TwoKinds: War of Deikli

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TwoKinds: War of Deikli

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WARNING: Content may have already been viewed in previous post. To prevent from boredom, find where you stopped reading and go from there. If you never read the original, don't get yo panties in a bunch, it's the exact same except for this warning.

Note: The 'Daikil' have been renamed to the 'Deikli', and the ending complaint has been completely removed.

War of Deikli
Dark things were manifesting underground. Down below the world, below where light could ever reach, in the home of the Dark Ones, or Daikil in Keidran. Soon, thought Reiko, as he walked among his troops, inspecting them. Hmm, he thought with a smirk. One look at one of his men told him he wasn't ready for military life. A Basitin in his former life, yet unready for dark combat. The boy just looked straight ahead, oblivious.

"You," Reiko barked, startling the boy. "What is your name?"

"M-my name? Oh, it's K-Kameron.. sir!" the boy replied, frightened.

"Do you think you're ready?"

"Ready f-for what, sir?"

Reiko turned around, barking to the rest of the soldiers, "Dis-missed!" and motioned for Kameron to follow him. The bustle of tired workers began again, and Kameron's size didn't benifit him in favor of Keidran and Human alike. He navigated to the hall where Reiko waited.

"Sir, permission to speak, sir?" he asked nervously.

"Alright. And drop the 'sir, yes sir' bullcrap when we're alone."

"Eh.. okay.. um, I was wondering if you could get someone to help me take on Jaxon. He's a real [censored] sometimes, and never leaves me alone."

"Listen boy," Reiko answered, walking away with a motion of his hand to follow. "You've got to fight your own fights here. That, or give him what he wants."

"I understand."

"But if you want, a position just opened up further down the chain. You'll be in separate barracks, and you'll outrank him. On one condition."

"Yes sir! I mean... yeah! What condition?"

"If he challenges you, accept. If he beats you, then you leave the military. If you win, he leaves the military. Sound good?"

"Uh... y-yeah., sure."

"Now go to your bunk and get your things. Tomorrow, you move to Dragon Batallion."

Chapter 1
Stirring up Trouble
"I don't know how Lord Atron expects us to get along with the Keidran here. They're still savages."

The assassin listened intently to the guards, waiting for them to walk away so he could slip over the wall.

"Yeah, I'm not sure if they want this ceasefire, either. So what if it's Keidran New Year? We should still be wiping them out."

"Well, my stomach hurts. I'm gonna eat."

"I'll keep watch here."

Damnit, the assassin thought. This just means a higher body count. He swung up onto the ramparts with little sound. He opened his pouch and brought out the wire he took from the harpischord at home. He slung it around the guard's neck and pulled as hard as he could, and the guard soon slumped over in his chair. The assassin ran along the ramparts to a small tower, and threw his hook up into a low window. He climbed up, and slipped through the window and into a dark room. The lamp had been extinguised, and the bed was empty. This was the place. Now, he would lie in wait for the Grand Templar.

A few hours later.

The Grand Templar swung the door open and entered with the drunk Keidran girl.

"You're very pretty," he said to her, and she giggled happily.

Sick freak, thought the assassin. He plans on bedding her. But he couldn't kill him now, or the girl would scream and attract unwanted attention. News would get out that the Grand Templar had been assassinated far too early, and his boat would never be allowed to leave. So he would kill him while they slept, and the poor girl would wake up in the morning with a hangover and bloody fur. By then, he'd be long gone. So he would wait while an interspecies mating session occured right outside his hiding spot.
The girl began to undress, and the Grand Templar started clapping happily. When she took her pants off, she revealed a knife, and jumped at the Grand Templar, driving the knife through his throat. She covered his mouth and took the knife out. The assassin opened the door of the closet and stepped out clapping.

"Good job. That was supposed to be my kill, but it's not like I won't get paid."

She began to speak, but then the air in front of her began to crackle and spark, erupting into a fireball. She flew backwards and hit the wall, and the Grand Templar appeared in front of the assassin. He jumped back in surprise, but never touched the floor, and the Grand Templar walked him towards the window. As he was about to throw him out the window, the Keidran girl smashed a vase over his head and he slumped to the floor, dead.

"Let's get out of here," she said, and he dropped to the floor, catching his breath.

"You might want to put on clothes first," he said. She blushed and began to redress.

Meanwhile, halfway across the world, a young Basitin boy named Kimblee decides to sneak out aftef dark to meet a girl on the bridge. Walking through town, sneaking in the shadows, avoiding the authorities, all to meet this girl. She was special. He soon got to the bridge, and saw her sitting on the overhang, her toes dipping into the water.

"Hey, Marisol," he said, making her jump.

"Oh! Kimblee! You startled me," she said.

"Sorry. So, uh.. how are you?" he asked awkwardly.

"Good. Just been testing the waters," she said, sending the bait.

"Oh, yeah? I, uh.. noticed your feet in the water." He didn't even see the hook. She would have to ask.

"Want to go for a swim?"

"Sure," he said. Is she inviting me to... She jumped into the river from the bridge and resurfaced a second later.

"Come on in," she said. "And take those rags off." His faced shined red, and he did as she said. He jumped in and immediately pushed up for air.

"This water's frigid!" he said, teeth chattering.

"Is it? I've been in it all day, I hardly noticed. Don't worry, you'll get used to it." She rose up on shore for a second, and he saw that she, too, was naked, except for a shirt, which she was now removing. He blushed heavily, and so did she. She entered the water and swam towards him. She pulled him towards her and kissed him. Just then, Kimblee heard footsteps from on the bridge and a deep voice echoed out.

"Well, well. Who's this? A horndog and a slutty teen," it said. "We're gonna enjoy you, tramp. Jory, you can kill the boy."

Kimblee felt himself lifted by the scruff of his neck and into the air. Then he was blinded by a sucker punch from the one called Jory.

"Hey, Ripper, you can have the girl first, since you killed the most at that caravan."

The one called Ripper grabbed Marisol by her hair and started dragging her towards the treeline, her screaming all the way.

"Help! Kim, help, please! Kimblee, help me! Help!" she shouted. At her last word, something awakened in him. A deep rage. He felt a blade against his throat, cutting his neck slightly. His eyes grew black. His hair stood on end and turned gray along with his fur. Purple arcs of electricity jumped off of him and stuck the ground. His claws grew black and enlongated, sharper than ever. He grabbed the blade and crushed it in his fist, then jumped and slashed Jory's eyes out before he could blink. Then he ran at the leader and ripped his throat out with his teeth.

"Help!" he heard from the trees. He ran towards the sound and found Ripper standing over Marisol. He ran at him and pinned him to the ground.

"Agh! DIE! DIE!!" he shouted into the man's face, but Marisol's voice shot out, "No!" Kimblee stopped, still pinning Talon to the ground.

"What are you?" she asked, frightened. "Kimblee? Is that you?"

He looked down and found himself pinning a man to the ground. He had quickly returned to normal.

"What.. what happened? Marisol?" he said, looking over at her. "What just happened?" His neck had started to bleed again. Just then, three Basitin guards burst through the brush to find a kid pinning down a bandit while a girl stood shaking by a tree.


"You were very brave, boy. You say you killed the other two by yourself?" a guard inquired to Kimblee.

"I must have, though I don't remember it," he replied.

"We found... bite marks on the leader. Did you do that?"

"Bite marks? I don't know, maybe. It's all pretty fuzzy."

"That's okay. What matters is that you defended yourself and that girl just fine. How old are you?"

"What? Uh, I'm fifteen."

"That's old enough. How would you like to join the town's Royal Guard?"

"What? The Royal Guard? I... I don't know."

"I understand. We'll give you a while to make a decision."

Chapter 2
Getting Out of Dodge

The assassin slipped on a shirt and opened the door. The girl was still there, shivering from the cold. He went back in his room to grab his robe, then tossed it to her.

"You look frozen," he said. "Y'know, I never got your name."

"Oh. It's Fauna."

"Nice to meet you, Fauna. Who's next, Flora?"

"I'm serious!"

"So your parents named you after the term for indiginous wildlife?"

"Yes! And shut up about my parents!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, Fauna... My name is Gneison, by the way. With a G."

"I guess that's pretty silly, too," she said, smiling. He smiled too, and receded back to his room to pack more.

"I guess he's nice. But I can't stay with him forever."

You'll have to leave sooner or later. Leave now, and don't get attached to him.

Kimblee stepped into his room and collapsed on his bed. What a long night, he thought. And Mari still hasn't told me anything. He sighed. I don't know what I did. But I did something. I intend to find out what it was. He tried to remember the feeling that came over him before the incident. The anger. No, rage. A lot of it. He tried to recreate it. It worked. He felt his fur stand on end, and saw it turn gray, and looked in the mirror to see, for a split second, what he'd become. It frightened him. Then the memories of what it had done came to him. He felt sick. He would have torn that third guy to shreds if Marisol hadn't have calmed him down. No, it. It isn't me, he thought. It was something from you. He jumped out of his fur and looked around for the source of the voice. Only when he looked back in the mirror did he see the creature again. It had replaced his own reflection and stared back at him with black, shining eyes.

"What are you?!" he asked nervously.

"Why, I'm you," it answered. "Well, partly you. We mostly share the same body and basic emotions, like attachment to that girl. That's what made you take over again, and what made me weak, and you quickly regained control. I'll be honest. We love that girl. She means everything to us. That's what awakened me. Look, you can think of me as some horrible, dark thing, but I'm not. I'm still you. Just... more animal. You can call me Instinct. Or emotion. Or just the other Kimblee."

"I.. I don't.. uh, what..." Kimblee managed to string together a barely coherent sentence.

"What am I doing here, in your mirror?" Kimblee nodded, eyes wide.

"And.. why?"

" I just wanted to tell you not to be too afraid of me. I mean, sure, some people might get hurt, and that's not a good thing, but nobody you care about will ever be harmed by me."

Gneison finished packing, and stepped out into the cold, wind whipping his hair in his face. He found Fauna bathing in a pond nearby, and he looked away quickly. What he saw of her, she was beautiful. Her blue-tinted fur looked white in the sunlight, and her already white stripes vanished. His own fur bristled. He was looking at her again, and she had looked back, then quickly covered herself with her shirt.

"What are you looking at!?" she yelled.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

He walked back in the house, paying careful attention to NOT look at Fauna.

Fauna kept looking over at the door, careful not to let Gneison get another look at her. It had already pissed her off that he had peeked at her. She decided it was time to reclothe herself. When she got dressed, she went into her room to rest. She would need it. She was going to travel with Gneison to wherever the next port was, then leave for home.

Kimblee decided to ask Marisol about what happened while he was.. not himself. From her point of view, he wanted to know how scary he'd been. If she still wanted anything with him. He hoped she did. He hoped with all his heart that she did.

Chapter 2 1/2
Actually Getting Out of Dodge

Kimblee went to talk with Marisol, and found her by the docks, watching the ocean. He came up to her, making sure the planks creaked so as not to frighten her. She was already shaken enough.

"Mari.. I need to ask you some--nga!" He didn't complete his sentence before Marisol hugged him and squeezed him tightly.

"I'm so paranoid, Kim. Everywhere I look, I see that guy, but then he's not there anymore. When I close my eyes, I see the other one lifting you up and about to slit your throat. I can't take it!" she
said, completely dissolving in Kimblee's arms.

"I need to ask you something, Marisol. Did... did I scare you? When I was.. that thing?" he asked, now concerned for her state of mind. She looked surprised, like she didn't know herself. After a minute she spoke.

"A-a little bit. But not nearly as much as those thugs," she answered. Kimblee looked out towards the water, and she did too, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Do you want to finish that swim?" she asked, looking up at him. He smiled.


Gneison woke Fauna up hastily. The guardsmen were coming, and they were almost at the cabin. They silently made their way to Gneison's boat, and quickly cast off.

"No doubt they'll have noticed us leaving. We'll probably have company by sunrise," he said. Fauna looked at him worriedly.

"Where do we go?" she asked.

"The only place where the authorities can't go," he said. "The Basitin Islands."

"I hope you know how to use a cannon," he said to Fauna. She looked at Gneison like he was mad.

"Are you mad?! I can't use a gun, let alone a cannon," she said.

"What kind of an assassin are you, if you can't use a rifle?"

"I prefer sharp steel," she said. She turned around to get a cannonball when she heard a boom and a hole was blown out of the side of the ship. She let out a sharp yip as her arm was impaled by wooden shrapnel. Gneison grabbed a needle and thread. He bent down by Fauna and began to pick out the pieces of wood and tried to sew the largest wound shut. It was too big, so he sewed the smaller ones and pulled out his only remaining mana crystal.

"Not enough in here for a healing..." he said to Fauna. "Just enough for a fire stream.. sorry about this," he said, looking at her. He held the crystal tight and spoke the incantation.

"Ignus," he whispered. The flame poured out his palm and burned Fauna's wound shut. She tried to keep her screaming internal, but much escaped, giving Gneison quite a scare.

"I've got to man the cannons now. Do you think you could guide the ship to where this cannon faces their ship? I need to fire a warning shot," he said. She got up without a word and run up on deck, and soon the boat was turning right. Gneison knelt down in front of the cannon, lined it up, and shot the winning shot. The cannonball had hit the other boat's wheel. It was now unpilotable and obsolete. He run upstairs and took the helm. He turned the boat back towards the Basitin lands and dropped to Fauna's side.

"You gonna be okay?" he asked. She just looked up at him. Then she passed out right there, and Gneison had to carry her to his room. The only sturdy bed on the ship, and she would need it more than he. The night's events catching up to him, Gneison went below deck to find a cot to sleep in.

Kimblee climbed back up onto the dock. This was the furthest he'd gone with any girl. He'd enjoyed it. He looked out onto the horizon and saw the faint silhouette of a boat against the rising sun.

"Marisol," he called to the girl. "Do you see that, in the sun? A boat. Visitors. It's been a while. I'd like to see some new faces."

"What about mine?" she asked teasingly.

"Yours is the only one I really need."

Chapter 3
Meet the Murderers
The Basitin people were intrigued by the news that a boat was approaching. They had not had visitors for a long time. As the boat docked on the pier, Kimblee was among the guards there to meet the newcomers. They stepped off their boat with trepidation, not expecting such a welcoming party.

“What.. what is this all about?” Gneison asked one the guards.

“You’re a newcomer. We always give newcomers a welcoming party,” one of them replied. Judging by the looks of them, everybody here was a Basitin. The shortness was strong here.

“Well, we’re not going to need it. Just point us to the nearest bed and breakfast, and we’ll be okay.”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that. Not just yet. We need to take you to the keep first.”

Kimblee laughed nervously at the newcomer’s jokes, but didn’t ever reply. Something about these people made him… anxious? No. More like.. wary. They had an air of danger around them. in their every move, Kimblee could tell they were assassins. But they didn’t seem to be too cautious. So he would confront them before they reached the keep.

“So..” he began. “You have an air about you. Something dangerous. The way you walk… you’re assassins, aren’t you?” he finally managed. The taller one, the male, looked away for a second, and the other replied.

“Yes. But we’ve already completed our job. We’re fleeing from human authorities, currently,” she spoke, and Kimblee was relieved. One, because they had told him with little hesitation, and two, because now they would not be allowed into the keep. This was good news.

Gneison wondered about the Basitin’s query. How had he known? He had done his best to disguise himself as a normal human, but he must have lost focus. Then Fauna just flat out told him. He guessed it was for the better. Now they knew, and it wasn’t as if they were wanted here. just then, a man shouted out.

“That’s her, alright.”
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 4
On the Run
The guards immediately all bristled and aimed their weapons, and Kimblee didn't know what was going on. Then he felt a pair of arms tighten around his neck and a blade to his throat.

"Back off," the assailant said. "Or he gets the sharper end of this knife."

The guards lowered their weapons slightly, and Kimblee was shuffled along across the bridge and into the the trees. Then he was thrown to the ground.

Gneison was in a rage. He looked down at the Basitin kid and screamed at him

"You! You told them, didn't you!?" he spat. The kid just looked at him in terror. "No. No, you didn't do this. I'm sorry." He turned away and knelt by a tree, holding his head in his hands.

"What's going on?" the boy spoke up.

"What's going on? It appears we're wanted here. Or at least she is," he said, nodding his head in Fauna's direction.

At the mention of a girl, Kimblee immediately thought of Marisol. Had she seen? he wondered to himself. He hoped she hadn't. It would only make her worry even more. Maybe she already knew he had been captured. Maybe she was coming to find him now. Whatever the case was, he hoped she wouldn't show up in the next five minutes.

"Hey, Instinct," he said.

"Yes?" he replied to himself, for a split second, having gray fur and black eyes.

"You can, uh... take over now. Don't kill them, just get us away."

The gray fur and black eyes returned, accompanied by the fur standing on end, his ears elongating, and purple electricity jumping off of him. He looked over at Gneison and smiled. Standing up, he broke his bonds and pointed at Gneison.

"I'm supposed to get away from you. I hope you won't try to stop me," he said. He walked into the trees before Gneison could speak. As soon as he left the treeline, however, he ran into a battalion of guards.

"Can I kill them, Dad?" he asked Kimblee.

"No. Of course not," Kimblee said from inside himself. Instinct looked at all the men around him.

"What if I pull in my claws?"


Instinct smiled. He showed the guards his hands, retracted his claws, then jumped at one of them. The guard didn't jump back in time, and his nose was caught by Insinct's punch. His face shifted and swirled, then vanished, showing instead a dark face with a broken snoutbone. The thing howled, and the others' disguises vanished showing similar visages, all snarling viciously. Instinct shivered. They.. they all looked like him. Same.. gray fur, same black eyes... but no purple electricity, arcing at their feet, like with Instinct. So, he obviously had no choice but to kill these things. He smiled. He would enjoy this. He let his claws extend back out to their full length, and showed them to the creatures, who were still snarling and snapping their jaws. Then an urge came over him, to hit the ground as hard as he could. So he did, jumping into the air and bringing his fist to the ground all in one swift motion. A great energy swept through his body, through his arm, and into the ground. All the dark beings were rooted in place as their bodies were shaken and bones were broken. Immediately, Instinct felt weak. He slumped to the ground and slept.

Kimblee woke with a start. He was lying in a bed with bandages around his waist. He tried to sit up, but he was too sore to move more than his arms. When he saw Kimblee awake, Gneison looked up at him.

"Don't move too much. Your body was wrecked when me and Fauna found you. It looked like you'd been gutted," he said. "Also, there were dark stains in the grass around you, like old blood."

Kimblee looked at him, his face twisted in pain, both physical and mental.

"I shouldn't have worked so hard," Instinct said to him. "I guess I put so much strain on your body that your skin split open against your ribcage."

"Don't beat yourself up," Kimblee said aloud.

"What?" Gneison asked. Kimblee apologized and swept his gaze across the room. In the corner, Marisol was sitting in a wicker chair, asleep.

"When--" Kimblee grimaced in pain. "When did she arrive.. wherever we are?"

"I got her last night. And.. we're on the east shore."

Chapter 5
Fugitive Fun
"The.. THE EAST SHORE?!" Kimblee yelled, then immediately grasped his stomach in pain. "Why are we one the east shore?"

"Cakm down, calm down. I, uh..." Gneison laughed nervously. "I'm sorry I, uh.. held a knife to your throat." He extended his hand. "My name is Gneison."

Kimblee reached out as far as he could and shook Gneison's hand.

"My name's Kimblee. Most people call me Kim or Blee, though," he said.

Marisol began to stir on the couch. "Kibla broot dunhumma brochet bloo.." she mumbled. Gneison got up and lightly shook her awake.

"Kim's up," he said once she'd gained consciousness. "He wants to see you."

Marisol peeked over the edge of the couch at Kimblee, who was smiling broadly, despite his current state. Gneison got up and sat back down near the desk. He grabbed the nearby radio and held it in his lap, fiddling with the circuits inside, when he got a spark and the thing came alive.

"...ght of recent events, referred to as a hero by most, and a ferocious protector by a few, claiming the bodies of two thugs were torn and bloody. Though, I really don't think it matters much, seeing as how he saved the poor girl. Well, I'm done ranting. Here's some music," the announcer's voice came through crackly and haltingly, and then a song came on detailing the singer's experience with Keidran prostitutes. Gneison quickly turned the radio off, blushing.

"That's an amazing piece of technology. To this day--" Kimblee said. The door opened, and in came a smiling young Basitin, carrying a platter with food on it. Kimblee looked baffled.

"This is a lot of food," he said, marveling at the expensive cuisine. "How did you afford this?" he asked.

Gneison only smiled and said, "I make a lot of money in my field of work." Kimblee adopted a look of understanding, but he didn't. His memory was a bit fuzzy over the past few days. He barely remember fighting off those bandits. And Gneison. Maybe it was whatever had gutted him and left him for dead. All he knew was that he was sitting in a bed, with bandages and a magically sealed wound. But... how did he know that? How could he tell?

"Was... was my wound magically sealed?" he asked Gneison.

"Yeah. Yes, it was. How... did you know?" Gneison asked in response.

"I don't know. I could just... feel it, I guess."

Gneison looked back down at his radio, then looked up, his eyes wide.

"Oh, damn it! I forgot to get Fauna some food!" he said, leaping out of his chair and out the door, shutting it loudly.

"Wow. He really cares about that other girl," Marisol said. Kimblee yawned, suddenly tired.

"I'm gonna get some more rest," he said.

"Alright," she mumbled. Kimblee closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep, dreaming of Marisol.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 6
Drunk People
When he woke, Fauna was no longer on the bed. In fact, the bed looked unslept in. Gneison sat up, confused. He stood and slipped on a pair of pants, stumbling off balance. Had I drank THAT much last night? he thought.

"I'm still here, and just waking up. She drank more than me. And she's gone," he said to himself. "Curse my low tolerance of alcoholic beverages.."

When he opened his window, light flooded in and blinded him. He waited for his eyes to adjust, then looked out at the sun to find it in midday position. Great, he thought. I slept all day. He opened the dresser by the bed and pulled a shirt over his head. He stepped out into the hall, still stumbling. He knocked on Kimblee's door. When he got no answer, he pushed it open slightly to see Kimblee still dead asleep. At least I'm not the only one, he thought. He closed the door lightly and continued down the hall, reaching the stairwell. When he emerged from the basement, he saw Fauna and Marisol sitting at the bar, drinking light ale.

"Hey, Fauna, do you really need more ale? I'm still a little bit intoxicated," he said, his words slurring a bit. Fauna looked over and smiled widely, taking a large swig from her mug. She set it down back into the small ring of condensation on the counter and got up. She came over to Gneison and pulled him over to the bar, positioning him betwen herself and Marisol.

"Mari, tell him about..." she giggled. "Tell him!" Marisol blushed and looked away.

"It's nothing, really, Gneison. Don't worry about it," she said.

"Ah, come on! Just tell him," Fauna begged.

"Fine," Marisol sighed. "Me and Kimblee are... together. And we..." her face shone red. "We.. had.. we had s--" She was interupted by Fauna.

"They had sex!" she shouted. A few faces turned in surprise, but she was mostly ignored.

Kimblee emerged from the basement.

"They had sex!" someone had said loudly. His ears perked up and he looked towards the bar to see Marisol blushing, Fauna laughing and Gneison trying to supress a smile. He walked over and tapped him on the back, then, with a signaled nod for him to follow, walked outside.

"What is it?" Gneison asked, squinting as he came out from the squat building.

"Were you guys just talking about..." he trailed off as Gneison nodded. "Great," he said. "The last thing we need is rumours."

"She.. Fauna's drunk," Gneison said. "She's being a bit rude, if I say so. I wouldn't let someone advertise if I had intercourse with someone." Kimblee looked at his feet, blushing. "But hey, it's not all bad. I mean, you did it. From what I overheard, you two were just friends a while ago. You were able to escape."

"Escape what?" Kimblee asked.

"I call it 'the friendzone'. It's where you really love a girl, but she doesn't consider you anything more than a friend. Few escape it. Both you and the author have escaped, that I know of," Gneison said, looking left towards the blank wall.

"The author of what?" Kimblee asked, peeking over at the wall, confused.

"Eh? Oh, nothing. Well, hey. Look at you. How's the wound feel?" Gneison asked.

"Much better."

"Well, that is good. Soon, we can get going."

"What do you mean, 'we'? I'm going home."

"What? Oh, I didn't tell you. They... they banished you from West Basitin."

Kimblee's heart stopped. What? No! Banished.. me?

"They banished Marisol, too. I'm sorry."

Kimblee's mind racing, he stumbled backwards, then took off at a furious sprint towards the edge of town. I can't be! he thought. That's my home! My family lives there! A light rain began to patter the dirt trails. He looked upward at the sky, still running.

"Why? What did I do?" he asked. "What did I do to deserve this?"

When he reached the treelind, he slowed his pace a little, and soon reached a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a stump. He sat down and pondered life.

Gneison ran inside to inform them that Kimblee ran off, then set at a sprint following him. He soon lost his scent, but saw paw prints in the mud, leading beyond the trees. He followed them and quickly found Kimblee sitting on a circular tree stump.

"Kimblee... I'm so sorry. I told Marisol last night, but you were unconscious. I should have told you sooner," he said, panting and out of breath. "I can't imagine how it feels. I could never know how it feels. I left home on my own devices. I didn't have family. But you can't just hide yourself from the world. How do you think Marisol feels? She had to drink the sorrows down. She was in hysterics." Kimblee looked at him, bewildered.

"How can you know how to deal with this? You said it yourself, you left on your own! So you can't know how this feels! Don't think you know how to make it better!" he screamed. He stood up, Nd suddenly he fell to his knees. When he looked up, he saw that Kimblee had black eyes. His fur was greying, as well. And that purple energy, leaping off of him. Gneison took a step back.

Chapter 7
Do or Die

Kimblee fell to the ground. No, he thought. No! Don't come out! But his resistance was futile, as his Instinct took hold.

Gneison had one chance, he knew. Either Kimblee was fighting this thing inside him, or letting it free. In the case of the latter, this was very bad. But if Kimblee was fighting it, he could subdue it and return Kimblee to control.

"I know what you're thinking. You think you can escape. Well, you can't. I will kill you this time, assassin." The thing was not smiling, as he was last time. It had a raging look about it. Genuinely angry. "You got Marisol banished from her home, not to mention Kimblee as well. You made it so they can never see their families again." He jumped at Gneison, who ducked and strafed to the left, throwing a punch and hitting it on the nose. It only shook its head and threw as rock at Gneison, clapping him in the shin. He came to his knees and found a fist flying at his face. He rolled back and, sweeping his legs out from under him, brought the thing to the ground and hit it in the gut with his elbow, knocking the wind out of it. The thing clawed Gneison in the face, slashing his eye.

"Damn it! You'll pay for that!" the thing said after it regained breath. Gneison lay screaming on the ground, clutching his bleeding eye.

Instinct stood up, looking down at Gneison. He kicked him in his gut as hard as he could, sliding him back a few feet. Gneison tried to stand, but was too weak, and collapsed. Instinct grabbed his collar and pulled him up. He brought him close.

"It was your fault. She's banished from her home because of you. So is Kimblee. And then there's me. I never had a home. But you know what they say. Home is where the heart is. And if you muck with my home..." He brought his forehead to Gneison's. "I'll kill you." As he leaned down to close his hands around Gneison's throat, an arrow whizzed past. Instinct jumped backwards, searching for the shooter. His eyes settled on the other assassin, Fauna. She was readying another arrow. Instinct smiled.

"You wouldn't shoot dear old Kimblee, would you?" he said, mockingly. He began walking towards her, expecting to reach her and kill her. What he got was a thump. He looked down. An arrow was lodged in his chest. He was already beginning to bleed profusely. He broke the arrow off, then began advancing towards her again. She took out a club and brought it down on Instinct's head. He fell to the ground, and she walked over to him, expecting him to be incapacitated. Instead, he delivered a sweeping kick and knocked her down. He swung his claws at her throat, but stopped short when he saw Marisol emerging through the brush.

"Stop! Stop it now!" screamed. Instinct looked down at Fauna, claws still at her throat, then looked back up at Marisol. "Stop! Get off of her!" Tears were steaming down her face. "Please, Kimblee. Stop!" Instinct grimaced, then brought his hands to his face as he changed back into Kimblee. The arrow in his chest cracked and was pushed out as the wound sealed shut.

Gneison woke in a cot under a balcony, with a patch over his eye. He cursed Kimblee and his dark rage guy and got out of the cot. He had a massive headache. Guess that sorta thing happens when you lose an eye, he thought. Walking into the inn, he saw the barkeep talking with two of the local authorities. He ducked out of view into a nearby booth. He waited until he heard the guards leave and the engine of their automobile start to stand and approach the bar.

"What was that about?" he asked the bartender.

"They were looking for some big oaf of a guy. He was here last night," the man said. Gneison thought back and remembered the man. He looked like a troll of a Basitin, unnaturally taller than even a human. "They say he's raped many, and plundered whole towns. I'm glad he left."

"Did those two say anything about a bounty?"

"Yes. I got a poster here." The bartender passed Gneison a flier that read "Garrus the Hulk" in large print. He couldn't read the smaller text very well, what with one eye and all, but he could clearly see the price they had on the man's head.

"W-what?! 30,000 golden coins!?" he yelped in surprise. All heads turned towards him. He ran downstairs and kicked open Kimblee's door. Fauna and Marisol were there, and Kimblee was sleeping again. "30,000... for.. this.. guy," he said, panting. He showed them the poster.

"He's awful big.." Fauna said. She contemplated for a moment. "You want to take him out?" she asked after a minute. Gneison nodded his head.

"We could bring him down. Then we slit his throat. Easy cash!" he said.

"Sure. If you really want to. But we split the cash three ways."

"Yeah sure. Wait.. three?"

"Yeah. 10,000 for me, 10,000 for you, and 10,000 for them," she said, nodding towards Kimblee and Marisol. "They have to live a new life now."

Gneison thought about it. Kimblee had taken his eye out. Maybe he would take the cost of a new eye out of their share. "Only if they buy me a new eye," he said, pointing to the patch on his face.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 8
"I'm.. I'm so sorry, Gneison," Kimblee said, angry at himself for letting his emotions control him.

"It's okay. You'll be paying for a new one with the 10 grand you're gonna get,' Gneison said, smiling.

"10.. 10 grand? Where will we get 10 grand?" he asked incredulously.

"From this big guy," Gneison said, showing Kimblee the poster. "We're gonna split it after we take him down." Kimblee looked at Gneison.

"We.. we WHAT?! HOW DO EXPECT TO TAKE HIM DOWN? THEY SHOOT THIS GUY AND BULLETS BOUNCE OFF!" he shouted, startling Marisol. "I'm sorry, Mari. This is just too much."

"What, you think we won't be able to take him? Just cause I only have one eye? Didn't stop me from taking out a few lords when one of my legs was snapped." Kimblee only looked at him.

"This isn't a few lords. This is The Hulk. An eight foot BASITIN. Yeah, eight feet. And I think about half a ton in weight. No joke, no exaggeration. He's big."

"Plus, we have you. You and your dark angry man. You could've taken me AND Fauna out, if not for Marisol. And we're tough targets."

"No way. I'm not letting him out again. He's evil. He'll kill everyone except Garrus, for all we know."

"No. He'll kill Garrus, nobody else will be around. Everyone flees when The Hulk emerges. People are scared of an eight foot Basitin."

"Either way, I'm not letting him out again." A voice within Kimblee called out, "Please, I'll kill the big guy, if it means you and Marisol get that 10 grand. Please. I just want her to be happy. Sometimes, I go over the edge, but only ever for her." Kimblee told it to stuff it. Then he looked around. Everybody was staring at him like he was crazy. "What? Oh. He said that aloud, huh?"

"Yeah," Gneison said. "But, come on. That thing's right. Marisol and you could have a better life with the money, and with just me and Fauna, it'd be risky. With you, we'd be unstoppable. He would have no chance, and you'd be guarenteed a better life." Kimblee was beginning to reconsider. Damnit, he thought. I owe Gneison. He sighed.

"Fine. I'll help you take down Garrus. Tomorrow. I still need a bit more rest if I'm going to take that big guy on." Everyone agreed, except Marisol, who still had her doubts. She took her arms from around Kimblee's shoulders and stepped towards the window. What if... he can't take that guy out, she thought, and Kimblee's Instinct is killed? How would she ever forgive herself? She dismissed the thoughts as she walked back over to the group.

"Sure. Yeah. As long as he doesn't get.. as long as he comes back to me in one piece. If you die, I will kill you," she said to Kimblee. He smiled and kissed her, but she pulled back. "Sorry. I'm just.. worried right now." She walked out the door and was sure to slam it. As she walked to the bar upstairs, she heard Gneison asking Kimblee something. She went back to eavesdrop, but thought better of it, and continued upstairs.

Kimblee stared confused at the door as Marisol slammed it.

"Why's she so aggravated?" he asked. "She knows Instinct can handle Garrus." Oh well, he thought. I'm gonna nead that rest. He waved to Gneison and Fauna as they left, and lay his head on the pillow. As he closed his eyes, however, he saw a bright flash and stood to investigate it. He walked to the source and saw a hole in the floorboards. Weird, he thought. Normally the below of basements were solid rock or dirt, but as Kimblee tore up the floor, he only saw light through the hole. He reached in to uncover whatever was illuminating the dark room and felt a great force tugging him downward. He screamed as he fell into the endless white void. He shut his eyes, anticipating instant smashing of his body, but instead felt wind whip against his face.

"What the hell?" he screamed when he opened his eyes. He was far above the Basitin Island. And he was falling towards it. "Oh no! No, no! Ah, hell!" He tried moving his body to adjust the velocity of the freefall towards the ocean. He spread his arms and felt himself slow slightly, but not enough to save him. He was close to the ground now. Very close. He would hit soon. He considered writing a note. He pulled out his notepad and wrote down his last words.

I'm sorry, Marisol. I don't know what happened. I just.. fell from the sky.

Just after he tossed the note in a folden square, he remembered Instinct. He called upon him at a hundred feet and transformed into him at twenty five. He hit the cobble road with a loud smash as either stone or bone was broken. He opened his eyes after a moments, and took in his surroundings. People were gathered around him, cleaning pools of his blood and closing wounds. He only had a few deep cuts, but he could feel it all, so that was good. The only thing tbat broke were the cobbles, which were now pebbles. He stood up, and felt himself turn back to normal. Everyone around him began to fade, and a thick fog was settling. He pushed through (literally) one of the people and ran into the fog, hoping to find just who the hell put him at 2000 feet. He kept seeing figures in the mist, but when he got close, they dissapated and he was left alone. He finally came to a figure that was whole and solid, and grabbed his shoulder to spin him around. He was greeted by a grey mask that reflected the fog. The cracks in the mask let through a shimmering yellow light. There were no eyes in the sockets of this being.

"Well, hello, Kimblee. Or should I say.. Rekeilan," the being spoke, his voice slightly reminisce of a fictional creature known as Sauron in the story about a halfling and a magic ring. The name it spoke awakened memories deeply hidden within Kimblee. "I am Mauril, but most call me Neutral, the median most powerful of the Masks."

"What.. what are you?" Kimblee managed to say. "What am.. I?" He layed his head in his hands and weeped for an unknown reason. Something about a long lost half of his soul. Their soul. The other half inhabited a girl somewhere in the world. When they met, he knew, a great Convergence would begin.

"But how do you know these things? Because I want you to know. I want you to know and seek this girl out. Find her. Have a child with her. Once you do, that child will be the harbinger of the salvation of sentient species all across the universe. He will be completely immortal once his body reaches its prime. He will have both your and your mate's abilities."

"You.. you didn't answer me! What am I?"

"You are a Maiar, a half-spirit. Your being chose the form of a young man to limit your power. Your counterpart did the same with the form of a young woman. Your child will be a messiah. He will lead the universe to total peace. If the dark forces below your world do not stop you or him. They are rising as we speak. Here," he said, "you will need this." Kimblee felt a burning on his hand. He looked at it and saw a tattoo forming there. An Oraborus. The dragon that eats its own tail, he thought. The symbol of neutrality. Kimblee saw the being vanish and a dozen dark warriors take his place. These were like the ones he fought before, that put him in his wounded state. Kimblee immediately felt dread slide down his neck. These things will devour you, he heard through the mist. He was being surrounded in the circle of them. Where's Instinct when I need him, he thought.

"Gone," a voice spoke behind him. He turned to see Instinct standing in defensive position.

"Gone? What do you mean?"

"Not with you. Not inhabiting your body anymore. Free," he said, smiling," from you and your emotions and your connections. I do have to thank you, though. For the experience of living a life, though I made zero choices." He began to fade. "Ah, great. Here we go again. You still need my body, huh? Well, you can have it. I'm gonna fade into oblivion and leave my soul to you. You can have the body, too. I guess this is how it goes. You shed your double when you're ready. It's been good, Kim. Real good." He disappeared into the mist, leaving Kimblee alone to fend of the monstrous beings. He took full control of his body for the first time and unleashed a tidal wave of energy transforming into Instinct... no, he couldn't call it that anymore. Instinct was gone. No matter, he thought. Time to enjoy this. He slash and hacked at the warriors, practicing using this ability he'd always had. After it became apparent he couldn't hurt the creatures by conventional means, he began to control the flow of the electricity arcing off of him. He flung some back and disintegrated others, only to have them return. They always returned weaker, though, and Kimblee knew he'd beat them soon. He decided to try a trick he'd seen happening with electric coils. He stored the kinetic energy of his punches in his claws and eventually had gained enough to do the trick. Jumping high into the air, he let loose the energy built up and it spun him at high speeds, unleashing a torrent of purple lightning upon all of his foes. They crackled and fell to the ground, still jerking about from the electric signals to their muscles. He landed with a thud, and looked at his hands.

"Instinct always had great power, but he only ever used it once. Why?" he asked himself. Returning to his normal self, he looked around at the bodies and chuckled as they began to fade away. Of course they weren't real, he thought. But then.. was what I did real? Kimblee suddenly became aware that he had been dreaming, and jerked himself awake to find the sheets aflame and his gray fur singed, with purple still flying off him. He jumped out of the bed and attempted to pat the fire out, but failed and lost control of the inferno. The floor was cracking now. Surely the entire inn was burning. He ran out of the room as a falling ceiling confirmed his worry. Running toward the stairwell, he was almost crushed by a burning beam. Dodging it quickly, he ran up the crumbling stairs and emerged to see the skeleton of the bar aflame. He made his way out of the rubble and soot to see Marisol and Fauna running towards him. Fauna caught him in a bear hug and tackled him to the ground with a knife at his throat.

"What have you done, you monster? You almost killed a dozen people in there! Where's Gneison? Huh!? Did you finish the job and burn the place to conceal evidence?" she shouted, spittle flecking a face contorted in misunderstanding. Then he remembered he was still in demon form.

"W-what? I d.. wha.. get that knife away from me! It's me, Kimblee!" he screamed. Marisol crouched next to him.

"No it isn't, monster. I know it's you." She spat on him as well.

"Mari..! Look, I don't-- KYAAAA! G-get off!" She had stomped on his ear. How could she? Why couldn't she see that it was him? He tried changing back into normal, but his body was too stressed and wouldn't have enough energy to finish the transformation, leaving him half Kimblee-half demon.

"What the hell!?" Fauna screamed. Kimblee was burning. His skin was popping in bubbles. His fur was gone, singed off by the fire. He looked.. horrible. Dead, almost. Fauna shivered at the thought. She let up a bit, trying not to hurt this thing too much. Whatever it was, Kimblee was trying to get out.
Writhing in pain, he tried not to scream. He couldn't bear to see Marisol's look of hatred. She really didn't know that it was him. He felt himself slipping into unconsciousness and looked up at Marisol pleading. She was terrified. What is happening, he tried to say. B ut all that came out was a muffled "mmmh mmh mh mhmh" and he drifted into a deep sleep.
Gneison emerged from the trees to see a plume of smoke coming from the inn. He immediately set a a furious sprint to the charred building, and saw Fauna and Marisol standing over a charred corpse. When he got to them, though, he could tell that it was no corpse. It still had purple electricity arcing off it. That was Instinct, Kimblee's angry rage man. No doubt. And he was in a bad way.

"What happened?" he yelled, stopping next to them. "Is that--"

"Yes," Marisol said. "Though Kimblee tried to come back out, he stopped halfway through and this happened." She inclined her head at Kimblee when the body started to twitch. The black skin began to heal and fur grew back, and soon it was a normal Kimblee laying unconscious at Fauna's feet.

"Well, there ya go," Gneison said. Kimblee's eyes fluttered open, and he brought his hands over his face at sight of Fauna.

"Relax, relax, Kim, I'm not gonna hurt you any more."

"Y-you've already hurt me enough," he said. "That wasn't Instinct you just about killed. It was me. I tried to tell you, even! But no, don't listen to the freak!" He stood up and brushed the dust off of him. That's when he noticed the Oraborus tattoo on his right hand. He stormed away into the building, shifting quickly back into demon form. He soon came back out carrying two people, barely breathing.

"Revive them," he growled, glaring at Fauna. He went back inside to retreive more people.

"Guess you guys [CENSORED] up," Gneison choked, barely containing his laughter.

Chapter 9
The Last of the Maiar

"Yes. He is gone. I'm sure of it," Kimblee moaned. "I think I'd know, seeing as how I can actually control Inst.. the other body." He still kept calling it Instinct, even though Instinct was gone. He wasn't sure when he'd get over that.

"So you were telling the truth when you came out of the building?" Marisol asked, tears welling in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Kimblee. I thought it was Instinct. I.. I had to have looked like I hated you. I DID hate you.. but only because I thought you were Instinct... I.." she choked out. She hugged Kimblee hard and weeped on his shoulder. "I am so.. so-sorry Kimblee, I'm s-so so sorry. You probably thought I wanted to kill you... and I might have done it! I might have actually k-killed you, Kimblee!" He hugged her back as her tears turned to sobs.

"It's okay, Mari, you didn't know." He brought his hand to her face to wipe off her tears and found her eyes glowing white. She must not realize, he thought as she kissed him hard. Not wanting to alarm her, he kept it to himself. I'll tell her later. He felt a sharp electric shock as she pulled away, and saw her start to glow white all over. She looked down at herself. Wait, he thought. What had that Neutral fellow told him? A being of opposite powers and the other half of his soul, right? Well, Marisol looked pretty much the polar opposite of him right now. He understood. Her first transformation could only be triggered by raw emotion, like mine, he thought. Except her emotion was hurt. His had been rage.

"Kimblee..." she said as she took on angelic form. Her expression fell blank and she stared at him. She didn't do or say anything for close to a minute when she fell to the ground, and Kimblee rushed to her aid. Her glow began to recede and her eyes flitted open to reveal pupils, though very dilated. "Kimblee.. what the h-hell just happened?"

"I think you might be like me," Kimblee mumbled to her. "But more the opposite." He grunted as he hoisted her to her feet, then scooped in his arms, carrying her. "It must have been tiring, so I'll be carrying you now." She passed out in his arms without a word.

"So... not to butt in or anything, but where are we going to go?" Gneison piped up. "In case no one noticed, the inn has burnt down."

"You've got your boat, right?" Fauna said, looking at him sideways.

"Yeah, but it's in West Basitin. No way we're getting to it without telling everyone there that we're leaving. Besides, where would we go?"

Some deep, unknown memory flashed through Kimblee's mind. "Lyn'Knoll," he said instinctively.

"Lyn what?" Gneison asked, confused.

"Lyn'Knoll. I dunno how I know this place, but I know it. And its location. It's nestled deep in the mountain range separating Human and Keidran territory. And all kinds of people are welcomed there. Keidran, Human, even Basitin. The war hasn't touched Lyn'Knoll," Kimblee said, accessing hidden memories of another being. The memories stopped about a year and a half in, with whomever waking up in a field and hearing a scream. "Ever. Not since the 400's."

Gneison gaped at him. "The 400's?" he asked, awed. "That's... they've been secluded for eleven hundred years?" Fauna looked over and nodded.

"I know the place," she said. "It's not too far, actually. But before we go anywhere... we've got to track down this Garrus fellow down and bring him in. We could sure use that money."

They all nodded in agreement. 30 grand would be one great advantage in this world.

"So.. where do we look for him?" Kimblee asked.

Gneison unfolded the wanted poster and looked at it.

"Well.. it says here he frequents the Rotterdam Inn. And, uh.. it's been crisped."

"So we're playing a guessing game," Marisol said, frusterated. "We just look all over the place."

"Guess so," Gneison said, then chuckling, "No pun intended."
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Idiot post removed. :mrgrin:
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 10
The Incredible Hulk

Gneison didn't bat an eye(figuratively) when Kimblee and Marisol left towards the creek the night before. But he hadn't seen them since and, waking Fauna, he left to locate them.

"Damn kids. Always running off, not telling anyone where they're going.. they're gonna get themselves killed some day," he grumbled to himself. Even with one eye slashed out, he could track a squirrel in winter. He didn't have trouble following their obvious trail until it came to a sudden stop. Gneison looked around in confusion. They couldn't have become stealthy just like that, he thought. He widened his search into a circle and came across a medallion hanging from a branch. The talisman had blood on it. Immediately, he took off at a run. He had caught sight of another trail, far too large to be either of them, but too small to be of a rhinocerous. It had to be a big person. A big... person.. Oh, no, he thought.

"Oh, no," he said aloud. "Oh, no. No. This is not good." His ears perked up when he heard a distant laugh. A very deep laugh. He ran towards the sound before catching sight of someone and slowing down. He crept to a vantage point. There were Kimblee and Marisol. There were two other people with them. And.. an automobile. Of course, he thought. Local authorities. He jumped down out of his perch and hollared to the two policemen.

"Ho, there. I'd ask what you're doing interrogating my neice and nephew," he said, walking briskly in between them and the officers.

"Not interrogating. And.. they certainly don't look to be related to you, Keidran," the taller one said, though that was not saying much.

"I was adopted into the family," Gneison said. He looked towards Kimblee, and he nodded. Good, Gneison thought. This will be easier if those two know to play along. "If not interrogating, then what?"

"Just asking if they're the ones who plan to take Garrus the Hulk out," the shorter one(again, not saying much) said. "It would be quite a feat, rewardable with a lot of money."

"Yes, well," Gneison spoke, feigning surprise. "If these to intend to take that monstrosity down.. they'd best bring an army." He lookex at Kimblee and grimaced. "Isn't that right?"

"Y-yes. I lost my father in one of his rampages. Imp-paled him on a post, sir.." Kimblee mumbled, faking grief.

"Well, would you folk like a ride back into town? Garrus has been spotted nearby," the taller one inquired. He looked nervous. "Quite nearby, actually. Apparently looking for the group who offered to eliminate him."

"No thanks," Marisol peeped. "We have our things to get. Plus, my uncle has a few mana crystals left from his older days. Right, uncle?"

Gneison smiled at her cleverness. "Yes, that's right," he said, pulling them out of his necklace laced into the mana crystals. "If push comes to shove, I could at least light his mangy fur on fire."

"Very well," the shortie said. "We'll be leaving soon." As the officers entered their vehicle, a thundering rang out from the other side of the clearing. A tree was uprooted and thrown as a giant man stepped through the opening in the treeline.

"T-that's him!" the tall one screamed. "Get in, you three!" They all ran for the automobile as the short one called to the rest of the police that Garrus was in pursuit of them. He slammed his foot on the gas and the car shot forward, clipping shurbbery and nearly smashing into an elk. They drove at top speed, yet Garrus wasn't falling behind. He was matching their speed, and they could barely outmanuever the trees. When they broke out onto a road, the brakes couldn't keep them from sliding into the guard railing and the driver and the tall one flew out the windshield.

"Oh, my gods!" Marisol screamed. "Oh, my gods! Are they.. are they dead?!" She covered her mouth with her hands to keep from screaming. Gneison got into the front seat and moved the car just out of Garrus's way as he slammed into the guard rail, nearly toppling over the edge. They were quickly down the road before he could recover, and when he did, his feet broke the pavement where they hit. Gneison found a road leading away from town and turned left onto it. They had to abandon this car. Garrus would follow it for as long as he could.

"Hold on.." Kimblee mumbled. "Marisol, can I switch you?" She nodded as he climbed over her. He focused his intentions pure and transform peacefully into Ins-- demon form. He propped his foot up against the door and kicked as hard as he could. The door flew off its hinges and into the roadside ditch. He tucked himself into a ball and leaped out of the car.

"Kimblee!" Marisol screamed.

"He can do it," Gneison said, reassuring her. "He can hold his own."

Kimblee hit the pavement and rolled with the impact. He stood up as Garrus rounded the corner. He calculated his odds. If I jump now... he leaped into the air. Aim my foot... he kicked Garrus hard in the face, slowing him and knocking him over.

"Oh, man! That was harder than I intended it to be! Hope it didn't break his neck.." he said as Garrus's momentum slid him along the ground. Kimblee's worries were set aside and a whole new set replaced when Garrus began to get up. Before he could react, Garrus was up and throwing his fists at Kimblee. Barely dodging the first few, Garrus's third punch hit Kimblee hard on the jaw, and Kimblee went flying in a smilar fashion to Garrus.

"Why do you kick me?! Do you know who I am?!" he hollared. He picked Kimblee up by the throat and slammed him into the cliff face. "I'm going to make you wish you were never-- GAAH!!" Kimblee scratched Garrus's chest with his claws. It was enough to make Garrus drop Kimblee, and Kimblee hardly was able to stand up. "What the hell are those made out of? Nothing can scratch me!" He lunged at Kimblee, but missed as Kimblee darted behind him and slashed at his back. Screaming, he swung his arm back and made contact, flinging Kimblee into a tree. He landed with a thump, and he spat out blood. He wiped his lip off and tried to focus the kinetic energy of his punches into his claws. Only ths time, they would have a direct target to discharge into. He leaped into the air and slashed Garrus across the abdomen, which made Garrus fly backwards with the force of the discharge. He sloughed off a few rocks and wiped some blood of his own from his mouth. "This isn't over!" he yelled, charging. Just then, a police automobile rounded the corner and took Garrus's feet out from under him. The collision made a huge dent in the hood and totaled the engine, but Garrus was vulnerable now more than ever. Kimblee made his move, and brought his claws to Garrus's throat. He noticed a bloody medallion hanging from Garrus's neck.

"What's this thing?" Kimblee asked. He grabbed it and ripped it from Garrus's neck, and Garrus began to convulse. Kimblee jumped off him and Garrus's skin began to sag and drip, literally drip off of his flesh. His body was shrinking, slowly but surely, back to a four foot six Basitin of average build. When Garrus opened his eyes, the menacing look of I-will-[CENSORED]-kill-you was gone, replaced by a look of confusion and utter soreness.

"What.. what's going on here?" he said, his voice a normal pitch.

"Are you.. Garrus?" Kimblee asked incredulously. Garrus nodded.

"Yes, that's me." He looked around and saw the totaled police vehicle. "Whoa. What happened there?" He noticed the two officers inside. "Are they alright?" he asked urgently.

Chapter 11
Not So Threatening

Garrus sat with his hands tied as Gneison examined the medallion.

"It's definitely magical.." he spoke, his voice muffled beneath a faceguard, in case the medallion were to explode. "Though the kind of magic, I cannot identify." He stood up and brought the medallion over to Garrus, who was as calm as Gneison, if not calmer. "Do you know what kind of enchantment this medallion holds?"

"Uh.. well, it's a long story," said Garrus. "I've always existed with sort of a.. well, counterpart. It would surface whenever I was angry, or if my heart rate in general went up. It was.. is a beast of rage, and.. it threatened to kill my family if it got out. However, it said that if I enchanted my family crest to keep it active, it would spare them. I had little choice." Garrus hung his head. "It killed them anyway. And the enchantment made it so that I couldn't ever stop him and I watched as my body... as I slaughtered my mother, my father, and my little sister." He looked back up. There were tears in his eyes. "I've been stuck in that monster's head for years! Nothing could stop him. Not until your friend came along. It wasn't a long fight, either."

"So.. the enchantment kept that thing active?" Gneison asked. "Doesn't that mean that if you wore it now, you would remain in control?"

"I... I suppose so.." Garrus said, his eyes filled with hope. "Yes. It.. it would work! He could be forever trapped inside me."

"Well," Gneison said, setting down his magnifying glass, "do you think there's some way we could separate you from him? Physically, I mean."

"Eh.. I.. maybe. Why?"

"I don't feel like putting you in prison. You seem like a nice guy, when not in beast mode."

"Why.. why would you put me in jail? Why not kill me?"

"Because there's a 30 grand bounty out on your head and we really do need it." Garrus looked at his feet.

"So.. you want to put Garrus the Hulk in prison? Good luck keeping him there."

"So what do you propose we do?"

"I'll come with you. Bring your dark friend, because this will be risky."

"Risky how?"

"Risky like letting Garrus back out for a little while." Gneison gasped. "You bring me to the courthouse, with the inhibitor medallion on me. Then, we have your friend store up a bit of the old kinetic energy in his claws.." With those words, Kimblee eyed him from the other side of the room. "Yes, I caught on there. A neat trick, and it works nicely. We let them see that I am really Garrus the Hulk, then your friend there knocks him out again. With help from the local military, of course. Then, I change back into normal me, we put the inhibitor medallion back on.. and then you get your 30 grand."

Gneison nodded. "And what happens to you?"

Garrus sighed, then lifted his head up to look Gneison in the eyes. "I do my time in prison."

"Wha--" Gneison began, but Kimblee cut him off.

"How do we know we can trust you?" he asked.

"You.. don't," Garrus replied. "But you'll have to."

Kimblee nodded, then left the room. This was a guy who was willing to put himself away because of someone... something else's actions. This man was an instrument of good, doing constant battle with one turned evil. He deserved better. Kimblee opened the door to his and Marisol's room. He layed down on their bed and closed his eyes. It had been a long night.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 12
Bringing in the Hulk
Garrus sighed heavily as the cuffs were latched onto his wrists.

"This is gonna be a pain in the [censored]," he said.

"Don't worry. Nobody, besides me, maybe, is going to be hurt," Kimblee replied, trying to comfort Garrus. "It's a long road to redemption."

Garrus sighed again as they rounded the corner of the building across the way from the courthouse. They had to watch out for vehicles, as this was a busy street. A steampunk came trossing by, its mechanical legs hissing with steam valves. When it passed, they continued up to the grand marble staircase of the East Basitin Courts. A few of the guards peered over curiously. One stepped in front of the door and lifted the facial part of his helmet to reveal sharp grey eyes.

"You there." He tilted his head toward Garrus. "I know your face.." he said, scratching his head. "Hmm. Well, head inside. I assume you'll want to.. turn this guy in?"

"Yes. This.. well, you won't believe us.." Kimblee mumbled.

The guard held his spear with both hands. "Who is this?"

"It's.." Kimblee laughed quietly. "It's Garrus the Hulk."

The guard looked Garrus up and down. He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Whatever. Head inside."

They continued inside. A few more people were inside, and they're heads tilted at the sight of Garrus. As they came up to the counter, the teller looked at Garrus, then over at wanted posters. His eyes widened as he saw the similarities in their features. This.. mere boy.. looked just like Garrus the Hulk! He could hardly speak. "I.. is.. that's.. Garrus.."

"Yes," Gneison said, stepping forward. "Although he's not quite as big, it's him. You see, magical inhibitor necklace. It keeps the wearer in their current form. Currently, Garrus is back in his.. normal form, and the necklace keeps it there."

"I... see," the teller said. "Well, I assume you want your 30 grand?" The teller stepped through a small door into another room. When he came back, he was carrying three large bags. "Here you are."

Gneison stared. “It’s really that easy? We just bring him here and you give us the money?”

The teller smiled at him, then turned around. “Well, yes. But, if he happens to NOT be Garrus..” He pointed to a poster hung up high. It read:


“We don’t take very kindly to people turning in the wrong man on purpose.” He turned back around. “Well? Can I help you with anything else?”

Garrus sighed again. “Well,” he said, sounding tired. “I guess this is goodbye. It was much easier than I thought, at least.” He tried to look happy for them, but it was clear that he did not want to be in prison.

“Yeah. If we can, we’ll get you out of there on the premise of possession," Kimblee said, trying to reassure Garrus yet again. Garrus looked away as he was marched into a holding cell and thrown inside. Just as a precaution, they didn't remove his cuffs. Kimblee turned his head and spat in disgust of the Basitin government's way of treating criminals. As they left through the door, Kimblee looked back and gave Garrus a moment of silence. Rest his soul, he thought. He's going to have a tough time.

"Hey," Marisol spoke, interrupting his thoughts. "Don't worry about him. He'll be okay."

"I don't know," Kimblee replied. "He's.. he's a kid. He's no older than me."

"He's also Garrus the Hulk. If he needs to, he'll learn to control his other form, just like you did."

"Makes me think. Was he like us? Or something else?"

"I don't know. But let's not worry about it. As soon as we get back, I'm going to bed. You'll know where to find me." She smiled and blushed.

"But it's noon... oh. Oh!" Kimblee bit his lip.

Chapter 13
The Greatness of Awakening to One who Loves You
Kimblee lay in bed with Marisol next to him. She had fallen asleep. He thought back to earlier. She had done things... He looked over at her. She looked beautiful in the light. He reached over to rub his knuckle on her cheek. When he did, he received a sharp electric shock that made him yip. She opened her eyes and a white glow flooded them. She began to levitate in the air, and the blanket fell off of her, revealing her body unclothed. Her brown fur began to take a more white and silver shade to it. Sparkling rays of light pierced through the smoky fog of the incenses burning on the table near the bed. Her hair grew in length until it covered her delicate areas, and Kimblee stood up. He reached out to touch her hand and when he did, it triggered his own transformation. He was afraid it would hurt her, and pulled back because of it, but she showed no reaction, so he grabbed both of her hands and held them tight. She must be going through the separation process, he thought. She might be falling from the sky right now.

Marisol's hair whipped in the wind as her angelic wings carried her to safety. She landed with a thud, and stood up quickly. She hadn't been hurt at all, and she folded her wings. As she stood at full height, a thick fog settled onto the platform upon where she stood. Through the fog, she could see silhouettes of people running around her. She ran backwards, only to fall off of the platform and take flight again. Her wings outstretched and trembling, she crashed into the middle of a town and stopped at the feet of one of the silhouettes. She stood up as it turned around to face her. What she was met with was a grey mask, cracked up through the center, with yellowish light glowing from the crack.

"Hello, there," Neutral said. "You may be wondering just what I am. I'm on of the Masks. Right in the middle, actually. I'm Neutral. But you can call me your master." He outstretched his hand and Marisol felt a sharp burning on her palm. She brought it close to her face and saw a tattoo of the Oraborus forming there. She looked back up at Neutral, who was turning to walk away.

"Wait!" she screamed. But Neutral was gone. And she was back in her normal form, surrounded by snarling creatures that vaguely reminded her of Instinct. She backed up and bumped into one of them. She turned around to hit it, but saw herself. Well, herself in her newly aquired form.

"It's time," she said to her.

"Wait! Just wait. What am I?" she asked.

"We are Maiar. Half-souls. My other half has already left yours, leaving him in control of my other half's body. I am about to do the same," she said.

"What?" Before she could ask more, the angelic form vanished. She felt a tingling sensation and saw that her new tattoo was glowing.. black. Emanating a sheen of black from it. This must be my connection to Kimblee, she thought. I wonder if his glowed white. She jumped as she thought that word. It caused her fur to turn a white-silver color. This must be it, she thought. I'm turning into her. She was lifted into the air as her wings protruded from her shoulderblades. She caught herself as the shadow beasts around her charged. She conjured a glowing shield to throw them from her. She then threw a spear of light at it and obliterated the creature. She summoned an angelic sword and swung it hard into the head of another, obliterating that one as well. The rest of them were no challenge. When she finished them, she felt the ground under being sucked further underground and woke up in Kimblee's arms. She checked her palm. The Oraborus tattoo was still there.

"Marisol, are you alright?" he asked, eyes wide.

"I'm.. I'm great," she replied.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 14
The Orbital Drop

Kimblee grabbed Marisol by the shoulder and brought her around to face him.

"Go to the ship. Take our things, get there as quick as possible," he said. She looked into his eyes with an expression that said, "don't be late". She ran out the door and down to the docks as Kimblee took demon form. He smashed through the wall and out in front of the group of armed men. They all aimed at him.

"Stop right there!" they shouted. One stepped forward. He was taller than the rest, but barely.

"You are under arrest! We'll be returning you to West Basitin soon, trash," he said. Kimblee smiled.

"Sorry," he growled in a low tone, "but I'm not going anywhere with you." He pulled a grenade out of his pocket and pulled the pin. He didn't throw it, but rather ran into the crowd of soldiers and planted it on the ground. He mustered all the strength he could and launched himself into the sky with a massive amount of energy. He split himself into three orbs of purple electricity that spiralled around eachother before coming back together to turn back into Kimblee. He was smiling widely now. As he turned around to streak back towards the earth, he whooped.

"Oh, hell yes! This is nice!" he hollared. Putting both fists in front of him and preparing to hit the ground hard, he summoned all of his remaining strength and hit the ground with a loud thud. All of the air around them had been pushed away. There was no sound. The grenade exploded, interrupting the calm. As soon as it did, it released the explosive power of Kimblee's fall from the sky and decimated the area.

Gneison gasped. Was that.. was Kimblee flying? He tried to point out what he saw before Kimblee appeared to fall apart.

"Oh my God!" he yelled. The pieces of Kimblee flew around eachother and met high in the air. Then they plummeted, and a few seconds later, the world exploded. Gneison was swept off of his feet and over the edge of the ship, which was rocking back because of the force of the blast. He hit the water and went down a few feet before swimming back to the surface. He made his way around to the other side of the ship to see the mainland on fire. He saw a small black shround in the orange haze, which Kimblee soon appeared from out of, sprinting fast towards the ship. Gneison swam to the docks to join him.

"What the hell was that, Kimblee?" he asked, gaping at the destruction all around.

"I call it the orbital drop," he said, smiling. It seemed that his latest use of his dark powers had driven some degree of sanity out of him.

"You do realize how many people you could have killed, right?!" Gneison screamed. Kimblee stopped to turn around and look at him.

"Yes. Seven, including the pilots of the steampunks," he said, smirking. "I'm not a cold-blooded murderer, Gneison. I had Marisol put a shield over the town and surrounding countyside. Nothing but the abandoned house and its yard was destroyed."

Gneison's eyes narrowed. "How'd you tell Marisol to do that if she was already on the ship?" He asked, calmer now than before.

Kimblee tapped his cranium with his index and middle fingers. "Mental link," he said. "Now, let's get going."

Chapter 15
Set Sail for Lyn'Knoll

Gneison sighed as they reached open ocean. Here, they wouldn't be pursued by the Basitin or the Human governments, and the Keidran government had no quarrel with them.

"Now," he said aloud. "Now we head northeast towards the mountains."

Kimblee lay on the floor of his and Marisol's room. Marisol had wanted some privacy after the night's experience controlling her new self. She also wanted to practice, Kimblee assumed. He also wanted some alone time, so he put some blankets on the floor and slept there. Better to let Marisol be comfortable. But Kimblee couldn't sleep, and so he lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling, bored out of his skull. Then an idea kicked itself into his head. He could head outside and work to fix some problems around the boat. There was also some supplies to move into the storeroom, as they had left in a hurry. He got up, slipped on some pants, and walked over towards the door.

"Where ya goin, Kim?" Marisol asked sleepily from behind him.

"I'm heading abovedeck to do some hard labour."

"Alright." She put her head back on her pillow and fell back to sleep. He opened the door and went up the stairs. The nighttime was beautiful at sea and he couldn't take his eyes off of the ocean. He finally tore himself away to find Gneison at the wheel. He walked over to him.

"Hey, if you wanna get some rest, I can steer the ship," he said. Gneison shook his head.

"No offense," he said, his words slightly slurring. "No offense, but I can steer better.. better than you drunk." He laughed. "And I am a little... a slightly a bit of intoxicate." He trailed off before slumping over the wheel. Kimblee smiled as he lifted Gneison off the wheel and put him down up against the railing. He took the helm and kept it straight. Doing so was harder than Kimblee thought, and he soon found his arms tiring. To keep himself going, he channeled a bit of his darker side. Still, his arms got tired. So he decided to completely take demonic form. He was able to keep it up for a while, until he saw sunlight. Vaguely, but it was there. Soon he saw the tip of the huge glowing orb. Then half of it. When the sun had almost fully risen over the horizon, he saw a small silhouette. It got larger as they went, until eventually he saw the outline of a ship.

"Sir, you might want to see this."

Lieutenant Colonol Rochey Krecklow turned around to look at the boy behind her manning the radar station.

"What is it?" she asked. Looking over his shoulder, she saw a blip on the radar screen.

"We've got one bogie coming towards us at a constant rate. They've shown up on radars 134, 137, 145 and most recently 151. They're coming to us, sir."

"What is your recommendation?"

"We send Nora."

Rochey thought about this. "Fine. We send Nora."

Kimblee woke Gneison with a rough shake of the shoulder. "Gneison. Hey, man, wake up." Gneison mumbled and opened his eyes.

"Wha.. huh?"

"We've got company." Gneison snapped to attention. He must have had some pretty efficient training.

"What kind?" He asked, standing up.

"Incoming ship kind. Most likely, pirates."

"Fantastic," Gneison grumbled. "Wake up Fauna and Marisol. Then get a crate of cannonballs, some matches and a rifle." He stood up and pulled out a mana crystal. With it, he saw the sails of the incoming ship. They were painted red and yellow. Definetely not friendly, unless old John Hartman and the Black Hearts were vigilantes now. He used a bit of telekinetic magic to tear one of the sails to shreds, then set the other on fire. Now, they wouldn't be going anywhere.

She looked down at the sea as she flew over a small island. It'd been so long since she'd flown this far. She was spending most of her time on land, and she really needed some time in the air. I'm sure that Flora would love to meet some new faces, she thought.

Kimblee had fired one cannonball at the ship before he heard a sweet voice booming in his head.

Woops, she thought. Did I think that aloud? She dived into the ocean and carried along further. She fanned with her leathery wings to bring herself to a stop under the hostile ship. She looked up and saw the silhouette of it rocking back and forth. Perfect time, she thought, this time privately.

Fauna aimed the last cannon in the row at the pirates before the ship capsized. For apparently no reason. She gasped out loud as a giant white... bat?... flew out of the wreckage. The water quickly swallowed the ship, leaving everyone on it swimming for driftwood. It looked like whatever had done that didn't want to kill the pirates.

Kimblee ran up the stairs and onto the deck as the dragon dropped down onto the ship. But before it hit the deck, it shrunk down into the shape of a cat as it caught itself nimbly on the railing. It began to clean its fur. Kimblee cautiously approached it. No, her. He could feel the female emanating like heat from the tiny kitty.

"Hello," she spoke into his mind. It was the same sweet voice he'd heard earlier, while shooting the other ship. He reached out to touch her head. She did as happy cats do, and moved her head towards his hand. As soon as he felt the fur on her head, his mind relapsed and he saw things he never imagined. Flying. An extremely powerful blue-haired mage. Neutral. Even the legendary lizard Keidran of the high mountains. And most of all, he saw war. Death. Fire. Famine. Then he began to see more focused memories. Flying because this was a dragon. The blue-haired mage's name was Trace. Neutral was a god. The dragon's name was Nora. No, she corrected in his head. It's Lady Nora.

Gneison shaked Kimblee's shoulders. As soon as he touched that white cat, he turned demon-y rage guy and flew backwards into the mast, splintering and cracking it. The cat was zapped off of the rail and probably was drowning. He woke Kimblee up, his eyes fluttering open and then widening. He hopped up and ran over to the rail. There in the water, floating, wings outstretch and upside down in the water. He vaulted over the railing and into the water. Swimming over to her head, he touched her again. Nothing happened.

"Oh, no," he said. He was beginning to worry when Nora's eyes opened and she peered at him.

"What are you doing in the water?" she asked without opening her mouth. Her eyes widened a bit. "What am I doing in the water?" she asked again, stretching her massive neck around to look down at her upside-down dragon body. Very quickly, she melted down into a cat again and summoned a piece of driftwood to sit on. She was suddenly comfy, her fur magically dried. She couldn't say the same for Kimson. Or... was that his name? No, no. It was... Kim.. something.

"KIMBLEE!" rang out onto the water. Nora looked up at the boat to see a Basitin girl leaning over the rail. At least I know his name now, Nora thought.. Kimblee. And the girl must be Marisol, his lover. Kimblee's face drained of color. Oh, Nora thought. Did I say THAT aloud as well?

Kimblee watched in awe as Nora used her magical cat-leg strength and agility to jump onto the railing on the edge of the boat. And stay there. Kimblee looked down at himself to find wood deck beneath his feet. He yipped as he realized he was back up on the ship. He barely caught himself on the mastpole. Which was splintered and tilting because he had hit it.

"Oh, about that," Nora inclined her head and the mast moved slowly back into place. "Sorry for all that. I had no idea that would happen." She shook her head. "It was like a flood of your memories, and.." She looked over at Marisol. "Experiences."

Kimblee ignored it. "Yeah, it was the same for me. I saw.. felt flying through you. I all but met Trace, and.." At the mention of that name, her face darkened.

"I don't really like mention of that name," she spoke, her voice echoing through Kimblee's mind. It was peculiar, her way of speaking. Her voice not only transmitted understanding. Kimblee's fur bristled as a wave of rage and sorrow passed over him, but it wasn't his. It was Nora's. She really didn't like that name..

"I understand. There's one name that makes me shake with anger." He scowled. "Thornbaum, West Basitin's general third."

"I know," she cooed, lightening her mood. "Anyways, did you happen to scoop why I'm here from my mind?"

"No, don't think so."

"I'm here to escort you to Lyn'Knoll. The boys there wanna talk to you." She closed her eyes. "They won't be as kind as I should you refuse, so I would advise you to comply."

Gneison stepped forward. "What exactly do they want with us?"

She inclined her head towards him. "Are you the captain of this boat?"

"Yes. Answer my question, please."

Nora sighed. "I can only tell you a little bit." Gneison arched a brow at this. "They want to know why you were heading directly towards Lyn'Knoll. They haven't had visitors in a while, see." She smiled, as much as a cat can smile. "You are a potential threat to them. Take pride in that. They are the most powerful military force in the world."

Gneison smiled faintly whilst pinching the bridge of his nose. "Alright. We'll.. we'll follow you to Lick'Knuckle."

Nora laughed hartily. When she recovered, she could hardly speak. "Li.. Lick'Knuckle!" She burst into laughter again. Looking around at the rest of them, she laughed some more. "Is he always like this?" Kimblee and Fauna nodded while Marisol died of laughter.

"I.. I've never.. I've never even seen a d-dragon before... and when I do.... she.. she laughs!" She almost fell over, and had to sit down. Kimblee smiled.

"Alright," Nora said. "I'll set off and get behind you, then blow some wind into your sails." She chuckled again. "Lick'Knuckle." As she took off, Gneison smiled.

"Never knew I was so charming," he said.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Guys. Girls. Other. I need a few precious words of inspiration. Two terrible things have happened. The first being that I have contracted MRCA. The second, and worst, being that I was working on the next tidbit of Dark Ones and something happened. I was playing around with the Google Drive settings(that's where I write beforehand) and I discovered a little button. I tapped it and it replaced my chunk of almost finished chapter and replaced it with Elbow Lake Trail, my other story. The "undo" button would not fix this, and my heart was crushed. This was three days ago. Now, I have finally mustered the courage needed to ask you for help. My brain still hurts. Important things happened in those chapters I was writing. And now they are gone. So, please, give me your nice words. Know that you contributed to the resurrection of this story. Also, I don't have MRCA. That was a joke. Thank you for your time.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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More [censored] posting removed.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 16
The Iron Walls of Lyn'Knoll Port

Kimblee was woken by the sound of metal on metal. He quickly dressed and opened the window to peer outside. What he saw was a huge metal claw lifting the ship out of the water, with large amounts of froth dripping from the ship's underbelly. He ran to the other side of the hall and looked out the window there. Another claw was on the other side. Luckily, they weren't biting into the hull. Though, by the looks of them, they certainly could. He made his way onto the deck to see Nora in cat-form again.

"What's going on?" he asked aloud.

"You're being lifted into Lyn'Knoll," she replied silently. He contemplated this. Maybe Lyn'Knoll wasn't as untouched by war as they thought. Why else would their port be huge, gleaming iron walls?

"Kimblee, what's happening?" Marisol came running over to him.

"We're being lifted into Lyn'Knoll," he relayed. She looked confused, but then her eyes settled on the cat and her fur bristled.

"Is that who I think it is?" she asked. Nora nodded and jumped onto the rail.

"I'll talk to you later," she said with a sly nod towards Gneison, who had came over to them. She hopped off the side of the ship, and Kimblee ran over to the side, leaning over. A smile spread across his face as Nora flew up in front of them, wings splayed and soaking wet. He shook his hair as he was doused with seawater.

"Hello down there," a voice came down from the seawall. As the ship came level with her, Lieutenant Colonel Rochey Krecklow stepped forward. A worker came over with a long plank and lay it on the ship's side. The three of them stepped out onto the metal surface and exclaimed as their bare feet met with hot iron.

"Ah, damn!" Kimblee said. He jumped over onto a crate, bring Marisol along. He needed water badly. Gneison merely shrugged it off.

"My name is Rochey Krecklow," the woman said, addressing Kimblee and Marisol. "You might want to wear shoes."

"I've got some issues with my claws extending at certain times," Kimblee replied.

"Oh, I know all about you, Kimblee. You and your mysterious dark powers. And don't think your lover's an exception. She must be the one with the lighter side of her personality."

Kimblee's brow shot up. "You do, eh? What's the name of our child?"

Krecklow stumbled on her words for a second. "She's pregnant?" she asked, wide-eyed.

"No," Kimblee responded with a smile. The Colonel fumed for a second before smiling.

"Very clever of you, Basitin," she said. "But his name would be Reyn." She grinned at Kimblee from under her hat. How had she know... that was what he was going to name his firstborn... He shrugged.

"If you say so," he said as nonchalantly as possible. Marisol looked at him. Was she right?

Kimblee's ears perked up. "Did you say something, Mari?" he asked.

"Was-- uh, no, no.. um, no, nothing.." she replied. Sure, he thought. Marisol glared at him.

"What? I didn't say anything!"

"It appears as though you two have some kind of telepathic link," the Colonel butted in. "Which would be typical with two Maiar."

They both looked at her. "How do you know what a Maiar is?" they both asked simultaneously. They looked at each other, then back at Rochey. She smiled.

"Prophecy states that one man and one woman will be Maiar and that they will come here, to Lyn'Knoll, to seek refuge. Then, their child, a male, will save or destroy the world."

Kimblee blinked. "What do you mean 'or destroy'?"

"Well, your child will inevitable be the most powerful being that has ever existed. Even powerful enough to kill a Mask." Her face darkened. "Maybe powerful enough to kill a god."

Kimblee shivered. Neutral hadn't told him that his son could wipe out this world. He said that he would be a messiah. A saviour of all. Not the destroyer.

"But his disposition towards Masks and gods depends on how you raise him. He will not fully realize his abilities until... well, puberty. His Valkyn spirit will not choose a weak form to limit his power." She smiled. "He'll be the real deal."

Kimblee turned into his demon form and stepped onto the hot iron. It didn't hurt too bad. "Aahhh, much better," he said. He looked down and saw his feet sinking into the metal, which was now red. His feet began to hurt more. "Ah, barking hellhounds!" He plopped one foot out, spewing molten metal towards a crate. It caught fire as he took his other foot out. Changing back, he ran back onto the ship to get some water. When he came back out, Nora had already put out the flames by burning the crate to cinders with her own fiery breath.

"Nothing left to burn, at least," she said. Kimblee smiled as he stuck his feet into the bucket of water. He spilled some on the iron floor and it began to sizzle, but it had definitely cooled the metal enough to walk on. He stepped into the puddle. Maybe he would get some shoes with openings for his claws.

As he entered the room, a set of three machines shuddered to life, each with their own symphony of shakes and rattles, until they all came to a stop.

"Alright," Rochey said. "You all step through, one by one."

Kimblee's eyes widened and he shook his head. "I'm not going in a machine like that," he gaped.

"You have to, unless you want to try to fight your way into Lyn'Knoll." The Colonel smiled. "It's just an x-ray. No more harmful than listening to a radio."

"I don't like radio," he lied as he stepped into the huge steel jaws of the x-ray. As a joke, Gneison turned on his radio and gave it to Kimblee. Kimblee tossed it at Gneison, who caught it without flinching.

"Oh," Rochey snapped. "I almost forgot. Remove all the metal from your body and put it in this cart, then set it rolling on through to the other side." Kimblee sighed and came back out of the machine, already unbuckling his shoulder pads. He removed the sheath containing his new sword and set it in the cart. Then he took of his helmet, emblazoned upon it the crest of House Kaiser. He looked at his reflection in it for a second before putting it in the cart as well. He walked back into the great machine.

"Spread your arms," a voice said through a small tube. He did so, and he was blinded by a flash. It surprised and frightened him to the point of momentarily changing into demon form, but when he realized nothing was wrong, he shifted back. Through the window, he could see the face of the analyst in the other room. Her face was frozen in shock, her mouth falling open slightly. She waved him through to the other side of the machine, where he waited for the rest of them after collecting his items. The first to come through was Fauna, then Gneison. He waited still longer, but Marisol did not come out. After 10 minutes, Kimblee stood up. Just as he did, a door opened and the Colonel stepped through with a frown on her face.

"You three, follow me I to the next room," she barked. She didn't look happy.

"What about Marisol?" Kimblee asked, crossing his arms.

"She won't be joining us," the Colonel said menacingly. Kimblee's fur bristled as he realized more doors had opened, and soldiers of all races were pouring into the room, guns raised. His fur began to darken when a shot rang out and he fell to the ground. A bullet had penetrated his right shin. Already, he was bleeding heavily. Kimblee tried to stand up, but he couldn't. Gneison and Fauna reacted by crouching near Kimblee to shield him.

"What are you doing?" Gneison shouted. He growled deep in his throat when he saw that the soldiers no longer had their weapons aimed at them. They were aimed at the shooter, who was now beginning to crackle with a sickly red energy. It's clothes fell off, revealing a glowing red being. The being stepped forward and grabbed Kimblee by the chin as bullets ricocheted off its skin. It looked Kimblee right in the eye before snapping his neck. Gneison gasped and Fauna screamed. The soldiers ceased fire as though the thing had suddenly registered in their minds as friendly and it walked out of the room. As it opened the door, a blinding white light exploded in its face, sending it flying backwards. Marisol floated in through the gap in the wall and raised Kimblee gently from the ground. His heart was still beating, so he should be okay if she just bend his neck back... she snapped his neck again. His eyes fluttered open from the pain before he went completely berserk. He spat and cursed before realizing who he was screaming at. When he did, he stopped and started to apologize, but she held her hand up to silence him.

"Now is no time for that," she said, indicating the red being. "Right now, we need to focus on that.. thing." She released Kimblee and he caught himself in a crouch, his shin still throbbing and bleeding. He shifted into his demon form and the wound began to close. Before long, he was able to stand and fight. In good time too, he thought as the red being emerged from a pile of debris. It looked angry.

"You dare to challenge me, Chaos, Mask of Evil?"it hollered. "Very well! You are in for an unwinnable fight." It flew at Marisol, who barely moved out of the way, and positioned itself on the wall to jump back. It flung a ball of red, pulsing energy at Marisol, but Kimblee jumped in front of her and met it with his own purple beam of electricity. The two energies twisted around each other for a moment before fizzling out, and Chaos scream, enraged. He came in close to hit Kimblee but Kimblee dodged and countered with an uppercut that left his hand stinging and the being laughing. It then blasted Kimblee into the same spot on the wall where it had hit, but there was exposed metal that Kimblee hit with a thwang, knocking the wind out him. Marisol responded by binding its arms and legs and bring Kimblee back into the room. By now, the soldiers had realized what was going on and had either fled or stayed to fight. Those who stayed took careful aim and fired when the two needed a distraction. Within an hour, they had emerged victorious, and Chaos was on one knee, panting.

"You've made it clear," he growled, staring at Marisol from under his brow. "You've made it clear.. that you're looking for a fight." He stood up, and turned away. "And this is one fight you won't win." He smiled and vanished, leaving a cloud of burning red smoke behind.

Kimblee growled fiercely before collapsing to his knees. Marisol returned to her normal form and fell unconscious. Kimblee rushed forward to grab her, and they sit there, Kimblee holding Marisol. The old story of the beauty and the beast, he thought. Gneison came barging in with a confused Rochey Krecklow following behind him.

"What happened?" he shouted. As he caught sight of Kimblee holding Marisol's limp body, he ran over, wide eyed. That was the first thing Kimblee noticed, strangely enough. Gneison had two eyes again. One was normal, but the other was clearly a prosthetic. It glowed an eerie ice blue from behind as it floated in Gneison's eye socket, and the pupil was the same color. It didn't blink, but that was the least of Gneison's worries. He bent down over Kimblee and peered at Marisol. Kimblee looked up at him.

"What?" he asked. Gneison looked at him in both anger and surprise. "Wha- oh. Oh. She's fine," he said, looking down at Marisol. "Just passed out after he left."

"'He' who?" Gneison asked apprehensively.

Kimblee stuttered for a moment.



Gneison laughed aloud. "Chaos? The Evil Mask was here and he fought you?"

"He snapped my neck," Kimblee said in all seriousness. The smile faded from Gneison's face as he realized Kimblee was serious. He turned towards the door as Fauna ran in, and to quell any worries about Mari being dead, Kimblee waved at her. She came over slowly and gasped as the hole in the wall came into view.

"What HAPPENED out here?!" she asked, almost yelling.

"They, uh..." Gneison trailed off.

"They what?"

Gneison laughed again. "They fought a Mask." Fauna crossed her arms and looked at Kimblee. By the look on his face, he'd just dealt with something insanely powerful. Maybe he did fight a Mask, she thought. But he sure looks the worse for wear. Gneison stood up. His face glowed blue from his latest implant. He also looked extremely handsome. Fauna blushed and turned away. This was the first time she'd thought of him that way. Am I... She walked out of the room and onto a balcony overlooking the sea, then back inside again. She decided she would act tonight, if they shared the same room. She'd start by letting him to sleep in the bed with her.

"What's wrong?" Kimblee asked. She jumped and turned to face him. He was looking at her with a light amusement in his eyes.

"Uh.. oh, nothing. I'm just, uh, worried.. about Marisol, that's it."

"Okay." She jumped again as the door opened and Rochey stepped out.

"I'm going to have you come with us," she said. Kimblee stood up, still carrying Marisol. They entered a long hallway with a single door at the end. Through the door was a room with a table and some odd new Keidran technology. Blasted geniuses, the Keidran, with their automobiles and war machines. Luckily, they didn't have to use them, as a ceasefire was currently in place between the human and Keidran forces. How the Basitin got their hands on Keidran blueprints nobody knows. But it sure pissed the Keidrans off. "Sit down, one at a time." Gneison sat down first, and he pulled away when he saw the wires that would monitor his heart rate and brain activity. "Just put them on. Unless you want never to leave alive." He did, and she began to ask him questions.

"What is your intention in coming to Lyn'Knoll?"

"I needed a place to go where no government would pursure me."

"When did you decide to come here?"

"The minute I learned that the Basitin government didn't like us."

"How did you find out about Lyn'Knoll?"

"My friend here had a spike in some memory and my travelling partner..." Fauna blushed. "... told me she knew of it."

"What crimes have you committed in the past?"

He was hesitant for a moment. "Hired murder, assault, attempted hired murder and loitering."

"Alright, you can take those off." Krecklow ripped the piece of paper off and handed it to another person in military outfit. "Next is you, tall, dark and gruesome."

"Hey, Fauna. Hold Mari for me?"

"Sure," Fauna replied, taking Marisol into her arms. Kimblee sat down and stuck the wires in their appropriate places. She began asking him similar questions, all of which he answered truthfully.

"How did you acquire your.. dark powers?" Krecklow asked him.

"I don't know. The first time they emerged, it was because someone was dragging Marisol away by her hair."

"Okay, you're finished. Blue tiger, you're up."

Fauna handed Marisol back to Kimblee and sat down. She was asked the same questions Gneison had been asked. Marisol began to stir, and when she opened her eyes, she found herself in Kimblee's arms, leaning against his chest. "Hey, Kim," she said sleepily.

"Hey, Mari. Can you stand?" he replied.

"Yeah." He set her on her feet and she leaned against the wall next to him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"You're gonna be next, Mari," Kimblee said, smiling.

"Next for what?"

"This," Krecklow said as Fauna stood up. "Sit down, please. We need to take a lie detector test."

"Okay," Marisol said, stepping forward. She sat on the metal chair and waited as the men hooked wires onto her head and chest. She slapped one of their hands when it got a little too close to her breast. "Watch it," she growled. A few minutes later, they had finished up all of their testing and they finally emerged from the huge iron facility and into the sunlight. It was only about midday. It seemed to have been longer.

"You can wait here for your ride or head off towards you house," the Colonel said. Kimblee blinked.

"We have a house?" he inquired, but Krecklow only shook her head and smiled.

"You'll see soon enough." And with that, she was off down the road, towards a particularly shifty looking fellow in a long coat and ten gallon hat. As Kimblee began to wonder who that could possibly be, an automobile pulled up alongside them. In the back seat, Kimblee could see his 'luggage'. He opened the door to the middle. This automobile was particularly long and, after a moment of gaping, the driver peered through the separating window.

"Get in," she said. "I'm your ride."

"What kind of vehicle is this?" Gneison asked. The driver looked puzzled.

"It's only a limousine," she replied.

"It's a damn long auto," Kimblee chimed in. He held the door for Marisol and Fauna, but Gneison said he'd have a look around town.

"But what if you can't find where we are?" Fauna asked him.

"I can find anybody, Fauna," he said, smiling. She closed the door with a shrug and the auto started, a puff of smoke emerging from the muffler. As the limo trudged along, the sights were amazing. More greenery than even the Basitin Islands had to offer, more intricate stonework than most Keidran cities, and more sky-machines than the human capital. This place was a bustling cesspool of everything, and proof that the three species could coexist just fine. As they went further into the valley, the buildings started to dwindle in size and frequency until there were only a few every kilometer or so. Eventually, a huge mansion loomed over the car. It had to be at least five stories tall, and very, very wide.

"Why.. why are we all the way out here?" Kimblee asked the driver nervously.

"You didn't think we'd let somebody of the House Kaiser stay at an inn, did you?"

Kimblee was surprised. This was the first time since he'd met Marisol that someone had recognized the crest on his helmet. It was a helmet passed down the Kaiser line for generations, from the great Keith Kaiser.(((Major story interruption here. Dunno if his name is Kieth or Keith cuz I'm too lazy to go look.))) People looked up to the House Kaiser in West and East Basitin, but Kimblee never expected his family name to reach this far out into the world. He was surprised, to say the least.

When the car stopped, he grabbed his things and Marisol's.

"Hey," she said to him. "What're you doing, carrying my stuff?"

Kimblee shrugged. "Figured you'd enjoy this more if you weren't weighed down."

"Well, thanks, Kim," she said cheerfully. She gave him a peck on the cheek. Things were looking up.

As the chauffeur escorted them to the huge mahogany doors, Kimblee reached forward apprehensively. What if this were some joke? He grabbed the huge metal knocker and banged it against the door three times. After a minute or two, a tall Fox Keidran answered the door.

"Oh, yes. We've been expecting you, Mr. Kaiser. Please," he gestured inward. "Come in. My name is Sjin, and I'm the Kaiser family's butler, cook, pool boy and cleaning lady, all wrapped up into one. Meaning I do almost everything around here, while the old man upstairs enjoys his brandy and cigars." Kimblee almost laughed aloud at this. "Why don't you head upstairs to meet with him? Don't worry, I know who's with who and where to put bags." They all nodded as they set down their luggage and took off their coats. Kimblee looked around at the mansion's interior. It seemed... almost bigger on the inside! Must just be the excitement of it all. Had he heard Sjin say something about a pool?
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 17

Kaiser Mansion

Kimblee gulped as he looked up towards the ceiling. This was certainly not what he was expecting. The crystalline chandelier was high enough off the ground that it would instantly kill someone should it fall on them. The grandest staircase in the known world stretched upwards in front of him.

"How far upstairs?" he asked.

"Up on the third floor," Sjin answered. "The door will be open, so you can just go in."

"Thanks," Kimblee said, taking Marisol's hand. She leaned her head on his shoulders.

"This place is really, really big," she whispered, eyes wide. He nodded and they climbed the stairs. As they emerged onto the third floor, Fauna laughed.

"That fox is a little bit weird," she giggled. Kimblee and Marisol looked at her. "What? He's a servant. Willingly! I wouldn't settle for that kind of life, not when half of the rest of my species are enslaved." She shook her head. "I don't know. Maybe he's got a good life here." She fell quiet as they came up to the open door. Inside was a very nice office, with a swivelling chair facing towards the window. Kimblee knocked on the door frame.

"Ah, yes, come in, come in," the Basitin inside said. They all stepped in as the man spun his chair around to face them. "Please, sit. I am Keith Kaiser III, and this is my home." Keith smiled. "As you can see, I'm one of the most wealthy people in the world. But don't think for a second that I'm some greedy cash-sponge. I pay for almost everything in Lyn'Knoll, and this mansion was built as a gift for me. I hardly use most of it, anyways. I live here on the third floor, do all my work on the second, and my friend Sjin, who I assume you've met, lives and operates on the first floor. I only rarely venture up to the fourth floor, and I've never even been on the fifth." He frowned. " I don't know why, though. I certainly could. Ah, well. You two," he said, indicating Marisol and Kimblee, "can have a room on the fourth floor, and you," he nodded towards Fauna, "can have a room near theirs."

"Uh, pardon me, sir but," Fauna began. "I have a.. friend who came here with us. Will he be able to have a room, too?"

"Well, we haven't got many rooms on the fourth floor. He may have to sleep with you." Fauna blushed and Keith stuttered. "I didn't mean it like that! You'll need to share a room."

"I.. I know.." she said, still glowing beet red.

"Well, I'll have Sjin bring your things to whichever room you choose," Keith said, killing the awkward silence.

"No, we can get them," Kimblee interrupted. Keith looked at him, then shrugged. Kimblee brought Marisol by her hand downstairs with him. "Could you grab Fauna's stuff?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"No way. I'll get my stuff." She grinned. "Fauna's probably got a load of weapons in her bag. That'd be way too heavy for me."

"Okay," Kimblee said, shrugging. He tried to pick Fauna's bag up, but Marisol was right. It was too heavy for even Kimblee to lift. No wonder Sjin had left their stuff there. He quickly shifted into demon form and tried picking it up. Still heavy, but he could carry it now. Marisol just stood on the side, laughing. She grabbed her bag, and they headed back up the stairs. Kimblee grunted wildly as he realized he had to climb stairs. "Wish I could just teleport," he said. He lifted the bag again, groaning and closing his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Marisol scream from very far away. He opened his eyes and found himself at the top of the stairwell leading to the fourth floor.

"Kimblee?" she shouted.

"I'm up here," he answered. "But I don't have any clue as to how." He set down Fauna's bag by a door and closed his eyes again. He concentrated hard on the bottom of the stairwell, and heard Marisol gasp in surprise beside him. He smiled as he opened his eyes. "Well, isn't that handy?"

"It's just plain creepy, if you ask me!" Marisol interjected. "One moment, you're there, then the next, there's a crackle and a puff of purple smoke where you were." She shivered. "I don't like it, Kim."

He grinned even wider. "You try!" At first, she seemed to reject the idea completely. But with a little more prodding, Kimblee convinced her to give it a try. She shifted into angelic form and concentrated hard on the spot fifty feet above Kimblee. She vanished in a puff of smoke in front of him, and he looked up to see her zooming towards him, wings outstretched. She crashed into him, laughing.

"You should've seen your face!" she said between gasps of laughter. Kimblee smiled as he stood up, carrying her.

"Come on." He walked up the stairs to the fourth floor and opened a door to a bedroom adjacent to the one Fauna's bag was settled in front of. He dumped Marisol on the bed and looked outside. The sun was just beginning to set over the faraway city of Lyn'Knoll. In the distance, Kimblee could see a small dot moving along the highway, away from the estate. Kimblee looked closer. "Where's Fauna?" he asked no one in particular. Sjin knocked on the doorway.

"She said she was going into town to find that 'friend' of hers," he said. "She'll be back before sundown."

Kimblee shook his head. "She'll never find him," he said. "The city's too big."

"Well, you never know. Perhaps she can guess where he frequents and find him there."

"I guess, but it'll still take forever."

Marisol sighed. "Let's not worry about her, Kim. She can handle herself just fine in a fight." She grinned. "Now... how's about we check out that pool?"

Fauna put the auto in third gear, sending it even faster down the road. Man, these things were amazing. A horse could never reach this speed. She sighed as the city came into view.

"Where would I go if I were a drunk tiger?" she asked herself. "A bar. But he wouldn't go to some low-class tavern. No. He'd look for a high quality liquor store." She almost jumped out of her skin when a shady looking fox Keidran rapped the window. She pushed the manual lever until the window had opened just a crack.

"Excuse me, miss," he said. "I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the Kaiser mansion." She thought for a minute before denying his request.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I've got no idea where it is, either."

"Don't lie to me!" the man snapped. "I saw you with that boy, Kimblee. If you don't tell me now..." He laughed mirthlessly. "I'll find out one way or another," he said resignedly. He turned away and, as he was reaching for a handgun stored in his jacket, Gneison tackled him to the ground. A few people nearby were startled and began to approach the two, but when Gneison's hand wrapped around the gun, it fired, leaving one person on the ground, bleeding. The rest fled and soon the police had showed up. By that time, Fauna had kicked the fox Keidran in the head and Gneison had rushed over to the woman lying on the ground. An officer put his hand on Gneison's shoulder and knelt down in front of the woman. He began to close her entry wound, but Gneison stopped him.

"What are you doing?" he practically yelled at the officer. "The bullet didn't exit. You have to get it out first!" So Gneison took one of the officer's mana crystals and slowly pulled the bullet out, whilst magically numbing the wounded flesh. "There, now you go."

The officer used a crystal to push the opposite sides of the bullet hole together and Gneison pulled out a set of wound clamps. The officer was stunned at the amount of medical supplies and knowledge Gneison had, but he took the clamps anyway. Continuing to hold down the fox Keidran, Fauna grabbed one of his ears firmly. The Keidran's eyes widened as he saw a blade emerge from her pocket. She pressed the blade to his ear, drawing a bit of blood. He yelped as he realized that she was going to cut his ear off. But she hesitated, taking the opportunity to quitely question him. She leaned in close to his other ear.

"Why'd you pull a gun on me?" she whispered. The fox only whimpered, so she pressed harder on his ear. The blade sunk in about a millimeter, and the Keidran let out a low whine.

"I needed to know where the mansion was and you didn't tell me!" he whispered intensely, though he didn't know why. He could just shout and get this woman off of him quickly. But she had a knife in his ear, and it hurt. If she were to rip it out... he shuddered at the thought.

"Why did you need to know bad enough to shoot someone for answers?" Fauna asked, this time more calmly. He whimpered again, and she slapped him across the face. "Hmm?"

"I... I had to talk to Kimblee Kaiser!" he answered. She gave him a look of irritation and slipped the knife out of his ear. He cupped it tight and cursed at her from under his breath. Was this woman mad?

Gneison stood and wiped the sweat from his brow. He'd managed to help the officer stop blood from flowing out of the wound by cauterizing the whole thing. The woman would be scarred with a tube that ran into her abdominal area, but it could be completely healed by a professional. What she really needed was to get to the mansion and find the young Basitin. He was key if their plans were to go off without a hitch. She stood up and dashed away, leaving the two doctors baffled at her seemingly instant recovery.

In truth, she didn't need this body. She would just be born again into another one, and then she would find the other Maiar again. But she was so close this time that she felt her anger at losing the trail would consume her soul. So this had to be the time she finally found Kimblee Kaiser and bore his child.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 18

Slaughter in the City of Serenity

Kimblee lay stretched out on a chair beside the monumentus swimming pool behind Kaiser Mansion. The sun's rays beating down on him, he hopped up and joined Gneison in the pool. He followed Gneison's example and began swimming laps next to him, trying hard to keep up with him.

When Gneison finally took a break, Kimblee was panting and gasping for air.

"You.. swim pretty fast, Gneison," he said, grinning. "It's a wonder... you even need.. your boat!"

Gneison smiled and looked over at him. "So, how long're we staying here?" he asked. Kimblee's ears perked up.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, me and Fauna? How long can we stay here?" This surprised Kimblee. He hadn't thought about that very much.

"Well... I dunno. As long as you want, I guess." He smiled again as Sjin came out with fresh beef heroes. He dried his hands off on one of the cloths and grabbed one. It oozed with flavor and grease, and when he took a bite, he whimpered at the delightful taste. I've never tasted anything this good, Kimblee thought. He almost gagged as a large shadow flew past overhead. Wiping his mouth, he looked up to see Nora coming in for a landing in the pool. She dove in and Kimblee did his best to hide to protect his sandwich from the wave of water, but it was no use. His hero was ruined.

"Sorry about that, Kimblee," she cooed. With a nod of her head, the sandwich returned to its prime condition, even with the chunk Kimblee had eaten restored. His eyes widened as he realized there was extra sandwich. "So, how's everyone doing?" Nora asked.

Sjin was the first to answer. "I'm fine, but soaking wet," he said, smiling. She dried him off with a nod of her head and a smile of her own. She looked around.

"Where's your funny friend?" Nora said. "I swear I saw him in the pool a minute ag-- oh my!" She stood up quickly and blushed. Gneison resurfaced a second later, gasping for breath. "Gneison! Were you just..."

"Under you," Gneison finished, heaving himself out of the pool. He lay on his stomach, the sun already beginning to dry the fur on his back. Nora blushed even heavier.

"You should at least take a girl on a date before you get under her, Gneison," Fauna said, laughing as she came outside in her bathing suit. Gneison looked at her and gaped. The tight... leather?... hugged her lean form perfectly. It also showed off her curves. Gneison stared still longer. "What?" Fauna asked, confused. "Oh, this," she said, looking down. "It's made out of this really stretchy fiber, something they call 'plastic'. The plastic is arranged in the same way cloth is on normal clothes, but since it's stretchy, it sort of molds onto your body." She smiled. "Stop gaping, you've seen me naked." Kimblee slowly looked over at Gneison, then back at Fauna. Nora looked a bit peeved, and she turned away from them to climb out of the pool. When she did, she changed form again. Not into a cat, like last time, but a human girl. Well, Kimblee corrected himself, I wouldn't say a girl. More like a grown woman. Gneison now gaped at Nora.

"What... At least... put clothes on.. it isn't fair..." he sputtered. She blushed again as she realized she was indeed naked.

"At least cats and dragons don't have to worry about clothes," she said once she'd equipped an even more revealing outfit than Fauna, who had crossed her arms and was glaring intently at Nora. Kimblee pulled himself up out of the pool.

"Welp, I'm done out here," he said sheepishly. As he opened the door, he heard a splash from behind him. Something big had landed in the pool. As big as Nora, if not bigger. He ran over to the edge to look at the object. It looked like a huge metal ball, with iron seams and huge bolts. The ground began to shake, and Kimblee and the rest of them looked around for the cause. Kimblee then realized that it must have been the ball, as three large dents had appeared in the shape of fists. Large fists. The ground shook as another dent was smashed into place on the edge of the ball. Nora, realizing the same as Kimblee, changed back into a dragon. This time, though, she made herself look larger and much more fearsome (((think Smaug, Alduin and Deathwing all in one, except white))) as a large black form emerged from the broken side of the ball. It stood at full height, its shoulders emerging from the water, while the bottom of the pool was twenty feet below. It pulled itself out of the pool and towered over everyone except Nora, who stared at it angrily. Kimblee had to admit, she looked like she could rip this thing apart. Just for good measure, though, Kimblee took demon form. He was surprised to find that, along with the rest of the transformation, he was about four feet taller than usual. He stood at about the same height as Garrus the Hulk had, eight feet or so. It was nice, being tall. He took a defensive stance before remember Marisol, who was still upstairs in their room, fast asleep. He focused his thoughts to her bedside and appeared there silently. He kneeled down to avoid hitting his head and gently shook Marisol's shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open and she screamed.

"Get off! No, don't touch me!" she shouted. Kimblee had to grab her arms and hold her still to make her face him, and she stopped fighting when she saw who he was. "Kimblee?" she whispered. He nodded as he let go of her and she embraced him. "I thought you were going to kill me," she said in his ear. He picked her up off the bed and began to walk towards the door when he heard a crash. The world began to tip sideways, and Kimblee soon realized that the building was toppling. He tried to focus on a safe spot, but the whole ordeal was too hectic. He couldn't think straight, so he made a beeline towards the window.

"I need you to jump," he told Marisol. She looked at him like he was crazy, then she remember what she was. She made the shift into angelic form and leaped out of the window, spreading her wings. She caught a draft of air and glided to the mountainous area about half a kilometer away. Kimblee dived out of the window, the ground rushing towards him. He curled up for impact.

Gneison ran inside as he saw Kimblee smack against the ground, then stand back up. He came back out a minute later with two rifles and his Hand Cannon, the most powerful revolver on this planet. He threw one rifle to Fauna, then strapped the other one to his back. Taking aim with his handgun, he fired. A large puff of smoke erupted from the barrel and the bullet knocked the creature back. At the same time, Nora took a large bite into its neck, seriously injuring it. Or so she thought, as the creature's fist made contact with her skull and knocked her to the ground. She looked up at it as it was about to hit her again, but Kimblee came running and tackled it. He stood about 8 feet against this 20 foot monstrosity, but still he knocked the thing off its feet. He began punching it in its face, and he even thought he was about to win, when it threw him off and stood. It prepared to stomp on him, bringing its massive foot down onto Kimblee, but Kimblee caught it and pushed as hard as he could against it. He propped himself up on one knee, pushing with all his might. He looked over and saw that its other foot was lifting off the ground. It was putting all of its weight on Kimblee, but Kimblee felt the thing lift up. Kimblee was actually carrying this creature! He took a step, testing to see if he could walk. The thing teetered a bit, but it didn't make a difference. Kimblee was already preparing to throw it. He propped it up on his should and ran forward, pushing the beast off of him with all of his strength. It flew forward, or rather, backwards, and landed again on its back. Before Kimblee could tackle it again, Marisol flew in and blinded the creature. During this time, Kimblee rushed over to Nora, who was now unconscious. He gently shook her, but she wouldn't wake. He cursed and lifted her up onto his shoulders. If he could carry that... thing, he could carry Nora. He set her gently down next to Gneison, who was already dissolving mana crystals into his hands. You needed a lot to heal a dragon. on his should and ran forward, pushing the beast off of him with all of his strength. It flew forward, or rather, backwards, and landed again on its back. Before Kimblee could tackle it again, Marisol flew in and blinded the creature. During this time, Kimblee rushed over to Nora, who was now unconscious. He gently shook her, but she wouldn't wake. He cursed and lifted her up onto his shoulders. If he could carry that... thing, he could carry Nora. He set her gently down next to Gneison, who was already dissolving mana crystals into his hands. You needed a lot to heal a dragon. He again jumped at the creature, who now knew Kimblee's tactics. He grabbed Kimblee by the shoulders and heaved him backwards onto the ground, headfirst. Kimblee rolled to the side and stood up. Blood was running down the side of his head and he looked unsteady on his feet. Marisol flew into the thing from behind, landing it next to Kimblee, who grabbed its arm and twisted it behind its back. It struggled, but Kimblee's strength was increasing in the face of danger. Soon, Marisol had joined him in power output and together they took the creature down. It lay on its back, large metal struts bent into the shape of binds on its wrists.

Kimblee had shifted back into his normal form and Gneison was patching up his head cut while Marisol was taking blood from the creature with Gneison's blade. She managed to saw through the tough hide on the outside and slipped the blade in with a sickening slurch. She pulled it out and found the blade covered with a sticky black residue, which stank like wildfire. She stood and handed the blade to Gneison, who took it and let a bit of the residue slide off into a small jar. As soon as it landed, it began to move around the jar, little black 'limbs' extending out of the pile and pulling it upwards. He quickly screwed a cap onto the container, then, looking at it intently, shoved it inside his pack. After Gneison finished with Kimblee, Kimblee got to his feet.

"I'm tired," he told Marisol. "I'm going to go to bed."

"Don't," Gneison said. "You've got a concussion, and a bad one at that. Going to sleep now.. you won't wake up."

"Well, what am I supposed to do?"

"Your stitches are waterproof, and the wound is closed. Swim."

Kimblee looked over at the pool. The bottom of it was still crushed, and the metal ball had vanished. "Hey, where'd that ball go?" Gneison looked up at him. "Y'know, the one that landed in the pool?" Gneison stood up and ran over to the edge. Kimblee was right. The ball was gone.

Kimblee looked back over where the creature should've been, but it too had vanished. He heard a loud boom and the rest of the mansion shifted to the side, collapsing fully. All that remained was the fourth and fifth floors. Somehow, they were intact. Kimblee ran inside and began frantically searching through the wreckage. He screamed and shifted again into gigantic demon form, throwing aside large chunks of the house. He soon came upon what he was looking for. Or rather, who. He cradled the body of his grand-uncle, Keith Kaiser III. Keith was barely breathing, and his wheezes were noticeable. Marisol came over to him and set her hand on Kimblee's shoulder.

"It's too late for him, Kimblee," she whispered. "I'm sorry." Kimblee didn't look up. He just set Keith down and perked up his ears. Intrigued, Fauna did the same. She could hear something. Something like a giant's footfalls. She took off at a run at the same time Kimblee did, toward Lyn'Knoll. Already, fires were spreading in the town.

"Fauna," Kimblee's voice quivered. "How fast can that car go?"

"Fast. Come on."

Everyone piled into Fauna's new auto and she took off at a clean 100 kilometers per hour. They would reach the city soon.

The creature tore down another building before whirling around. They had arrived. Time for the beatdown.

Kimblee leaped out of the car and landed with a roll. He flung himself at the creature, changing into demon form at the same time. He hit it with the force of a bullet, pushing it back into the crushed building behind it. The stench of death hung in the air, and Kimblee almost threw up. He hit the beast over the head with the door of an auto and began beating it's face. The creature grabbed Kimblee's fist and crushed it in its own, snapping tendons and breaking bones. Kimblee screamed in agony as his hand was broken down into a mush. He nearly passed out from the pure, raw pain. When the creature let him go, it was only to deliver a swift kick to Kimblee's chest, breaking his ribcage three times over. Kimblee's final thought was that this beast must have been angry now. He slipped into the cold embrace of coma.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Chapter 19

Death and Afterwards

Marisol saw Kimblee's limp form, but it took her a minute before she understood what had happened. When she did, she ran over to him, screaming for Gneison or Fauna or anyone with any medical expertise. She reached him just as he slipped under, his last words echoing through her mind.

Evokum Iconis
Evokum Iconis

It broke her into pieces. She never thought she'd see the day when Kimblee left her. But this was more than she'd expected by "leaving her." She never thought that he'd die. She never would have been able to love him if she knew he would die because of her. But then she felt a shimmering hope. Maybe.. maybe he's not dead! No, no, Kimblee's not dead!

He's not dead!


But it failed. She could not get the image of Kimblee's ashen corpse, almost as if he was staring at her, pleading for her, no, begging for her to help him. And she couldn't. She had failed him. She had let down a love who needed her, and she would never be able to love again. She embraced his body tightly as she felt the warmth begin to seep away. Rigor mortis will be setting in soon, she thought absently, her mind unable to comprehend complex thought. She folded his arms over each other on his chest and closed his eyes. She thought back to his last words: Evokum Iconis. What did it mean? she thought in shock. She broke away from the sight of him and turned her attention to the creature that had killed him. This Beast, she knew it was called that somehow, had taken from Kimblee his love and his life, and it would pay dearly. She sloughed off a layer of ash and attacked the creature with all her might, and a shockwave burst forth from her fist, extending through the creature and into the ground, even up into the air. The tardy speed of sound told her she'd broken its own barrier, and she struck again, this time harder, faster, stronger. She could feel herself growing in strength. So that's how it works, she thought through the red cloud of rage. Kimblee's death had provided her mind with enough incentive to unleash a flood of adrenaline and remove the safeguards it had placed on her body to prevent lethal strain. Though it wouldn't be lethal in this state, Marisol thought. She hit the Beast again, this time letting all of her ethereal power flow into it, slowly poisoning its own power with hers.

Gneison watched in awe as Marisol unleashed the full force of her Maiar spirit into the creature, wondering what had caused such a change in pace. He surveyed his surroundings until he saw a body lying face-up on a large cement slab. He ran over to it and gasped aloud. It... Kimblee... Gneison's hand flew to Kimblee's jugular vein to check for a pulse. It was there, but very faint. Maybe he could be saved. Maybe.

As Kimblee slipped into the cold kiss of death, he spoke an incantation that emerged from the rest of his frantic thoughts. Evokum Iconis, or Evoke Icon, was an ancient spell hidden in the back of his mind. It enabled the user to take on a death-like state, with the heartbeat, metabolism and all other systems slowed down to almost nonexistent, while the spirit ventured forth into the realm of its Icon; it's guardian spirit, better known as luck. It was countered by a varyingly powerful spirit of misfortune; the anti-luck, if you will. When Kimblee spoke the words, his death was imminent. He surely would have actually perished if not for the ancient knowledge of Evoke Icon, which stopped his body from venturing past the point of no return. Someday, however long it took, he would emerge from the comatose state and return to the land of the living. For now, he had multiple trials to go through. Firstly, the trial of deserving, whether or not the caster of Evokum Iconis is worthy of returning to life. Kimblee's Icon sat him in a bone mould chair. It looked into his eyes, his soul, and asked him the first question.

"Is the path of death dark?" it spoke in a language Kimblee shouldn't've known. Kimblee searched his mind for an answer, eventually coming upon the appropriate response.

"It is moonlit," he said. The Icon smiled, then leaned closer.

"What is the sound of life?" it asked.

"Silence," Kimblee answered. The Icon leaned in even closer, his forehead meeting with Kimblee's.

"When will the moon love the sun?"

"The Eclipse of Birth." The Icon became ethereal, pushing his head into Kimblee's.

"Will you miss her?"

Kimblee faltered for a moment. He hadn't expected such a blunt question from the Icon. But he answered nonetheless. "Only if I do not return." With this, the Icon retreated from sight.

"Well done. But now you must prove to me that you are capable of the journey back."

Kimblee smiled. "That won't be a problem."

It looked to Fauna as though Marisol would win this fight by herself. She didn't even seem to need Gneison's help, despite the fact that it was moving the battle along quickly. She kneeled next to Kimblee and scooped his body up, stifling a tear. She had grown fond of the boy, as fond as a mother, maybe. She was much older than him in maturity, but he was a year older than she was. She cradled him in her arms, gently setting him down when she needed to climb onto a higher bit of rubble. She did not move his arms, as rigor mortis had took its hold. When she finally came to a part of the city that the creature hadn't demolished, she ran further in until she saw people. One human couple saw her with Kimblee's body and opened their door, inviting them in. When she set Kimblee onto their spare bed, they looked at her with concern.

"Will he be okay?" the man asked.

Fauna shook her head, pinching the bridge of her nose to keep from crying in front of strangers.

The woman waited a moment. "Has he passed away?" she asked. Fauna nodded, tears escaping into her blue fur.

"Please let me keep his body here, until the fighting stops," she said, her voice quivering. "If you need to evacuate, please bring him with you. We.. we need to give him a proper burial." Her resolve broke, and she was silently weeping as she ran back towards where they were fighting the creature.

Marisol had exercised all of her power onto the creature, yet it was still standing. She couldn't fight anymore. She needed time, and that's exactly what Gneison was giving her. He armed the cannon again as the creature strode towards Marisol. Just as it had grabbed her by the neck, he fired. The cannonball hit the thing square in the head, knocking it off balance and releasing its grip on Marisol. She fell to the ground and barely caught herself, telling Gneison that she was almost drained of power. When the creature regained his balance, it made a beeline towards Gneison, who was caught like a deer in headlights. The creature smashed the cannon he was using and batted at Gneison like a great cat. Gneison was barely able to dodge the blows, and one came so close to his throat that the airflow around the claw had made a small cut through his fur. He jumped back with a yelp as he felt a bit of blood seep into the cloth of his undershirt. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his revolver. Aiming at the creature, he closed one eye and look down the iron sight. He lined up with the thing's head and fired, hitting it straight in its eye. The creature reared its head back and roared into the air, creating a ripple of sound. Gneison was stunned for a moment and the creature took no time in reaching him. With one arm, it lift Gneison into the air by his throat, the other clutching its eye, the same eye Gneison's had been replaced. He smiled grimly at the creature, not giving it any satisfaction as it squeezed the life out of him. He almost passed out when he felt the thing stagger. Blinking away spots, he got to his feet, just as the creature fell over next to him. On its back was Fauna, tears flowing from her eyes. She had lodged her knife into the back of its never, severing the spinal cord and paralyzing the creature. It wouldn't even be able to breathe.

Marisol choked up as she shifted back to her normal form. She collapsed to the ground and began shaking uncontrollably, not caring what the doctors thought. She was focused on the memory of Kimblee, his soul surely lost in the ocean of the afterlife. Would she ever see him there? She couldn't know. She could only think through the fog of shock in her mind was about what to do now. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she looked up. For a second, she thought she saw Kimblee's face, grinning happily at her. Then, when she wrapped her arms around him, she heard Fauna's voice, quivering almost worse than her own.

"Marisol," she said, surprised. "Wh- uh, Maris- ah, I don't..." She quickly backed out of Marisol's desperate embrace. When she looked at her face, it forced her grief even further out. Fauna held her breath as a fresh wave of tears came streaming down from her eyes. She turned away from Marisol, who was unable to feel much emotion. There was nothing left to do, the doctors had said. Kimblee Kaiser was dead.
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Re: War of the Dark Ones (repost)

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Kind of a pain in the bum to put so much effort in and not have any comments yet, so here goes.

Read about up to ch. 13 so far, and honestly my only gripe is I feel that things are just flyin' by pretty quickly. It could just be that I'm not accustomed to such a quick pace, but I have to reread things periodically because I missed a detail just a few sentences back (during action sequences, for an example). I have a lot of issues myself with pace in my own works, so its just something I think about often.

Otherwise, it's been a nice little read, something I can hopefully finish tomorrow. Will be nice to read a little more of the relationships between the main characters as the story goes on.

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