Their First Time - Story Written for the artwork "Basitin First Time" (NSFW but Not explicit)

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Their First Time - Story Written for the artwork "Basitin First Time" (NSFW but Not explicit)

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Howdy all! There was just something so cute about that Basitin Couple experiencing their first time, and I had to put together a short story about them.
This is just the first part of a longer story I have plotted out. Hope you enjoy.

With a soft grunt, the aged clerk slid the stamped piece of paper across the wooden table, replacing the stamp on a velvet inkpad.
“There you are.” He mumbled, already looking down at the next license application, “All taken care of.”
Sieg blinked in surprise, his large ears twitching slightly as he looked down at the paper, his heart racing, “So… that’s it?”
“Your application is approved. This is your final authorization certificate, as well as your mating and conception of offspring license.”
Sieg felt Marien stiffen a little beside him, her tail twitching nervously and bumping up against his chair. For a few moments the two simply sat there, Marien staring down at the table and Sieg nervously clenching and unclenched his paws against the rough cotton of his pants.
With a heavy sigh the clerk looked up at the two young Basitins sitting across from him, peering at them over the rims of his half moon spectacles, “Was there something else?”
“Well…” Sieg’s throat was very dry as he turned and looked at Marien, his face burning with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, “I… suppose not.”
“Good,” again the clerk looked down at the next form in front of him, jsut one of a titanic stack upon his desk, “You have one week to complete your mating, and to confirm conception of offspring. As this is your first mate, if no child is conceived within the allotted time, you may return here and fill out a special extension and exemption form.” Leaning over his desk the clerk called out, “Next!”
For a moment, Sieg and Marien didn’t move and simply looked to one another. As their eyes met, both began to blush.
With the law allowing for only one week per year for couples to live together and enjoy one another, the normally deserted “Relations and Reproduction Authorization Bureau’ application office was packed. Sieg and Marien had joined the line just before sunrise, and now administrative aides were walking up and down the hallway, lighting torches as the sun began to slip below the horizon.
Before Sieg could ask anything more, there was a gentle, “Ahem” from behind him. Another couple was standing a few paces away, their tails twitching in impatience at the sudden slowdown of the line. The pair was several years older than Sieg and Marien, likely trying for their second or even third child. Many many more couples stood in a line that snaked out of the small office of the , and into the cavernous hallway of the Civilian Administration building.
Hurriedly getting up from their wooden chairs, both Marien and Sieg bowed in apology to the couple behind them.
“Best of luck, long live the king.” the clerk said, his tone so dull and bored, Sieg found it unlikely that the old Basitin even knew or cared about what he was saying anymore.
Her face glowing with anxious embarrassment, Marien hurriedly exited the office. As Sieg started to leave as well, he felt a hand grip his shoulder.
“Hey, hold up a second.”
Sieg turned to see the older male standing behind him, Sieg’s license in his hand.
“You forgot this.” the man said, waving the papers gently, “Wouldn’t want to go ahead without the paperwork, would you?”
“O-of course not.” Sieg stammered, taking the license from the man's hand and gently folding it into a pocket of his tunic, “Th-thank you sir.”
“First time?”
Despite the immense indecency of such a question, Sieg nodded quickly, “Y-yes.”
“Good for you.” The male leaned forward and spoke quietly in Sieg’s ear. “Forgive me, but may I offer a small piece of advice to you son?”
“Kent, leave the poor boy alone.” the man’s wife scoffed.
Judging by his stature and physique, Sieg could tell that the man was obviously a soldier, likely an officer judging by the quality of his clothes. Swallowing hard, and not wishing to be rude, Sieg nodded, “I suppose so.”
“You have the pamphlet I assume.”
Again, Sieg’s heart felt like it would leap from his chest. He had, of course, been given the government issued pamphlet regarding mating when he and Marien had first started the process of applying to become mates. Though the material within had been extremely light on details, and had been little more than suggestive text, Sieg had found the feelings it aroused in him to be distinctly uncomfortable. Still… from time to time he had dug it out from under his mattress and flipped through it, his thoughts drifting to his beloved Marien as he did.
“Yes sir.” he answered at last.
The male smiled warmly, patting Sieg on the shoulder as he whispered, “Good. Throw it out.”
Sieg’s eyes grew wide, “Throw it out?”
“You can focus on ‘efficiency’ later. Take the time to get to really know one another. It’s your first time, you only get one of those in your entire life, so enjoy it. ”
The male smiled and stepped away, “Just my advice young one, do with it as you will.”
With a bewildered, slightly shell-shocked nod, Sieg turned and walked away.
“What was that about?” the female asked as Kent took his seat beside her, raising an eyebrow at the mischievous smile on her mate’s face.
“Nothing dearest.” He replied, taking her hand, “Just giving him the same advice your father gave me.”
“Oh Kent… you didn’t.”
“I did.”
“Oh that poor girl… that poor boy…”
“They’ll be fine.” Kent replied, his face cracking into a grin, “Who knows, they might even have some fun.”


By the time Sieg arrived back at his apartment, the sun had slipped below the horizon, and thick dark clouds had blown up from the sea and over the city.
As he stood at the doorway into his room, Sieg felt his knees wobble a little. His apartment was small, but a single room with a fireplace against one wall, a small desk against another, and a tiny table and chair in the center. What few personal items he possessed sat upon a few small shelves, and on a hook beside the door was his helmet. What truly made him gulp was the sight of his bed.
With a deep breath to calm his nerves, Sieg stepped inside, hung up his cloak, and set to work. Vibrating with nervous excitement he began rushing around, getting a fire lit and tidying things he had tidied many many times over the past few days. He was a hurricane, sweeping and scrubbing, making certain that everything was perfectly straight and neat.
As he finished tucking in the sheets of his bed for the fourth time, Sieg paused. Slowly, he reached under his mattress and withdrew the dark blue pamphlet. On the front, in small, unassuming letters, were written the words: “Procreation for the Continuation of the Basitin Species: An Overview.”
“Procreation is a necessary act in order to facilitate the continuation of the Basitin Species.” Sieg read to himself, flipping the pamphlet open and peering at the first page, “Unlike both humans and Keidran, the Basitin Kingdom considers these carnal realities to be an essential part of service to the nation, rather than self indulgent pleasure. With this in mind… a mating pair should strive for the greatest possible efficiency when...” Sieg gulped, “When conducting physical intercourse.”


Even through her heavy oilskin cloak, Marien still felt a chill as cold, heavy rain poured down from the sky. She moved as quickly as she could without running, making her way through the twisting city streets towards the male quarter.
Despite the dark and the rain, the city was still very much alive. During the one week per year when mating was legal, the city became a very different place. Males and females mingled together, walking down the streets together, some even going as far as to hold hands. Even through the sound of the rain, Marien’s sensitive ears could hear the voices and moans of other couples in the buildings around her.
While Sieg had his own apartment, Marien lived with four other females, so having him come to her place was out of the question. Though technically she and Sieg had been married for several months, they had been unable to spend more than a few hours together at a time.
When the topic of Sieg came up, her housemates had been eager to tease her.
“Bring him over.” they had teased, “We want to see what he looks like.”
“He must be handsome, the way you blush when you talk about him.”
“Is it true he’s part Keidran?”
“You haven’t seen him since your marriage? You mean you haven’t done anything yet? How conservative of you.”
As she turned onto the street where Sieg lived and caught sight of the window of his apartment, Marien paused for a moment. Her heart beat fast, her stomach did flip flops, but… there was something else as well, something deeper down.
Her whole life, Marien had had to fight against what others thought of her. Her grandmother had been a Western Basitin, and while her mother had managed to pass as normal, Marien had been cursed with telltale dark fur and soft aqua eyes. Unlike the Eastern Basitins, the Westerners were an open, sensuous people, who cared little for the puritanical values of the East. As a result, Marien had been scorned and looked down on, whispers and accusations had followed her throughout her entire life. She’d even been called a whore more than once, and though she had made short work of her accusers in the resulting duels, the suggestion that she was some sort of harlot had haunted her. So while some of her schoolmates and housemates had snuck out at night, engaging in risky and indecent escapades, Marien had never allowed herself to take part.
But as she stood on the street corner, catching the off glimpse of her beloved Sieg as he rushed around, making certain that his apartment was perfect, she felt a powerful warmth rising up within her.
She loved him, and dammit, tonight that was all that mattered. Tradition, laws, the judgements of others, they could all jump in the sea for all she cared. She was going to enjoy herself dammit, and there was nothing wrong with that.
“All right.” She whispered to herself, squaring her shoulders, “I am Marien Kolvest” she muttered to herself, “I am a Basitin, I am a soldier, and I am the wife of Sieg Kolvest, and tonight is the night. Let's do this.”
With a deep breath, she marched across the street.


The sound of a gentle knock on Sieg’s door made him jump, the pamphlet flying out of his hands and dropping to the floor.
“W-who is it?” Sieg called out, hurriedly rushing over to pick up the pamphlet.
“It’s me.” Marien’s gentle voice replied, “May I come in?”
As Sieg bent down and retrieved the pamphlet from the ground, he paused.
With a deep breath, Sieg picked up the pamphlet and flung it into the fire. As the pages crinkled and vanished into flames, he turned towards the door, “Come in.”
With a low creak the door opened, and Marien stepped inside, shaking droplets of rain from the long cloak she wore. As she reached up and pulled the hood back, Sieg’s breath caught in his chest.
Marien’s fur was darker than most other Basitins, the result of some western blood somewhere in her lineage. While Marien’s impure heritage led many other Basitins to turn up their noses at her, Sieg had always found it alluring.
But it wasn’t her fur, or her eyes, or her beautiful chestnut hair that made Sieg pause. Standing there, in his doorway, was the woman he loved, the woman who had chosen him, that he had fallen for, that he had married despite the vocal opposition of his father and his mother. There were no more rules standing between them, no more paperwork, no more anything… it was just them, together, in that moment.
In a flash all of the words they’d prepared, all of the gestures they’d intended to make, simply vanished. The piece of beef that Sieg had saved up for weeks to buy for their first meal together, sat completely forgotten on the counter. The special bottle of wine he had bribed his neighbor for sat on the table, utterly unnoticed. The two simply stared, their eyes locked on one another.
Their movements were stiff, almost mechanical, their eyes never once leaving on another. Before either of them knew it, they were both kneeling on Sieg’s bed, their faces mere inches apart. The Rest of the world faded away, nothing else mattered in the slightest.
Sieg’s heart thumped against his ribs as he spoke, “I… uh…”
Marien nodded quickly, “Yes… me too.”
“S-so this is it?”
“Marien nodded, her tail thumping rhythmically against the mattress as her chest rose and fell quickly, “I think so.”
“So uh…. What do we do now?”
Marien gulped, “I was hoping you’d tell me.”
“Y-you don’t know?”
“I mean…. I never really… asked.” The redness of her face was visible even through her dark fur.
“M-me neither.”
“D-don’t you have the pamphlet they gave us?”
Sieg froze, “I uh… No... I…. I burned it.”
Marien blinked in surprise, “You what?!”
“I burned it.”
“W-why would you do that?!”
“I don’t know…” Sieg moaned. With a heavy sigh he looked down at his hands, “I’m sorry… This is just so… I don’t know. I wanted it to be special...”
“Oh Sieg...” With a sigh and a warm smile, Marien reached out and gently lifted Sieg’s chin so that he met her eyes. As they met, she leaned in and kissed him.
“It is special.” Marien said, breaking off the kiss and smiling at Sieg, “Because it is with you.”
“I love you Marien.”
“I love you Sieg.”
“So… what should we do?”
“Well… I suppose… these clothes are going to… get in the way.” Marien reached down and undid the clasp holding her ankle bindings.
Sieg felt as if his heart was going to break his ribs as he nodded quickly, "Right." Hurriedly he pulled his shirt over his head.
Marien felt a rush as she looked at Sieg's bare chest. She had never told him, but she had seen him shirtless once before, while he was swimming with some of the soldiers in his unit. Now, as then, the sight of his muscles created a warm tingling feeling in her belly.
Bracing herself, she reached up and began releasing the clasps of her tunic.
“Wait, I think I should…” Imitating a move he had witnessed once before, Sieg reached out his hands and touched Marien’s ear.
With a gasp Marien pulled back, the sudden rush of sensation flooding through her body startling her. Sieg, equally surprised, instinctually tightened his grip. With a loud yelp of pain, Marien reared back, dragging Sieg with her, her tunic tearing open. In an almighty tangle of limbs and sheets, the two tumbled off Sieg’s bed and crashed to the floor.
Frantically pulling his head free of a sheet, Sieg cupped Marien’s face in his hands, “Are you okay?”
“Ow…” Marien groaned, “That hurt.”
Sieg pushed his forehead against Marien’s. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Oh I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay Sieg, it’s okay, I’m fine.”
With a relieved sigh, Sieg lowered his head, resting his forehead against Marien’s bare chest, “Thank goodness.”
They lay together on the floor, their bodies not so much intertwined as much as they were bound together by a mass of blankets and sheets. After a moment, as the sheer ridiculousness of their situation set in, they both began to laugh. Soon both were unable to breath, each holding the other and laughing.
Eventually the laughing faded, tuning to gentle, tender chuckles
As she fought to catch her breath, all of a sudden Marien’s eyes widened, “Uh… Sieg…”
“What… what is that I feel.”
Sieg froze, his face turning red again as he looked down, “I… um…well...”
Again, the two met each other's gaze. Then, as if on a signal, the two pulled each other close. The next few moments were frantic, garments torn off and flung aside. Doubt, embarrassment, unease, all were tossed aside.


“How was it?”
Marien smiled and planted a kiss on Sieg’s nose, “It was nice.”
“Yeah… it was.”
Sieg and Marien lay in front of the fire, nothing but a sheet covering them. Sieg lay on his back, while Marien lay on top of him, her chin resting on his chest. The candle on the table had long since burned down to nothing but a stump. The fire was little more than coals now, casting a warm glow across the room.
“So what should we do now?” Sieg asked, gently stroking Marien’s ears.
“Mmmmmm… Sleep.”
“You wanna… you know, again?”
Marien chuckled, tracing patterns in the fur of Sieg’s chest with her finger, “Three times wasn’t isn’t enough for you?”
“Yes… No… I don’t know.”
“We have a week love, no need to hurry.”
“I don’t want to do anything else for the rest of my life.” Sieg wrapped his arms around Marien and held her close, “I don’t want you to go… I can't imagine not seeing you for most of the year.”
“We’ll have our chances.”
For a long time the two simply lay together, each listening to the heart beat of the other.
“I can’t believe you burned the pamphlet.” Marien chuckled to herself as her eyes started to drift closed.
“I think it went alright.” Sieg muttered, his eyes also sliding closed.
“Think we’ll have a child.”
Marien smiled to herself, “I hope so…”
“Me too…”
And as the world turned, as wars were fought, plans were hatched, lives were saved and hearts were broken, in one small apartment, on an island in the sea, in the light of a dying fire, two young lovers fell asleep, dreaming of what might come next.

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Re: Their First Time - Story Written for the artwork "Basitin First Time" (NSFW but Not explicit)

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Oh hi Mr Farfener.
Glad to see you here.

For those who are not up to date with patreon, story was inspired by this sketch

And welcome to the forum too !
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Sieg and Marien, A Basitin Love Story: Part 2 (Based off the Artwork: Basitin First time)

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The second part of the story I've written around Marien and Sieg, the two young lovers from this artwork:

If you haven't read the first part, it is here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=20814

I have a whole story plotted out, and I hope to write it, so long as it isn't going to interfere with any other plans. I have sent a message to Tom about this story, hopefully I'll get a response and his okay to go ahead. Until then, I hope you enjoy:

*knock knock*


*knock knock*

“Mmmmmph, go away…”

*knock knock*

With an irritated groan, Sieg’s eyes slowly slid open. Judging by the light coming through his windows the sun was just barely poking over the horizon. As he struggled to gather his bearings and blink the sleep from his eyes, the sound of knocking again filled his room.

*knock knock*

Sieg yawned loudly as he pulled his blanket off and dropped his legs over the side of his bed. It could not have been more than four hours since he had finished his guard shift down at the city docks. His cloak and his armour lay in a heap on the floor while his helmet sat on the small table in the middle of his room, next to a small wooden bowl of cold soup he had eaten before climbing into bed.

*knock knock knock*

“Alright!” Seig called out, blowing the tassel from his sleeping cap away from his face, as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes “I’ll be right there, give me a moment.”

Reaching under his pillow, Sieg pulled out a small piece of folded cloth. Placing the cloth over his nose he inhaled deeply. As the scent of his mate, Marien, filled his nose, his heart began to glow. On the far wall, a calendar counted down the days until the one precious week a year when males and females were allowed to mingle and mate. Though the time was only a few months away, the lines upon lines of days that stood between that date and the present felt like a weight pushing down on Sieg’s heart.

Thank goodness they had found other ways to stay close to one another. At one part of the wall that separated the female quarter of the city from the male quarter, beneath an apple tree, there was a loose brick that could be removed, with a small hollow carved into the rock below. On alternating weeks Sieg and Marien would each drop off a small piece of fabric they had carried with them for the past two weeks in the hollow, along with the odd sweet or letter. It wasn’t much, but it was as close as Sieg and Marien got to each other, aside from the odd sanctioned meeting in one of the pre-approved and heavily monitored parks, which felt more like a prison visit than a real meeting.

Replacing the cloth under his pillow, Sieg climbed to his feet and walked over to his door, making certain that his pajama bottoms covered his ankles. Cracking the door open he was extremely surprised to see a pair of middle aged Basitins standing outside carrying a large wicker basket.

“Mother? Father?” Sieg’s mouth fell open, “W-what are you doing here?”

Sieg’s mother smiled warmly at the sight of her son, “Your father was able to get us special permission to visit you. We brought some breakfast for you.”

“I… wasn’t expecting visitors.” Sieg stammered, “Just… give me a moment.”

Quickly closing the door, Sieg tore across his apartment and hurriedly pulled on his clothes, pushing his pajamas under his bed. Rushing back towards the table he tossed the dirty bowl into the small bucket he used for washing dishes, and used a broom to sweep whatever scraps of detritus that were on his floor into his fireplace. With his frantic tidying finished, and trying to keep himself from panting from the effort, Sieg did his best to smooth down his tunic and opened the door.

Sieg’s mother was shorter than most Basitins, with light taupe fur and wide yellow eyes. The tips of her ears were turning grey, and there were streaks in his platinum blonde hair. Sieg’s father, on the other hand, was tall for a basitin, and much darker coloured than his wife. His eyes were narrow and severe, his pupils a brown so dark they seemed almost black. As with every time he stood in his fathers presence, Sieg could not help but feel as if his father’s gaze was drilling through him.

“Hello my boy.” Sieg’s mother said, setting aside the basket she carried and clasping Sieg’s hands in hers. “How have you been?”

“I’ve… been busy.” Sieg replied, stepping to the side as his father pushed past his mother and stepped into the apartment. “I- uh, I’ve been assigned to the port garrison. Afternoon and evening guard duty.”

“That’s wonderful!” Sieg’s mother beamed. As she spoke, her eyes drifted up to the top of Sieg’s head. It was at that moment that Sieg realized that he was still wearing his nightcap.

Hurriedly, Sieg pulled off his nightcap and tossed it aside, “F-forgive me… I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

“It’s alright, we understand. Oh… just look at you, so tall and handsome.” With a smile she reached up and gently pulled on the small curl of fur on Sieg’s chin, “And you are even growing a beard! It looks so good on you!”

“Kara, some decorum, please.” Sieg’s father mumbled. As he looked around the apartment he shook his head, “Guard duty... No son of mine should just be standing around with a spear. You should be on the front lines, doing something of note.”

“Shame on you Conrad! Guard duty is a perfectly honourable position.” Sieg’s mother scolded. She looked back at Sieg and smiled, “I am proud of you.”

“Thank you mother.”

“Honour doesn’t pay the bills Kara.” Conrad replied, looking sideways at his wife, “And it is hard to climb the ranks when you are simply standing around.”

“You started on guard duty didn’t you?” Kara replied, “Everyone has to start somewhere. You should be proud of Sieg.”

Conrad looked sideways at his wife for a moment, before sighing and looking around the apartment, “So this is where you have been living. It’s rather small, isn’t it.”

“Maybe for a Colonel, but it suits me just fine.” Sieg replied, picking up his mother’s basket and carrying it to the table, “I don’t need much more than this. Not for now anyways.”

“Mmmm, this is, in fact, why we came to talk to you.” Conrad replied, straightening Sieg’s helmet hanging on the wall.

“We can discuss that later.” Kara replied, a note of nervousness in her voice that made Sig’s ears twitch, “For now, let’s have something to eat, shall we?”

“Yes, indeed.” Conrad looked over his shoulder at Sieg, “Help your mother, would you.”

As Sieg dug into the basket, his mother leaned close and whispered in his ear, “Forgive your father, he is under a great deal of pressure these days.”

“It’s nothing new.” Sieg muttered. His eyes widened as he picked up a small bottle from the basket, “Is that clover honey?”

“I thought you should have something nice.”

Sieg’s face turned a little red as he looked around his apartment, “I… I don’t really have enough plates…”

“I thought of that.” Sieg’s mother pulled a cloth out from the depths of the basket, revealing a trio of plates and some fine silverware.

With a smile, Sieg looked back at his mother, “You thought of everything.”

Sieg’s mother gently touched his cheek, “I’ve missed you my son.”

“Me too, mother.”

A few minutes later, Sieg was sitting on top of his overturned wash bucket, his mother beside him sitting on the now empty basket, and his father in his chair. From the basket his mother had produced a feast, strips of crispy bacon, smoked fish, and thick red slices of tomato. A plate of cheese sat in the center of the table, as well as a loaf of sweet berry bread and a small collection of apple turnovers. There was even a steaming pot of real tea, imported from the fox lands judging from its spicy aroma.

Sieg’s mouth watered and his stomach growled as he stared over the feast. He had not eaten this well in some time, not since being ejected from his father’s home following his decision to marry Marien.

“There we are.” Sieg’s mother smiled, placing a cup of tea in front of Sieg, “All ready.” She turned to her husband, “Would you like to speak?”

Conrad nodded, “Indeed.”

Conrad, Sieg and his mother all lowered their heads as Conrad spoke, “We thank the sea and the land for their bounty, our warriors for our safety, and the wisdom of the law for the path set before us. Long live Basidian, long live the King.”

“Long live the king.” Sieg and his mother both mumbled.

Before Sieg could move his mother began piling food onto his plate.

“You look so thin.” She scolded, “You men never know how to look after yourselves.”

“I…” Sieg sighed and smiled at Kara, “Thank you mother.”

“So,” Conrad said, taking a piece of bacon and putting it on his plate, “What are your plans for the future my son?”

Sieg raised his chin and straightened his back, “I plan to keep doing my job, protecting the docks and the city.”

“You don’t intend to apply for something more… ambitious or useful?”

“My position suits my needs.”

“Indeed. Who knows, perhaps someday your guard captain might even entrust you with the keys to the shed where they keep the spare paddles for the fishing boats.”


Sieg looked over at his mother, “It’s fine.” He looked back at his father, his eyes narrowing, “It’s my duty and I do it.”

“And what of your other duties?”

Sieg raised an eyebrow, “Other duties?”

“To your people.” Sieg’s father leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms, “How long have you been married to that… female, of yours?”

“Three years.” Sieg toned darkened, “As if you didn’t know.”

“Which means you’ve been through two mating cycles, and she has yet to bear you a child.”

“Good of you to keep track.”

“It’s my right as patriarch, you know that.”

“We have tried.”

“And failed.”

“What your fathers means to say,” Kara interrupted, putting her hand on top of Sieg’s, “Is that we are worried about you, and about her. If she can’t bear you children...”

“If she can’t bear you children, our family line dies with you.” Conrad finished. He stood up from his chair, gesturing around the room, “And this, this becomes your legacy.”

“You mean your legacy.” Sieg replied, his hands clenched into fists, “That’s what you are really worried about is it not?”

“Your father is-”

“No Kara, I’ll answer.” Conrad tilted his chin and glared down at Sieg, “You are correct. I will admit, in a way I am to blame. I was content to indulge you in your… exotic fascination with that Western woman, so long as Renner was in the royal guard.”

At the mention of his brother, Sieg stiffened, his ears twitching and his tail lashing back and forth out of control.

Sieg’s father turned and strode over to the fireplace. His eyes narrowed as his gaze set upon a framed picture of Marien set upon the mantle, “But ever since that damnable templar killed your brother when the humans attacked us, you are what is left of the family legacy. My legacy.”

“I know.” Sieg replied sharply, "I know what he meant to you, but he was also my brother!”

“And now it falls to you to take his place.” Conrad turned to his son, “There are still three months until the next mating cycle. I have spoken to several of the officers under my command, they have daughters that are looking for mates of their own, mates that are appropriate for their station. There is still time for you to find a more suitable wife and annul your marriage to this western female and-"

“Marien is not Western!” Sieg snapped, jumping up from his chair.

“Sieg don’t-”

“Yes yes, I know.” Conrad said, waving his hand dismissively, “Only her grandmother is western, making her ‘only one quarter western’, so you have said repeatedly. But look at her Sieg.” Conrad picked up the picture of Marien from off the mantle and tossed it onto the table with a loud clatter, “That fur, those eyes, the Western blood hasn’t faded, it’s only set in more deeply! It’s infested every part of her, just as it will any child you two have, assuming she is even capable of giving you one. And even if she did, you know how Westerners are, who knows if the child would even be yours!”

“She is my wife!” Sieg snarled, his teeth flashing as he struggled to control his rage. Ignoring his mother as she tried to hold him back, Sieg stepped towards his father, his ears pressed flat against his head and his eyes flashing with rage.

Conrad turned and met his son's gaze. “She is a mistake. And you are a fool not to see it.”

The two glared at one another, each sizing up the other and planning their attack, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Sieg’s eyes darted to his sword, leaning up against the wall beside his bed, the claws in his toes digging into the wooden floor in anticipation of a powerful leap. Conrad’s eyes were narrowed, his hand drifting very very slowly towards the dagger he always kept hidden in his tunic.


Both Conrad and Sieg blinked in surprise and rubbed their cheeks as Kara stepped in between them, “Stop it both of you!” She snapped, tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

She looked to Sieg, “Don’t you understand how hard this is for us? This whole topic is so… distasteful, but it is important! We want you to be happy, and successful!”


“And you!” She snapped, rounding on her husband, “This conversation is hard enough without you antagonizing your own son!”

“Kara, I merely-”

“You two will speak to each other with decency and respect or I will knock your heads together!” Kara interrupted, silencing her husband with a glare.

“I apologize mother.” Sieg said, bowing his head. He turned back to his father, “And I will listen to what you have to say… If you apologize.”

Conrad blinked in genuine surprise, “What did you say?”

“You will apologize for insulting my wife.” Sieg said, his voice steady but firm, “If someone came into your home and insulted my mother as you insulted Marien, there is no chance you would allow it.”

“I will not.”

“You will.”

“Conrad, be reasonable-”

As Kara spoke, there was another knock at the door.

“Shall I get that?” Kara asked as Sieg and Conrad continued to glare at one another, neither one moving a muscle.

“No, thank you mother.” Sieg replied, “It’s my home, I’ll get it.”

Breaking his fathers gaze, Sieg turned and walked over towards the door, his heart thumping painfully against his chest and his head pounding with adrenaline.

Opening the door a crack, Sieg could see that the person standing upon his doorstep was a young boy, no older than ten, dressed in a military messenger’s uniform.

“Sir, are you Corporal Sieg Kolvest?”

Stepping out onto the landing, Sieg closed the door behind him and nodded, “Yes, I am, what can I do for you?”

The boy reached into a leather bag hung from his shoulder and handed Sieg a scroll wrapped in a red ribbon bearing the marking of the Healing Guild.

“Message for you sir. They said it was urgent.”

The messenger bowed and immediately left. Breaking the seal, Sieg unrolled the scroll and began to read.


Within the apartment, Conrad was pacing back and forth in front of his wife.

“He must understand that we want the best for him!” Conrad grumbled, crossing his arms.

“I know dear, but do you need to be so hard on him?” Kara asked, wringing her hands in her lap, “He’s young and in love.”

“Irrelevant!” Conrad snapped, “Duty is more important!”

“Is duty more important than me?”

Conrad paused and looked down at his wife, “That’s different.”

“How so?”

“You are not Western.”

“Conrad Kolvest, that is a foolish answer and you know it.”

“It-” Conrad started to speak, when suddenly the door was flung open and Sieg stormed back into his apartment.

“I have to go.” Sieg said, seizing his helmet from the wall and grabbing hold of his cloak.

“What’s wrong?” Kara asked, watching as Sieg struggled to pull his shoulder plates on before tossing them aside with a snarl.

“Marien, she needs me.”

“We’re not done here.” Conrad said, stepping forwards as Sieg grabbed his sword and tightened his belt as quickly as his shaking fingers would allow.

“We are done.” Sieg snapped, the anger in his voice forcing even his father to take a step back. Pulling on his cloak, Sieg rushed towards the door.

“If you leave now, you will no longer be my son!”

Sieg froze, his hand gripping the door handle.

Conrad took a step forwards, squaring his shoulders and drawing upon all of his command training. “I will not be disrespected like this boy! If you leave now, I will no longer acknowledge you as my son!”


“Enough!” Conrad roared at his wife, “In this matter I command, not you!”

Kara shrank backwards away from Conrad, real fear in her eyes.

Conrad looked back at Sieg, his eyes narrowed, “I mean it boy, you will obey me in this. Sit down!”

Slowly Sieg turned to meet his father’s glare. A small smile crossed Conrad’s face as it seemed that Sieg was following his command. His smile faded as Sieg reached behind him and grabbed the door handle.

Undoing the latch, Sieg opened his door, staring directly into his father’s eyes as he did.

“It’s been more than three years since I needed you, ‘father’,” Sieg said, his voice soft but carrying an icy sharpness that cut through the air like the crack of a whip.

Turning to Kara, Sieg bowed his head, “Thank you for breakfast Mother.”

“It’s on your head boy!” Conrad roared as Sieg started through his door, “You are no longer a son of mine!”

“Then don’t be here when I return.” Sieg replied simply, “Or I will treat you as I would any other intruder in my home.”

Conrad’s eyes widened as the door slammed shut. He turned to his wife, but she refused to meet his gaze, instead staring down at the table, tears dripping onto her clenched hands.

“Kara I…” Conrad started to step forward, but stopped when his wife flinched at his approach.

Staring down at his hand, Conrad slowly curled his fingers into a fist.

“This will not stand.” he snarled to himself, clenching his hand so tightly that his claws drew blood from his palm.


“Sir, you can’t be here!”

“Like hell I can’t, get out of my way!”

“This is highly inappropriate!”

“Is she in here?”

“Yes, but-”

There was a loud thump, then a second, then a third.

“Sir please-”

There was a fourth, more powerful, thump, and the latch gave way with a loud splintering sound.

Panting heavily, Sieg burst through the door into the healing room. His gaze swept the room, quickly landing on the bed against the far wall. In it, Marien lay; her arms, neck, and forehead covered in bandages. Beside her stood a doctor washing her hands in a small bowl of water, a pair of surgical gloves, stained dark red, draped over her shoulder.

“Marien!” Seig yelled, rushing forwards, the pain of bashing through the door with his shoulder completely forgotten. Behind him, a doctor tried and failed to grab a hold of his cape.

As Sieg rushed forward, the Doctor washing her hands turned and quickly placed herself between Seig and the bed.

“You must be the patient's husband.” The doctor said, extended her hands towards Sieg, “Please, do not-”

“Get out of my way!” Sieg snarled, his sharp canines bared menacingly.

“Sir, your voice! This is a place of healing!”

“Is she alright? What happened?”

“There was a duel, a matter of honour. The patient was victorious, but not without cost.”

Sieg began to rush forward again, “I need to see her!”

“She is alive, but she needs to heal! If you move her it could open her wounds again!”

The urgency in the doctor's tone stopped Sieg in his tracks.

“She has lost a great deal of blood.” The doctor continued, “She must rest, or she will not survive.”

Looking past the doctor, Sieg could see that Marien’s eyes were shut, her breathing shallow but steady. His ears twitched and his heart ached as he noted the number of bandages covering her body.

“W-when will she awaken?” Sieg demanded after a moment.

“We have given her a sleeping draught to keep her still and to help her heal. She was in a great deal of pain, so it was rather strong. She will not awaken for some time.”

“Will…” the words stuck in siegs throat, burning like poison, “Will she live?”

“Impossible to say for sure, but if she is young and she is strong. If she is allowed to rest, most likely she will live. So please, leave this place, your presence will only bring confusion.”


“And if you do not, I can have you arrested! You are violating half a dozen privacy laws right now! Not to mention the damage you’ve done to Healing Guild property!”

Even through the blindfold, Sieg could see that the doctor’s eyes were narrowed. It was clear from her tone that she was attempting to remain cordial, but Sieg had the distinct impression that any further pushing on his part would be ill-advised.

“I… understand. Please take care of her Doctor.” Sieg said at last, bowing low, “She is… all the family I have…”

The doctor paused for a moment, before sighing heavily, “Your concern is understandable, but we have rules for a reason. Please leave.”

With one last look at Marien, Sieg turned and walked out of the room, pushing past the doctor who had been pursuing him.

“Shall I alert the guards?” The second doctor asked, pausing to lift the bottom of his blindfold just a little to make certain that Sieg was gone.

“Perhaps… no, better not. He is young and his blood is hot, better to leave it here.”

“You’re too soft.” the second doctor muttered, brushing off his coat as Sieg’s footsteps faded down the hall.


Sieg struggled to contain himself as he stumbled into the reception area of the Healing Guild central hall. His breathing shaky as the world swung wildly beneath his feet.

“Are you alright?” the nurse behind the desk asked, grabbing hold of Sieg as he stumbled against the central booking desk.

“Y-yes, I…. I’m fine.” Sieg mumbled, trying hard not to vomit on the floor.

“Come come, this way.” The nurse urged, guiding Sieg towards one of the long wooden benches along the wall.

As Sieg sat, the nurse grabbed hold of his wrist. Her ears twitched and her brow furrowed beneath her blindfold, “Your heartbeat is racing and erratic. You need to sit. I’ll call a doctor and-”

“No!” Sieg snapped, far louder and angrier than he had intended. After taking a few calming breaths, he spoke again, “Apologies my lady, but no, thank you. I will be fine. I just need a moment.”

Frowning slightly, the nurse nodded, “Very well. But don’t you move, understand. I’ll get you some mint broth to calm your nerves.” As Sieg started to argue, she held up her hand. “Don’t try and argue. The way you are now, I could have you forcibly restrained. So you are going to sit there and wait till I come back with something to calm you or I will have you bound to a bed!”

“Very well.” Sieg nodded, “Thank you…”

“Blasted soldiers, making my job more difficult.” The nurse muttered to herself as she walked off, “Can’t get help, oh no, we have to look tough.”

With a heavy sigh, Sieg stared down at his hands.”What am I going to do…” he was so preoccupied with his own thoughts he didn’t notice the sounds of footsteps approaching.

“Kolvest, correct?”

Sieg’s ears twitched as he looked up, “Yes?”

Standing in front of him was a soldier dressed in a light tan tunic, a long black cloak hanging off his shoulders. His armour was gold, and under his arm he carried a golden helmet with a grated eyepiece. Sieg immediately recognized it as the uniform of a Royal Guard.

As with his armour, the Soldier himself was the picture of elegance and form. His fur was an elegant light gray, with subtle lines of brown running through it, and his eyes were a steely gray.

“Sieg Kolvest, husband of Marien Kolvest?” The soldier demanded, an air of effortless authority ringing in his voice.

“Yes, I am.”

“Good.” In a motion so fast that it seemed like a blur, the soldier lashed out and struck Sieg across the face hard.

With a startled yelp, Sieg fell off the bench and tumbled to the floor, a thin trickle of blood running from the side of his mouth and nose.

“I am Lyon Chariot.” the soldier declared, glaring down his nose as Sieg struggled to get back to his feet, “Your ‘wife’ injured my sweet Amber in a ridiculous duel, and I am here to avenge her honour. As it would seem that your female is unable to accept my challenge at this point, I will have you instead.”

“I have no interest in fighting you.” Sieg snarled.

“If you will not fight, I will go back there and put the Western whore out of his misery myself.”

All at once, something snapped in Sieg’s mind. Rage coursed through his veins like a poison as he drew himself up and glared back at Lyon, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword.

“Fine!” Sieg growled, his teeth bared, “I've had enough of this! Let’s go, you and me, right now!”

With a cocky tilt of his chin, Lyon jerked his head towards the door, “To the garden then. No sense in making a mess of the Healing Guild's front room now, is there.”

“As you wish.” Sieg replied, his gaze never once leaving Lyon’s eyes, “Let’s go.”

Each keeping a close watch on the other, the two stepped out of the reception area, hands on their weapons.

As the door closed behind Sieg and Lyon, the nurse returned, a steaming cup of mint broth clutched in her hands.

“Here.” She said with a gentle smile, “This should help calm your nerves a little.”

As she approached the bench she frowned, “Sir?” Reaching out a hand and finding no one there, she sighed heavily, “Of course… Soldiers...”

Part 3 under construction and coming along. All thoughts and comments welcome. :)

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