with another neutral village?” Ghost said.
      Woody just shook his head in acceptance of the facts and went back to eating. The night drew on until the group had finished their meal and made their way to the tents. Chloe and Ghost entered their tent and snuggled in for the night.
      “I’m excited for tomorrow, making new friends will be nice in a world that hates us.” Chloe whispered as she got closer to Ghost.
      “We’ll, no matter the outcome we still have each other and our village.”
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Very short chapter but things came up that changed my plans for this story a bit. I've noticed a little bit of dullness with the been there done that story line of fight the bad guy travel a little, relationships. Meh!!! This chapter is leading places and those places will show up soon so expect updates tomorrow with a rather good change of pace. Big things are coming and I hope I don't loose anyone's interest now while I'm working to it but that time will come.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 16: The Village that People Knew

      The mountain air was cooler than that of the lower forest. Chloe awoke to a faint light pushing its way through the flap of the tent and coming to rest near her ankle. The cool air filled her throat as she took a deep morning breath. Ghost, for the first time since they had left, was still asleep next to her when she looked over.
      <Now that is something I can get used to.> she thought as she looked over at Ghost.
      Chloe took this opportunity to slip out of the blankets and get outside. She emerged from the tent and caught a bright glimpse of sunlight. The light forced her eyes to take their time to focus but when she did she saw the men sitting in the camp. Four soldiers sat in their camp with their weapons safely tucked away.
      “Good morning, hope you don’t mind us stopping by.” A human soldier said as he stood up and reached his hand out to Chloe.
      “Ummmm, Ghost.” Chloe said in bewilderment.
      Ghost came out of the tent as saw the men but didn’t pull out his blade.
      “I’m getting a little tired of visitors, what do you want?” Ghost growled as he looked over the men.
      The group was odd consisting of two kiedran of different races and two humans.
      “Well, we had reports of some neutral soldiers leaving a bar outside our territory but heading in this direction. From what we could figure out, that would be you and we thought we would check up on you.” The human soldier said.
      “Your territory, are y’all from Orchard Valley?” Ghost asked in a calmer tone.
      “Yea, and your Ghost right? Man, I’ve heard some stories about you, you’re a legend!” The young wolf of the group said excitedly.
      “I can’t believe you found us and we didn’t have to find you, takes a big problem off our shoulders. If we can head to your village, I need to meet with your leaders about an alliance with our neutral village.” Ghost said as he kicked the tent that Woody was sleeping in.
      A few head nods later the group was moving toward the village. The light that Ghost had seen the night before was indeed the village. Ghost reported his killing of the Templar scouts to the soldiers and was surprised to hear that L’ynn knoll was still hidden but Orchard Valley was not. The Templars knew the village had to be there but had trouble locating the exact spot. Ghost also found out that killing the scouts was not really needed due to the fact that the village had specially trained units throughout the forest to take out scouting parties.
      The walk to the village took a few hours and by the time they reached the front gate the sun was directly over their heads. The gate screeched open with a sound much like the one in Stone Haven. The view inside was much different though. The village itself was not a village but a large town, with busy streets and a bustling market.
      “Cutting through the market is the quickest way to the town hall, shouldn’t be too long.” The human of the scout group said as he led them through town.
      The town was well populated and had all kinds of people. The amount of soldiers they had put the entire population of Stone Haven to shame but it was good to see a large amount of neutrals. The town hall was just past the market and stood out from the buildings around it.
      “Alright, the governing body should all be there. We’ll wait out here so you can talk in private.” The lead scout said.
      The doors opened with ease from perfect craftsmanship. The hall they entered looked much like the one back in Stone Haven with nothing more than a large table in an ornate empty room.
      “So you must be the group our scouts were informing us about, please take a seat.” The Kiedran leader said as they approached the table.
      “Quite a town you got here, nice to see so many neutral people.” Ghost said as he sat down.
      “We’ll obviously you didn’t come for a simple visit, what is that you need?” The human leader quickly asked.
      “Not sure how much y’all know about us but were from a substantially smaller neutral village closer to human territory. We came with hopes of setting up some trade routes and maybe an alliance with military support going both ways. We’ve had a problem with Templars and we recently fought off a large force. We can’t withstand another attack of that size and our supplies are limited so trade and back up are very important.” Ghost said as he dug out some papers from his pack.
      “Well, trade would be nice since were cut off from everyone so I’m sure we can agree to that but were not a large enough army to oppose the Templars. We can’t just march our soldiers back and forth on a whim.” The human leader stated.
      “I’m not expecting you to send them often, just when we can’t handle it ourselves. On top of that we can send our units to your aid if you need them. We may be small but we have two of the greatest assassins in our ranks and were training more fighters to our skill level. Once our training is complete, each of our soldiers will be worth forty Templars.” Ghost said as he handed a paper to the nearest leader.
      “This map will help us plan trade routes and we will send them within the next few days. Now on the topic of fighters, we know your story Ghost and we know you can fight off as many Templars as they can send to you but this is something we need to discus with ourselves for a time.” The Basistin leader said as he looked over the map.
      “Of course, take your time. If you don’t mind though, well see ourselves to the inn and get settled down. We planned on staying here for a day or two if that’s not a problem.” Chloe chimed up this time.
      “O of course, well send a runner to the inn to let them know to feed you and let you sleep on our tab for a few days, enjoy your stay and It’s good to finally have a trading partner.” The human leader said as he stood up and shook Ghost’s hand.
      Ghost and Chloe made their way to the inn to settle down and get lunch. The day was still early and a tour of town was in order. They meandered through the streets stopping at small shops here and there if they saw something they liked. Woody was constantly stopping them to run into small craft shops just to look at hammers. The wolf had a weird fascination for hammer but neither Ghost nor Chloe questioned it. The few hours it took to get through town took them up to the time where dinner was in order. A stop as a small meat market cured their appetites before they set out for the inn.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Took longer then I thought but it's something. With luck you'll enjoy the little visit we get soon in this story. :trace: :flora: :keith: :natani: :zen:

Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 17: The Titans

      The next few days were spent exploring the village and seeing what they had that Stone Haven could add to their own village. The land was close to identical and with the right planning and building Stone Haven could match the size of L’ynn Knoll. The power to withstand a direct conflict with the Templars was something that neither village really had a plan for other than fighting till the last breath. Things like more shops and a designated market district would be the easy upgrades to Stone Haven but larger things like a military academy would be a larger project. Ghost spent a lot of time taking notes about the village and even a few pictures on his phone that he had in his ruck. Luckily the phone could be easily charged by a shot of electrical magic. Ghost spent some of his spare time drawing up plans for a weapon that could change the tides of any battle if need be. It was something that was made from things that were not too unheard of in this world and shouldn’t upset the balance.
      “The caravan is ready if your two are ready….. Sorry if I walked in at a bad time.” Woody said as he covered his face upon entering the room.
      Chloe quickly covered herself, although there was little reason for the extra decency. That night was nothing special but Chloe still panicked at the intrusion.
      “Yea, we packed up last night just give us a few and we’ll be down there.” Ghost said as he slipped on his pants.
      As informed, the caravan of traders were waiting just outside the village and the group jumped on the lead wagon to help guide if need be. Due to the path being entirely through Kiedran territory, the caravan was made up entirely of Kiedran traders that were instructed to sell some of the human’s goods. The trip back was much quicker than the way in and by midday they were already nearing the inn that Chloe and Ghost had stayed at on their first night. Passing the bar brought back good memories and the Inn keeper was even outside to wave at the friendly faces that he had grown to know. Ghost and Chloe both waved back.
      The mouth of the valley began to swallow the caravan as they entered Stone Haven land. The small village could be seen across the valley and scouts could be seen making a sprint to warn the traders in town of Ghost and Chloe’s success. The gates were open upon their arrival and the traders were quick to fill their stands with their goods for trade. Trading took place almost immediately with both sides acting as if they were close friends. It was good to see that the neutral influence was not restricted to just Stone Haven and both villages were accepting of each other.
      “Woody, that house there is our master carpenter, tell him I sent you and he’ll put you to work as soon as I get the plans to the council.” Ghost said pointing at the house.
      Woody made his way to the house as Chloe and Ghost walked toward the town hall. Upon entering they were met with the smiling faces of Chloe’s father, Char and Audrey. Chloe hugged her dad while Char patted Ghost on the back.
      “Never was like you to fail a mission, good to see trade coming in.” Char smiled. “You get anything else from the village?” Char asked.
      “Yea a few things, here’s the notes on things we need to build here and I got you a little gift.” Ghost said as he reached out the door to grab something.
      “My baby!” Char yelled as Ghost held the m249 in his hands. “You found our gear; please tell me you got the rucks too.”
      “Yea got some chew, my rifle and our phones along with everything else.” Ghost laughed as Char pet his gun.
      Char was too distracted by his gun to care about anything else so Ghost moved on to talk to the general.
      “We’ve got our work cut out for us building these new additions, but we found another builder while we were out there. I already sent him to the carpenter’s house and ide like to get the list of buildings and location to him as soon as possible.” Ghost said as he handed the list of to the general.
      “Yes, of course we’ll get that sent right away after we choose where to put things but what’s this I hear about my daughter having a mate?” The general asked with a scowl.
      “Um, sir, no need to kill me.” Ghost whimpered a bit.
      “Kill you? I’m glad my daughter found a mate worth keeping. Welcome to the family son.” The general laughed.
      Ghost fell silent as he felt the bullet that he just dodged fly over his head. The general took the paper work to the council to get land set aside for building while Ghost now turned his attention to Audrey.
      “Hey Audrey, I’ve made up some plans but they fall under you specialties. If you don’t mind helping me with a little project we might be able to do some real good.” Ghost said.
      “Of course, what were you thinking?” Audrey replied as she looked over the paper that Ghost and scrolled out on the table.
      “I call it titan armor. I was thinking super thick, large plates that can’t be cut through but the operator inside is wearing a simple leather suit with manna constantly pushing out from it to support the actual armor. In theory the operator will have the same agility they would have if they were naked but would actually be a super soldier.” Ghost explained as he pointed out main features on the sketch.
      “It’s possible I would think but I would have to play a guessing game of how to imbue magic into the clothing. If you can get the smiths to make a suit I can experiment a little and see what happens.” Chloe responded with a little bit of doubt in her voice.
      “Hey Ghost; I forgot to mention they got your assassin academy built while you were away. I designed it myself so I’m sure you’ll like it. We even got a class of twenty wanting to start up in a week or so. Get them trained while Audrey builds whatever the hell you have here and we’ll have one hell of a fighting force.” Char said as he walked into the conversation.
      “Rodger, I’ll be working on my house a bit in the meantime if you need me and Audrey, just let me know if you need me for the Titan project.” Ghost said as he made his way toward the door.
      Days past for the village and the feeling of being home fell upon Ghost. It was a felling he had yet to feel in this world and now, with a village to call his own, it was with him. It took a few days for Chloe to work up the nerve to move out of her house with her father and move in with Ghost in his house that was still being worked on. Having Woody around helped a lot as Ghost worked on additions to the house that included a living room and workshop. Not far away some of the village carpenters worked on what would later be Chars house being that he was much too busy to build it himself.
      The titan project was coming along well but the price of each suit made quantity a problem. Two suites were able to be manufactured and Audrey ended up having little problem with the magical aspect of each one. The suits were designated to Ghost and Char to be used in situations that involved direct village defense only. Ghost trained Chloe as a marksman with the Ar-10. A lot of practice was put into the gun but very few shots were actually fired due to limited ammo. From the shots that were taken, it was clear the vixen archer was born to be behind a rifle. Char’s m248 was built into his titan but was detachable once the ammo ran out.
      “So how’s yours coming?” Ghost asked.
      “It’s alright; painting things to look tough was always something I was good at since you don’t need to be artistic.” Char replied adding more detail to the suit.
      Chars suit was solid black with his name painted around the collar. The suit stood just over ten feet high with a large blade and a shield to go along with it. More details Char put were logos from his military days and some offensive slurs meant to piss off those his fought.
      Ghost took the same approach with his suit except he used the same dark crimson color that made up the edge of his fur. These suits were meant to scare the enemy and slurs and logos made it clear that these were people un-caring of death. Each one of the men worked on adding more features to their suits that included spikes that could be pushed out by releasing a magical air current that Audrey had taught them both to do. Ghost was quick to learn fire spells too and made a gap in his armor near his hand to act as a manna fueled flame thrower.
      A rumble could be heard loud from many miles away and it slowly grew louder. Before any one was ready, a massive wave of blue shoved its way through the village. The energy wasn’t enough to harm anyone but it knocked them all off their feet. Everything around Ghost glowed with an electric blue color. The color seemed to pulse through everything it made contact with before slowly fading away but a blue mist lingered over the entire valley.
      “Ghost! What just happened!” Char yelled.
      “I have no idea but it’s probably bad.” Ghost mumbled back trying to clear his head.
      The duo sprinted to the town hall where the council and general surely would be waiting wondering about what just happened.

[center]~ ~ ~[/center]

      Three days had passed since the blast and scouts had come in from Ly’nn Knoll bringing along a Templar runner that was willing to cooperate.
      “A what?” The General was quick to ask.
      “A manna blast from the towers, the master Templars, everyone near it died. Those lucky enough to survive are on the run from what it created.” The Templar runner that was securely tied to a chair explained with fear.
      “Created what exactly” Ghost questioned.
      “I don’t know what to call them; they are concentrated manna taking on human form. They are controlled by a large being made entirely of manna but little else is known other than they are incredible fighters and our surviving soldiers didn’t stand much of a chance.” The Templar continued to explain.
      “Ghost all our fighters are positioned to defend the village so we need a plan to deal with this.” The General quickly changed the point of the conversation.
      “Ly’nn Knoll has its forces set to defend as well so we are of little value to assist your people. “The Ly’nn Knoll scout chimed in.
      “Run back quickly and send your best back to us, were going to have to put this to an end before it becomes a larger problem. Small group, but the best, I don’t want some rag tag grunts running into this with me.” Ghost told the scout who quickly took the message and set off for his home.
      “What are thinking bud?” Char asked.
      “Sticking to basics with this one, fight and flank. Get you and me in the Titan suits and fight down the main roads of whatever city the massive one is in. Get the other group along with Chloe and Audrey to slip in and make their way towards the big one. From what I can figure, you take down the big one and rest will fade, they have to be controlled if they are pure magic and following some sort of standard.” Ghost said.
      “Well, that makes since and all but that’s a hell of a fight; not to mention we don’t even know what kind of people were going to get from L’ynn Knoll.” Char answered back.
      “With luck they will send people worth using.” Was all Ghost could think of as a response.
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Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction

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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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It's coming along very nicely, red. I'm enjoying it more and more each chapter. Keep up the good work and, readers, look forward to his next chapter. It'll be even better, I know it.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Ok this was going to be a really short chapter to bring in yet another outside influence. Some of my characters are based on personal friends of mine and I'm bringing in another with an air force background. This is becoming a build up plan for a while after the current events that need to be dealt with but lets just say that WAR IS THE ANSWER
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 18: Air Power

      “I’m bringing her down a few hundred meters from position of last contact.” The pilot let the crew know.
      “Rodger, prep to land, boots up.” An airman from the back announced.
      “Hold last, situations changed. The ground crew we’re looking for reported entering a cave at this position but this is just flat land, we may have an issue. Scan the area.” The pilot changed the orders.
      “Got eyes on something at your 2 o’clock. It’s bright blue you got eyes on?” The airman replied.
      “Rodger, putting her down next to it, boots up.” The pilot said as he began the descent.
      The crew disembarked from the Black Hawk and quickly set up security for the area. The land was baron so the crew could see for miles and their flight over gave them confidence that they would not receive fire for the moment but security was still needed. The bird landed a few feet away from the unknown object.
      “My gauges are going crazy here; check it out while I take a look at the bird.” The pilot let out as a soft whistle cut through the air.
      “Indirect fire, get down! Grab it and get in the bird!” The squad leader yelled as the first round landed a mere dozen feet away from them.
      The blast blew away one of the three airmen and the pilot began to panic as the gauges continued to go crazy. The squad leader quickly got the idea and grabbed the blue object and jumped back in the bird. The second surviving crew member was blown away on his way back to the helicopter as the blast threw chunks of dirt and sand into the cabin of the Black Hawk.
      “Get us out of here!” The squad leader yelled.
      “She’s not taking, she’s dead in the water!” The pilot screamed back.
      As more indirect fire rained down on them the blue object began to glow brighter and with a burst of energy the helicopter and its crew were gone.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Well cutting a major event into two parts really isn't my style but I realized when i was going to quit for the night that I could do it this time without any issues. As usual I would love to hear from anybody that wants to say something so feel free. Potential furture writers on these forums, please check out the discussion thread within the writing thread and talk your heads off about idea or anything that has to do with writing. I'm sure good discussions can happen so I've just been kinda feeding that thread with random topics that I could think of.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 19: The Assault Part 1

      “Hey guys, scouts reported spotting a group heading this way fitting the description of the group Ly’nn Knoll was sending.” Audrey said as she walked into the hall.
      “Great, let’s see what kind of weak necks they sent us.” Char huffed as he and Ghost made their way out to greet the new part of the team.
      The team was making their way through the gate when Ghost and Char arrived. They were all hooded and included two wolves, one human with a tiger in his hand and a basitin following behind.
      “Welcome to Stone Haven, guessing you’re the crew that’s going to be backing us up.” Ghost said as he approached the group. “Can I get ya’lls names?”
      “Nice to meet you, I’m Trace and this is Flora. The off putting basitin behind us is Keith. The wolves are Natani and Zen.” Trace replied.
      “Trace Legacy? I’ve heard of you, hell I had a contract to kill you years ago but couldn’t find you.” Ghost laughed.
      “I’m glad you didn’t and all but I think we need to get to work on our mission as soon as possible.” Trace was quick to say as he began to walk toward the town hall as if he knew the place well.
      “Well of course time is a priority but doing this right takes a higher tier. The plan is simple enough; Char and I will be assaulting the eastern gate of the town and push up the main road there drawing all the attention to us. The titan suits should keep us intact while the rest of you work your way in the west side of town by any means possible without drawing attention away from us. Intel from runaway Templars tells us that our target is in the castle in the center of town but we have no idea how to kill it so well have to figure that out when we get there. Any questions?” Ghost said as he leaned on the table in the hall.
      “Yea, when are we leaving?” This time Natani was the one to get straight to the point.
      “Of course ma’am, we can set off right now.” Ghost stated as he signaled for Char, Chloe and Audrey to head for the door.
      “Ma’am? What makes you think I’m a woman?” Natani asked in defense.
      “In my line of work you learn to figure out whatever people are hiding, guess you can explain that to those who don’t know while we walk. Also the radios are in the bag on the table, Chloe and Audrey will teach you how to use them so you can hear us in the suits.” Ghost said as Char laughed at Ghost’s decision to call out the wolf.
      Ghost and Char hurried into the titan suits and with a little manna push, the suits were up and ready. Joining back up with the team surprised the new members but they were too confused to actually take the time to question what they were seeing. With a few farewells the team set off leaving Trace’s little tiger behind. Apparently she wasn’t much of a fighter and just refused to let Trace come here without her but he put his foot down and stopped her from joining the assault. The titans stomped on the path as Chloe instructed Trace, Keith and the wolves on how to use the radios.
      “We’re a mile out from the city; keep an eye out for hostiles.” Ghost radioed to the crew.
      “Rodger, I’m on twelve to three if you got nine to twelve.” Char responded in a military fashion.
      “Teams split here, good luck ya’ll” Ghost said as he and Char began to drift to the right while the rest of the team moved left.
      The titan team skirted the outer wall of the city and came upon the gate after nearly a half hour of traveling. As expected the gate was still open from escaping Templars. The titans moved in the gate and deliberately walked down the middle of the road to be sure they were spotted. As expected, blue auras of human shapes began to appear from the alleys and buildings around them.
      “Ready for this?” Ghost asked as he drew out the massive black sword from the back of the titan.
      “Seems like fun to me.” Char replied as he mirrored Ghosts actions.
      The blurs of manna like soldiers moved around the men as if they were examining them. One drew closer and closer to Ghost and as it approached to get a clear idea of what it was looking at, Ghost brought the massive weight of the black sword down on the head of the creature. This was enough to set off an attack from the rest of the creatures as a rain of blue spiraled down on to Ghost and Char. The titan armor held up well against the constant barrage and the men charged forward to meet their attackers. Ghost hacked his way through the crowd of manna creatures that were building up around him and Char did the same. Each swing from the large swords was enough to clear a sizable gap in the horde that would immediately be filled in by more creatures.
      “Char! We got to clear these things out or well get pinned!” Ghost yelled through the radio.
      “What the hell do you think I’m trying to do?” Char yelled back.
      The creature were trying to use their combined weight to push the titans to the ground and hold them but Ghost and Char were fighting back too well to let them get enough weight. After a dirty swing from Ghost, the creatures were able to punish him for the mistake. The creatures piled on to him until the weight was enough to drop him down on a knee. With a surge of air through the suit, the spikes on his back shot out. Flexing his back, Ghost retracted the spikes and the now dead creatures rolled off his back.
      Without warning, a loud hiss broke out from Chars position. The creatures had breached the suit and the air magic that kept the suit working was spraying out.
      “Char! Report!” Ghost yelled through the radio.
      “Suits [censored], I’m stuck here. Back breach isn’t going to happen with all these things on me.” Char replied as calmly as he could.
      “I’ll clear them out just hold…” Another load hiss sounded off from Ghost left arm and his suit dropped down to a knee.
      The creatures stopped their attacks and studied the suits that now lay motionless in front of them. One creature shot out a magic spike the landed in the chest plate of Ghost’s titan.
      “Hold still, they think were dead.” Ghost whispered through the radio.
      “Yea, but they’re not going to leave us for a while and we can’t bail out of the suits until it’s clear.” Char replied.
      “Do you hear something?” Char asked.
      “What the hell, is that a chopper?” Ghost responded as he stared as the chopper flying toward them.
      “I swear if this works we are luckiest people to ever exist. Gunslinger actual, this is Ghost, do you copy?” Ghost said through the radio on his old Army frequency.
      “Ghost! It’s Raptor. Where the hell are you and where the hell is this?” The chopper responded.
      “Good to hear your voice again bud but I’ll explain later. Your about to fly over a town with a large main street on the east side, Char and I are in the huge metal suits that are stuck down there. I need a gun run on top of us, if it’s blue it dies. Don’t worry about hitting us; I’m sure the suits can take it.” Ghost told Raptor.
      “Rodger, gun run coming in.” Raptor responded.
      Within a few seconds the sound of a Mini gun spooling off could be heard and then the roar of two thousand rounds of 7.62 a minute pounded into the ground. The buzz saw of bullets decimated the surrounding creatures as they attempted to flee. Ghost and Char took the chance and bailed out the back panel of the suits and sprinted to the nearby alley.
      “Team two come in. The titans are down but were moving on foot to your position, I need to know what’s going on, and we have some more support now.” Ghost yelled.
      “Were busy at the moment, this thing won’t die!” Zen shouted through the radio.
      “They’re fighting the big one, we need to move.” Ghost said as he and Char picked up a sprint. The men dipped through the alley ways and broke into a few building to avoid going onto the roads where they would be noticed again. When the castle came into view they realized how quickly they had been running. Without taking a seconds rest, the men bolted through the grand front door of the castle.
      “Raptor, hold fire for the time being, we’re going dark for a while but we’ll need evac for seven.” Ghost called in.
      “Rodger, well pick up some altitude for safety. We can only hold for an hour before we need to find a place to land so be quick.” Raptor responded.
      No response was heard as Ghost and Char broke the threshold of the castle walls.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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I like it! I'm looking forward to more exposition on inter - world mechanisms.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Thanks, I realize my writing isn't that great but i can definitely learn from the mistakes that are made. This is my first story and wont be my last so hopefully youll get to see improvement. If you have anything you can tell me about fixing please pm so i know what others notice.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Update tomorrow night, promise. Had a lot on my plate lately but I'm much too bone headed to let this story die any time soon. Delays are a bummer but 24 hours isn't long to wait.
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Re: Both Sides Tk fanfic- WARNING Violence, Language ect.

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Well that took way too long for such a short chapter and I apologize but I do have big plans for some things soon. I'm thinking of just cranking out a really long chapter to make up for all these short ones. Enjoy this an I promise that if you ever enjoyed this story then you'll like what happens soon.
Both Sides: A TwoKinds Fan-fiction
Chapter 20: The Assault Pt. II

      “Coms are down, move left and listen for the [censored] storm that I’m sure is going on.” Ghost said as he and Char sprinted down the halls of the castle.
      Without warning, the wall to their left crumbled as a large tendril of mana burst through. The force of the tendril crushing threw the wall sent both men flying backwards into the opposite wall with a slam. Staring through the whole in the wall, Ghost could see the battle that had been raging for some time now. The entire group was spread out, keeping their distance from an enormous glowing blue creature. The creature didn’t take the shape of a person; rather a large pyramid of energy that nearly touched the high ceilings of what must have once been the throne room. Magic and arrows were being sent toward the creature as fast as the fighter could fling them. Zen jumped around closer to the creature dodging the tendrils that shot forward at him. Blast of pure mana shot out in multiple directions, giving the rest of the group their own problem to deal with. Ghost continued to study the situation, looking for anyway to kill the monstrosity.
      A blast landed near the whole in the wall sending more rumble in on Ghost. With a quick swipe of his arm, he cleared his body of loose ruble and found Char stuck under a larger section of wall. With a quick lift, Char was free and the duo charged forward to join the fight. As they charged through the wall, a shimmer of metal caught Ghosts eye. A shining steel halberd with gold trim lay on the floor where one of the royal guards that had lost their lives must have dropped it. Ghost grabbed the halberd and continued the charge. A tendril of man short forward from the center of the beast directly toward Ghost and Char; both men spun in opposite directions as the tendril shot between them with enough force to lift them off the floor, turning their spins into barrel rolls. Both men landed on the ground and rolled onto their feet to continue the charge as if the attack had never happened. They forced their way forward as shards of man rained down on them. They drew close and dragged their bladed behind them to include the speed of their run into the strength of their swings. With forceful upward swings, both men landed hard blows on the creature just to blow away chunks of solidified mana. Both men stood stupefied by the lack of an effect their attacks had done. The bottom of the beast began to glow followed by a blast of energy sending the men flying back across the room. They smacked into the wall, shattering away the mosaic tiles that adorned the walls in decoration. Both men fell unconscious on the floor while the battle continued to rage around them.
      Ghost’s eyes slowly opened. The view of himself yet again covered in ruble was soon to be seen. The rest of his crew was blasting away aside from Char who was still knocked out under some ruble. Ghost glanced over at his team that was firing form a distance and watched as Natani absorbed a mana crystal into her hand, drawing its power into herself and gaining the ability to do her magic. That whats the key to this fight.
      “Natani, Trace, Audrey! Draw power from the creature, it’s a huge mana crystal!” Ghost yelled as himself up and grabbed the halberd.
      The magical beings of the group got the point and ran forward to get within range of a drain. The three of them began drawing as much energy from the beast as possible. Every few moments they would each cast a spell off to the side to avoid overloading themselves with mana. The beast began to crack as Ghost ran forward and smashed his halberd into the beast. This attack was much more successful than his first attempt and blew away a large chunk of crystal. He swung again smashing away another large chunk and I could see inside the beast. Suspended in midair was the Master Mage of the Templar order. Ghost didn’t think twice as he swung again piercing the crystal and the unconscious conduit of the beast. The halberd cleaved its way through the mage and got stuck in the crystal structure surrounding the person. Ghost back stepped as looked up at the now still beast as cracks began to form from the bottom up. Ghost understood what was happening and let nature take its course as he walked away from the now crumbling shell that once was a powerful enemy.
      Char stood amongst the group that waited for Ghost, Audrey, Natani and Trace all sat on the ground after the work that had taken most of their energy away.
      “Looks like walking is out of the picture for y’all, good thing I got us a quick ride home, just got to get to the roof.” Ghost laughed as he lifted Chloe out by her extended hand.
      “What’s on the roof anyway?” Trace asked as he helped himself up.
      “The experience of a life time for you guys.” Ghost laughed as he led the way out of the room to find a staircase.
      “Raptor, this is Ghost, I’m cutting the formal [censored] since were the only radio traffic here; we’re on the roof waiting for pickup.” Ghost called over the radio.
      “Got it, lost my gunner so you and Char are on the guns. Be there in a second.” Raptor replied as the chopper turned in the distance and began to fly toward the castle.
      While the chopper was inbound, Ghost and Char explained what they were going to be dealing with. The others couldn’t quite believe it but once the bird landed and they all got to take a look, they still couldn’t believe what was in front of them. The crew piled in as Char and Ghost got on the guns. The bird took off and all the passengers grabbed on tight in fear of being off the ground. Char, Ghost and Raptor laughed as they caught up as old friends.
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