HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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I wish I had more than this, but it was a slow weekend

Chapter 7: Discoveries
The following day...

<So, how convincing is the illusion?> asks Skip, turning around. the spell not only made him seem human, but also made his crystals invisible

<100%> says Fimitla, watching

That night...

Skip returns to the room. flint stands in the doorway.

<*Yawn* Hi Flint. here's your badge> Skip hands over his badge. Flint angrily pockets it.

<You need to come with me> he extends his hand, surrounding Skip in a blue fog. nothing happens.

<you already have Fimitla?>

<Yes.> Skip gives in, letting the spell put him to sleep.


Skip's hands are bound to a chair. his vision is blurred, and his mind clouded. Tekka talks with Flint. the room is stone, the chair being the only article of furniture. there is a door, and it is shut

<Did you find the armor?>

<Yes. it should arrive in a few days>

<Sir! he's awake!> Says Tusk, tensing up.

<Easy Tusk. the spell he is under won't allow him to make out his surroundings or lie. Flint, you are dismissed>

<Yes sir> Flint withdraws from the room. Tusk relaxes from his defensive stance.

<How do you think he got in?>

<I don't know. I wasn't allowed in, and I was the highest-ranking member> says Tekka, examining Skip.

<Still, it's hard to believe they'd let in a human boy>

<Where did you get the armor from?> Skip's head sways back and forth, lost.

<From the palace> he said, eyes never staying in the same place

<How did you obtain it?>

<it was given to me>

<By whom?>

<The council>

<The council is dead. what is the truth!>

<Could see through them. ghosts. illusions. I like illusions. they're useful>

<How do you use illusions?>

<To hide. hide from evil>

<What evil?>

<Torture. pain. suffering. death...>

<Who does these things?>

<Lies. he lies. he is not himself.>


<He is only a puppet. only a pawn in a wretched game...>

<Who's game?>

<The human's. the master's. the possessor. the slime that leaks. the slime that controls. the slime that tortures and kills>

<Who is the "Slime"!?>



<Mana. it makes fine jewelry. like the one around your neck> Tekka clutches the Mana crystal set in a barnacle around his neck. it had saved his life.

<I have a necklace too!> Skip boasts groggily.

<Was there any found in his room?> Tekka whispers to Tusk

<No sir>

<Where is it then?>

<I'm wearing it!>

<Lies!> Slap!

Skip's face stings. Tekka goes to slap him again, but stops. a hair sits on his palm. it is the color of Skip's hair, turning black at the base.

<Owwwwww> says Skip

<That's nufin'! I been hit harder dan dat!>


<How did you breach the city defences!>

<Dey wet us in>



The chair falls over.

<Why must you torture me? has two years of my suffering not pleased you?>


<You know. Filthy human. it was your whip. your hand. your pawn. that's right. I figured you out. I figured out that you posses Achibach. I saw through your lies>

<What in hell is he talking about?> asks Tusk

<AGH!> Says Skip, as he thrashes in the chair, pain seemingly being applied.

<that's right. whip me! whip me like the coward you are! use someone else's hands to keep your own clean! oh, now you're going to erase my memory? Fah! you will NEVER break me!>

<I have no idea. I'm gonna release the spell. be ready for anything> Tusk nods. Tekka waves his hand over the fallen chair. Skip blinks.

<What a ni...> he sees Tekka.

<Untie him>


<Do it!> Tusk obeys, and releases Skip.

Skip weakly attempts to stand.

<F-father?> he collapses, hand clasped on the invisible necklace. he weakly pulls it away before blacking out. Tekka kneels down, taking in the sight before his eyes. his son lay, having succumbed to the blows dealt by himself. a feeling worse than guilt washed over Tekka.

<Get a medic. Now!> Tusk sprints out of the room as Tekka took Skip in his arms. he strokes Skip's head.

<I am so sorry Lor... What have I done...>


Fimitla is being escorted to the medbay by two keidran guards. she hadn't smelled a single human since arriving. in exclusion of Skip's scent, of course. she still wondered why she was being taken to the medbay. had Flint hurt Skip?

The guards opened the door to the room. and she was worried. a lot. She ran to the bedside. Skip lay, unconscious. magic had healed his wounds, but not woken him. Tekka sat on the bed, watching Skip.

<What have you done to him!?> She growled angrily, glaring at Tekka. Tekka grabbed her hand in a polite gesture, about to kiss it, but Fimitla didn't like that.

<Stay off me!>


Blood dripped from Tekka's clawed face for a moment before he healed himself.

<Take it easy! I'm his dad for The Masks' sake!>

<What? he told me that he thought his dad was dead!>

<Look beyond the words you hear. look to what you see> She looked at him closer, taking in the same yellow eyes, that almost the same shade of orange, and... a black triangle. on the back of his ear. just like Skip's.

<Trust. Trust those who love. Trust those who help. That's how we met...> Says Tekka, becoming lost in thought. Fimitla strokes Skip's hair, taking in what Tekka had said.

<what's... what's his real name?>

<What do you mean?>

<His birth name. he can't remember>

<His full title is Prince Lorfanclaw Noblejaw Valianthonor of Molaruna>

<Now I see how he forgot it>

<yeah, it's a mouthful. We called him Lor>

<he's a prince?>

<That may say a lot for humans and some Keidran, but in our city it meant he was son of the King, who was son of The High Elder, the TRUE king>

<Is that why you had Flint follow him?>

<No, to be honest we had no idea. we though he was a contact for Achibach. that ended when he bought Poppy. but the way he treated her... had our intrest>

<How is Poppy?>

<Set to be married to Flint in a few months>

<Hmm. and to believe he was scared of her for a while>

<He was what of her?>

<Scared. though I don't blame him. she was in heat, after all>

a day ago...

Wow, thought Milly.

That was fast. and nice. a few moments before he was pretty much denying it

Lor lay beside her, snoring gently. Milly decides to stay in bed and snuggle in, hoping to get some extra sleep.

a few minutes later, Lor blinks awake. Milly nuzzles him in her sleep. Lor freezes.

<We did what?!>

<Nothing bad if that's why your worried> Says Milly, licking his nose

<Wh-wh-why did I do that?!> Milly shrugs

<At least it was nice> says Milly, nuzzling Lor.

<Do me a favor and don't touch that triangle again>

<Why? did it make you do that?>

<From what I've pieced together: yes. it's something unique to my home. the girls have it too, except it affects... other sensitivities>

<Really? do I get one?>

<No. you have to have at least one parent with it to get it>

<remember the name of the city or anything else?>

<Molaruna. I am Prince Lorfanclaw Noblejaw Valianthonor of Molaruna>


<I know. I hardly believe it myself. that's what you get when your hometown is destroyed when you're three>

<Any family?>


<Really? I'm not family?>

<I mean-not yet>

<Oh really?> she reaches up for his triangle. never taking his eyes off the ceiling, he grabs her hand, a few inches short of it's target

<please no. I really don't need that today> Milly sighs and gets out of bed.

<What'd I say?> Asks Lor as Milly slams the door behind her. he hopped out of the bed and to the door. he looked back at the bed. he turns back to the door. Milly stands in front of him.

<umm.... Mmph!> she has pulled him into a kiss. he hesitantly embraces it, wrapping his arms around her. it's very nice. Milly pulls away.

<I'm family now, right?>

<Y-yes?> she kisses him again



<Good. breakfast?>

<Yes please!>

<We'll go to Bar's! it's the best place around!> he grabs her hand

<Milly. don't go waving around my title. it's enough to get us killed> she looks into his eyes, realizing that they're full of fear.

<I won't. Just Lor?>

<Yes. just Lor>

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 8: Talking

<Does anyone else know about him this way?> asked Tekka

<not to my knowledge> Says Fimitla, stroking Skip's hair

<good. it'd be best to keep it that way>


<Yes Lor? I'm here>

<When you had me under that spell... those weren't my memories>

<What do you mean?>

<This is gonna be even crazier than finding me.>

<What is it?>

<Y'know how my twin died in the womb?>

<Yes. it was very upsetting>

<I think only his body died>

<What do you mean when you say that?>

<I think his mind was moved to mine. like an extra passenger> Tekka looks in amazement

<Those old fools were right...>


<The death of your twin was predicted by a pattern in the deaths in the royal family. but lucky for him, he had a twin>

<You're telling me you had a spell done to us that moved him?>

<Put simply: yes. what's he like?>

<Abnormally quiet>


<He's been quieter than death since I met Fimitla>

<Hmm... they said this was possible...>

<What was possible?>

<He was moved into a part of your soul that apparently needed room for her, and he wasn't really a necessity>

<W-we killed him!?>

<No. he was likely expelled into a custom form that was what he was meant to be. that and I had a spell cast should that be the case, so he would be informed who he was and what had happened>

<So he's out there somewhere?>

<Yes. he is likely to have been reborn when you two met for the first time> Skip noticed Fimitla had stopped stroking his hair

<You alright Fimit?> he asks looking to her. she has fallen asleep in her chair

<Poor girl. was up the whole time you were out>

<How long was that?>

<almost a day>



<Yes sir?> asked the snow-wolf

<Take Ms. Fimitla here to one of the Officer suites>

<Yes sir> Tusk lightly picks her up, careful not to hurt or wake her

<When you were under the spell... some of the stuff you said was... frightening> Skip looks around

<Has anyone else seen me like this?>

<Only Tusk and I>

<Good. Prince Lorfanclaw is dead. best be kept that way> He says grabbing his Mana necklace from the stand beside him

<If Achibach finds out that he's not, things could get very messy> He raises his illusion, appearing human again.

<What is the nature behind that?>

<Achibach's possessor got real drunk one day. he spilled secrets that can get me killed>

<Like what?> Skip leaned into Tekka's ear and whispers something. Tekka is engulfed in a rage



Lor and Milly sit in a restaurant, eating.

<This is good!>

<Well it was your money paying for it> she says nervously


<You kinda had a pouch of coins when we found you...>

<Don't worry! I think it's worth it!>

<Really?> she asked tail wagging

<Yeah! they do some mean breakfast chicken!>

<Nice to know you like it!> She says leaning over and licking some dirt off his muzzle. he retaliates, licking dirt from her muzzle. the restaurant watches, seeing the Dog love a Fox. they did get the occasional fox, but no-one had ever been THIS friendly. Milly could hear whispers, but she didn't care. he was serious. serious enough for her.

Lor wiped his plate clean

<Where next?>

<Hmm?> asked Milly

<Where do you want to go next?>

<The Overlook!>

<Lead the way, you know where to go> Lor said as Milly got up. Lor set a coin on the table as a tip.

Milly led Lor out of the village, and up a trail. the Dog waiter picks up the coin. he goes to slip it in his pocket, but something makes him double check it. he had no idea why he did, but when he looked at the coin he was dumbfounded. and it wasn't the fact that the coin was silver.

Royal Treasury of Molaruna. He read to himself, a look of absolute shock crossing his face.

H-holy crap! That was the commander's son! I thought that was a tatoo, but Damn! This coin proves it! the waiter/spy looked around the busy restaurant

[censored]! where were they gonna go? He looks around hoping if they left any clue. they didn't.

Better report this to the area commander. I might finally get that promotion for this!

at the Overlook a little while later...

Milly and Lor look over the town, the sun starting to set. a female wolf Keidran appeared, watching the rising moon. she broke into a long and morrowful howl

<Who is she?> asks Lor

<Oh. that's Pippy. resident ex-slave Feral>

<why does she seem familiar...>

<Please don't tell me before you lost your memories you were with her>

<No... it's not that... something else... fairly important...> Lor scans his head, searching every crevice of a memory he could find. suddenly, a new one apears


<What?> asked Milly. Pippy had frozen her howl. she curiously walked forward


<Y-yes. Poppy> A spasm wrecks Pippy's body, sending painful shocks up her spine, forcing her to writhe around on the ground

<What'd I do?>

<AH!> screams Pippy. she stops squirming

<Wha-where... Where am I?> she looks around in a panic

<Where's Poppy!>

<She... she's safe>

<How do you know?> asked Milly

<I-I bought her... I freed her...>

<I'm not sure I like where this is going> Says Milly

<I made him buy her... I got him to free her...>

<Who?> asked Milly

<My brother... the one who was born with a body...>


<This is kind of a private conversation Milly. really deep stuff>

<AAHHH!> screams Pippy, drawing the couple's attention

<Why is my fur so dirty!?>

<This is gonna sound crazy, but you were Feral>


FWWIIT! screamed the arrow, clipping Lor's shoulder. he was too close to the edge. clutching his shoulder, he stumbled backwards. over the edge.

<Lor!> Cried Milly as she faded from Lor's view. Milly tucked into Pippy, not wanting to see what came next. as Lor tumbled in a terrifying free fall, he felt something.

<Insticht?> came a faint voice as Lor fell...

<Help...> he replied, seeing the ground beneath him. suddenly, his hood caught on a rock, swinging him into a cave. his head hit a rock, knocking him out. he rolled to a stop in front of a boulder, preventing him from rolling deeper into the cave. blood oozed slowly from his injured head.

Up on the cliff...

<WooHoo! One less fox!> Cheered a hunter emerging from the woods. Milly scowled. She charged, teeth bared and claws ready.


In Tekka's office...

<Dad?> asked Skip, entering the office. Tekka woke with a start in his chair


<Easy, it's just me> Says Skip, closing the door behind him

<*Yawn* what time is it?> asks Tekka, rubbing his eys

<About 9, it's not that late>

<You know how my last few days have been>

<Right. I had a dream>

<Why come here then?>

<It felt real... I think Instich may be hurt>

<Who?> Skip blushes

<That's what I called him. my twin>

<What'd you see?>

<Nothing. I heard someone cry Lor as wind rushed past my ears. there was screaming. then... he said, "Help..." and then all was quiet>

Tekka sits, absorbing the news

2 days later...

<Sir!> Said a dog rushing into Tekka's office

<We saw your son!> Tekka stands up


<In our village! he was spotted by one of our agents!>

<Sir!> Says Tusk running in

<What is it Tusk?>

<It's Fimitla! she's gone and Skip has been attacked!>

<[censored]! Not again!> Tekka rushes up

<But your son!> Says the dog

<Stay here and I'll be back!>

Tekka almost sprints to Skip's room. the whole place is wrecked. clothes are scattered everywhere, books off the shelves, a table smashed like someone fell on it. Skip lay, battered and bruised, against the wall.

<Get him to the medbay!> Tusk nods, and picks up Skip. as much as Tekka would like to

have stayed with Skip, if his other son was spotted, he needed to find out as much as possible.

<What other information do you have about it?> he asked the dog

<He was picked up by a family of dogs. he had a broken rib, and most of his memories gone.>

<Where is he now?>

<We don't know sir. he's disappeared. We tried asking the girl he'd been sleeping with, but she was unresponsive. she wouldn't let us in>


Meanwhile in the cave...

Lor still lay, just barely alive. suddenly, the boulder shifted. a massive tail unfurled from it, joined by wings. this wasn't a boulder. it was a dragon. she stretched, a mighty yawn emerging. she went to step out of the cave and bumped Lor with her massive paw. She looked down at him. her stomach growled.

-Hmm... best make sure he's not important- She reads his mind, searching his memories

-Sword's descendant!? Molaruna became a tribe!? ooh... that must not feel great- she says, observing his head. suddenly he floats, surrounded by blue lines. he is set down gently, the magic fading.

<Nhn....> Lor rubs his head.

<What a nightm-> He looks at the dragon

-Take it easy Lor. I healed you-

<So that wasn't a nightmare?>

-not in the slightest. c'mon, I'm taking you back to town-

<uhm... sorry if I woke you up>

-No harm done. with what you know about the war, it's probably best that you woke me up-

a little bit later...

<Urp! could you loosen your grip? I'm feeling a little light headed>

-Oh. sorry- The dragon loosened her grip on Lor, allowing blood to flow freely again. she came to a hover over the village, setting Lor loose from her massive paw. He weakly got to his feet, and waved as she left. the dogs watched as the fox stumbled to a house and knocked on the door. Milly's mother appeared, seeming very burdened. she looked at Lor, and a smile crept onto her face.

She ushered him in, closing the door behind him

<Milly? you have a visitor!> she said, knocking on the door to Milly's/Lor's room

<I told you! I'm not talking to them!>

<You know this one!> Milly grumblingly opens the door

<I already said I wasn't talk-> She tackles him

<You're alive!> She licks his face repetitively

<Barely. I was lucky I fell in a dragon's cave>

<ooh! adventure story!>

<Well, I also owe you another story. my story>

<Then welcome back!> she says closing the door behind them as she leads him in

<What's the big story?> she asks tail wagging

<Sigh... I'm dead>


<I should be dead. Y'know how I said I had a twin that died in the womb?>

<yeah?> she asked her tail slowing

<I am that twin. magic took me from my dead body and into my twin. then... something happened... and I got my own body>

<You're a ghost?>

<No. more of a... I don't know what to call it. I'm a living person, yeah, but I was supposed to die>

<I don't know if I should be scared or excited>

<My twin's name was Lor. I don't know what my name was going to be>

<Well I like Lor, so you're Lor!> she says, pulling him onto the bed

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 9: Stuff you need to know

Knock! Knock! Knock!

<I'll get it> Says Lor, throwing on a shirt and opening the door. two spears are instantly at his neck. the dogs at the other end of the spears growl. Lor doesn't even flinch. instead, he yawns.

<Morning> he says rubbing his eyes. Milly ducks under the blanket. an older dog pushes his way through.

<Why did you bring a dragon to our town?> he asked, a growl entering his voice

<It saved my life, and brought me back here>

<What would you have here that's so important?>

<Love. well that and my royal robes>

<Royal robes?>

<Oh yeah *Yawn* wanna see em'?>

<How exactly do you mean royal? where are they from?> Lor stretches

<Molaruna> The older dog freezes

<Who are you?>

<the son of Tekka> the dog's eyes go wide

<Y-you're the Prince!?>

<I never said That>

<What do you mean, "I never said that?">

<What good is the title of prince when there is no-one left to rule over?> asks Lor, flopping onto the bed, causing Milly to yip. Lor grabs her arm and settles her

<It's okay Mil>

<Pardon? no-one left to rule over?> Lor looks at the dog.

<Wow. our relations were that bad?>


<Jeezz. how foolish are you people?>

<Foolish!?> asked the dog, a growl entering his voice again

<If you weren't you'd know that Molaruna was put to the sword seven years ago!>

<What did you say?>

<All that is left is ruins!>


<What can we do?>

<Let me wake up, and then maybe I'll answer some questions later> The dog nods. they leave the room, a dog pushing his way through. Lor does his best to maintain a neutral face, but a little bit of anger reaches his scent.

<yes?> he asks. the dog makes sure the door is closed.

<Hi your majesty.> he bows

<I am called Tanra, and I am a member of the Keidran guild,> he holds out a badge which Lor takes.

<Which is currently under the command of your father> Lor loses his neutral face.

<You may have been told he was killed in a sailing accident, but that was not the case>

<Then what was?>

<He, and another, survived the disaster. the men who picked them up were members of the guild, and they were recruited. your father would request that you be brought in, even if we need to take extreme measures to do so> Lor hands the badge back, after Milly looked at it. the dog notices her.

<I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here. this is kinda a private conversation>

<And she's part of it. Please, continue>


The staff member brushed the Fox cub's fur. instead of releasing soft coos like a normal cub, he just sits there, letting the brush stroke him without making a sound. then she came in, followed by her son. their artic fur contrasted that of the cub's, but they had the same short muzzle. she took the brush from the dog, who promptly left. she brushed the cub's fur, who began to now release a low hum, nuzzling her.

Her son picked him up and said,

<How long will dad be like this?>

<Until they are done running some tests dear> She gingerly takes the cub, stroking his ear in the spot that he likes. the cub smiles, tail wagging. He licks her nose. she giggles, still stroking his ear. a dog enters, fear on his face and scent. he ushers her and her son out, leaving the cub. The dog slams the door as he runs away, leaving the cub in the room.

Suddenly, another cub pushed her way through a flap in the wall.

[What's going on?] she asked

[Dunno. could be a drill, but that guy's face said it wasn't] He replied

[What's your name?] he asked



A female scream cut the silence of the room. a stream of tears dripped from Farren's eyes.

[It's not a drill... she's gone...] Someone starts pounding on the door

[Get ready to run!] says Samantha. a human knocks the door in, and they scramble out of the room.

In Tekka's office...

<So that's the plan?> asks Skip

<Yes.> answers Tekka. Suddenly, Tekka freezes

<He's in danger...>

<What? who?>

<A friend> Tekka sits. he stifles his emotions.

<Who? what friend?> Tekka Holds up his mana Necklace

<The one that saved my life with this crystal>

<What'd he do?>

<I don't know. he told me I was delirious. all he ever said is that this is the crystal that saved my life>

<Well what'd he do with it?>

<He won't tell me. he doesn't ever want to talk about it>

<What happened that caused him to save your life?>

<There was a fire. the crew abandoned, and I was left chained to the mast. he appeared and broke me from the chains, seconds before the mast collapsed. the ship was smashed against rocks and we floated on a piece of something. everything else is fuzzy>

<Is he another Runa?>

<no. just a sailor who swore never to go to sea again>

<Wow... It was really that bad?>

<Yes. from what I'd heard during his drinking period, he was mutinied moments before saving me. he watched his own ship sink beneath the waves, and his best men washed overboard while boarding the Torrent.>

<uhg.... I've heard enough. where can I find him?>

<You can't. his location is undisclosed and will remain that way, and you are needed here>


Lor and Milly have packed their bags. they are led by Tanra down the road, after Milly hugged every one of her siblings (Which took forever). Milly could hardly contain herself.

<Adventure!!!> She whooped, tail wagging. Pippy was a little bit nervus. But, she would get to see her sister! after all these years of roaming... okay. she wasn't nervus anymore. she was excited as well. Tanra was hoping after this he might be able to retire with his wife, and take a permanent break from all this spy stuff. Lor was... undecided. he didn't know whether he should be happy. I mean, he would be showing up with a dog and not a Runa-fox, heck his father would have been happy if she was at least a fox! Still, Milly's contagious energy worked it's way into him, allowing him to forget about the bad things.

They set up shelter for the night in a cabin, going to bed on the second floor. Tanra took the first watch.

later that night...


Sniff sniff

Lor sat upright.

What's that smell?

He looks around the dark room. he sees nothing out of the ordinary. he opens the bedroom door and looks to where the light is coming from. then, he smells it again.


Fire leaps up the stairs, the orange flames licking their way up to the final step. then, Pippy screams. her door knob frantically twists and turns, unopening.


<Stand back!> Lor shouts back. He shoulder rams the door. nothing. he tries again. Milly appears in the doorway of Lor's room sleepily. Lor barges the door down, almost falling into a hole in the floor with his momentum. Pippy pulls him back and out of the room as the rest of her room gives way, falling into the bonfire of a first floor.

Lor runs to his window and opens it.

<We need to go now!> Milly wakes up fully. she panics.

<It's too far down!>

<We're only a story up!>

<yeah! a whole story!>

<I've jumped worse> Says Lor, jumping out.

<Lor!> Milly screams. Lor lands on the ground and turns to them

<Jump! I'll catch you!> Pippy does so, remaining silent in fear. Lor sets her down

<Now you Milly!>

<No! You're crazy!>

<Think of it like an adventure!>

<I don't think I like adventures anymore!>

<C'mon Milly!> She screams, flinging herself off the roof, and she lands in Lor's arms.

<There, that wasn't that bad> Lor goes to set her down

<Please don't. please hold me longer...> She faints, a gentle snore being heard.

<Hate to burst your cute moment, but I found Tanra> Lor walks over to where Pippy stands. Tanra sits against a tree, full of stab wounds. his head hangs lifelessly.

<Can you carry her?>


<I know how to use a sword should we need it> Pippy takes Milly from Lor. Lor takes the sword off of Tanra. he also grabs a few Mana crystals from a pouch at Tanra's hip.

The cubs walked the street of the nearby town. they'd been here... before... that happened. now they wandered, not knowing if there was any way to change back.

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Re: HIDDEN SECRETS (Twokinds fanfic)

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Chapter 10: The final chapter by me
Skip sifted his hand through the now cold ashes. this had happened days ago. the only remains found had been of the guard escorting them. Skip had a pretty good guess about who the culprit was.


Skip found a bag beneath a beam. the contents were that of any man's bag. bare essentials and... a ring.

In the basket he lay, his side wrapped. he did not dare move. he could feel the pain in his chest. he racked his brain, trying to figure out why he was hurt.

oh. right.

The wagon had been out of control. the axle splintered and shrapnel had penetrated his side. he should have moved. not remain frozen in the wagon's path.

[Samantha?] he called. someone behind him yawned. He felt a lick at his ear.

[You're alive!]

[Wha-where are we?]

[A slave girl got permission from her master to take us in!]

[well that's just lucky. every time I'm ready to die I live] sighed Farren


[Nothing] his stomach growled at him

[there wouldn't happen to be anything to eat, would there? like other than that sorry excuse for meat?]

<there we go> cooed the snow-wolf, gently lifting Farren. he didn't move. to do so would hurt him more. but he could move his head. a smell reached his nose, and a bottle followed. before he knew it he was succling, enjoying himself all the sudden. the wolf gently cooed, making him relax, which was all the difference.

soon, after draining the bottle, she set him down in the basket. her master walked up, sipping her drink.

"How bad is it?"

"He'll be fine once you heal him!" she said optimistically. her master sighed.

"You're lucky I knew your mom" she said, lifting her hand over Farren. blue fog tendriled out of her hand, washing over Farren with waves of warmth.

Lor carefully set the jar down. it's flying contents were dangerous. that little pixie was a hazard. he was lucky to have caught it while it was napping. Lor knew his father had warned him about pixies. but he thought something was off... weren't they usually found over the ocean with others?

Milly approached him.

<Whatcha got there?>


<Ooh! Can I see it?>

<Be careful. don't let it out> he says carefully handing over the jar. she admires it from many angles, in awe of it's small but pretty body.

What happens next? what else is in store for them? how does their story end?

It ends, in whatever way you think it will

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